x The Downs

The Downs - a very short story.

By Mr Malaprop

This is a piece of fiction, the characters and events depicted are purely the products of my imagination and no similarity is intended to any real events or persons. Any such similarity is completely coincidental.

Thanks to my friends HCFU (Freedom, Nick and Thorns) for their constant encouragement.

None of the above is responsible in any way for any imperfections in this story, that responsibility rests solely with me.

And finally: If you shouldn't, don't. If you don't like it, stop. If you want to flame me, you're wasting your time.

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The Downs - a very short story.

By Mr Malaprop

There you are. We can see you there in the bushes. What are you waiting for? Why are you here on a warm and sunny day? Oh it makes sense for you to be on the Downs, of course it does but why hide away like this? Don't go too far in, you don't want to drop into the gorge, it's a long way down to the road.

It looks like you're waiting for someone, but who? You gaze intently through the foliage towards the road. Why don't you go and see who is there from somewhere with a less obstructed view? People pass to and fro on the footpath 50 metres away, cars swish past just beyond. Here comes a young couple with a toddler in a pushchair and a 4 or 5 year old holding daddy's hand.

I'm dying for a slash, Mary. I'll just dash in the bushes here. You walk on and I'll catch you up in just a mo.” He places little junior's hand on the upright of the pushchair and heads down the path towards you.

Why do you rub yourself and then open your fly as you hear those words? You get out your already hard cock as you watch the young man approach. Because of the foliage your cock is not immediately apparent but he soon spots you. He glances back and sees that Mary has already passed from sight. He heads over to near you then gets his dick out as if to pee. Like you he is already hard. You glance at one another's faces then at one another's dicks. You turn and head deeper into the bushes, he follows. When you stop and turn he is right behind. He immediately reaches for your dick. You let him take it then reach for his. For a moment you just wank one another then he fumbles with his waistband and drops his trousers to his ankles. He turns around and bends over.

Fuck me quick, my wife's waiting, she thinks I'm having a piss.”

You drop to your knees behind him and rim him swiftly to provide a little lubrication then stand up and place the head of your dick against his sphincter. You push forward as he pushes back. There is a moment's resistance and then you are through. He sighs and starts wanking his own cock. You have no time for finesse, you thrust long, you thrust hard and in a minute or two you are cumming deep in his bowels. As he feels you unload inside him he unloads on to the grass in front of him. You hand him a tissue and he wipes his arse, pulls up his trousers, turns to kiss you on the cheek.

Thanks mate, you're a star.”

You watch through the trees as he heads back to the path. Mary and the kids are just appearing again looking for him.

Sorry darling, I dropped my keys and had a hell of a job finding them.”

You smile to yourself and return to your vantage point. Next time you want it to be you getting screwed.

© Mr Malaprop 2005