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Strangers on a Train

by J. A. Adkins

Part 14-Revealing Secrets

A lot of dirty things can run through your mind when you find yourself being chased through a secluded orchard on the edge of a farm by two tanned, angelic boys with more energy in their entire bodies than in your libido. And believe me, I was thinking a lot of those dirty things. I pondered the exciting possibilities of what would happen to my sweaty, bare body if I let them catch me. I saw flashes of the positions we would take. My nose burned with the smell of sex that could possibly be. The stirring in my brain was causing a noticeable stirring in my penis. It flopped about as I ran and ran, growing subtly harder. Yet, for some reason, I wouldn't let myself be caught by them.

I could hear the echo of their laughter behind me. I crisscrossed between the trees, trying not to stick to one path. They weren't very far behind. Between their fits of excited giggles they called out to me, taunting me-encouraging me. Through it all, I felt myself smiling. I was enjoying this. It was I was enjoying the moment. I was finally living my life to the fullest; even if that meant racing at full speed, butt naked, through a former weapons expert's farm.

Then, suddenly, the fun ended. The catcalls and teasing has started up again, causing me to turn my head. It was in these few, brief moments that the grassy earth I was hurrying across came to a quick and steep end. Hard dirt turned soft beneath my bare feet. By the next breath, which turned into a gasp, I whipped my head back forward to see a bend in the deep, brown river come rushing toward me. Summer air danced with a cloud o dust which swallowed me as I stumbled then free fell into the cool water below.

My skin tingled tenfold when I broke past the surface of the deep water. I fell another few feet, never touching the submerged earth. The burning in my lungs sent my legs into a kicking panic. I scurried back to the surface, breaching it with a loud, deep gasp for air.

Gentle waves lapped against my face and the sides of my head. I wiped the water trickling off my matted hair away from my eyes and glanced around in an attempt to gain my bearings and let my brain catch up with reality. My heart began to ease its relentless thump against my chest. My skin gradually became used to the surrounding waters; and, the swelling of my penis had stopped completely. I could feel my scrotum tucked tightly between my legs in a tight little mass. I assumed my dick wasn't better off.

It was only another minute before my mind drifted away from my shrunken genitalia and onto the uneasy silence which seemed to engulf the wide, oval-shaped trench of water I had fallen into. Birds chirped scarcely, softly amongst the trees above the sandy ledge in the orchard. I swam around in a short, tight circle, glancing up the bend in the river and then down towards the shady curve leading away to places unexplored. I couldn't hear the voices of the boys. The course of their chase was now obviously different from my escape. They should have been right behind me, standing on the dirt ledge above me. We should be laughing at their taunts. They should be swimming around with me.

But there was no one on either side of the rounded gully. The trees swayed gently in the passing breezes that whispered coldly between the walls of exposed bedrock. The eerie sound made my skin crawl. My heart began to beat faster once more. I stared at the walls, pondering with a greater and greater sense of panic how I was going to climb back out. Darren would know, I thought. He would see some oddball pattern of rocks that would serve well enough. But where was he? Probably off prancing about with his new girlfriend; or holding up a bank; or who knows what. The simple act is he wasn't around.

Or was he?

Suddenly, from somewhere behind me the placid waves moving lazily through the gorge churned noisily. I jerked my head quickly to the left, glancing over my shoulder. Tiny bubbles of air were dissolving away in the epicenter of the outstretched ripples. Through the dim glow of sunlight that managed to pierce the murky underbelly of the river, I thought I could see something move. A figure whose size seemed disproportionate and whose speed was too fast for me to swim away.

"Darren?" I whispered to the empty silence. "Is that you?"

I could feel my heart beating even faster. Again the placid waves jumped in a churning dome behind me. But when I turned around there was nothing to be seen. I gasped when something cold touched my foot. Maybe it isn't Darren, I thought feverishly. Maybe it's some wild and lost crocodile; or even some monster fish mutated by all the pesticides.

