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The Glance

By Dane Edwards

    It was just a glance really, nothing more. Bright red del sol...CUTE boy... 

Josh was zipping down I-75, making his way to Florida for a much needed break. He had been on the road since early morning and was beginning to tire of the drive as the warm afternoon sun beat down on him. Having just passed through downtown Atlanta maybe a half hour earlier, Josh knew half the trip still lay ahead of him.

    It was then that the sun sparkling off the corner of a cute red sports number caused Josh to direct his attention in its direction. Sharp looking car, wonder what it is, he thought to himself. About then the car pulled up even with Josh's midnight blue Eclipse and so Josh casually glanced over at the driver. He found himself staring at a very cute young man, probably in his mid-twenties. A nice crop of deep brown hair swept across the boy's forehead and rested on the sporty sunglasses that framed his tanned face.

    He had a strong profile, very handsome, thought Josh as he continued to stare at the young man. Couldn't stop staring, really. Suddenly the boy turned his head and glanced toward Josh. The little red car sped up a little as it made its final thrust to pass the Eclipse. For some reason Josh pushed down on the accelerator and kept pace with the red car... with the cute boy. He just wanted... needed... to prolong the moment. Just couldn't take his eyes away from this boy. Why! What was so special about this guy? He was just a stranger trying to pass him on the highway. No idea who he was and knew he'd never see him again.

    Maybe that was it. Josh knew he'd never see him again and nothing would come of his obvious staring. That's probably what gave him the courage to be this brash in the first place. A little harmless fantasizing about a cute boy in a red car that paid him absolutely no attention as he once again thrust his car ahead, to leave Josh behind.

    No! I won't let it be over just like that, thought Josh, once again accelerating his own vehicle. This is crazy...what am I doing? Josh let up on his accelerator and glanced one last time toward the little red car.

    The cute driver was staring right back at Josh! Looking directly into this young man's face, Josh sucked in air as his breath was taken away. There was something so deliciously beautiful about this boy! The red sports car suddenly spit ahead but as it made its final pass, the cute boy had glanced at Josh. Glanced and smiled. Just a quick glance... just a little smile. Just the slightest curling at the edges of the handsome stranger's mouth. Just the smallest sense of mischeviousness in that quick little grin.

    The stranger had acknowledged Joshua and then sped on by. In fact he was making his way in leaps and bounds on down the highway, leaving Josh to ponder his smile. What had it meant? The boy surely just noticed Josh's attempts to keep him from passing by and the grin was saying nothing more than "Hey, it was fun...this little highway game... but I gotta go, dude! See ya!"

    Sure...that's all it meant. This stranger couldn't possibly know the hunger Joshua was feeling at this moment. The urges he had suppressed these past few weeks and the need Josh was feeling to connect with another human being...if only for a brief moment. Josh shook his head, shrugged his shoulders and sighed...and smiled. He WAS cute, that boy in the little red del sol. Josh had noticed that the little red car was a del sol. He also caught the license plate, not the actual number but just the fact that the boy was from South Carolina. A real life cute as hell southern boy! Josh was hard as a rock! He would remember this moment...later, when he was alone in his bed and his fantasies would bring him the release he so badly needed. Yes, he would remember the cute southern stud...the little red del sol.

    Many miles down the road Josh glanced at another of the endless road signs and his brain relayed the sign's information. Rest Area. One Mile. Next Rest Area 69 Miles.

    Better stop, he thought. Stretch my legs, grab a coke. Probably could take a leak, too. Then he'd be good to go for another couple of hours, maybe longer. Sure would be nice to finally get to Florida and get out of this car for good, he thought. Josh reached for his turn signal.

    As the late afternoon sun was fading and Josh made his way along the off-ramp that led into the rest area, he glanced through the trees and suddenly his heart began to beat a little faster. Was that the little red del sol ahead, parked a little past the main row of parking spaces in front of the small brick building that housed restrooms and telephones? His heart was pounding as he pulled in two spaces over from the del sol and glanced ever so quickly to discover that the cute boy... HIS cute southern boy... was sitting there in his car, looking right back at him!

    It had been at least an hour since the little red sports car had passed him by and sped off down the highway. Josh's erection had long-since faded and he had not expected to ever see the boy again. Had the boy waited for him...to see if maybe Josh would pull into the rest area? Had that quick little mischevious smile been a signal? Josh's heart raced as he slowly opened his car door and pulled himself out of the car.

