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Strangers on a Train

by J. A. Adkins

Part 11-Cody and Jamie

Golden sunlight bathed a pair of angelic boys locked in a sweet embrace of mad love. I stood with frozen senses near the edge of the bend at the mouth of the narrow inlet hiding them from the rest of the world. My voice was lost. My body was numb...well, maybe every part of my body. As I watched one of the boys push his lips down the smooth shaft of the other's long, slender cock, I heard myself gasp and felt a rush of blood push into my own stiff penis.

The receiving boy, laying back slightly with his weight on his elbows grunted. His bowl-cut brown hair billowed slightly in a soft breeze rushing off the plains above the river. He leaned his head back, stretching his neck so his Adam's apple began to sink under his skin. His flat, subtly toned chest sparkled with the thousands of tiny drops of sweat forming on his young skin. He moaned, lifting his bare buttocks off the rocks, pushing his pubic bone closer to the first boy's face. His cock disappeared momentarily in the hot mouth that lathered the silky boy-dick in saliva.

Taking advantage of his friend's new position, the first boy-a young, muscular teen with short, curly blonde hair cropped unevenly close to his sweating scalp-placed his right hand against the sandy cheeks of the other's ass. He rubbed them gently, squeezing them once, then twice. His lips traveled slowly back up the length of the brown-haired boy's engorged cock. Precum shimmered like crystal when the flared mushroom head was finally revealed. A hungry tongue lapped at the maroon flesh, cleaning off the juicy nectar trickling out like a mountain spring from his friend.

He guided his tongue lower, tracing an even line down the hot skin to the spit-laced base and onto a pink colored scrotum dusted ever-so-lightly with the first signs of dusty brown pubic hair. The brown-haired boy moaned, loudly this time. His arms shifted, moving his weight onto his back as he grabbed his friend's head. He hips swayed wildly. First one testicle, then another was sucked between those narrow, red lips that looks as smooth as satin.

His moaning turned to quick, raspy gasping when he felt his balls drop from between the blond boy's lips as his mouth traveled lower. I watched with mine open. I thought I could feel the drool pooling at the corners of my mouth. I felt my own aching rod straining against the porters uniform I was still wearing.

The blonde boy's passionate attack continued. His tongue moved ever southwards. Its delicate trail found its way between the brown-haired boy's legs. I couldn't see what the blonde boy was doing. I didn't have to. The sudden, heavy gasp that melted into a low moan stretching several seconds before it picked back up again into quick, pleasure-filled yelps told me what he was receiving. I imagined myself as that boy just then, feeling that hot tongue lick wild, shrinking circles around my sensitive, waiting hole until he finally reached it. He'd tease it first. His hesitation would be slight. Passion is pushing him now. His fuel is desire and to please. My flesh would meet the wet tip of his tongue then part suddenly as stabbed into my body, ravaging me.

"Oh, God! Ohhh, God," the brown-haired boy screamed. His voice was weak. All of his energy was being used for one, oncoming event.

"I...I...Ohhh....I'm cumming!"

Just as the last word dragged over his lips in a slow, moving and heavy groan, the blonde-haired boy leapt forward. His face hovered over his friend's emptying shaft. He managed to get his mouth open just in time. Bullet after sparkling bullet of steaming, sweet seamen launched into the blonde boy's throat.

I couldn't help what happened next. The whole thing had been to much for my tired and easily excited body. The concussion wave of the younger boy's explosive orgasm swelled outward from the rocky outcropping at the back of the inlet, impacting my tingling skin and nerves with a breathtaking blow.

It was then I felt it...or didn't feel it, rather. My grip on the rock face beside me had slipped. In my awe I had pushed off from the wall. The eroded surface of the sandy ledge cracked under the sudden shift in gravity. The echoes of the brown-haired boy's ecstasy rolled past my ears at the same time I yelled out, "Oh, Christ!"