The water churned again. I could feel the presence of the shadowy something underneath the water circling me. It rubbed against my left foot, touching each toe as it glided past. I gasped so hard and so loud it made my throat burn.

"Darren, if that's you this isn't funny!"


When I didn't feel the something's skin touch mine again for a few moments, I turned and started for the wall I had fallen from, swimming at full speed. My heart was a heavy blur of motion in my chest. I glanced over my shoulder once to see the gentle wake on the surface of something swimming incredibly fast underneath. I was almost to the sandy rocks, just another few strokes, when it grabbed my foot.

I screamed like bloody murder. I felt an arm wrap around my waist and cold fingers touch my chest before the water rushed over my ace. It-He-was pulling me under. Water filled my mouth as I struggled to get free. I kicked and I punched but hit nothing each time. The hand on my chest and on my ankle let go. I felt them push down on my head. I opened my eyes in the foggy murk to see a pair o naked legs pushing a body back to the surface. Rage replaced the fear in my blood as I started upward as well.

I broke past the excited surface, choking on bitter water I didn't want to swallow. My lungs struggled to catch up with the breaths they hadn't been allowed to take. When the spasms in my throat and chest had calmed enough for me to speak, I yelled, "What the fuck is your problem?!"

The pleased, cheerful smile on Darren's face faded. He looked stern, angry, and even hurt. "Me? What the fuck is your problem? You've been giving me the cold shoulder ever since we got here!"

"Well excuse me for giving what I get!" I managed to say after swallowing another gag.


"Oh, come on! Just admit it! Ever since little miss big breasts made her appearance, I've been old news to you!"

Darren tried to speak. I saw his lips forming the words, the air in his lungs rushing up to fuel his vocal chords.

"So... Did you?" I asked fiercely, keeping him from talking.

His thoughts abruptly changed. His eyes narrowed angrily. His brow furrowed. "Did I what?"

"Did you fuck her? Jody? Last night when you two went on your little 'walk'. Did you fuck her?!"

Darren stared quietly at me. His hateful look relaxed a little. "You're crazy, you know that? A flipping loon!"

He started to swim away. I grabbed his arm and turned him back to me. "You did, didn't you? You fuck-"

"NO! No, I did not fuck her!" His scream startled me. I let go of his arm, hesitantly, and looked away for a moment. I didn't have to ask what happened. He already started to tell me.

"When we reached the orchard, she thanked me for walking her out then bolted off. My guess is she probably went looking for the boy her father tried to blow off the side of his house last night." He took a deep breath. I noticed that he had swam a little closer. "After that, I went walking alone. It was good. I needed to think about things."

"And this morning?" I asked quickly, my voice softened, hurt. "Where were you this morning?"

"What does it matter?" Darren looked at me coldly. "You know, you have a lot of nerve accusing me of being up to no good. If I'm not mistaken, didn't I see you naked-in bed-with Cody last night?"

I gaped. "Yeah. But..."

Darren nodded his head. "That's what I thought."

"Fuck you!" I splashed water into his face. "Nothing happened! He wanted to and...yes...I wanted to too. At first. But then..." I hesitated and looked away. "I didn't want to."


"I don't know! What does it matter? Right? I mean, we all have our secrets. What do you care?"

Darren looked at me tenderly. "I care more than you think."

"Whatever. Look, I can tell things are different between us. Maybe...I don't know. Maybe we should go our separate ways now. Before one of us gets really hurt."

"Maybe you should just shut up," he whispered.

I looked back up from the water to find his eyes right in front of mine, capturing them with his intense beauty and tenderhearted gaze. He was only a few inches from my face. "Wha-" I started to ask but couldn't. His lips gripped mine. He was kissing me. It was electrifying. I felt his tongue touch mine and I began to melt. But just when it started to feel good, he pulled away. The whole moment was over in a few breathtaking seconds that seemed to have lasted hours.

We stared at each other. Both of our chests were heaving as if we hadn't taken in air for years. "Wow," I finally said.

