The Amsterdam Deal

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Maybe that's him? I wondered. He looks right, just like Agent171 had described himself online. About six foot and an inch, two-hundred pounds, twenty-two and longish blond hair. His clothes screamed money and matched what he said he'd be wearing. The trousers were cut to fit him, and he was cut to fill them. His ass was impossibly plump and contoured, even from across the street. He wore a dress coat in the older English style, a bit formal, a blue buttoned shirt slightly visible beneath it. He'd do!

I stepped away from the storefront and crossed the street. We were meeting at the cafe he was entering in twenty minutes. As I entered, I saw him take a seat where Agent171 said he would wait.

My stomach tingled with anticipation. The ones that were a bit early were usually the ones who suspected the least. He looked fairly innocent, but looks can be so deceiving, I knew. I decided to go through with it. If nothing else, I could have a bit of eye candy for later alone if I didn't carry through with anything now.

I stopped and ordered, taking a good look at him. He was very cute, soft and gentle appearing. It all belied what he did for his money. He obviously had it. A watch on his wrist was unmistakably gold, as were the few rings. The jewels were probably real. He was very cute, and he would do, even if his offerings were unsatisfactory.

When it arrived, I carried the warm cup to the table.

"Agent one-seventy-one, I assume?" I asked as I neared him.

He looked up and flashed a plastic smile, like they all did, not knowing how close they were to a life altering event.

"Yes! Delerious Shopper?"

"Yes! Good to meet you!" I said enthusiastically as we shook hands.

Warm, but damp. Strong, but not pushing it. Lingering fingertips on my own.

We nodded and sat, arranged our drinks and smiled embarrassingly. I noted that the jewels were certainly real, as the gold that held them was. The watch was a Vacheron Constantin or a remarkable knockoff.  

"Well, I understand you're looking to take possession today if you like what I offer?"

Directly to business then. Very well. Right to it. His English was very good, and his heavy accent didn't make it hard to understand him, but it sure attracted me.

"Yes. You have the pictures?"

"Yes. I must say, usually someone with your credentials has more of a, shall we say, a defined taste?"

"You mean, singular," I said, taking the thick folder from him. 

"Well, yes. Most ask for one type. You know? Makes it easier to find what you want."

"I like variety, and I'm not decided on what I want, yet," I said, raising an eyebrow as I meet his typical Nordic eyes; they were set in his strong northern features like blue jewels.

Shopping in Amsterdam had turned out to be the right choice. I owed that hunter more than he contracted for. I made a note to send a little extra something to him the usual way.

In the folder, thirteen paper-clipped bundles of images were accompanied with their own extensive descriptions, including prices for extra services that could be performed on them prior to taking possession. I was impressed. Multiple images from different angles and distances really showed everything there was to each one being offered. 

Of them all, only one really appealed to me, even after reviewing each one again. There was only one choice, and I knew after looking closely that this was the one. Everything was just as I liked; I couldn't ask for a better match to my tastes. The complexion was fairly white, but not pale, it had a slight color. Blonde thatch, straight lines, a few curves, smooth, not too old. I wasn't into the older ones. And green eyes it seemed, I marvelled.

I wanted that one. 

I also wanted the one sitting in front of me. The rarely used plan to have them both was reviewed, adjusted, carried out in theory, and accepted as possible. I could have the one in my hands, and the one looking at me in expectation of a large commission. I knew this was a risky thing I was doing, and there could be long term, life altering ramifications. I'd done it before, and I wanted to do it again.

"I'll take this one," I said, throwing the desired package on the table before him.

"Very well. No problem. I can take you now, to inspect. You can have once transfer is done. Okay?"

"You have the keys I'll need?"

I'd noticed the chains and locks, and I knew I'd want those off. I had better methods.

"Of course. Let us verify the financial. Then we go, yes?"

"Very good."

I dialed the bank, did what needed done, and in seconds, the verification of the substantial sum being available was in his account. I nodded to him. He dialed his own phone, pushed a few more buttons, then raised an eyebrow.

"This is a bit more than the asking price. There was a service you wished, yes?"

"No. Just a bonus. I very much like this one," I said, reaching to take possession of the pictures as well.

I had the money, and the extra ten percent was negligible.

He grinned wider and dialed another number. He said, "VIP, will be occupied for an hour or more," then hung up.

I seemingly ignored him as I examined what I would soon have in my hands. I was shaking with excitement. If we were going where it looked like this one was located, I knew I could have him there too. It would be isolated enough.

Two for one, I thought, grinning at him.

He offered to drive, but I said I'd rather follow. I asked him to wait until a silver Porsche pulled by and honked, then take the lead. He nodded.

