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Strangers on a Train

by J. A. Adkins

Part 4-Guy and Niel

" in there?" came a soft, concerned voice from outside the bathroom door.

I looked up from where I sat in an emotionally-wrecked heap on the floor. I don't know how long I'd been in the bathroom; or how long ago I had even stopped crying. I recognized the voice instantly though as the young porter boy named Jake. He knocked lightly on the door again. "Dude, I saw you go in there like two hours ago. I'll open the door myself if you don't open it."

I sat silently for another few seconds, then, with a deep breath, stood up. "If you knew I was in here, why did you ask?" I said at the door, my voice still shaky and cracking unsteadily.

"I don't know. A habit I guess...just trying to be polite."

"Oh," I replied. "Hang on a second. I'll be right out."


I turned the faucet in small sink on, gathering the cold water in my hands and splashing it against my tear stained face. My eyes were red and baggy. I looked a mess. I was emotionally worn out. All the energy I had had at the beginning of the day was gone. That second I had told him to wait turned into a minute. Finally, though, I emerged out of the bathroom. Jake was standing against the wall and snapped to attention when I opened the door. Instantly the excited look he had on his face melted into deep concern. He could tell I had been crying.

"What happened?"

I avoided making eye contact with him. "Nothing. Just...had to get something off my chest."

"Are you okay?"

I took another deep breath. "I feel better now. Could use a drink, though."

He smiled. "Come with me. I know the bartender in the lounge car. She'll hook you up."

I followed Jake through the door and passed the car connector into the already crowded lounge car. He smiled at the bartender, the same woman with the curly brown hair and wide, green eyes I had seen earlier. She smiled back at him.

"Mizz K, this is my good friend I was telling you about, Taylor Chapman." Jake gestured to me as I approached the bar.

"I see. He is cute," she said with a wide, giggling smile. "You two behaving yourselves?"

Jake giggled just as deviously as ever. "Oh, of course."

"Welcome to the lounge, Mr. Chapman," she spoke formally, putting her hands behind her back.

"Taylor," I quickly corrected her. "Just Taylor."

She chuckled. "What can I get you to drink? Tea? Soda?"

"I was wondering if you might help him out with something a little stronger. He's had a rough afternoon," Jake said charmingly. His voice was low and even, avoiding the attention of some of the other nearby patrons.

The bartender narrowed her eyes and glanced around the bar. "Well, I think a Black Cherry Soda is the best I can do." Her words were casual yet edged with secret meaning. Jake smiled and nodded his head.

"Umm..." I started to say, not convinced that she understood and feeling left out of some undercover conversation the two were having.

Jake leaned closer to me, whispering into my ear, "Don't worry. It's not what it sounds like."

"Thank goodness for that." I said flatly.

The bartender nodded her head and turned away from us. Jake gestured toward the empty bar stool in front of him. As I sat down, I felt his hand rub subtly across the back of my jeans. He smiled at me, saying, "Mizz K will take good care of you. I've got to get back to work. But I'll take care of you later."

I grinned at his mischievous innuendo-more out of amusement than anything else-as he turned, wiggling his cute ass as he walked back out the door. Looking back at the bar, I watched as the bartender finished making my mysterious drink then turn and place it in front of me. "There you go. Enjoy."

"Thank you," I said unsuredly. "What is it?"

She smiled at me, but turned to another beckoning customer before answering. I took a slow, small sip of the surprisingly very good and very alcoholic drink. My taste buds-first retreated, then-sought out the fizzy concoction sliding sweetly down my throat. Millions of brain cells wrestled over each other to feel the buzzing essence of the drink.

"What exactly do you call this," I asked when she stepped closer, taking a longer sip of the drink. I let it roll around in my mouth, my tongue savoring every moment of it.

"Mizz K's Cough Medicine," she smiled. "A special recipe I've been creating over the years. I'm actually waiting to hear back from the Patent Office."

Thoughts lulled together enjoyingly. And, I had only had one glass so far.

