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Strangers on a Train

by J. A. Adkins

Part 9-Back on the Train

Enter the valley of thunder. A chasm in the flesh of the earth divided at the base by a river of heavy timber and weathered steel reflecting the waning light of morning. A place where trees stretched into the midsummer warmth, watching the race between man and beast at their feet. A sprint of mud stained hooves across sun-baked grasses kicking up swirling streamers of dust in their short lived wakes while heavy wheels push across boiling tracks, carving a path in the ambient waves or radiating head rising to infinity. Where the only sounds are like those in an embattled percussion section. The snare drum hiss and clap of the speeding train against the eight mallet march across tightened bass drums that were the horses melting into the resonating timbre of my beating heart as it raced to keep the tempo set by the surge of adrenaline blasting through each vein, nerve, and muscle.

I watched it all with a boyish awe and an adult worry. Anxiety was the word of the day. I held on without words the horse carrying me down into the valley and towards the train. My eyes traveled the length of its tickling, black mane to its swept-back brown ears into the open air separating us and the shadow-striped ass of Darren's horse. His body pulled at my gaze and attention like a magnet. Beads of golden sweat ran down his perfectly sculpted arms to his to his fingers gripping each side of the reigns tightly. The mud-encrusted tank-top clung to his back, accentuating his amazing spine and contrasting the tanned glow of the skin on his lightly freckled shoulders. He kept glancing over his shoulder at me. I would only see his eyes for an instant as he continued to make sure I was still behind him. I didn't realize I was smiling until his gaze held me for a few moments longer than usual; but the sound of the train whistle tore his attention from me to the sunlit steel of the train cars.

The hill we treaded in the greatest haste I had ever known quickly flattened out as we reached the bottom of the valley. The din of the train pulling ahead through the mountains with 100 times the horse power Darren and I had between us was overwhelming. The rush of air pushing off from the sides of the cars as they rolled forward teared my vision. The gleaming frames of the last two passenger cars passed me in a torrent of hot air. The heavier rumble of the tailing engine car engulfed my left eardrum, making my whole body tremble and my head ache.

Darren urged his horse forward, trying to encourage the last bit of strength, speed, and stamina out of the tangled blur that was the animals legs when the engine car was parallel to him. I matched his moves as best I could. I heard my horse grunt in protest and felt its legs accelerate. It seemed to pull the Earth and everything on it closer to its legs with each gallop. I was even with the engine car again. My eyes moved forward towards the coupling between it and the rest of the train.

From out of the cool shadows between the two bodies emerged a young face riddled with desperation and the utmost concern. It was Jake, the porter. His eyes scanned over Darren then fell heavily onto me. He smiled encouragingly before looking back at Darren again. He had nearly caught up to the coupling. His muscular fingers reached up through the heated wind, stretching toward Jake. The younger boy gripped the thin metal railing surrounding the tiny platform with one hand while the other found Darren's. The two sexy forms made contact as Jake hoisted Darren onto the train. The exhausted horse trotted freely away from the train, falling into the background behind me.

I urged my horse along even faster. The sunbathed forms of Darren and Jake appeared above me. Faster and faster the horse galloped. I clumsily edged the tired animal closer to the train. The boys called down to me, encouraging me. I looked up quickly. I reached my arm out, feeling my fingers brush against Jake's. The train's whistle sounded far ahead of me at the front of the locomotive but crashed against my ears with new, fresh fury. I looked forward. My vision was filled with the approaching mountain side. A tunnel cut open the tree and leaf covered rock. Louder Jake and Darren yelled down at me. I turned my attention back towards them, only to find I had dropped a few feet back.

I urged the horse forward, reaching out once more as I drew closer to Jake. The two on the platform worked together so I felt to hands grip my hand and wrist. I brought my other hand around, letting go of the reigns as they started to bring me off the horse. Darren grabbed my right hand while Jake pulled on my left. Wind whipped at my feet as my legs left the horse's sides and met the warm skin of the train car. Harder the two pulled. The echo of the train getting louder as it bounced off the thick granite bricks lining the outer edge of the tunnel.