    At twenty-seven, Josh still held much of his youthful appearance. He was slender but well defined. Still worked out at the gym twice a week. At six feet even and one hundred eighty pounds, Josh carried himself well. His short wavy light brown hair accented his handsome face. His only imperfection was the missing corner of one of his two front teeth, which only made him appear a little more rugged.

    Josh surveyed the rest area. A couple of semi-trucks parked in the back lot. Not much traffic on the highway. Other than the little red del sol and its cute driver, Josh was alone at the rest stop. With his heart in his throat, Josh gave a fast look in the red car's direction, cocked his head slightly as if to say, "Hey, come on in for a little while," and then nervously made his way quickly to the small brick building and entered it. A quick look around pointed him in the direction of the Men's Room where he immediately went inside and approached the line of urinals.

    Josh forced himself to take a deep breath as he quickly unzipped and stepped up to the urinal. His semi-hard dick felt good in his sweaty palm as he took a long slow piss. He was still standing there, dick in hand, long since having finished pissing, when the sound of the outer lobby door opening startled him. He jumped and once again his heart raced as he wondered if it was the cute boy from the little red del sol. Josh straightened himself, standing tall at the urinal and moved in a little closer as to disguise the fact that he was no longer actually taking a piss, and listened as the footsteps drew closer. The mensroom door opened and the cute boy strolled confidently up to the urinals, only two spaces over and seemingly deliberately took his time unzipping his jeans and reaching in to pull out his cock.

    As the boy was adjusting himself and settling in to do his business, Josh was able to give him a good looking over. Starting in the middle, Josh's first realization was this kid had a great ass! He was wearing a pair of Levi's that looked so "lived in" that Josh wanted to "move in!" The southern stranger wore a pair of jeans very well and his tight, hard ass gave Josh an instant hard-on. Moving to his feet, basic Air-Jordan's, black and white, probably size eight. His feet were perfectly proportioned to his five-eleven frame. At least that was the height Josh guessed since the boy was just a little shorter than he was. A gray Calvin Klein sweatshirt framed the boy's muscular chest, looking as though Calvin himself had tailored the sweatshirt to fit this perfect southern boy just right... snug enough to accent his hard body but loose enough to still look cool and comfortable.

    The boy was now looking straight ahead, staring at the tiles on the wall above the urinal. Josh could hear the splatter as the boy took care of nature's call as he looked at the boy's face for the first time. The sunglasses were no longer there and even from the side, the boy was breathtakingly handsome. Strong cheekbones and a long slender nose dropping off above a rugged squared-off jaw. Dark eyelashes, full lips and the slightest hint of a cocky smile on those lips, thought Josh. MMmmm...how he'd love to taste those full lips and to run his fingers through that dark, thick hair... to breathe in this man's smell...

    Suddenly the boy turned his head and peered directly into Josh's eyes. Josh was transfixed...the stranger had beautiful dark green eyes. Josh was sucked in and swallowed up by those incredible eyes. A sharp intake of breath and Josh forced himself to tear away from this stranger's gaze. He stared instead at the cold tile wall and tried to ignore the aching desire in his throbbing cock, moving in closer again to the urinal...hoping the stranger hadn't noticed his hard dick...hoping the stranger HAD noticed his hard dick.

    It seemed like hours before Josh finally forced himself to look at the stranger again. The boy was no longer watching Josh but staring ahead once more. Josh dared to finally look down at the boy's manhood...at the object of his desire. He had deliberately NOT glanced that direction before, but now...he could no longer help himself. He wanted to see this boy in all his glory...needed to see it!

    He was not disappointed! As his gaze locked in, Josh found himself staring at the stranger's fat cock. It was semi-hard, already a good seven inches long, and Big! It was wide and capped off with a nice, big head. The kind of dick you could suck for hours and once it was deep inside of you, you never wanted to take it out for the rest of your life.

    The gods had been very good to this southern stud...VERY good. It was then that the boy stepped back from the urinal, turned slightly in Josh's direction and brought his hand up to his cock and gave it a playful squeeze. Once again Josh looked up to catch the boy's gaze and a look that said "Is this what you want? Come and get it!"

    In one quick effortless movement, Josh fell to his knees and took the entire length of half-hard dick into his hungry mouth. The boy sighed deeply above him. He tasted so good to Josh, smelled so wonderful. The gods were being good to Josh, he thought, to give him this sweet, brief moment with one of their own! He slowly sucked the stranger's dick, pulling him all the way in and slowly letting that big dick slide back out. Josh's own cock, a respectable eight inches, but not nearly as wide, tingled with excitement as this southern stud's cock grew harder and longer in his mouth.