"Wow. Well, you are going to make millions."

"Have another?"

"Yes please," I said excitedly and without hesitation.

"You're cute," she said again, smiling warmly.

"Thank you. So, Mizz K," I started, holding out the zz in Mizz. "How do you know Jake?"

"His Aunt and I have been working for this Line for about ohh...probably as long as you have been alive. I recommended he work on this train so I could keep an eye on him his first few runs." She turned around, eyeing me closely. "You seem to be doing a good job of that, yourself."

I laughed. "Well, I think he has been watching me more than I have him."

She placed the drink in front of me. My nostrils flared as I sniffed the sweetened air around the small glass. "I can see why he likes you," I heard her say.

"Why is that?" I asked dreamily after taking a long sip of the sinful beverage, gulping it down slowly.

"Well, I already told you one reason. And...apparently it's the same reason the two boys at the table ear the corner have been staring at you since you walked in."

I glanced quickly past the bar and over at the table she was gesturing to. It was a small booth near the far end of the car, tucked away behind a silver-white curtain of cigarette smoke. Instantly I recalled where I had seen the two eye-pleasing specimen sitting at the rounded table. At the station, earlier in the day. One was from the crowd of college students and the other had been standing alone on the landing behind them. The one with the golden-tipped spiked hair and black, sleeveless tee shirt winked at me. I smiled back then looked at Mizz K as the two boys leaned closer together, whispering.

"What do you think, Mizz K," I asked her.

"Have fun," she smiled again.

I could only grin, knowing whatever was in store next would certainly have to be a welcome relief from the emotional bottleneck I had found myself in a short while ago. "Always," I finally said. "Always."

I stood up from the bar, starting my approach to their table. It suddenly seemed miles away, yet I was still walking. My adventurous spirit had once again kicked into gear. I remembered that I was leaving my past behind; that I was riding this train into the future, living my life the way I wanted to. And so, I arrived at the table-not two miles away but more like two yards-smiling brightly at the young occupants of the curved booth.

"Hi," I said, still a little nervous. It couldn't be helped. I had never really done anything like this. I'd seen it in movies, sure. But those were straight people...

"Hi," one of them said, canceling the rest of my trailing thought and drawing my attention down to him. It was the one with the spiked hair and black shirt.

"I...umm...was sitting at the bar and couldn't help but notice you two..." I cleared my throat, stepping further out on the metaphorical ledge, "...handsome gentlemen looking in my direction."

Both boys smiled. The spikey-haired one scooted himself further into the booth. "Would you like to you join us?"

"Yes, please do," the one wearing the fatigue tee shirt and very short dark hair added with a glimmer in his eye that seemed almost magnetic.

"Thank you," I said, still smiling as brightly as ever. I sat down in the booth as casually as I could manage in my excited state. I could smell the cologne they were wearing. I could see the details of their ripened, healthy, glowing skin more clearly now. "I'm Taylor. Taylor Chapman."

"Guy," spoke the spikey-haired one. "This is Niel." He gestured to his friend sitting across the table from me.

"Nice to meet you both."

Niel smiled. I detected a hint of ulterior motives in that smile. His voice was another clue: a little above "slightly flirty". "No, no. The pleasure is all ours."

Out of the corner of my eye I noticed Guy look me over very quickly, yet carefully. "Indeed," he said softly.

"So where are you guys headed?" I asked casually.

"Depends," said Niel in that same flirty tone from just a moment before.

I couldn't help but giggle at his comment. The alcohol from the Black Cherry was helping to keep me relaxed and perhaps a little over responsive to their innuendoes and flirtations. "I'm on my way to Chicago," I stated with a subtle slur.

Guy looked at me. His brown eyes stared deeply into mine, seeking out the secret and burning desires deep inside me. I could tell what was on his mind. Gleeful mischief illuminated his pupils. "Chicago?" he finally said. "That's a long way from here."

"We were thinking of going to our room," Niel added coyly. "It's much closer."