"Hurry up!" I screamed, trying to push myself onto the train.

I could see the wall out of the corner of my eye. The coolness of the shadows of the trees washed over my sweaty skin. My heart skipped a beat. I closed my eyes, already feeling my body impact the thick stone. Sweat-covered fingers found new strength. The two boys pulled with all their mite, tugging me aboard just as the tunnel swallowed the train. Panic rushed through me before daylight returned. The end of the tunnel disappeared overhead. I stared at the cool plating underneath me, catching what breath I had left.

Jake started laughing, making me lift my head off the metal floor to meet his beaming, relieved smile. "Welcome back, guys!"

Once inside, a brick wall of cool, refrigerated air slapped my face, chest, and arms. It felt wonderful. I walked behind Darren, unable to keep myself from staring at the muscles in his firm and perfect ass concealed by his mud stained and sweat- dampened boxer shorts. Behind me, though, I felt young eyes staring furiously into the back of my neck, down my spine towards the beltless waistband of Darren's jeans. I could sense Jake tearing those jeans off my naked waist and legs with his passionate eyes. Standing between these two boys I found myself wondering, what do I really want? I could let Jake have me again...But what about Darren? How badly do I want him?

Darren stopped at the door leading into the next car. I suddenly realized, stopping myself inches from colliding with him and catching the blue halos of magnetic energy from his eyes, that we were back in one of the luggage cars.

Darren looked past me toward Jake. "What's the situation? What has been going on since last night?"

"A lot," Jake responded, shaking his head. "A few of the passengers heard the gunshots. They think you guys have something to do with it since you couldn't be found. That rich looking guy...what's his name...umm..."

"Devoy," Darren and I said in unison.

"Right, Devoy. He said you tried to rob him. His big friend, the human wall-"

"That would be Mr. French," Darren added quickly.

"Okay, that guy, French, just nodded his head and the two twink boys said you tried to take advantage of them, Taylor."

"What?" I yelled, making Jake and Darren jump. "That's bullshit!"

Darren shook his head, "And the rest of it isn't?"

"Of course it is."

Darren opened the door, walking into the next car. It was the last part of the train I had seen the night before. It didn't look any different from the last one. There was no sign of anything. No evidence to prove what had happened.

"Let's get back to the room," Darren started to say as we walked towards the front of the car, making our way between the noisy, rattling shelves. "We can change and try to relax for a little while."

"I don't think so," Jake said hesitantly.

Darren stopped walking again, looking back at Jake. "Why not?"

"They watching your room pretty tight. Both the train staff and Mr. French and the twink brigade."

"Damn it," I hissed.

"They emptied out the room, but I managed to be the one to do it. I put all your stuff in the main crew quarters near the front of the train."

"That's good," Darren said, putting one hand under his chin. "But there's only one problem with that. The crew is looking for us, along with Devoy and his Merry Men-all of which have cabins ahead of ours..."

I nodded in agreement, "That's right."

Jake smiled, "I know. That's why I borrowed a couple of uniforms Mizz K was able to get for me. They're waiting in the common bathrooms in the passenger cars ahead of the diner."

"Is lunch over yet," Darren asked. He seemed so informed, so knowledgeable, like this was all just a little sweat off his back; like he had done this before. Hell, he probably has.

Jake nodded his head. "Just before I saw you guys riding up."

"Good." Darren turned toward back toward the door. "That should minimize crew and passengers in the next car."

With the next doors opened we made our way with as much casual haste as possible. The dining car was devoid of anything breathing. Shafts of sunlight stretched across the tables, shuddering and strobing in and out as the train wound through ever denser thickets of trees and high reaching mountain peaks. The denser thickets of trees and high reaching mountain peaks. The distance from one side of the train car to the next and into the passenger compartments seemed infinite. We crossed into the corridor of quiet, occupied cabins. Darren stopped near the front of the car, looking quickly at Jake.

