Copyright 2004 by the author.
Disclaimer: The usual legal disclaimer.This story is just that - a story - pure fiction, in a world free of today’s woes. We can all dream can’t we?


I love my city, I love my work, I love sex - not necessarily in that order. Guess I love sex most of all, but I do love my work. I’ve got a good job in advertising and am good at my work - in fact so good that I just got a promotion. A promotion that included a hefty salary increase, credit card account and a car. What do I want with a car? I live in the city, the traffic is murder, parking is almost non-existent, and I can get anywhere I want by public transport or taxi. So I nixed the offer of a car, instead making a deal with the company and became the proud owner of a gleaming silver Harley Fat Boy - great for cruising at night or getting out of the city on weekends.

So here I was, early 30’s - the youngest exec in the company, with the world as my oyster. We’re a pretty relaxed company, I guess you’d say casual - but that doesn’t worry our clients - they see us as progressive and we’ve certainly nabbed some good accounts.

Every morning, dressed in Levis and polo shirt, I get to my bus stop and take the ten minute ride to the office. Could cab it, but the view on the bus is much more interesting. I’m lucky that I board before it fills up completely, so I can get a seat and crotch watch - guys in their suits or slacks, some showing bulges or nice round firm butts. My briefcase hides the hardon I usually get, a combination of the view and the vibrations from the bus.

. . . . .

A week or so ago, I had woken earlier than usual. It was one of those hot days and nights, when you don’t sleep well, and I was still tired when I woke. Thought about going back to sleep, but decided that I could get to work earlier, and take some time in the afternoon. I had planned a pretty easy day, so it fitted in perfectly. Got up, did the usual - shit, shower, shampoo, shave - and got dressed. Had my usual breakfast, and was ready to go.

Sauntered down to the bus stop, just as a bus was arriving - nice timing! Boarded - it was emptier than my usual being that much earlier - so I had my choice of seats. Took one towards the back that gave me a good view of the front door and the bus moved off. The next stop there were fewer people too, and I was watching them board when HE got on. Not too tall, about 5’10”, but built. White t-shirt stretched over his pecs and biceps, skin tight denim cutoffs, work boots and a hard hat in his hand! Fucking beautiful!

He looked down the aisle and headed in my direction. There were plenty of vacant seats, but he chose to sit next to me. My dick was rock hard already. I took a look at his profile - short hair, brown eyes, nice nose, thick lips, chisel chin, and a days growth. He realised I was checking him out, and he turned and smiled. Sitting with his hat in his lap, his hand slid under the hat and I knew where it was and what it was doing. I was almost drooling. I slid my hand under my briefcase and started imitating his movements.

We both obviously knew the score. I could feel his eyes turned my way, although he was facing straight ahead. He was checking my hand movements, as I was checking his. Nothing was said, but we were communicating as only two guys can. He spread his legs and his leg rubbed against mine. I pressed back. Slowly out thighs rubbed against each other and I noticed the blond hair on his legs was standing up - he was as turned on as I was.

Two stops from mine, he stood to leave. He held his hat over his crotch as he moved to the door. “Fuck,” I thought. “ I can’t let this one get away.” So I stood up to leave too, my briefcase hiding my obvious hardon. He stepped off the bus and I followed, round the corner and halfway down the block where he turned into an office block. I followed. The building looked deserted - I found out later that it was being remodelled, and all the tenants had vacated. He walked across the foyer to the elevators, pressed the button and doors opened. I followed him in.

In the elevator he removed his hat from his crotch and put it on his head. I could see the outline of his dick in his cutoffs, and the big wet spot he had leaked. He looked down at it, then at me and smiled. I moved my briefcase, and, sure enough. an equally big wet spot on my Levis. He punched the button for the sixth floor and the elevator rose silently - no elevator muzac thank god. We both stood there eyeing each others’ bulges.

We arrived at the sixth floor and the doors opened. The corridor was dimly lit with emergency lights as he turned a corner and walked down to the men’s room - he obviously knew the layout of the building. Inside the room the lights were on. He immediately crossed to the cubicles and went in. I followed. He faced the pedistal and undid his cutoffs, which fell straight to the floor and I was staring at a beautiful hard hairless bubble butt, framed by the straps of a slightly dingy jock strap. I closed and locked the door, and dropped to my knees, undoing my Levis as I descended. Reaching forward I ran my hands over the cheeks of his ass, and he spread his legs and bent forward, giving me access to his wrinkled pucker.

