Copyright 2004 by the Author

The usual legal disclaimers apply.

This work is pure fiction. Although I don’t advocate the actions in this story, in a perfect world it would be fuckin’ fun. And ain’t that what fantasies are all about?


I’ve heard it said that full moon brings out the crazies. That may be so, but in my experience it also brings out the hornies. A full moon night last summer is an example.

Before I go any further, some personal information. I have been blessed with good genes - my dad is an extremely handsome man, tall, well built and good looking. He is also endowed with a big, thick, uncut dick. Fortunately I have inherited those genes. and since my teens I have tried to improve on my natural attributes by a dedicated regimen at the gym, working out 5 times a week.

Now, at 30, I am 6’1”, and 200 lbs , with a 48” chest, 32” waist, 18” biceps, 6-pack abs, and, not to boast, a firm, rock hard butt. It’s taken a lot of work, but I’m happy with it. I should also mention that I have an 9” uncut cock. The reason I added that as an afterthought is that I very rarely use it for sex. In other words, I’m 100% bottom. There’s nothing I like more that to take cocks, toys or fists up my ass.

Well, back to my story.

We had had a really hot summer, and that Friday was typical - hot and humid. I left work feeling as though I had been put through a wringer, my dress shirt was clinging to my back, and my crotch was feeling hot amd clammy. I got home, turned on the air conditioning, stripped and stepped into the shower to cool down and clean up. By the time I had finished my shower the aircon had started taking effect, and the temperature in the apartment was almost bearable.

I wandered naked into the living room, my cock and balls hanging low, and gently bumping against my thighs. My ass was feeling twitchy - I knew I would have to go out and have it serviced. I grabbed a beer from the icebox and wandered out onto the balcony. To anyone watching, I was shirtless, from my waist down was concealed from the world by the wall of the balcony. I sat out there surveying the scene - the guy in the apartment across from me was home - he was wandering around his living room in the briefest underwear - always enough to start my cunt itching. He knew I was watching him, and put on a small show for me.

Waste of time - he was a bottom too,. Nice body, but took it up the ass almost as often as I did - I’d seen his trade on many occasions. My scene was public sex, so he was unaware that I was a real slut: I very rarely brought anyone home. Anyhow, his show only made me hornier, as I sat there and sipped my beer. My cock hardened somewhat, and I shoved a couple of fingers up my ass to add to my enjoyment.

Finished my beer and went in to get another. By this time the temperature in the apartment was nice, so I took my beer and flopped down on the sofa and grabbed the remote. Depressing news on all channels, so I turned on the video. The bareback movie from last night was still in it, and it started with a close up of a hunk’s hole with cum dribbling out. Didn’t help my hornies, but I watched anyhow, slowly stroking myself almost to cumming, then stopping, letting it die down and starting again. Love to keep myself on edge when I am home alone. Makes my eventual come so intense.

After the second beer, I meandered into the kitchen to get something to eat - broiled steak and salad. Made a coffee, and went back onto the balcony. The temperature outside had dropped a bit, but was still quite warm. My exhibitionist neighbour came into view, glanced my way then lay naked on the sofa in his living room, asshole facing me, and butt plug in his hole, as he stroked his cock. Can’t blame him for trying!

Finished my coffee, went back inside and glanced at the clock - 9 o’clock. Time to get ready. Back into the bathroom, reached into the cupboard and took out the red bag. Filled it with warm water - added a little liquid Ivory, attached the hose, hung it on the hook and lay in the bath, sliding the nozzle into me and released the clamp. Sighed as the warm water started filling my hole and enjoyed the feeling of my ass filling up - the preparation was almost as good as the sex I was preparing for. Held it in for about 5 minutes, then over to the toilet to expel it. Repeated the procedure with plain water twice, and I was cleaned out and ready.

Into the bedroom, slipped on my jock, and cutoffs, and muscle shirt, shoes and sox, grabbed my bag and headed down to my car to go to the gym. I like doing my workout late - no crowd, and no blaring musak. Peace and quiet - just the sound of the few regulars grunting and weights and machines clinking. Arrived at the gym, said hi to Steve behind the counter, and into the change room. Changed into my gym shorts and old t, nodded to a few of the regulars I knew, and then to work for the next 2 hours.