Three heads turned with a quick, sharp snap. At the same time, I lost the feeling of solid rock under my feet. Fingers grazed my arm: Darren's failed attempt at a rescue. The twin boys baked to golden perfection on the rocks watched me with surprise and terror. I glanced at them quickly before loosing them in the blur of motion swaddling my vision as I fell.

I didn't even have time to take a breath. Only a heartbeat passed. The rippling surface of the muddy river gripped my body and pulled me into its cool depths once more. Dirt and grime drowned my eyes in the awful, murky darkness coating the subsurface of the water like thin muscle. Frantically, I turned myself back towards the flickering rays of sunlight that tore through the mud. My lungs were already on fire again. My tongue recoiled toward the back of my throat. The bitter taste of the river tainted each taste bud. I broke the surface and felt the hot, summer air wash against my face.

" you all right," I heard Darren yell at me, the grimy droplets of water cascading down away from my inner ears.

"Ye...Yes!" I gagged, still tasting the water. I could feel mud sliding down my throat. The word pesticide flashed with the speed of a bolt of lightning in my brain. "I'm fine! Just wet...again."

"Why did you let go?"

I glared at Darren, the question more annoying than any I had heard to date. Well, almost. "I don't know," I replied sharply. "It seemed like such a good idea at the time."

Darren sneered then turned his attention back towards the end of the inlet. I looked around, spotting the two boys sitting close together, trying to hide each other's naked bodies.

"Hi," I offered with a weak and dorky smile. A voice that peaked on the edge of gratingly chipper bounced back at me off the rocky walls.

The two boys waved hesitantly.

"Umm...we didn't me to intrude," Darren started, his voice uneasy; the whole situation a bit awkward.

"Or interrupt," I added quickly.

The blonde-haired boy swallowed. I watched him carefully as he prepared to speak. His strong, square chin was sculpted evenly to match his well defined cheek bones sitting symmetrically on his tanned face stained with a childhood of fun and work. "How long y'all been standin' there?"

Darren and I glanced at each other. "Not long." Our voices rang up the inlet simultaneously.

The two boys looked unconvinced. They sat frozen, almost hugging each other. I all but laughed at the sight. It couldn't be helped. They had seemed so unabashed; so fearless. They had wanted each other so intently and so desperately. Their bodies had reeked with sweaty, powerful lust. Now, though, they were hiding. They were embarrassed, afraid to reveal how beautiful every part of them was. They were nervous about who we were. Darren and I were instant enemies to them. I could see the growing enmity in their glowing, youthful eyes.

"I'm Taylor...Taylor Chapman. This is Darren."

Darren waved.

"We don't mean any trouble or anything," I added, hopefully. "I swear!"

The two boys exchanged uncertain glances out of the corners of their eyes.

"Trust me. I'm gay, anyway!"

Both boys straightened with a start. Thankful relief mixed with welcomed surprise replaced the anxiety that had plagued their preteen faces. "Really?"

"Yeah. I am at least. I don't know about bounty-hunter-boy over here," I gestured jokingly toward Darren. Annoyance rattled in my voice. I wasn't hiding it. I wasn't sure where it was coming from, either. Not completely sure, at any rate.

The brown-haired boy spoke next. His slowly maturing voice cracked and squeaked apprehensively with every other word. "Y'all liked what ya' saw?"

Darren blushed noticeably, looking down with incredible haste at the water around me. I simply smiled. "Are you kidding? That was...Wow! I mean!"

They smiled, easing gradually away from each other until I could just start to make out the sun-ripened skin of their youthful goodness emerging from scarce bushes of blonde and dusty brown hair.

"I don't mean to be the alarm clock to this wet dream, but my friend and I, here, need to catch a train." Darren looked down at me again, his face still red.

"He's right. Do you two know of anyone who could help us?"

The boys looked at each other. "We could give ya'll a ride."

