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Strangers on a Train

by J. A. Adkins

Part 2-The Porter Boy

Chaos. Pure, utter chaos. Apparently it's a universal constant. A force that drives the stars, planets; the very matter of existence. Well, one thing is certain. It was the force driving my positive and peaceful mood right out the metaphorical window. I clenched my teeth and kept my fist balled so tightly as I squeezed and pushed and stumbled through the enclave of talking, screaming, laughing, crying, brainless, senseless hordes of mingling people crowding the platform and the train!

I heard the porter call out my name, craning his neck over the herd of people shuffling to their seats. "Mr. Chapman, this way!"

"Umm, yeah... I'm trying!"

It was almost like watching the rapid de-evolution of the species right in front of me. Passengers fought and wrestled to get to their seats, to stuff their bags in the already cramped overhead compartments; or just to get each other's attention. Children screamed at their parents, at each other, and just at people walking by. The air was muggy and smelled of musk and sweat. The scent of stress. All of it was creating a twisted mixture of unbearable pressure on my patience; not to mention my ears. Finally, though, I made it to the very narrow doorway where the young porter stood waiting for me, a patient grin was tattooed between his cheeks. It was obvious he didn't enjoy this part of his job.

He pushed aside the sliding metal door and led the way into a wider looking, only slightly less crowded compartment. It was the bar car. A tall, somewhat stocky woman who looked to be in her mid forties with razzled, curly brown hair and wide, green eyes stood behind the bar, already busily serving drinks to a couple of old men wearing gray suits and cowboy hats. She smiled at me as I walked through the compartment behind the porter. She was wearing the same kind of stripped vest, only hers had silver and red stripes going up and down the soft, blue fabric while the porter's was red with blue and silver stripes.

I watched him as he pushed aside another of the narrow, metal doors and walked down another narrow, crowded corridor. The black trousers he wore neatly shaped his bubbled rear end. I could tell it wasn't very firm, but it was still quite cute. A quality which could be used to describe his face. He was not jaw dropping gorgeous. At the same time, he wasn't Alien ugly either. His stealthy black hair was cut short and styled in an attempt to look professional but casual. His bangs hung down a short ways into his angelic face. He had a subtle, brown complexion, making me wonder if he was part Hispanic. He turned around and my eyes quickly wandered back up his thin legs to his waist, up his chest, and to his gleaming brown eyes. His forced smile became more relaxed. He had caught me checking him out, apparently enjoying the attention. With his right hand, he pulled back on a thin latch, opening one of the small doors that lined each wall of the train car.

"Here you go, Mr. Chapman." He held that cheeky, bashful smile gesturing into the small, private compartment.

I smiled back at him, shaking my head. "Thanks. But please... whatever you do, don't call me that. I can't stand it. It makes me feel like I'm old... or that you're talking to my dad. Call me Taylor instead."

He chuckled. "Okay, Mr. ... umm... Taylor instead."

I laughed at his joke. "Ohh, funny and good looking," I quipped, flirtatiously. It was a risk, I know; but hey, it was part of being adventurous. I watched his grin get wider. He blinked charmingly, ducking his head as I entered the compartment I would call my room for the next few days. He walked in behind me. I could feel his puppy dog eyes staring at my ass, tearing through the thin fabric of my jeans and then my even thinner boxer shorts. I waddled my ass a little and thought I heard him exhale pleasingly.

"I'll put your bags up here, sir-err, umm... I mean, Taylor." I watched him stretch his legs as he hoisted first one suitcase and then the other onto a small shelf above the toilet and sink near the door. I realized he couldn't be much older than me, maybe even younger.

"That's fine. How old are you?" I asked casually.

He turned around, straightening his vest out. His hand brush lightly over the slight bulge in his dark trousers. "I'm 18. My aunt got me this job. The money isn't too bad and I get to travel a lot."

"How long have you been doing this?"

He almost blushed, thinking about what I had asked. "Oh, umm... this is actually my first real trip."

"Oh, cool." I said casually, smiling and pretending not to have noticed the look in his eyes before he had answered. "Enjoying it so far?"

His smile turned a little devilish. His eyes quickly scanning me over. "Its gaining some perks."

"That's good."

"Yeah," he said, still smiling that wicked smile.

Our eyes locked for several seconds. I could almost read his heated thoughts as they channeled through the air in our gaze. Suddenly he blinked, remembering his speech.

"Umm... the umm... dining car is the next one over. Lunch is at 1:00. Dinner is at 7:00. And, the lounge car is open until midnight."

"Thank you."

"You're welcome."

He stood there a bit awkwardly. I realized he was probably expecting a tip. A wild idea flashed through my mind. "What do you usually get in tips," I asked.

