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Strangers on a Train

by. J. A. Adkins

Part 18-The Frozen Night

I'll always remember the way the sun looked the morning I left the Sacred Heart Boys Academy for Christmas break.  It wasn't really any different from any other morning before it.  The crisp orange bands of the fresh dawn light creeped through the narrow gap between the curtains and the window.  It stretched across the length of my bed, dividing the twisted mound of plain blue colored sheets and blankets in half.  Sometimes it had made me think of that laser beam from one of the early James Bond films.  I can't remember which one.

But not on that morning.  That morning I watched it without any thoughts.  My roommate slept quietly, snoring softly to the wall somewhere in the dim, muggy shadows retreating away from the encroaching sunlight.  I was nervous, I think.  For the first time in almost two years I was going home.  The year before, my parents weren't sure if it was quite time for me to return to the place where I had gone so wrong.  We went to my aunt's house further up state for a rather dull, even borderline depressing Christmas and New Year.  My uncle had died earlier that Thanksgiving.

On a lighter note, though, I had managed to teach my fourteen year old cousin a few new tricks.  Next to Max, I had never seen a sexier piece of ass.

Max... Now that was a name, a body, an entire entity that dominated my free thoughts.  His name haunted my mind, bringing with it skin-tingling memories of his body.  I had never forgotten about him.  I didn't think there was any way possible that I could.  I wondered, though-sometimes to the point of making myself sick-if Max even remembered me.  I couldn't help but puzzle and agonize over what we were...what I was to him.  A part of me hoped he would be back in town when I returned.  A very horny and lonely part, at that.  Yet, at the same time, another part of me hoped he wouldn't be.

Drugs had been replaced with cigarettes.  I smoked whenever I could.  And sex...I still managed to get that.  Max had been replaced in moments by smooth skinned boys now even less innocent.  But they, like seasons or cravings, came and went without any real satisfaction.  Up to that point, no one could satisfy me like him.  I tried to make that feeling go away.  Sex was the easiest vice to acquire in those two years.  I think my body craved it the most over anything else.  And, the first several weeks at the academy had brought with them the nightmares of that day in the woods behind the park. So I fought them the only way I had figured out how.  The demons that lurked in the mire of my haunted imagination seemed to be defeated by that which they were born from.

I remember watching the brilliant orange light mellow, becoming the soft yellow of the aging morning as my thoughts drifted.  My parents arrived almost exactly when they said they would.  I hadn't expected any less.  We packed up their car and were on the road just a little over an hour later.

I remember watching the winter-stung trees, frozen on the edge of life and death, passing by in gray-brown blurs on the sides of the roads.  I don't remember the time passing.  My mind had been wandering around the chaos of memories and cum-filled visions.  The two years which had come and gone did nothing to quench the engulfing fires of my desires.  If anything, my passions were hotter, hungrier than ever.

Then, we were home.

Being that it was less than a week until Christmas, my mom had wanted to do her last minute shopping and wanted me at her side.  In my head I felt the leash of chaffed leather tightening around my neck, its end being passed between the hands of my mother and father.  They had never actually found out where I had been sneaking off to or what I had been doing.  But their paranoid minds feared the worst.  They would never believe anything else-not from their little "angel".  The whole truth, I had been confident of, would utterly destroy their world.

I didn't protest my mother's request.  The more time I could spend out of the house, the better I would be.  At least, that is what my thinking had been at that point.

"Taylor!" came a familiar voice above the din of hundreds of people behind me.  It seemed to come straight out of my memories.

I turned around to see Jessie running up to me from the entrance of one of the more popular clothing stores.  Her arms were outstretched and wrapped tightly around me in one of the warmest hugs I had felt in a long time.

"Where have you been?  We've all missed you so much!  Especially me!  How could you leave me behind like that?!"

I glanced up at my mother who only smiled at Jessie.  I had wondered if she felt guilty at all just then.  My mother could be hard to read sometimes.  This was one of those times.

"Mrs. Chapman, if it's all right with you, I would like to steal your son away for a few minutes."  Jessie's smile was wide and ecstatic, without being suspicious.  It made me wonder what she was really up to.

My mother looked back and forth between Jessie and I for a few moments.  Finally, I noticed her posture relax, her guard going down.  "Sure.  Just make sure you bring him back."