Once in my car, I ran a finger over the lines of my new possession; the photos I mean. I yearned to be there, touching in person. Good bone structure, that was easily evident. The pale complexion seemed unmarred. I knew it would not be damaged. This level of service did not provide damaged goods, especially not at their prices.

I smiled, placed the bundle of photos on the passenger seat, and stroked my toy. I had always wanted a Porsche 928, and now that I had come to Europe to live, I owned a real one, not one fitted for Western standards. I started and listened a while, then revved the purring beast. Taking possession of it, I moved hands and feet and rolled into traffic. I honked as I passed his Bentley. 

Once out of town, we played with each other, pushing our vehicles along the winding roads. I never felt so free! I was out of the States and living abroad! I had more money than I could spend, unless I bought a country. And now I was going to live out another dream. And I would have the salesman, too.

Nearly an hour out, he took the lead, very forcefully, and I understood it was time to turn off this road. He took a dirt road and in minutes we were there. We got out of our cars and he led the way. 

I was charged with sexual energy as we neared the new toy.

Everything as in the pictures. No damage, just a few light scratches. Everything smooth and beautiful. Shaped perfectly, I ran my fingers over all the curves and parts. Good plumbing. It was big enough where it counted, but not too large. Nice and erect, too. It stood up proudly, no sagging. Nice blond thatch, too, like I like it. Not overdone, not thick and tangled, but dense and trimmed. And the bungalow out back was just perfect, not a single flaw marred it's perfect curves. I shivered with pleasure, knowing I would take possession of it soon, that I would own it, for all intents and purposes. I could do whatever I wanted. And I was going to do so many things!

I nodded at him and waved my phone. 

"One more thing, and I think we have a deal," I said, grinning.

Now I moved on to having the agent. 

In the large refrigerator in the kitchen was the expected bottle of champagne and glasses. I pulled it and two glasses out, lifting for his approval. He nodded, and soon after the first toast to my new home, I lit a large blunt. He smiled again and we talked as we toured the house. 

Naturally I returned to the bedroom with him, hinting by then that I found him attractive. He had shown his own interest several times by then. We moved to the bed, emptying out glasses and placing them on the bedside table.

He sat next to me and brushed a single finger through my hair. I smiled and ran my hand along his strong jaw line. I do love the Nords! His blond hair was nice and long, hanging just along his shoulders. I ran my fingers through it several times. It was luxuriously thick. His smiling face was smooth, his Nordic features stirring my libido. He blue eyes flashed as we leaned closer and kissed.

I ran my hands across his chest, opening his dress shirt. He pulled his tie off, then pulled my sweater over my head. I pushed his shirt down to his waist and ran my hands over his blond haired chest. His pecs were perfect; well defined but not very muscular. His broad shoulders and arms proved he didn't lay about constantly. The blond hair on his chest was dense enough that I enjoyed it, but not a matt. His large, light brown nipples needed licking and sucking, so I tended to them. 

As I licked and sucked my way around his front, he undid my belt and trousers. I kicked them off easily and reached for his. Soon we were laying facing each other, kissing and rubbing each other. He wore boxer briefs and there was already no doubt that he was going to be as large as the stereotype dictated.

He reached into my boxers, pulling my cock through the fly and stroking it gently. I grabbed both cheeks of his ass and squeezed and kneaded for all I could. His ass was a wonderful handful! He rolled onto his back and wrapped his legs around me, pulling me closer to him. 

I ground my hard cock into his groin. He groaned and squeezed me with his legs. 

He whispered, "Oh, yes, fuck me, yes?"

"Yes," I whispered, now kissing and nibbling his earlobes.

He obviously liked that and ground himself, giggling, into my groin. 

"You have protection?"

"Yes, I do," I answered, "Soon. Play first."

He giggled and bit his lower lip. We ground ourselves into each other for long minutes. Soon I slid down his chest, licking my way down him. I took my time at his navel and just above his waist band before I pulled them slowly down. His cock was pressed downward until the waist band slid past and it sprang upward, slapping his skin above his bush. 

He too had a nice blond thatch. It was also trimmed nicely. I kissed it, around it, under it. I licked his sizeable balls and their light blond hairs. They felt nice sliding around under my tongue, and nice rolling in my mouth. I sucked them in turns, licking below and behind as well. 

He loved that, and I obliged, licking his pink hole with my tongue, and probing with one, then two fingers. The bulge between his sack and his hole was large, and I rubbed it, making his cock jerk and drip pre-cum. 

Finally I took his cock, what seemed eight inches of it, into my mouth. I couldn't take the entire thing, but I sucked and licked, and used all the tricks I knew. He responded well, pushing his hips in circles, up and down and groaning.