"Umm... I don't know. This morning I just got a few dollars. That's it."

"Oh," I said sympathetically. I took the few short steps that separated us, grabbing my wallet out of my back pocket. "That sucks."

He chuckled. I could smell his sweetened breath on my nose. "Yeah," he said softly.

"You deserve so much more."

With that, I pressed my lips to his. He tried to back away, a little surprised but then leaned back into me, opening his lips so my tongue could gain entrance into his mouth. I tested cinnamon on his tongue as I rolled mine across his then around his jaw. He sucked on it earnestly, pulling the breath out of me. I grabbed the growing bulge in his slacks, cupping his hardening member and the two soft shells underneath it. He moaned into my mouth, making both of us shudder. After a minute, I pulled away from his candy lips and released my hold on his concealed dick.

"Wow," he breathed. "That was a much better tip than I got this morning."

I smiled at him, my eyebrows raised. "Come back later. I might have a better tip to give you next time."

He smiled brightly. I started to open my wallet but he put his hands over mine and shook his head. "Don't worry about that. There's plenty of other passengers who can give me that." He kissed me again, then pulled away, letting his hand brush firmly against my crotch as he turned around, opening the thin metal door with a wide, rectangular window in the middle. He turned and smiled at me. "Is there anything else I can get you?"

I winked at him. "Maybe later."

He laughed and slowly closed the door, leaving me alone and horny in the little compartment. I suddenly realized I didn't even get his name.

The last remaining minutes at the station passed thankfully by in a blur. Before I knew it, the once deafening whistle that pierced the summer air at ear bleeding levels was blowing quietly, muffled by the walls of the train car. I heard it sound off twice as the bulky cars began to pull slowly away from the station. I watched silently as the train station gradually disappeared behind us. The town I once called home stretched away outside the window and again I found myself struggling not to get choked up. I promised I would stop crying over the past. It wouldn't do much good anyway.

I was suddenly pulled away from my thoughts by a knock on the door. Instantly I thought of the young, cinnamon tasting porter. I chuckled to myself as I walked over to the door, wondering if I got that boy a little too aroused. I pulled on the latch and let the door slide away into the wall, revealing-instead of the cute porter boy-a red vested man standing well over six feet tall with a trimmed goatee and tired hazel colored eyes.

"I'm sorry to bother you Mr. Chapman-"

"Taylor" I said flatly, interrupting him.

"Err... right. But there is a problem with one of the other compartments. And since we are pretty much booked capacity and you are the only first class passenger without a second occupant..."

"Yes, yes. What? Get to it man!" I almost laughed at myself for saying it.

"We were hoping you wouldn't mind sharing your room until we can find him another or can get his compartment repaired."

"What? I specifically requested a private room and now you want me to share it with someone else? What kind of customer service is this?"

The manager hesitated, but I could see the already frustrated look on his face turning into anger. "My apologies sir..."

"Taylor," I said quickly.

"... But we have no more room. I'm afraid we don't have much choice."

"I suggest you look a little harder, then. Surely there is a seat in coach or something that is empty?! Or, maybe you should think about giving up your compartment. Customer's always right! Right?!"

But the man had already made up his mind. My taunting and flat-out bitching probably weren't helping matters much. "I'll inform your new roommate of the arrangements."

"You can't get away with this! I want to talk to your supervisor! Then his supervisor! I'll have your job for thi-" The man slammed the compartment door shut smiling evilly as he walked out of sight. "Bastard," I hissed under my breath.

I paced around angrily in the tight space of the compartment. Suddenly this trip didn't seem to be turning into the enjoyable adventure I thought it would be. I had to get out of that room. I did not want to be there when that pompous manager-who tried too hard to make everything he said sound prim and proper-came back. I paced around a few moments more before pulling the latch angrily, throwing the door into the wall. In my rush to exit the suddenly very cramped room, I collided with the cute porter boy, sending him stumbling backwards into the wall.

When I realized who and what I hit, I reached down to help him up. He smiled thankfully.

"I'm sorry," I said, still frustrated.

He picked up the drinks he had spilled onto the floor. "I heard what was going on. It's okay."

He pulled a small hand towel out of his back pocket, handing me the plastic cups which were once topped off with soda and water. He crouched down, swabbing the puddle of liquid off the floor. I watched him closely as he finished then stood back up. He gestured for me to follow him the short distance to the end of the car. A small kitchenette was set up in the wall. It included a compact refrigerator above a small, square sink. A coffee pot was fastened to the wall above it, half full and still warm. Next to the sink was a slender cabinet door that popped open when he pressed on it. He tossed the wet towel into its depths then turned to face me. Letting his damp fingers run over mine as he took the empty cups from my hand, he threw them away in the cabinet then reached up to one of the shelves, grabbing two more of the plastic dishes. I studied his movements intently as he poured the fresh drinks.