"Great!  Thanks, Mrs. C," Jessie chirped, pulling me away by my arm before she had even finished speaking.

It wasn't until we were lost amongst the fast shuffling crowd of hungry shoppers sniffing and hunting in primitive form for the best deals and the last of every item on their shopping lists written in Crayola markers and crayons.  Jessie's voice still found my ears above the rhythmical din of conversations reverberating off every surface in the mall.

"It is great to see you, you know," Jessie said.  Her tone had lost some of the enthusiasm from only moments before.

"You too," I said.

"How has life been at that Sacred Heart place?"

I looked sharply at her.  "How did you know that's where I was?"

Jessie shrugged her shoulders.  "The same way I knew you were going to be home today...And that you were at the mall with your mom."

"Oh," I said, surprised and even a little bewildered.  "So...what's up?"  Not for the first time, I felt awkward around the person who had been my best friend for so many years.

"Not much.  Some people want to say hi."

"Oh.  Okay."

She led me towards the back wind of the mall. Gathered around a fountain, half-dry and tricking what water it could from rusted spickets around its base, was a group of assorted faces of which only a few I recognized instantly.  I knew all of them.  I had seem them here and there at various parties and gatherings which once so fully consumed my life.  Jessie led me first to Jamie Ellett, a recent college graduate and newest nurse at the local hospital.  She was one of the oldest in the group, and one of the nicest.  I remembered seeing her always-glowing face in the haze of my hallucinogenic trips of ecstasy.  We had never really had a chance to talk.  I'd always be dragged off to bedrooms or back rooms, toyed with and used as any healthy boy with my kind of deep desires would be.

And yet, she recognized me-hugged me, even.  Then there's Kurt Astin, the new football captain and recent homecoming king.  Beside him as the shy but excitingly dominant Marty Boxell.  I had goose bumps when we shook hands.  The repressed energy that sparked in the loose grip of our fingers had both of us hard right there in the mall.  My brain spun a few times as it remembered, with effort, a few of the nights that boy and I had spent together.  Sitting next to Kurt was Chandra Edergly.  That day at the fountain was the first time I had ever seen her without a needle in her arm or a cock in her mouth.  A few others completed the circle, but I wasn't sure if I could remember their names.

"What are you guys doing here?" I asked.

"Planning a birthday party," Chandra replied, her voice flat.  She talked as if I should have already known that.  Someone should have told her I had just gotten back into town.

I moved my icing gaze away from her as I asked, "For who?"

"For me."

The voice that answered had come from behind me.  It made the hair on the back of my neck stand up and brush my coat collar.  It made my skin tingle.  It sent blood rushing to lower places on my body that my head began to feel light, even dizzy.  My heart skipped a beat, maybe several.  The person for whom it belonged knew it would have that affect on me.  So it was no surprise to see Max Aralia smiling when I finally found the strength, along with the nerve, to turn around.

"Max..." I whispered breathlessly.

I couldn't stop myself from hugging him.  My brain was left near the fountain while my body sprung with rockets on my shoes into the arms of the boy who had not only been captivating my dreams and had also been holding my soul hostage; but, who had also, long ago, stolen my heart.

"Where the fuck have you been?" I whispered desperately into his ear.

I felt his arms tighten around me, his lips kiss my ear gently before answering, "It doesn't matter.  I'm here now.  And now, you're here too."  He leaned his head back, finding my eyes with his then locking onto them with his melting gaze.  "Just in time for my party."


Beyond Max's shoulder, near the edge of the corridor where the crowd ebbed against the calm of the decaying wing we were huddled in, I suddenly caught sight of my mother's watching form.  That wicked, dark place deep within me bubbled upward once more when I saw her there.  It made me mad to catch her so openly spying.  The curious, worried look on her face that was slowly on its way to panic and paranoia disgusted me.  I looked back at Max, feeling the darkness climbing into the flickering, glassy twinkly in my eyes.

"I'll be there."

The car ride home was unsettling.  My mother never asked who it was I had been hugging.  Not directly.  She wanted to know.  She lied about it.