Noticed a guy I had seen there a few times before - he always made my hormones rage. Great body and legs, lightly haired, fantastic butt, and very impressive bulge. He was busy on his bench presses, and his muscles strained with the effort. Just before I finished, I saw him heading for the change room. I completed my routine and headed that way myself - he hadn’t emerged. Got into the room - there was no sound of a shower running, so I stripped off and headed to the sauna - didn’t really need one, but that was the only place he could have been.

Towel dragging behind me, I opened the door. Sure enough, he was sitting there on his towel legs spread and hard cock in his hand. He tried to hide it but there was no way. I walked over to him, bent over and took his rod down to the balls in my mouth before he had a chance to say anything. I’ve been told I give good head, and it wasn’t long before I felt his cock stiffen and harden even more, and a gusher of hot cum coated the inside of my mouth. I kept his cock in me till it started to soften, swirling his cum around in my mouth before swallowing - tasted nice. Let his cock slip out of my mouth, straightened up and walked out, leaving him gasping.

Put my sox, shoes and cutoffs on, shoved my gear back into my bag, and barechested left the gym. It was almost midnight - time to play.

Between the gym and home was a park with a rest room near the road - a popular cruising spot. Occasionally hit by the cops, but usually pretty safe. Got there and there were about six cars parked nearby - not bad for this time of night. Parked the car, tucked my key into my shoe, and headed for the rest room. Someone had conveniently removed the light inside, but the light outside, and the full moon made it light enough to see what was going on.

As I walked in I knew I had interrupted a scene, as the two guys were hurriedly trying to stuff their hard cocks back into their jeans. I just walked past them to the urinal, dropped my cutoffs, stepped out of them and picked them up. Reached into one pocket and pulled out my tube of lube, squeezed some onto my hand and rubbed it into my asshole, then pulled out my poppers, opened them and took a sniff, and with cutoffs in one hand and poppers in the other, I spread my legs, bent over the urinal and arched my back, exposing my hungry hole to the two guys.

They needed no further invitation. Within seconds I felt a hard cock knocking at my back door. I relaxed my hole and he slipped in. Felt great. I clenched my muscles trapping him in me and sucking him further in. Heard him groan as he began pumping into me. Looked around and his friend was standing beside him stroking and waiting his turn. Didn’t have to wait long. The grunts of my fucker got louder and more feral, and I felt him stiffen, and his cock start to jerk as he unloaded what felt like a big load into me. I worked my ass on his dick, sucking out every drop, till he had to pull out - his cock was too sensitive.

His buddy immediately took his place, shoving into me hard and rabbit fucking me with gusto. I was working on his cock with my cunt muscles, and got him off in no time at all. Having shot their loads, they stuffed their cocks back into their jeans and left. Just as they got to the door I heard other footsteps, and someone said something, They answered, and then the footsteps started again, and in came another two guys. They had their cocks out already, and one guy walked straight over to me and shoved two fingers up my hole, withdrew them and replaced them with his thick cock. Slid in and just held still, soaking up the feeling of my hole pulsating around his meat.

Meanwhile, his buddy came up to my head and offered me his cock. It was awesome - at least 10 inches long, and thick, with a foreskin which still covered the head of his cock even though it was rock hard. I turned my head and swallowed his cock nearly to the base - heard his hiss as he drew in a sharp breath, and slowly exhaled. He started slowly pumping into my mouth, and his buddy started pumping into my hole. Obvious that they had done this before - they were a well rehearsed team. My ass muscles and throat muscles were working overtime, building up to two big loads from these guys, when they both pulled out, changed places and started working my my mouth and cunt again.

For about twenty minutes they worked my holes, and I worked their cocks. My legs were starting to tire - I had been bent over for about forty-five minutes and the strain was starting to tell. I increased my muscle activity and the guy in my ass started gasping, his cock grew harder and he started pumping hard, as his cum was shooting out and flooding my hole. As soon as he finished he yanked his cock out and the other guy took his place, pumping only for a minute before he too came. He pulled out and I started to straighten up, when I felt a hand on my back holding me down.