"Maybe not to the train," the brown-haired boy added. "But Cody's dad's got a truck. He might could help!"

Darren nodded. "Sounds like a plan. You two get dressed." He looked down at me as he carefully started back around the bend in the ledge to look for a better place to climb out of the river-washed gorge. "Let's go, Nemo. Out of the water!"

I swam towards the back of the inlet after his comment. "It's okay. You don't have to help, Darren. I can manage on my own."

"I know," he yelled over his shoulder, already reaching the surface of the narrow valley.

I mumbled something under my breath. Something I didn't mean. My heart didn't have the strength to think that negatively about him.

It wasn't long before I had joined the others on the flat land stretching in all directions above the river's rocky sides. The two boy's walked ahead of Darren and I, their hands together with fingers intertwined. My eyes traveled repeatedly up and down their sinewy, half naked bodies. I could smell the drying sweat that layered their downy skin. Their enticing bubble butts, firm and uniformly rounded, were clad in matching running shorts that clung to their bare skin beneath the thin nylon material stretching no further than mid thigh. The only other clothing they were wore was the ratty, mud and pollen stained Converse low-tops on their feet.

They led Darren and I to a pair of small ATV's parked under a lonely tree whose trunk stretched in a gentle curve left and right to the low hanging, blue sky. It's branches spider webbed over the dusty ground. Thin shadows painted crooked lines across the torn leather seats and dented fiberglass paneling decorated with hand painted flames of sparkling red gloss and stiff, flat yellow enamel.

"Nice rides," Darren commented, walking around the four wheelers and taking in the detail of each small vehicle.

"They do their job," the brown-haired boy replied back. He hand finally introduced himself as Jamie Silsby.

"You guys ride these a lot?"

Cody, the blonde-haired boy, stood by his four wheeler. I could just make out the letters of his name flying out from the painted streaks of fire under a thick coating of dirt. "We have to. We live about five miles away."

"Kind of a long walk," Jamie said with a sarcastic grin.

"I think I have to agr-"

My reply was cut short by the small explosion of tree bark and dirt that made all four of us jump with a start. Behind it, the pop of a rifle resonated out of the distance. Cody and Jamie turned around just as the air near my ear sizzled and hissed. The second shot tore into the tree again, higher this time.

"It's the Benson boys," Jamie and Cody cried, ducking behind the body of his four wheeler.

I turned around on my heels. The air around us cracked again with a third shot. It met my shoulder, piercing the skin and sending a shock wave of blistering pain rippling through the rest of my body with barreling speed. The force of the shot sent my surprised body stumbling backwards. I cried out, slumping against the nearest four wheeler. "Holy shit, I've been shot!"

Panic bled down from my brain faster than the blood at the wound. Darren grabbed my arm, jerking me to safety. Spiraling darkness began to flood my narrowing vision. My stomach felt weak. My body was heavy, throbbing with each heartbeat.

"I've been shot," I mumbled, still panicking. "I'm going to die. Die! I don't want to die!"

Darren straddled my legs, leaning over me. He moved his face close to my shoulder, inspecting the wound my brain imagined was the size of a baseball. I could feel the fabric of the uniform wet with my blood, stained with my passing life. The tattered and frayed strands of cloth were the last vessel of my accursed being.

"I don't want to die!" I was sobbing.

"Hey," came Darren's voice, a distant echo in my ears. I ignored him.

"I...I've done so many stupid things. I...I'm sorry. Please...I don't want to die!"

"Hey!!" Darren's face was suddenly in mine. My cheek ignited in a mushroom cloud of sparkling pain under the strength of his hand. "Snap out of it! You're not dying!"


"You're not dying!"

"But I've been shot!"

"It's a beebee gun!" Darren rolled his eyes and moved to my side. "It barely broke the skin."

"But I-"

"Overreacted," Darren asked, annoyed by the whole scene. "Yes, you did."

I glared at him again, wiping the tears that had welled in my eyes away. "Well, excuse me!"