Mouth open and tongue out I leant forward and swiped his crack. He tasted great, a little soapy and just enough sweat from the morning’s heat to send my taste buds into overdrive. Pulling his cheeks further apart I speared his hole with my tongue, eliciting a groan from him - the first sound either of us had made! Encouraged, I set to work eating that beautiful hole, licking and sucking like a crazed person. I felt it open as he relaxed, and my tongue delved deeper into him. He tasted delicious.

He straightened up and turned around, and I was eye level with his packed jock pouch. His cock was straining to get out and leaking precum like a faucet. I needed to taste him, so I just opened my mouth and took his jock covered cock head into my mouth, sucking his juice through the fabric. Another moan escaped. He reached down and pulled the pouch aside and his hardon sprang out splashing pre over my face. I licked what I could off my face and swallowed his meat. There was about eight inches of prime grade, uncut hog, which slipped easily down my throat.

He started thrusting, fucking my mouth. I loved it, but wanted him fucking something else. I pulled off his cock, and stood up, pushing my Levis right down. Turning round I braced my arms against the door of the cubicle and thrust my ass at him. I felt his cock rubbing against my crack, then he spat onto his cock head and my crack and smeared it up and down, coating my hole with his spit. I was ready.

His cock head found my pucker, and pressed against it. I relaxed and felt him break through. Without a pause he slid all eight inches in. I pushed back to try to get more - I wanted his cock in me real bad. A couple of seconds, and he started an easy, practised fuck of my hole. This guy knew what he was doing! My ass was twitching, clenching his cock on the outstroke and relaxing on the instroke. He found my prostate and clipped it, causing my cock to twitch and ooze some more pre - a long silver strand was reaching almost to the floor.

Suddenly, we heard the mensroom door open, and we froze, his cock deeply embedded in my hole. Looking through the crack between the door and wall we saw two guys enter. They were wearing coveralls spattered with paint, and looked like brothers - both dark haired, olive skinned with thick mustaches. They made their way to the urinals and pulled out their cocks to piss. We were holding our breaths, afraid that we were caught.

They finished their pisses, but didn’t put their cocks away. Turning towards each other, they started stroking. Soon their uncut dicks were hard and oozing precum. One of the guys fell to his knees and took his buddy’s cock deep down his throat. I could tell that they were watching themselves in the full length mirror on the wall.

It was then that my fucker sneezed. “Oh fuck,” I thought.

The guys stopped, and one whispered “Who’s there?”

My fucker unlatched the door and frog marched me out into the room - his cock still hard up my ass and my Levi’s tangled round my ankles.

“Hey guys - mind if we join you?”

“Fuck man , you scared the shit out of us.”

“Sorry about that - couldn’t help the sneeze.”

“S’OK. You guys are havin’ fun?”

“Yeah, but it was a bit cramped in there.”

“That’s OK - it’s perfectly safe here. We’re the only two on this floor. That’s a nice dick you got there. Mind if I have a taste?”

“Feel free.”

The guys stripped out of their coveralls, and I struggled to get my Levi’s off without losing the cock inside me. We were eventually all naked, and one of the guys lay on the tiled floor. We got down onto our knees and he slid under us till my cock was poised above his mouth. He open wide and I lowered it in. Meanwhile, my fucker had started again ravaging my butt.

Looking in the mirror, I saw that the other guy had gotten between the legs of the one on the floor, lifted them up and was feeding his cock into the waiting hole, while jerking his buddies cock - a really erotic tableau. Two asses being fucked, a cockdown a throat and another being jacked off.

The scene had me so hot I couldn’t contain myself and started to unload into my sucker’s mouth. My orgasmic spasm set my fucker off and I felt his cock shooting a load into my ass. Apparently my orgasm also triggered my sucker, who, with the help of his buddy blew a huge load over the back and ass of my fucker. This in turn triggered his buddy . With grunts and groans he released his load up his buddies fuckhole - a chain reaction of exploding cocks.

The smell of sex hung in the air, as we slowly came down from our highs, and untangled ourselves.

We cleaned ourselves up, and got dressed. It turns out the two guys were brothers - they’d been fucking since they were kids, were both married, and usually only played with each other. But they admitted that the encounter had been real hot, and wanted to know if we wanted to do it again. I looked at my fucker and he gave me his winning smile.

Guess I’ll be catching the early bus again tomorrow.

o o o O O O o o o

This is my first submission. I’ve written other stories for my own amusement. If this is to your liking, maybe my others will be too. Please let me know -