This is a story about a phone call. The usual disclaimers apply: If you are under the age of 18, or reading such material is illegal in your jurisdiction, then please leave this story unread now. There are within the story explicit descriptions of sex, so if you do not like reading stories that are sexual in nature then this story will probably not be to your liking.

The Call

"Hi this is Craig, what's you name?"

"This is Bill and I am lying here Craig in my Jockey's, and so horny."

"I want to lie next to you, feel the warmth of your naked body next to mine, excite you with the feel of my fingers running over your chest. Brush lightly the tips of your hardening nipples, pinching them and making them sting and stand up to attention. I an taking your right nipple into my mouth and running my tongue over the tip, blowing on it, making it feel the warmth of my breath than the chill as I move to the left. I an running my hand down your flat hard stomach and over the top of your briefs, feeling your hard cock and the looseness of your balls. As I reach under your waistband and play with the tip of your cock running my fingers over the head, I feel precum slippery and slick. I suck on your left nipple, running my hand up and down your shaft. Your nipple feels like my tongue running over the head of your cock. I am squeezing your cock and begin a constant up and down of my fist. I can feel your hips advancing up to meet my hand, moving your cock faster and faster. I hear you breathe in short gasps, you cry "faster, please faster, harder" in my ear. I feel the pulsing hardness of your cock in my hand, your final loud moan as the warm flow of your cum moves over my fingers. You force hot cum over your chest, in my face and than to drip over my fingers. I stroke harder, squeezing the last droplet from your cock. Your hips start to slow their rhythmic dance as your cock softens in my hand. "Are you okay" I whisper, "Do you feel better?"

I hear no answer.

A recorded voice tells me to "push any button to be connected to the next hot caller."

Grande Putts