This story involves sex with consenting adult men. If you shouldn't be reading this, stop now!!!!

This true story happened about 5 years ago and has given me many masturbation memories over the years. I hope you enjoy it.

I was on a business trip to Dallas, Texas and was working way too hard. I got back to my hotel room and was restless and looking for some action. I wasn't in the mood for the loud, smoky bar scene so I went online and found a place called the Mid-Town Spa.

It was mid-week and about 10pm so I wasn't sure how much action was going to be happening. I arrived and walked through the joint. A few old trolls, a few twinkies watching videos, basically nothing I was looking for. I started to head back to the changing area to get dressed and leave when I heard the din of a distant shower. I thought, what the hell, it's worth a look.

I rounded the corner to the shower area and that is when I saw him. He was beautiful. He was about 6'2, probably 160 lbs of pure black goodness. He was leaned back against the wall with the water running over his smooth, beautiful body. His body was totally smooth except for his pubes. A nice thin build, but not skinny, muscles, but not muscular. Just the way I like them!!!!

I stood there for a few minutes watching him in amazement. He opened his eyes and was surprised to see me there. I just did the what's up head nod. He smiled and turned around. If the front looked good, the back looked even better. A nice "V" shaped back that led to two beautiful mounds of butt. Totally smooth, glistening with water. I swear I started to drool. I knew right then and there that God loved gay men!

He didn't seem interested so I went to walk around some more. I looked around for a few minutes to see if anyone else had joined the party, but it looked like the same trolls and twinks were all to be found.

I turned to head back towards the changing area when I walked passed an open door. It was HIM! He was sitting there smoking a joint and waived me in without saying a word. I closed the door behind me. He was sitting on the bed back against the wall totally relaxed. He looked up at me he pulled off his towel revealing that beautiful body. What was about 4" in hot cock in the shower had grown to a long and nicely thick 8 incher. It had a nice vein running right down the shaft and was one shade darker than his medium complexion. Without the towel holding it down, the hot cock sprung straight into the air.

I knew exactly what to do. I kneeled down before him and took that beautiful cock in my mouth. He just laid back and finished his joint. Now I would never win an oral sex contest, but I was working that cock pretty good. He just moaned slightly as I worked from the tip to the base. He had the hottest balls that I just couldn't resist. They hung just low enough to swirl them around my mouth. I stroked his cock with my hand while I sucked on those hot balls. He must have enjoyed it because he pulled a leg up so I could get better access. As I moved in closer to his balls, his rosebud came into sight. I don't know if he was a top or bottom, but that rosebud was tight and hairless.

Remembering that he did just come back from the shower, I thought what the hell. I went down lower and put my tongue on his ass and he quivered. I started to poke my tongue in and out of that tight rosebud. I kept stroking his cock while lapping his ass. He still hadn't said a word but his breath quickened, his moans intensified and his cock was throbbing in my hand. I must have sucked on that ass and stroked that dick for a good 10 minutes. My tongue loosed his rosebud enough that I thought I would try a finger.

He continued lying back against the wall as I came up suck his dick some more. The pre-cum was oozing and had gathered into a little puddle on his pubes. I started sucking his dick like a wild-man. Before he knew it, I had my finger up to the first knuckle in his ass. He was moaning so loudly, I was getting nervous that someone was going to hear us and rain on our parade. You know how the jealous bathhouse trolls can be. If they can't have him, then nobody can have him.

Up to this point, I hadn't even touched myself. But boy I was rock hard!! My own cock, a respectable thick 7 inches, was oozing pre-cum by the bucket. I kept taking his cock to the base, trying not to gag, and fingering that hot rosebud. I could tell he was getting close so I picked up the pace even more. I pushed my finger all the way in and hit his prostate and that was it. I pulled my mouth off just in time to see this gusher send 5-6 ropes of cum up to his heaving chest and beyond. With my finger still rubbing his prostate, his hole clenched against my finger with each blast. The hole tightened with so much intensity it sent me over the edge. I started shooting loads of cum out into the air without ever touching myself.

As we both began to catch our breath, I reluctantly removed my finger from his tight rosebud and cleaned myself up. He stood up and we each toweled off. He turned to me and gave me the softest, most tender kiss of my life. Not a word was spoken, but I could tell that we were both spent and satisfied.

I went back to the changing area and got dressed. I sat there on the bench gathering my composure when one of the trolls sat down next to me. He was rather huffy and I asked, hey buddy, what's your problem?

He said he was cruising this beautiful black guy, but he lost track of him. He said he just disappeared into thin air.

He asked if I got lucky tonight and I smiled and said, you could say that.