The rest of the afternoon at home was unsettling.  A cold, gray sky had replaced the the crisp blue of the clear morning.  Snow was soon going to be falling.  It would layer the ground, make it ready for the slushy, frozen rain that would follow it.  An ice storm that would bring havoc to the roads slowly emptying of holiday shoppers, commuters, and the average person out for a drive.

A strange unease I will never forget had descended with the first snow flakes, falling with an uncomfortable weight and making its home my own.  It didn't help the conversations that were born amongst the three of us that dying afternoon.  Frozen weather aided in freezing hearts and common sense.  I don't remember now, exactly, what sparked the explosion of anger and accusations.

But it had started.  The shot heard round the world was a balloon popping on a quiet day compared to the first shouts that tore through softly lit halls and rooms of our house.  I threw my first hateful words of the night at my mother.  I wanted to know what she was really thinking about me.  I was tired of her lying to me.  When my father galloped in on a wild, screaming horse that was his own anger and frustration, the battle climbed to an even louder level.  His weariness towards a son drifting from the ideals he had so long ago created was feeding a blazing fire in his heart.

It was only a matter of time before our words became nothing more than the continuous, thundering bellow of heavy cannon fire trying with the might of a hundred armies to conquer and silence one another.  The house shook with our fury.  The sky wept its frozen tears as our family came apart, tearing ever-so-violently from seam to fragile seam.

The only thing that brought silence, that ended the ferocious battle missing only the bloodshed and bruises, was the sound of me slamming the front door shut.  It pierced the chaos of my childhood home and echoed in the sudden, shocked silence that quickly followed.  I didn't look back as I raced down the already slippery, brick steps and down the driveway.  I let the sound of the door slamming into the frame consume my ears until the music of Jessie's car-blaring from two pairs of overworked speakers-drowned out the reverberating noise of my parents voices in my brain.

The alcohol Jamie handed to me from the front seat helped melt the memories off of my conscience; and, the hash Marty offered me reduced my ability to care for the house disappearing into the frozen bog of the coming storm.  His lips on mine, his hands on my crotch then in my open pants lured me into the fast frenzy that was awaiting us at Max's new residence.

It had been new to me that night, anyway.  It was an apartment in one of the old high rises which had been renovated within the last few years.  Max had moved himself into one of the more luxurious apartments near the top floor.  The lease was in his father's name.  Most of what Max owned was in his father's name or had been bought by the charity of his father's wallet.  I always knew my parents had money.  But it seemed that Max's family had a piece of the world.

Inside the crowded, smoky condo with an atmosphere so charged it seemed the place was ready to explode at any moment were the sights and sounds that numbed the mind completely.  Most of the guests had already shed most of their clothes.  The fresh bruises on many arms said that sense and respectability had been checked with coats at the door.  A colorful buffet of pills and intoxicating brews of brain peeling drinks were available around the apartment.  From the front door, through the living room, to wherever you could find yourself in the crowded residence was a guided tour of naked flesh to feast on, drugs to consume yourself in, and drinks to forget the world you came from.  I savored and sampled it all, wanting most of all to find Max.  But I couldn't find him and it wasn't long before I was lost in the party myself.

Thinking back to that night, nothing makes sense.  The picture is never complete.  The memories are broken into thousands of pieces, like a puzzle pushed off a table.  I close my eyes and am forever haunted by the scattered memories of that night when I let my mind wander back to it.  Where there should be darkness on the edges of dreams, I am blinded by a brilliant strobe light.  Locked within in the rapid, thumping, pulse of bright light I see the darkest side of me boiled over.

Max had found me.  He was naked.  Then I was.  It didn't happen that quickly.  Or maybe it did.  There was no romance.  There was just lust.  The air was thick with the smell of sex and sweat.  I was kissing his lips, his neck.  His skin was a meal I couldn't get enough of.  I remember finding myself in a heartbeat at his throbbing, drooling cock.  I massaged the hot skin of his long, slender dick with my tongue, practicing the techniques I had been developing since the last time we had been together.  I got so into pleasing him, the party and everyone else there fell away.  I sucked that pink head like my life depended on it, drawing it deep into my throat.