"Really," I said. Both boys nodded.

"You can come with us, if you like," Guy continued to hold his tight, hypnotic gaze on me.

"OK," I mumbled, my hardening member desperate to help release the load still gathering in my sagging sac.

Guy's grin seemed to glow. I could feel an attractive, alluring heat radiating from his body as he shifted towards me in the booth. He put his soft hand on top of mine, whispering towards my ear, "Let's go then."

I followed Niel's lead and stood up from the table. He turned away from me, starting for the door just a few steps away. Guy stood up behind me, following closely. I could feel his radiant presence tingling against my skin as we walked out of the lounge car and into another full of compartments exactly like the one my room was in. When the door behind us closed, drowning out the din of clinking classes, deep, rumbling laughs, and unending conversation, everything began to move in slow motion. I don't know if it was just the alcohol or my disbelief at the incredible events unfolding around me. I could feel my ultra-hard dick trying to force its own way out of my thin, precum stained boxer shorts and the tight fabric of my blue jeans now bulged as if two continents were coming together and forming a mountain.

The cause of this incredible hardness: 1) just the idea of what was about to happen spinning in erotic circles in my imagination; and 2) the warm touch of Guy's fingertips as he lifted my shirt and held my sides. He kept his hands their only a moment before letting them glide millimeters above my tingling skin to the waistband of my jeans. He walked in step with me, allowing his similarly bulging crotch to brush tauntingly against the denim covering my ass. His fingers didn't stop at the top of my jeans, making me glad I didn't wear a belt. He found his way to the edge of my boxers and then quickly past, following my spine down to the crack of my ass. I had to focus on each step my feet took as I followed Niel down the narrow hallway so as not to fall down. Guy's fingers traced the line between my ass cheeks before massaging the firm globes. I couldn't help but sigh.

The sound of my pleasure-induced breath escaping loudly caused Niel to stop and turn. He smiled at Guy and I, his eyes flashing directly to my groin. Meanwhile, taking advantage of my halt, Guy moved his right hand back to the center of my ass. His fingers roamed further down until I felt him press against the quivering entrance of my hole. "I want this," he whispered fiercely into my ear, poking it with his tongue.

Niel stepped closer to me, putting his hand on the Mt. Saint Helens forming at the front of my jeans. "I want this," he said softly before pressing his lips warmly against mine. I gave into him, letting his wet tongue roll around my mouth, rubbing across the surface of my cherry tainted taste buds.

While his tongue explored the space between my jaw his hands were exploring the design of the zipper on my jeans, clasping itself for dear life as my fully hard member tried to push its way free like some hungry, free-minded creature. The tiny metal clasps eased their hold on the front of my body, shifting the gravity on my boxers. My dick felt the cool, refrigerated air pumping through the train. Yet its escape was blocked by the warm, probing fingers of Niel. He instantly found my fully hard prick and grasped it firmly. I gasped loudly. It was the last thing I remembered from the hallway because in the next second everything went black. The throbbing wave of pain traveling in numbing circles from the back of my skull faded with the outside world.

I don't remember what I dreamed about, if I dreamed at all. Everything had seemed like a dream already. Although now it was starting to appear to be turning into a strange, even possible nightmare. First of all, it was looking like I was about to have some of the wildest sex of my life with two very gorgeous guys and then I go and pass out. How fricking frustrating is that?!

Yet not all hope was lost. I suddenly felt my cock hardening again. I felt the cool air of the train on my skin. Not just the skin below my waist, but the skin on my chest, legs, and feet. I was suddenly very aware that I was naked. I forced my eyes open as far as they could go-which wasn't very far. My ears began to work at the same time. In the dim darkness surrounding me, broken by a passing light outside the compartment window to my right, I could hear two distinct voices.

"What should we do with him?"

"Let's play with him. He's so cute."

"We need to finish the job."

"I know, I know. We will."