"Yeah," he whispered back. "I've...I've been wanting to do that since...since you kissed me in that shack," he said nervously.

I swam closer to him. Our bodies touched: chest to chest; legs to legs; cock to...cock. He was naked... And hard. I wrapped my arms around his waist. "Really?"

He smiled. It was the last thing I saw before I closed my eyes and leaned into his lips again. The kiss was just as fiery as the first. It started out simply, gently. Then I felt his tongue trace the outside edges of my mouth. A request for entrance that was extremely sexy. I was glad to grant it. The tips of our tongues touched again. I felt my skin tingle excitedly. I felt the moment drawing on. Our tongues were already humping; it wouldn't be long until the rest of us was. They wrestled with a passion to long locked up. Then our bodies finally began to grind against each other. I felt his flat, taut stomach press against my the top of my burning shaft. I moaned into his mouth, trying to swallow his tongue. I did the same to his heated, hard member, reveling in the feel of its smooth, seven and half inch length. He moaned back. I knew it was on. AT LAST!


"I think he went this way!"

"Where? The river?"


Our lips broke away from each other in a heart-dropping rush of air. Our faces had seemed to fit so perfectly together-just like the rest of our bodies.

"I found some footprints! You were right! He did go to the river!"

"Now we got 'em!"

Darren smiled at me. I simply rolled my eyes.

"Look out below!" came the voice of one of the boys from above us on the ledge as twelve year old form sailed down through the air. He splashed against the waking surface of the water, vanishing beneath it.

Darren and I pressed ourselves against the wall of softened rock when the sight of the second of our little friends clearing the topsoil filled our eyes. His young body followed almost exactly the same path as his counterpart. He broke through the water with an ear-popping splash. A few moments later, both boys breached the surface. They smiled innocently at us.

"Hey, ya' all!" Jamie gleamed.

"Hello," Darren and I said simultaneously.

The boys swam gracefully closer. Cody's smile widened when he looked at me. "We found ya'. And yer still It."

Darren shook his head. "Nope. I'm It now."

Jamie looked at him with surprise. "Really, since when?"

"Not very long," Darren said. He swam a little closer to the boys. "Doesn't matter though."

"Why?" Jamie asked hesitantly. He padded his legs in front of him subtly, easing backwards.

"Because one of you is about to be It."

Cody laughed. "In yer dreams."

Darren smiled wickedly. Cody's laugh faded at the same time as his smile. That eerie stillness returned to the world around us for the seconds leading up to the restart of the game. It happened when Darren leapt with incredible speed across the surface of the water between the two boys. I laughed at the sight of them trying to flee the skin-toned blur that I knew was Darren's naked flesh. But before I knew it I was being dragged-hardened staff first-into the wild game.

We splashed around for what seemed like hours. I don't think I had ever been so soaked in all of my life. There was a great deal of playful , curious groping that was exchanged between the four of us. The almost constant dunking and wrestling provided an excuse for that. Eventually, though, the game tired itself out. Darren and I found ourselves scaling a stair-like patch of the moss-painted rock wall back leading back up to the surface while Jamie and Cody embraced in the security of the water below. I smiled at them before I was pulled the rest of the way up and back into the orchard.

I don't remember how far we walked. Maybe just a few yards. Maybe a few hundred. The only thing I do remember clearly is Darren suddenly stopping underneath one of the larger trees. He turned around, facing me. His hard, uncut shaft of golden, smooth skin pointed a few degrees upward and throbbed with his steady pulse. I smiled at it. I smiled at him. My own cock was jetting outward, stretching to its fullest length, craving to touch his again. It quickly got its wish. By the next minute we were back in each other's arms, our faces locked together in a tight, excited, and passionate embrace.

"Hey you two! Don't do anything we wouldn't do!" Cody yelled, surprising us and breaking our moment as he and Jamie ran past.

"How do they always know," I mumbled.

"It's revenge, I think. Or it was. Now I think they're just having fun." Darren smiled and shook his head.