"There's on uniform in this car and one in the next. Both are about the same size," Jake said, his voice near a whisper.

Darren looked at me. "You take this one. I'll go on ahead to the next one. We'll meet up in...twenty minutes."

I nodded my head. Darren turned on his bare heels, pulling open the heavy latch and hurrying through the coupling into the lounge. The door in front of me slid shut, ending my view of Darren. I heard a door to my right click open. Jake gestured for me to go inside. "You better hurry. The clock's ticking."

"I know," I said. I walked in, shutting the door behind me. Jake had already turned the light on. I glanced around the sizable bathroom. It was the same bathroom I had sucked Jake off in. The same bathroom I had finally let myself cry in.

My gaze fell on the shower stall. It was narrow and kept private by a flimsy red curtain with white stripes at the top and bottom. The muddy denim of Darren's jeans puddled at my feet. I pulled the curtain too, stepping into the stall and turning on the faucets. The lukewarm water felt exhilarating against my sweat-dried and dirt caked skin. I could feel the dust and grime of the old farm house on Munto Codru retreating away from the water, finding no place to hide from the heavy rain pouring down from the small spicket.

I let my eyes close, just savoring the first few relaxing moments I'd had since the beginning of the trip. How had things gotten so crazy? Why isn't my life normal? Before I could even begin to answer the questions shattering the tranquility my mind had tried to build, I heard the bathroom door open slowly then close a second later. The latch clicked softly as someone carefully tried not to draw my attention. They were failing miserably. Silence recaptured the room beyond the room beyond the red curtain. The sound of the water pouring down onto me deafened my ears slightly. I could still hear my heart pounding in racing beats against my chest. I felt my muscles stiffen. My body prepared for the worst.

That's when the curtain was pulled back. The heavy swish of the thin plastic hid my frightened gasp. Jake just held his cheeky smile as he squeezed into the shower stall, his naked body brushing against mine.

"You scared the hell out of me!" I glared at him angrily, but felt my heated and frightened emotions calming down, melting as I looked him up and down.

He put his hands on my cheeks, drawing me into a soft, deep kiss. Our lips parted. Our tongues met. They danced around each other, teasing and tasting the wet surface of each. This lasted only a minute or two before he pulled back just a few inches and smiled again. "I'm sorry."

His hardened member glided against the wet skin of my inner thigh.

"Well, you should be," I said, trying to still sound angry.

"I am," he said softly, leaning in to kiss me again.

My lips wrapped around his. I sucked in his tongue, massaging it with my own. Meanwhile, I backed up a step, pulling him under the warm stream of water. My hands moved slowly up his tender, soft sides to his chest. I could feel the hardening ends of his chocolate nipples between the tips of my fingers. I pinched them playfully, making Jake moan into my mouth. He thrust himself against me. Our penises touched pleasurably, throbbing together. I pinched his nipples harder, moving my mouth across his wet cheek to his ear, suckling his lobe like it was fruit. His cock ground harder against me, his body humping desperately.

"I want you," he breathed. His wet, soft fingers gripped my shoulder, pushing me back. His other hand reached for my cock. "I want you so bad," he said louder.

I couldn't speak. I leaned my head back as he pulled my aching stiff-as-a-board and hard as-a-sword, overfilled and desperate-to-fire sex pistol again and again. Jake began to sink to his knees. I knew what was coming. I would let him. I needed the release and he was willing to take it. His tongue tickled the head, stabbing delicately at my precum dripping piss slit. He twirled it around the water logged glans. Finally, his lips embraced the mushroom end of my spunk-fueled rocket. I could feel the ensnared jizzim boiling in my scrotum. I moaned slowly, steadily. He traced his tongue around the end of my penis once more before sucking more of my manhood into his hot and hungry mouth.

Then, he froze. My moaning went silent. The silent noise of the water washing us seemed suddenly distant.


The door of the bathroom rattled under the heavy assault of whoever was on the other side of the door. Without taking his mouth from my still engorged member, Jake looked up into his eyes.