I felt warm fingers wrap around my shaft. Another light passed by, sending bright white streams of light arching through the window. It lasted just long enough for me to see Niel go down on me. His moist lips locked around the head of my dick. I felt his wet tongue lap at my piss slit, playing and pressing into it before he took more of me into his tight, sucking mouth.

"We don't get paid 'till we finish the job," continued the other voice. It must have been Guy. He slapped the side of Niel's head. "Would you knock it off!"

Niel pulled off my penis and looked at Guy. I let my eyes close in disappointment. "Well then why did we strip him?" Niel asked, licking his lips.

There was silence. "I thought it would be fun. Besides, it just makes it more-" Guy stopped suddenly.

It was then that I realized I had been moving my fingers and breathing more heavily. I guess my enjoyment and heightened exhilaration in the unfolding scene had given away the fact that I was now conscious again.

"I think he's awake."

"No he's not."

Everything went black again in the wake of another wave of pain. This time it had emanated from my face. A stiff blow from a cold hand. It must have been Guy.

I drifted in darkness again. I don't know for how long. There were no dreams. No visions of my mystery man slowly making love to me in some strange motel room. There were no sudden flashes of memories rushing forward from my subconscious desperate for attention. I was thankful for this. Instead, I just seemed to exist in a state of absolute nothingness. The movie of my life was in intermission. I just had to wait for the show to begin again.

I didn't have to wait much longer. My eyes found the strength to open again. My ears remembered to start listening. I recognized my own compartment on the train, enveloped in a dim, colorless glow emanating from someplace unseen. I guess Niel and Guy had finished with me and brought me back to my room. I didn't realize the strangeness of that theory until a few moments later when I stood up and looked around. The compartment was no longer the same. Where the door into the corridor had been there was nothing but an eerie and greasy darkness. I walked toward it then stopped. Cutting the heavy blackness like a blood stained knife was a sharp-edged shaft of red light. It appeared for only a moment before retreating into the converging shadows.

It only took me a moment to recognize the setting. I was back in the motel room. I walked further into the darkness, stopping again as the red light filled the room. My ears burned with the sound of sheets ruffling, passionate kisses, and soft, constant moaning. It rose and resonated from two shifting forms under the wrinkled surface of the bed. As I walked closer, I felt my hair shift and billow slightly in a warm, muggy breeze. The window must be open, I thought. So much was different now than it had been before. So many times before.

Closer I walked until I was at the foot of the bed. The light came on again. I gasped, perhaps a little too audibly. I realized that there weren't two figures in the bed, but actually three. One of them stopped biting the shoulder of another, looking up at me with a pale expression of surprise. He shifted in panic, pushing the body on top of him off so he could sit up. The moans stopped, sending the room into a vacuum of absolute silence...well, almost absolute silence. I could hear their quick and shallow breaths just barely against the growing breeze now more of a gentle and constant wind.

I waited for the light to come back. I counted down in my head to the precise moment when the scarlet light would reappear. I gasped again, recognizing the three faces in the crowded bed. I tried to speak. I know I formed words with my lips and that my vocal chords provided the sound to support them. Yet my ears could only hear the sound of the strengthening rushes of air. I turned away from the stunned and speechless forms of Niel, Guy, and in the middle of them my estranged roommate Darren.

From somewhere in the grim shadows beyond the scarlet light flooding in from the phantom window I recognized the sound of a train whistle. The red essence vanished. The whistle grew louder, deafening in just a few seconds. The muggy gusts of rapidly moving air were making it hard to breathe.

That's when I realized something was definitely wrong. I knew I was still dreaming. But that raised the question of where I was dreaming at. Seemingly responding to the mental interrogation, my eyes opened in a flutter. I was definitely back in the real world. The train blew its whistle again. I screamed as loud as I could, just barely able to hear it above the growling wind rushing past my shivering, sprawled out body. Every nerve came back to life just brain's reboot finally complete. I was aware of everything now. I came out of a dream to wake up in a nightmare. I was screaming, naked, and laying on top of fucking train.