Throwing the empty can and small bottle away, he picked the cups up carefully, turning to walk back up the narrow corridor. I saw his eyes scan over me once more and he smiled, whispering as he passed, "Follow me."

I obeyed his request, following close behind him, watching his cute little butt as he walked to the compartment very near my own. Well, it was my own. Inside the identical room was an elderly couple. Wrinkled faces looked down intently at matching crossword puzzles. The porter smiled his fake smile at them, placing their drinks in their waiting hands. They nodded to him before he turned around to face me. He closed their door behind him then grabbed my hand with his and led me further down the corridor. He stopped at a doorway near the end of the car, opening it and pulling me inside. I shut the thin, metal door as he turned on a narrow bank of lights along the top of one wall, revealing a roomy bathroom complete with a shower stall. He turned around to face me, wrapping his hands around the back of my hand and pulling me into his lips. I was apprehensive at first, still feeling frustrated about the whole roommate thing; but, then quickly remembered my adventurous spirit, launching my tongue deep into his mouth.

I put my hands on his waist, pulling him all the way against me. I could feel the stiff, hot mound in his pants push against my own. He broke the kiss long enough for him to smile. I drew him back to me, rolling my tongue furiously around his. He started to suck on it again, causing me to grind my lower body into his. He moaned uncontrollably, sending tickling vibrations through the both of us. My hands rubbed up and down his back over his shirt and vest then down to his cloth covered ass cheeks. I massaged both of the soft, round globes, pulling him even more tightly against me. I could feel matching wet spots spreading across the fabric of our pants. Each of us leaking precum like an antique faucet dripping water.

Getting bored with kissing his cinnamon lips, wanting to taste more of him, I pulled my tongue free of his mouth, dragging it playfully under his chin, around his neck to the bottom of his ear lobe. I placed the soft skin all the way in my mouth, sucking and nibbling it gently. He moaned again, thrusting his pelvis at me, causing me to stumble backwards against the wall. I licked and sucked at his entire ear. I knew it was driving him mad. My hands found their way past the waistband of his pants and under his tight cotton briefs. My fingers danced and glided across his crawling skin which seemed to tingle excitedly under each finger tip.

"Suck me. Please..." his whispered breathlessly. "Please..."

I didn't respond with words. I pressed my tongue against his ear once more then let it trail down his neck again. I sucked and bit playfully at his skin as I moved down to his shirt collar. I moved my mouth back up to his. His tongue attacked my lips, begging for entrance. At the same time, I removed my hands from his goose bump covered butt cheeks. They glided along his slack covered thighs to his precum soaked crotch. As if drawn by a magnet, my fingers found the small buckle of his belt and pulled it free, revealing the even smaller bronze colored button of his pants. Like a pro, I undid it and dragged the zipper apart in one swift motion. He pulled his shirt tails free as his pants slipped to his knees and my hands cupped the soaking front of his tighty whities.

I escaped his lip lock, kneeling down in front of the tenting pole, sheathed in the now semitransparent material of his underwear. I could smell the even sweeter, sticky scent of the gooey flesh waiting for attention. I pressed my lips to the precum covered cloth, sucking on his pulsing rod like it was a piece of fruit. He leaned his head back, moaning more loudly than before. He put his hands on my shoulders as I moved my mouth around his steamy bulge. I felt his knees tremble and decided it was time to truly satisfy my sudden thirst.

Massaging the globes of his ass again as I devoured his shrouded penis, I moved my fingers to the elastic of his waist band, hooking it and pulling it slowly, teasingly down. Inch by inch his underwear crept away from his groin. I could feel his whole body trembling with nervous excitement. The thin patch of dark colored pubic hair appeared as I guided his briefs ever further down his body. Then the base of his aching, leaking dick became visible until finally the wet material slipped past his rock hard flesh. It tapped against his stomach when it sprang free, jumping for joy at its long awaited freedom.

Pushing his briefs to join his pants at his ankles, I gazed at the item standing at a slight angle of attention. It had to be at least an even six inches long with a complimentary amount of girth. Nothing to brag about, but nothing to be ashamed of either. That was the way with this boy's entire body. He was... just right I guess. A dewy drop of crystal colored precum was gathering at the top of its nicely shaped, circumcised head. I stuck my tongue out, catching the tiny droplet at his piss slit before it had a chance to fall. I let it roll down into my throat, pressing the tip of my tongue harder into the narrow crevice at the end of his throbbing penis. He gasped pleasurably, looking down at me. His eyes were filled with excited lust. I smiled up at him as I moved my head to the base of his cock.