I kissed Darren again, lightly this time. He sighed then sat down in the grass surrounding the base of the tree. He leaned back against the rugged trunk and invited me to sit with him. I couldn't help but sigh as well. I could feel his dick near the crack of my ass. It made my own prick jump ever so slightly. Yet, I didn't touch it. That feeling was gone for now. I knew it and Darren knew it. We sat there quietly, peacefully for the next little while. My thoughts were wandering through the events of the last several days. Never in my life did I think I would have ever experienced an adventure like this. I felt like a character in a novel or some cheesy porn story with a little plot thrown in for fun. Either way, I knew at some point it would be worth writing down whenever I got the chance.

Darren stirred, bringing me out of my thoughts. "You know, I wasn't completely honest before..."

My heart sank. "What?"

"When I told you I had been waiting to kiss you since you kissed me in that shack..."

I could sense Darren smiling. My heart began to beat again.

"I actually have been waiting to kiss you since I found you naked on top of the train." He thought for a moment, chuckling. "No, that's not right either. It was when you first opened the door into our compartment." He nodded his head. "Since then."

I smiled and leaned my head back so it was resting against his shoulder. "Are we revealing our secrets now?"

"Secrets are the skin of the Titanic...weak and in the end, leaving only ruins." He looked down at me sidelong. "I found you and Cody asleep together last night. I slept out on the porch. I woke up this morning when Dewey went for his truck."

I sighed, guiltily. "I'm sorry, Darren. But I promise nothing happened. We kissed...and...that's when I stopped it. It didn't feel right."

"And this? Does this feel right?"

I smiled, taking a deep, satisfying breath. "Nothing has ever felt so right."

Silence lapped the orchard again. It came and went quickly, peacefully. Darren shifted a little again, then asked, "So are there any more secrets you have to tell me?"

Only one popped loudly into my mind. The hailstorm of imagery battered my consciousness. I shrugged my shoulders in response. "I don't know. What do you want to know?"

Darren hesitated. "There is one thing..."


Darren shifted again. Either his bare ass was being eaten by ants or he could sense the thick, heavy waves of unease radiating from within me. "Your parents," he said. "You've never really said what happened to them."

Surprisingly, my pulse stayed the same. A strange, dark calm had descended over me. I felt my shoulders sag. "They died."

"I know that. But how?"

I held my breath for a moment. The corrugated bands of afternoon sunlight seemed to be growing darker by the second. I suddenly felt a million miles away from everything and everyone, including Darren. I stood up, actually increasing the gap between us by only a few feet.

"I'm afraid to tell you," I said. My voice was hard yet somber.


"Because...I'm afraid of what will happen if I tell you. I'm afraid that this...serenity between us will end. POOF-be gone! Just as quickly as it appeared." I paced around then looked at him, locking onto his steady, icy blue eyes. "I like you, Darren. More than I have ever liked anyone before. So much so, of all things in this universe I am unsure about...this is not one of them."

Darren held my gaze, letting his intensify. "Do you trust me?"

I couldn't help but laugh. It was short and my smile quickly faded. "You ask me that now, after all we've been through so far?"


"Of course I trust you!"

Darren's gaze didn't falter. "Then trust me with this."

"I..." My voice hid itself. My confidence lagged and my brain struggled in overtime to keep my body composed. Feeling the battle was a loosing one, I turned away from Darren. After several deep breaths, I found enough strength to power my voice. It still sounded weak, but it was a start.

"They... They were killed by a drunk driver."

I could hear Darren exhale, even chuckle a little. " that all?!"

I looked at him coldly over my shoulder.

His smile softened to a frown when he realized what he had said. "No, no! That's not what I meant. What I meant was...that isn't enough for me to stop liking you or to"

I didn't say anything, not for a while. Seconds passed in the stiff silence. I couldn't move anything but my eyes which were tightly closed. Finally, I finished the end of the summary and began the beginning of my story with a single sentence.

"That drunk driver was me."