Looked up and couldn’t see anyone initially - then realised a big black guy had his hand on me and his cock, hard and thobbing, sticking out of his jeans. I sighed and relaxed - he moved behind me, and rammed his boner hard past my swollen rubbery ass lips into my hole. Fuck he was huge. An instant of fear, before I relaxed completely and felt the familiar good feeling of a big cock fucking my hole. Again I sighed and worked my muscles, clenching around the thickness of his meat. His hard cock was torturing my prostate on each outward stroke, and I was finding it hard not to come from his battering, My ass was feeling real good by now, it knew it was getting a good fucking and was transmitting the feeling to my brain. I was moaning from the pure pleasure of the fuck.

His hands reached around me and twisted my nips, which were already hard, and this sent more signals to my brain, which started my cock jerking, ready to shoot a load into the urinal. My ass twitched again - that was enough, he grunted, and I felt his cock spasming in my cunt as he spewed the fifth load for the night into my well used hole. After he drained his balls he bent over me - leaning on my back, and I felt his cock soften and begin to slide out of me. He straightened up immediately and forced his cock back into me.

Suddenly, a familiar warmth was spreading into my ass - piss! - and quite a load of it. He must have been holding on for hours, by the amount he pissed into me. I could feel my belly tightening, as he kept pissing and filling my gut. His hands started massaging my belly, soothing the cramps that were starting, and finally he had drained the hose and slowly withdrew. I clenched my ass around it to hold his piss into me as he pulled out, and only a small amount escaped.

He patted my butt, put his cock away, zipped up and left. I slowly straightened up, and clenching tight, put my cutoffs back on. My cock was sticking out of the right leg and my balls were aching to release their load.

Walked out of the restroom, and noticed there were about fifteen cars parked. The drivers weren’t in the restroom - there was only one other place they could be. I made my way slowly across the park to the wooded area. As I approached I could see movement along the perimeter of the bushes. The hunt was going ahead in the park. The full moon was working its magic.

Once I got to the edge of the woods, I stopped, dropped my cutoffs again and joined the hunters. There was enough light from the full moon to see the trade available. My cock was still hard and the 9 inches bounced around as I walked, There’s a grove in the park - surrounded by trees and bushes. It contains a picnic table and benches, cool in the daytime, and hot, hot, hot at night - my destination. Walked into the grove and spied two guys there, one with his jeans around his ankles, standing, while the other, also bare assed was kneeling with his mouth around the first guy’s cock.

I took out my poppers and lay down on the table on my back, knees bent and asshole exposed, ready. The guy getting sucked pointed me out to his buddy, then pulled his cock out and shuffled over to me, jeans still around his ankles. His buddy got up, picked up his shorts and joined him, going down on my hard nine, and taking it to the hilt, while the first guy shoved three fingers up my hole. He felt the piss up there, and dropped to his knees, latching his mouth to my hole. I relaxed my muscles as he sucked some of the piss out, then spat it over the face of the guy sucking me. He groaned and sucked harder, he obviously liked it.

First guy then shoved his cock into me, stirring the cum and piss up. It started leaking out around his cock, and his buddy transferred his attention from my cock to the cock filling my hole, and tried to get his tongue in me too, digging for treasure. I let more leak out and he started lapping and slurping like a thirsty dog. I was really digging the attention, and my cock was jerking around spraying my precum all over my belly and the back of the head of the second guy. My stink was really turning them on and first guy started pound erratically - he was gonna cum any moment. A few grunts and the tell-tale stiffening of his body signalled the beginning of another load being shot into my hungry cunt. Second guy realised what was happening and licked and sucked even harder, trying to get as much of that hot juice out of my hole as he could.

As first guy pulled out, second guy latched onto my gaping hole before I had a chance to close it and began to syphon all the juice out of me, gulping it down. I managed to tighten my muscles and stop the flow and he rose, licking the juice out of his mustache. The moonlight shone on his face, shiny wet with my output. His cock was lined up with my pussy, and he shoved it hard into me. It slid in to the balls easily, and he didn’t waste a moment, pumping his meat into me. He leaned forward and placed his lips on mine then opened them to spit a mouthful of cum, piss and ass juice into my mouth. Fucking beautiful!