"It could be Darren," I whispered.

Still he stared into my eyes, questioning what to do. Another round of pounding from the door answered his question. Jake sighed, letting my prick slide from between his lips. He kissed me under my navel then stood back up.

"I'm sorry," he said quietly.

I chuckled softly. "Don't worry about it. I guess it just isn't supposed to come."

He smiled, then turned away from me. I shut off the water as he pulled open the curtain, stepping out of the shower stall. We dried and dressed quickly. The uniform Jake had gotten for me was a little tight, but still fairly comfortable. I didn't really like the way it looked on me. Jake, however, seemed impressed. The door rattled again. I undid the latch, sliding the door open with enough angry force and speed to startle the person on the other side. I had expected to see Darren with one of his cocky, adorable grins. Instead, I got the frustrated glare of the balding old man who had interrupted Jake and I before.

"You don't know when to quit, do you?"

He looked at me, confused. I just rolled my eyes and pushed past him with Jake following quickly at my heels.

We passed through the doorways into the quiet and nearly empty lounge car. Mizz K smiled at Jake and I as we entered. He waved to her from behind me. My gaze hastily scanned the sleepy compartment, the day still too early for the heavy drinkers of the night before. A middle-aged couple sat at one of the booths near the back of the car. Their faces glowed in the warm sunlight that pierced the glass of the window in a long, flickering stream and reflected off the smooth surface of the white-painted table. The only other person in the lounge besides Mizz K and the couple was a man in hand-tailored dress pants. His upper body was eclipsed by the extra long pages of his crisp, morning newspaper. A silver thread of cigarette smoke ascended into the air from behind the paper wall masking the patron. I didn't give the man much more thought than that.

Jake and I reached the front of the compartment, exiting quickly into the next car. He told me the bathroom was at the end of the corridor, just like in the other car. Images suddenly flashed in my head. Strange, rapid streams of memory that tumbled through my mind in jagged chunks. This was the corridor Niel and Guy had led me into; where they had teased me and then...

"This way," Jake said, his voice catching my attention. I looked up at him with a start, realizing he had continued on a few paces ahead.

"You okay?"

I nodded my head. "Yeah...just remembering something."

"Last night?"

I looked back at the spot I had been staring at. "I guess so."

Jake led the rest of the short walk to the bathroom door. He tapped on it lightly. "You in there," he asked hesitantly, his voice low.

The latch clicked before Darren slid the door open slightly. "Yeah. Where the hell have you guys been?"

"Never mind," I said flatly, pushing the door aside and stepping into the bathroom.

Jake followed behind me. He closed the door then turned around to face Darren and I. "So what do we do now?"

Darren leaned against the sink, a look of heavy thought creeping onto his face. "Well..." he started, but his voice trailed off. "I need to get my bags. All the stuff I need are in them."

"Okay, so let's go and get them...quickly and quietly."

Darren looked at me. "Oh sure. But what about our friends? Devoy has his little minions combing the train for us."

Jake looked up. "Plus there is no guarantee that all of your bags are...available. Why wouldn't Devoy have gotten the ones you had in the luggage compartment?"

"That's true," I added. "So what do we do?"

"We need to get that bag in the crew compartment. We get that bag and I have something to fight with. I can get Devoy and this whole mess will be over."

"That's a relief."

Darren looked at Jake. "Go and get my bag. Be careful, though. Watch out for Mr. French."

"Who's that, again," Jake asked, already reaching for the door latch.

"Big guy...cowboy hat...ugly suit."

"Ugly suit," I asked excitedly. "You think it's just his suit that's ugly? That guy's got a face that could make this train turn around on its own."

Darren rolled his eyes. " avoid the face a mother tried to forget."

Jake nodded, hurrying out of the bathroom. Darren reached over, revealing the door.

"Do you think we'll be able to pull this off?" There was no confidence evident in my voice.

Darren smiled at me. "Sure, why not? What could go wrong?"