Even his groans were accented, and boy I loved that! I looked up at his body squirming under me. His eyes were closed, his juicy lips open in a smile of pleasure, his pale face blushed. 

I stroked his cock and I wetted a finger. I slid that behind his balls, probing, as I returned my mouth to his cock. I found his pucker and swirled around it. I pushed and relented, probed and withdrew. I sucked hard on his cock, then lightly. I stroked tightly then loosely. Fast then slow. Then fast again. I sucked just the tip of his cock as I slid my finger into him. He groaned deeply.

I pushed in, finding his prostate inside easily and gently brushing over it as I slid that single finger in and out of him for several minutes.

"Time to break, yes?" I asked.

"NO!" he answered quickly.

"Be right back," I said slowly. 

He smiled and fell back sighing.

I walked naked outside to get the smaller case I kept in the back of the Porsche. I checked inside the case to see that the toys, tools and accoutrements were all in place. I turned and admired the manor. Twelve rooms was a bit much, but it was perfectly located in the empty countryside, and was truly a nice, sturdy, well built example.

The thatching was new and not overdone, the walls were true and straight, the angles nearly perfect. The white plaster was new as well, though it showed at least a single season of wear. The visible main beams were solid and sturdy. No rot, no weevils and no cracks beyond the minor. I patted the green door, entering here into a main living area with fireplace. The matching green door further down the front of the house entered the kitchen. I marveled at how they resembled eyes in a face. 

I really will like living there. The countryside is isolated and beautiful.

I returned to my new bedroom and the sexy agent. I noted that I would have to replace the furnishings. He was slowly jacking himself, keeping himself hard apparently, and smiled as I held up the condom and bottle from the case. It was all I wanted him to see for now.

Once I was covered, and he was lubricated by three fingers and ten minutes of play, I held his legs and positioned myself. His pink hole glistened, pulsing, waiting. Without hands, I pushed against him and he pushed for me. I entered with a bit of difficulty, needing to use a hand before I was fully into him. He wasn't well worn, or knew how to hide it.

Faint beads of sweat had began near his navel and his forehead, I noticed. He smiled widely as I came down to kiss his lips and find a comfortable position. A little squirming and I started fucking the sexy agent.

He was a vocal one, groaning and moaning quite a bit. I let myself do so, a bit unusual for me, but he was a great bottom. He squeezed his hole tight on me at times. He moved well with me as I thrust into him. We fit well together as we worked the magic together. 

I stroked him gently, not often, keeping his cock as much at attention as it seemed willing while being fucked. I didn't take long, either. I hadn't been laid for months, and the agent was indeed my type. One of my types. In minutes I was announcing my orgasm. My cock pumped into him as I tensed, biting his earlobe. He moaned 'ya' several times.

That familiar tension built, then released in waves. I came hard, more than usual I knew, and taking longer than alone. My feet curled, popping my ankles. My back arched and I groaned as I released that tension.

Once I had completed, the last waves of pleasure diminishing, I slid downward, pulling myself from him. I continued down, kissing and licking as I went, tasting our sweat. His cock was hard and ready as I got there and I began working on it.

It was long and slightly thick, a few veins visible, but otherwise smooth and even. His head was rounded and plump, purple and soft with a slight, indented and open hole. I licked his hole as I began sucking him again. His mild pre-cum tasted great, and I looked forward to swallowing his cum. His body writhed under me, his groans beginning again as I fingered his hole and prostate.

I stroked it gently, sucking only the head for a long time, and sucking gently. He tried to get more sensation by thrusting his hips, but I moved back and forth, making those efforts almost pointless. Soon he was pushing down on my head with a hand, so I complied. I slid down his cock, sucking harder. I licked under his head and around his corona with effort and force. Then I sucked harder as I pulled back up his cock.

He groaned and I felt his body tense. He mumbled "Cumming," several times, but I didn't need the warning.

His cock swelled and two fingers entered his hole as he came. My finger ran back and forth over his pucker as his body jerked below me, his cock firing his cum into my throat. His cock swelled with each orgasmic pulse, as did his prostate, which I could feel working near his pucker with my thumb gently rubbing it. I rubbed harder there then, pinching with the fingers inside him, and he came harder, groaned louder, and sat up gasping.

"Mine Godt!" he groaned as he finished, his body shaking.

I pulled both fingers out quickly. He shuddered and more fluid escaped from his cock, rolling over my tongue. I sucked lightly and licked his cock clean as it slid out of my mouth. He fell back onto the bed with a whoosh.

I slid, kissing and licking up his body until I lay on him, looking into his ice blue eyes.

"Very good, yes?" I asked.

"Gut. Ja. Yes!"

"Deal, yes?"

"Deal! Ja!"

I know I'll love living here.


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