I guess we must have been a bit noisy, because when I opened my eyes, there were three more guys in the grove, First guy had gone, probably to spread the word - I hoped. Second guy obviously loved being watched as he started moaning and grunting and pounding even harder, leaning back so the guys could see his cock in my cunt. One guy got on his knees and began to suck the cocks of the other two, taking each one to the base - hoping for a load down his throat. From the look of the guys he was doing a great job, but I wanted their jizz up my hole. I started working my ass muscles on the cock in me and he responded, fucking me harder and harder, until with a roar, he fucked his load into me. His cock was harder. longer and thicker than first guy and his load seemed bigger.

Third guy left his sucker and moved over to me. He lifted me off the table and lay down on his back - his pole standing about 10” straight up. I climbed onto the table and squatted over his prick. In this position my asshole opened a little and more piss and cum dribbled out, coating his cock, just before I swallowed it in my mancunt. Ten fucking inches up my rectum - very nice! I leaned forward and fourth guy moved in behind me and started playing his cock head around my stuffed hole. I relaxed further - more cum and piss oozed out, coating his cock head, and he pressed forward, sliding his cock into me alongside third guy. A double fuck - with thicker cocks than I’d had so far - thank God I was loosened up. They set up an easy motion - one in, the other out - stimulating my cunt and the undersides of their cocks - a couple of experienced fuckers who were intent on enjoying my hole to the max. And was I complaining? After some of the serious fucking I had sustained over the past few hours, this double massage was feeling real good. My hole was reacting positively, clenching and unclenching, nipping at the double intruders, giving them encouragement,

For about fifteen minutes they speared my hole, showing no indication that either of them wanted to cum. By now much of the piss and cum in my ass had leaked out, down the cock and onto the balls of third guy. Fifth guy - not to be left out was between fourth guys legs, licking at the balls of both guys, getting the taste of my ass juice and the cum and piss being forced out of me. I suddenly felt their co-ordinated fucking get out of synch, and I knew that one or both of them were on the verge of cumming, I wasn’t wrong - in a few strokes third guy started moaning, and froze - all except for his cock which was pulsating in me, spewing his hot load into me, This set fourth guy off and he followed soon after, giving me another load. He lay down on my back, letting his heartbeat return to normal, then straightened up and I felt his piss start to flow. My ass was being refilled, a lot was dribbling straight out between the two cocks and fifth guy was gurgling as he swallowed it.

Fourth guy finished pissing and pulled out. Piss and cum dribbled out before I could clench tight enough, and fifth guy slurped some more as I slowly raised my butt off third guy. As I got down off the table fifth guy attached his mouth to my ass and began sucking. I bent over and took third guys 10” in my mouth to clean it. He was uncut, and had a load of funk under his skin - cheese, cum and piss assaulted my taste buds and set my mouth watering. Third guy got up pulled his jeans up and left. I bent over the table to give fifth guy better access before I decided that I needed a refill, and he had had enough. So I clenched my muscles to stem the flow, and straightened up. Fifth guy’s hand was covered in his cum, he had jerked off while he was eating my ass. Oh well, I guess I missed out on that load .

Walked out of the grove, still carrying my cutoffs in my hand, and passed a group of guys as I wandered deeper into the wooded area. About twenty yards along this track was the fuck tree. Somehow it grew almost horizontal to the ground about four feet above it. The bark on it had become smooth and polished by the hundreds of sweaty, steamy bodies that had been draped over it while their asses were being invaded - not the least of which had been mine. I had used this tree on hundreds of occasions over the years. Got to the tree to find it was already in use. A hunky guy I had seen here on many occasions was getting his hole filled by a hairy monster of a man - must have been about six feet six, and two hundred and fifty pounds - all in the right places. In the moonlight I could see his hairy butt cheeks flexing as he drove his pole hard up the bottom’s hole. I could hear the noises emanating from his hole, sloppy, squelchy noises - he already had a few loads in him.