Instantly my attention shifted to the wound in question. They tiny pellet, no bigger than a thumbnail, had built up enough velocity to rip through the sleeve of the uniform. But just as Darren had reported, only a small gash was evident were it had abraded my shoulder. A swollen hill an attractive red and purple was forming around the perimeter. I groaned, a sound lost by more rifle fire.

Cody and Jamie looked over at us. "They're comin' this way!"

Darren rose to his knees, peering over the seat of the four wheeler. "What do they want?"

"Don't know," Jamie answered hastily.

Cody shook his head. "They just don't like us."

Darren narrowed his eyes, peering into the distance. "It looks like there's only tow of them." He stood up, brushing the dirt off his nearly dry uniform. "Nothing we can't handle."

I saw him glance down quickly at me then look away. "Well...Nothing I can't handle."

I watched him closely as walked back around the parked vehicles. His steady, confident gait was still easily visible. I couldn't help but admire him. I couldn't help but stare at him. I sat up on my own knees, watching Darren nearby and the beat-up, green pickup truck appear out of the distance. It's engine growled, making Darren stop and the rest of us jump with a start. Four more figures were visible in the clunky truck. Each looked like they had been put together with the parts of whoever was around. Human trolls in overalls and wife beaters.

The two boys with the beebee gun jumped into the now crowded truck bed. The driver gunned the accelerator. The engine growled then hummed at deafeningly.

"Or, maybe not," Darren said fearfully, turning around as fast as he could. "Time to go!"

"We'll go back to my house," Cody yelled, jumping onto his four wheeler. "And we're drivin'!"

"Fine!" Darren and I yelled as more shots rang through the air. Branches snapped under the attack.

I climbed onto the seat of the second four wheeler, my body pressed against the bare torso of young Jamie. He leaned forward to grip the handle bars. I felt myself sigh with momentary relief.

"How far away did you say you lived," Darren asked, yelling over the whine and guttural coughs of the small ATV's.

The two boys looked at each other once more. "About five or six miles."

Darren glanced over his shoulder. The oncoming truck with a smashed in headlight, and silhouetted gun rack mounted against the back window of the narrow cabin sputtered loudly. It was closer. Much closer.

"Will we make it," he asked, looked forward and down at Cody who sat on the seat in front of him.

"Yeah!" both boys answered. "We'll just have to take the escape routes," Jamie added.

Cody nodded, gazing into the distance ahead of us. He tested the accelerator, making his little vehicle whine at ear splitting levels. "Yep."

"Escape routes?!" I yelled over the noise. "How often do you guys do thi-"

Both boys popped the brakes on their vehicles free. Eight wheels spat dirt across the ground as the twin machines jumped forward, rocketing out from under the lonely tree. Both of my hands clasped onto the smooth stomach of Jamie. My arms tightened around him, keeping me from falling over backwards.

"Hang on," Jamie yelled over his shoulder with a smile.

I leaned forward. My chest hugged his back. "Yeah," I said breathlessly into his ear.

The air cracked behind me. Energy erupted in small waves that rolled outward above the irritating vibrations from the dozens of rapidly moving parts beneath my ass. The fiberglass of the outer body fractured and sparked. I looked back quickly as Jamie steered smoothly left. Another beebee pelted the dirt in the wake of the back wheels.

"Must go faster!"

Jamie smiled. "No problem!"

His wrist flexed back and forth. The transmission groaned then clicked hurriedly a split second before Jamie's muddy shoe slammed against the accelerator. Gravity punched me hard, fighting me with a vengeance; but, my handle on this boy's lithe body was unbreakable.