But we weren't alone.  Fingers teased and exercised my ass while a tongue was lapping hungrily at my balls.  Suddenly I was aware of the apartment again.  Sex had become the only party game being played that night.  There were no losers.  Everyone had a turn and everyone was a winner.  I don't know if it was the strobe light in the apartment, or the one in my brain playing tricks with my eyes trying to take in the orgasmic scene of sweaty flesh around the apartment.

Max was fucking my mouth harder, bringing my attention back to him.  But not before I had seen Jessie.  Her naked skin appeared and disappeared in the racing heartbeat of light.  Each time she appeared she was in a different position.  Her body being used in a different way.  Her naked skin looked so pale and suddenly so innocent.  Then there was Jamie, naked too but even more beautiful.

My attention was brought fully to Max when his heavy rod of salty-sweet flesh hammered in and out of my tight, sucking mouth.  He was being fucked.  The former captain of the football team was hard at work on him.  I could tell he was almost spent.  The room was spinning, moving faster than it really should-or maybe could have.  His grunts and groans were quickly becoming hungry moans that stretched longer and got louder until at last I felt the pink mushroom of his dick-head erupt.  Steaming geysers of his white-hot spunk showered my mouth.  My eyes skipped up the smooth stomach and chest to the thankful and lust-filled eyes of Max Aralia.  But my heart dropped when he looked quickly away, his passion in the kiss he gave to the boy who had just finished fucking him.

Nothing else mattered after that.  The excitement of the night had been destroyed for me.  And in my mind-altered state, the next few orgasms melted into one until at last we were in the car.  The strobe effect had tapered off by that point.  But my brain still had to struggle to keep up with reality.  Time would jump-less dramatically than in the apartment-so that minutes suddenly disappeared.

"What the fuck?!" I yelled.  "Max?" I remember saying as my anger festered more and more.  "Why?!"

Max looked at me calmly as I stared at him.  I kept forgetting to look back at the road.  "Why did you say that?" I asked again, pleading.

I had overheard him talking to someone at the party.  He had taken on the shape of a giant bedside table lamp.  Max had been standing behind it in my point of view; but my brain was high and seeing what it wanted.  The boy in the smoky shadows had thanked Max for all of his dealings and special "gratitude".  I heard my name mentioned.  I had heard my name being passed around.  Then I found Max's wallet.  I found my name on the back of his business card, along with a web site.  I could only imagine what was on the web site, or what Max was doing with a business card.

I wanted to know.  I need to know.

"Max, tell me!"

"Watch the road!"

I remember Jamie, Jessie, and Marty laughing in the backseat.  They were lost in their own world.  I don't even remember why we were in the car...or whose car it was.

I started yelling more, screaming at Max with all the anger I had once meant for my parents.  He yelled back.  I wanted answers.  He didn't think I was grown up enough.  I began hating him while still in love with him.  My world was crashing, crumbling in smothering flames.  I started to feel so sick, so lost and out of control.  The whole time I kept forgetting to watch the road.

"Watch the road, Taylor!!" Max screamed again.

For the first time since I had met him, I saw real fear on Max's face right at that moment.  I was suddenly aware that the laughter in the backseat had stopped.  Their giggles had broken out into wild, fearful shouts.

I looked at the road.  I don't remember hearing anything but my heartbeat.  The whole inside of our car seemed white from the lights of the other car.  I slammed on my brakes, the tires catching a patch of ice.  The car rocketed across the highway, completely out of control.  Everything happened so fast that it slowed down, giving me a chance to recognize it.  Time wanted me to see what was going to happen and always remember.

Imagine all the worst noises in world flooding your ears at once.  Imagine all the worst sights you could ever see bombarding your eyes at once.  Imagine feeling the world suddenly come crashing against you at its fastest, greatest speed.  And that would come very close to what it was like to be in that car at the point of impact.  Glass seemed to explode from every direction.  Blood sprayed in a misty, icy rain through my dying vision.  Frozen metal, suddenly warmed and alive, buckled violently, folding tightly around us.  I could already feel the exposed flesh freezing in the thin, December air invading the wreckage of our vehicle.

I remember the lights of the other car were brightest before they were black and the world had disappeared.  Then, there was silence.  That which had deafened me for those brief seconds that seemed to stretch for hours had faded into the infinite shadows blanketing my body.  And then, at last, I knew it was all over.