I crawled under the tree and lay on my back under the guy. In the pale moonlight I could just make out his asslips stretched around a sizeable cock that was pumping into him. Pushing myself up on my hands, I opened my mouth and pushed out my tongue - bullseye!! It touched his hole and the invading cock. I could taste the slime as it oozed out around the cock and started sucking it into me - ambrosia! - cum, piss and ass juice, nectar of the gods.

Heard some movement around us, and realised we were becoming the entertainment for a number of guys. This spurred us on, the fucker was pounding harder, I was sucking deeper and the bottom was groaning and moaning louder. The next moment I felt my legs being pulled up and back. My ankles were grabbed by the bottom, and held up and I felt a hard cock at my hole. Lubed as it was the cock slid straight in, and without missing a beat my unknown fucker started pumping hard into me. My moans mingled with the other bottoms to create a sound that was music to my ears - the sound of animal lust!

Looking past the immediate view, I could see the fucker reaching forward and playing with the tits of my fucker. The four of us were interacting as only super horny guys can, completing a circle of sex. The audience was jacking themselves and each other, and some were sucking and fucking as they watched our show. An orgy was in progress, and the sounds and smells of wild sex permeated the hot, still air. My asshole was gripping the cock in me, but cum and piss were still able to leak out, making the cock even more slippery. My unknown fucker really knew his job; my ass was feeling full and used - I was loving it!

Unfortunately all good things come to an end, and I felt the telltale signs of an imminent cum. My fucker started to become less co-ordinated and his breathing became harsh. His cock expanded, and with a final shove he embedded himself balls deep into me, and dumped what felt like a generous load up my ass. Shot four or five big spurts, then held still while the dregs oozed out of his cock into my hole. Stayed in me for a couple of minutes while he regained his breath, and his cock softened, then slowly pulled out. I clenched on him all the way, trying to coax the last of his load out and into me. With an audible “pop” his cock left me. He presented his cock to the other bottom who sucked it clean for him - as a good bottom should! Meanwhile, his fucker also started showing the all too familiar signs of cumming and with a grunt buried his cock up the bottom’s ass, and blew his load. He pulled out and offered me his slimy cock to clean. How could I refuse?

Finally, the two tops moved away, the bottom let my legs down and I got up as he straightened up. We reached across the tree to each other and shared a long kiss, tasting the cocks of our fuckers in our mouths.

By this time I guessed it was about three o’clock, and my lust was sated. My ass had been well used and abused, and my itch had definitely been scratched! I wandered out back along the path to the edge of the woods. There were still a few guys hunting, but I had had enough. I wended my way back to the car - still holding my cutoffs in my hand - God I love being naked in the open! - and retrieved my car key from my shoe as I got close to the road. Checking the area around the cars, I crossed the car park and opened the passenger door of my car, grabbed my gym towel and spread it on the seat, then climbed in.

Drove home, cum slowly oozing out of my hole, parked the car, wrapped the towel around my waist and, gym bag in hand, climbed the stairs to my apartment. Went into my bedroom, grabbed my butt plug and shoved it up my ass, then wandered into the kitchen, grabbed a beer and out to the balcony. Across the way, my horny neighbor was still up - but not alone. He had turned out the lights and lit a few candles. By the candle light I could see him bent over the back of his sofa, with a cock firmly entrenched up his ass. He looked over at the balcony and I knew he could see me sitting there in the moonlight.

I threw open the towel, and started stroking my cock, watching the live porn across the courtyard. He knew what I was doing, and I could see a smile appear on his face. I jacked my cock in time with him, which was in time with his fuck. I could feel the cum churning in my balls, and knew I was on the edge. In a few strokes my cum exploded from my cock, hitting my chin, and spraying on my chest . Simultaneously, his cock erupted and he spewed a load over the back of his sofa, and I realised that his fucker was cumming up his ass too.

I took two fingers and scooped up my cum from my chest and chin, and slowly brought my fingers to my mouth and lasciviously licked them clean, all the time watching my neighbor watching me. Then I stood up, turned and went inside to bed. Another satisfying night!