He grinned widely, anxiously. I stuck my tongue out again, inching it ever so slowly towards his skin. Just as the wet tip of it made contact with his hot flesh, the door behind us rattled under the heavy rapping of someone's fist.

"What?" my porter boy yelled. "Its occupied!"

I laughed quietly before returning my attention to the matter at hand. My tongue traced a fine, light line along the underside of his dick to the head where it circled around it once, twice, then a third time. Finally, I brought my lips against it, sucking the pink, sensitive glans slowly into my mouth. He moaned loud and longingly. The mysterious person on the other side of the door pounded on it again.

"Occupied! Occupied!" the porter yelled breathlessly.

I sucked his first few inches in then backed off, tracing the length with my hungry, playful tongue. I felt his hands grip my head, his fingers rubbing through my hair. He wanted more. I wanted more. The door rattled again. I pulled my mouth away from his penis, both of us yelling, "Go away!!"

With that, I attacked his raging boner with full force. I engulfed his smooth six inches until my nose rested in his pubic hair. I inhaled deeply, sucking as hard as I could as I traveled back up his dick. Again and again I repeated this process, getting faster and faster; sucking harder and harder so my jaw was actually beginning to ache. All the while my left hand played with his tender balls and explored his inner thighs and the even more sensitive area behind his scrotum. My right hand massaged his ass, urging him rhythmically into my mouth until finally he took over on his own, fucking my face with animalistic excitement.

He was moaning almost non stop now. His flat chest was heaving with each quick, shallow breath he took. The door rattled again. "Just... a... minute!" the porter boy yelled with a gasping moan.

Faster and faster we moved. I could feel his body beginning to tense up. His breathing was more labored. His testicles were starting their ascent towards his shaft. His hands and fingers tangled in my gripped my head tightly, leading me up and down his spit coated cock. Finally, his knees buckled and his muscles tensed so tightly you could have probably tuned a piano with them. He took a deep breath then started to moan again. He gave no warning, not that I wanted to move away... or could have if I wanted to; only yelling "I'mmmm cuummmmmmminnnngg!!! Ohhhhh!!"

Suddenly, I felt his mushroom head swell. My tongue lapped once at his piss slit before I sucked down the length of his shaft, drawing the first long, hot shot of steamy jizzm out of his heavy, swollen nuts. It slid warmly down my throat before I really had a chance to taste it. Not a half second later, a second shot followed the first before a torrent of cum escaped his spazzaming cock. I had to pull almost all the way off to keep from choking as he flooded my mouth with his bittersweet boy juice.

Shot after gooey shot crowded into my waiting mouth. I swallowed slowly, enjoying the taste of it as it rolled around in creamy waves between my jaw. A tiny rivulet escaped the corner of my mouth and dripped down my chin. I nursed his cock until it had nothing left to give. I looked up at him. His eyes were closed. His chest was heaving, his lungs gasping for air. His right hand was bracing the wall, keeping him upright. I left his softening dick drop from between my lips as I licked them clean. I kissed his nearly hairless balls, pulling his underwear and slacks back up. I stood up, lifting his chin and kissing him again. I let his tongue probe around my mouth, licking at the remnants of his load.

"Wow," was all he could say when we pulled away. "That was great."

"You're welcome," I laughed.

He looked down at my jeans. "Looks like it's your turn."

He smiled. He moved his hands to the top of my jeans but stopped when the door rattled again. I looked into his brown eyes. "Maybe next time." With that, I readjusted myself and turned around, unlatching the sliding metal door.

The elderly man from the compartment the porter had delivered the drinks to stood impatiently in the doorway. "All clear," I said, walking past him.

"What were you doing in there?"

I looked at the porter, his forehead dusted with a thin layer of sweat. "Giving him his tip. What did you give him? Hmm?"

The old man narrowed his eyes and stepped into the bathroom, closing the door swiftly. I looked over at the porter, "We'll have to meet again."

"Yeah, definitely."

I smiled at him, starting to walk back to my compartment. "Until later then."

He grinned. Suddenly, I remembered I didn't know his name. "Hey... what's your name?"

"Jake. Jake Lagrimas."

"Jake Lagrimas," I repeated. "Nice to meet you."

He laughed then turned away. I walked the rest of the short distance to my compartment. Pulling on the latch, I pushed the door into the wall and stopped, my jaw nearly hitting the floor. My semi-hard member flash-hardened, painfully trying to escape the damp confines of my boxers. Standing before my eyes, stretching to get something off the shelf above the door so that his tight button down shirt was lifted enough for me to see his washboard abs and the fairy dust-like treasure trail descending into his low-rise jeans, was the adorable, beautiful adonis from the ticket counter. It dawned on me, suddenly, that he was my new roommate.