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by DinkyWriter

The smell is cloying, a mixture of stale piss and disinfectant, sometimes I wonder why I come here. But even now as I enter the cubicle my dick is already straining to be set free. Anticipation. I know I will get cock, I always do here, but today is Saturday and that's always the best, the busiest.

My name is Sean and I'm 18, gay and always horny. The cottage is the best place for sex; it's completely anonymous and I like that as I`m not `out` yet. In a cottage you get such variety and all without any of the usual tests to see if someone is interested, it`s just cock all the way! I will probably get about 3 or 4 dicks over the next hour or so and if I'm lucky I might get sucked off a few times as well.

My first potential for service is less than 10 minutes wait; I listen to him piss, long and hard. While watching through the hole I play mindlessly with my cock and balls, hoping for some action. His cock looks semi hard even while he's pissing so I'm guessing that he is probably after some action also. As his stream stops I watch him shake and then he wipes his cock on a piece of tissue. I think absently to myself that he's more considerate than most in here and realise my mouth is watering.

His large meaty looking dick was rising rapidly and I could now see his full balls being fondled, this guy was confident, I was in luck. He quickly stoked himself to a full hardon, wow, it must've been 9" easily. Then without warning he slid it through the glory hole for me, I knew what to do. I opened my mouth and swallowed as much as I could manage, about 6 or 7 inches of this mighty cock. The guy was really hot and within a few minutes he was actually fucking my face through the hole, his precum oozing into my hungry mouth. I knew he wouldn't be long as prepared myself for his load. Lucky really `cause when he shot his load it was like he hadn't cum in weeks. I swallowed as fast as I could but some ran outta my mouth and dribbled down my chin. When he'd finished cumming, I licked his softening cock all over and then it was gone. My cock was aching but I knew I would be in for a good morning here, there was plenty of time for fun... !