Cody veered closer, leaving just enough room for the tires to remain independent bodies in motion. The two boys never looked at each other. I could sense the instinct pouring off of them. Their movements were graceful, almost eloquent. Their brains were on autopilot, having only to react at the last second. This flight was well rehearsed and probably an everyday thing. The excitement was apparent in both of them-and Darren as well. He was enjoying this too much. Adrenaline seemed more his blood type than any A, B, or O. I smiled at him, watching him for too long because he saw me out of the corner of his eye and smiled back.

And then we were separated.

Cody veered slighty right in the last second possible. Where once his left tires had been, now a barbed wire fence now divided us. From behind, the squeal of brakes and the creek of a rusty axle reacting much faster than it would like filled my ears.

"Hang on! It's gonna get kinda bumpy from here on out!"

I turned my head forward. "What?!"

But Jamie didn't have to say anything. The sudden drop did the job. Cody and Darren disappeared to the right, ducking fast into a grove of trees. I could still here the engine of the green beast behind us. Its low, intimidating growl was closer. I started to turn my head again but Jamie's change in direction kept my attention forward.

He steered sharply left, guiding the ATV around a tree whose branches hung low with leaves tickling the ground. The truck stayed right, punching through a turn in the thin fence. Jamie never lost a second. His subtly toned arms guided the handle bars back right; slowly at first then sharply. The wheels cried out. Dirt and grass blanketed the ground as he cut back across the open pasture, narrowly missing the front of the truck behind us.

Open land was suddenly swallowed by trees. I watched them zigzag past so close that the skin on my arms crawled and the hairs stood on end as each one whipped by. I ducked when I heard another shot, but Jamie had already veered around a tree.

The grove of green and yellow-leafed trees retreated around us. The frightened moo's of fleeing cows could crowded the already noisy air as Jamie and I tore across the dry grass like a speed boat over water. The truck was still close behind. I hunched my shoulders. The nerves on my back tingling with paranoia.

Faster he pushed the four wheeler. The landscape began to melt together in a windy blur. The feeling in my lower body was massaged away by the unending vibrations.


The words hit my ears as I saw the long bar of solid wood. In the next blink I found my face at the nape of Jamie's neck. The lethargic limb clanged against the top of the rusty truck after smashing against its windshield. Imploding glass has a sound all its own.

I glanced back once and smiled. The sparse line of summer-baked trees and brush sank away as the little vehicle climbed hungrily up a shallow slope layered in red mud and tall, lime colored grasses. Gravel appeared underneath us then crunched beneath the heavy wheels when they finally touched down again. A car whooshed past inches from the front end of the four wheeler. Jamie pressed on without hesitation, guiding the ATV onto the even asphalt. I turned my head, the whole scene to amazing to look away from. The beat-up pickup leapt onto the highway amidst a cacophony of car horns, driving fast in a long arch around an oncoming car, through the gravel shoulder, and back onto the road after passing a slow-moving tractor in its way.

At the same moment it settled into the lane, the muddy tires-nearly bald and going flat-just straightening out, the boys in the back yelled out. Cody and Darren appeared out of the corn field to the right of the highway. I could see the intent look on Darren's face as Cody piloted the four wheeler on a steady, shallow curve across the road behind the truck. Then I saw Darren's hand. His fingers gripped the base of a barbed wire-laced pole.

With a focused gaze and confident smile on his face, Darren leaned out to his right. Cody gunned the engine, bringing the smaller vehicle even with the truck then passing it in a matter of seconds. All the while, a dusty spray of rubber littered the air behind them. Blistering, eardrum-breaking pops flooded the highway. The driver of the truck panicked, his arms flailing fast left and right. The dying green beast rocked, stuttered, and then spun out of control into the field.

Darren looked up at me as Cody drove his four wheeler even with Jamie's. A proud smile was on his face. I could only roll my eyes.

After another minute or two, Cody led the way onto a narrow dirt road and away from the highway. In the distance, I could see a small little farm house nestled comfortably amongst the crowded fields of various crops and romantic pastures rolling into the aging afternoon sky. I knew this was our next stop. I wondered for how long and who we would meet next.