    Josh reached up, cock in mouth, and unsnapped the boy's jeans, letting them fly open to expose his bright white jockeys. There was something about white briefs that always turned Josh on and he sucked greedily at the stranger's cock, faster and faster, as the boy above him pumped in and out of his mouth. Deep moaning sounds emitted somewhere from above him when Josh felt the boy place his strong hands on either side of his head and pull Josh's face closer to him. The stud fucked Josh's mouth furiously as he breathed heavily, his rock-hard cock having stretched to its full nine and a half inches. Josh relaxed his throat and took the stranger's cock; his jaws were again and again filled to the brim by this stud's huge pole. Josh, too, was moaning. He was in heaven!

    "You like that big dick, dontcha! You love being fucked in the mouth, huh?" the southern stranger spoke for the first time as he thrust his dick in and out of Josh's mouth. Josh looked up to see the stud watching him, that cocky grin on his lust-covered face. Josh moaned in response and sucked faster.

    The boy suddenly stepped back and yanked his hard cock from Josh's mouth. For the first time, Josh could look at that monstrous cock, totally hard in all its glory. What a sight! Josh wanted to suck that dick for days but the stranger had other ideas.

    "Stand up," he told Josh. The boy was looking at Josh's cock, an appreciative smile on his face. He bent over and slid his tongue along the bottom of Josh's hard dick. It jumped. The stranger repeated this movement several times, teasing Josh and then just as quickly, the boy engulfed Josh's cock and began to suck on it as if there was no tomorrow. Josh fell back against the urinals and held onto the wall to steady himself. He moaned out loud and began to thrust his hips toward the stranger in unison. This southern stud had one hot mouth. This was definitely not his maiden voyage...he knew what he was doing!

    Josh unsnapped his jeans and slid his own white Calvin's down enough to allow his rigid dick to spring out fully. The stranger gobbled him up. He sucked Josh's long, slender tool without mercy while Josh thrashed around up above, holding off as long as he could.

    "I'm gonna cum!" Josh cried out as he thrust his hips harder and faster into the stranger. The boy had long since dropped onto his knees and now reached his arms around Josh's ass and pulled him even closer. He sucked Josh like a madman. Josh let out a couple of loud moans and in a series of hard forward thrusts flooded the southern stranger's mouth with his hot cum. As he just kept on cumming, the boy took it all and swallowed. Josh collapsed against the wall, breathing heavily and smiled at the beautiful young man who had just given him one of the best blowjobs of his life. The boy's face widened into a full grin, as if to say, "You're welcome," and before Josh could react, leaned into him and gently brushed his lips against Josh's mouth. Josh parted his lips in response and the boy slid his tongue into Josh's mouth as he pressed harder against his lips. Josh could taste his own cum and felt a tingle in his loins. The two men embraced one another for a long, hot kiss that left them both gasping for air. Josh ran his hands up under the stranger's sweatshirt, discovering his rippled abs and smooth, hard chest. Circling the boy's hard nipples with his fingers, Josh suddenly noticed the stranger's rock-hard cock pressing against his thigh. He reached for it, held it in his hand, pulled on it. Loved the feel of it as he looked deep into the boy's eyes and saw his naked desire. Josh smiled a knowing smile. The stranger took Josh's hand and led him away from the urinals.

    The southern stud crossed the length of the bathroom to the sink area, where a long row of sinks rested in a single, long counter top, backed by a row of mirrors. As they reached the counter, the stranger gently pushed Josh ahead of him, up against the counter so that Josh was staring into the mirror at himself. Josh felt the boy's body press up against his backside and his arms came around and caressed Josh's muscular chest and arms. He pulled Josh back into him and kissed his neck hungrily. Josh was hard again.

    The boy slid his hands down Josh's jean-covered rump and caressed him roughly. He suddenly reached around, grabbing both sides of Josh's jeans and yanked them down to just above his knees. Josh could see the stranger's reflection in the mirror as he rubbed his cock on Josh's hard ass. The boy looked up into the mirror and caught Josh's gaze. Josh slowly slid his tongue over his outer lips and wiggled his tight ass against the stranger's midsection. The boy from South Carolina smiled that half-grin, cocky smile and leaned into Josh. Their eyes continued to look into one another as Josh felt the head of the stranger's big cock knocking at his back door. Josh tensed, uncontrollably as the boy popped the big head of his monster dick into Josh's tight little hole. Josh bit down on his lip and moaned, trying to let himself adjust to the huge foreign object spearing his long-neglected butt. Lifting his head again to the mirror, the boy was waiting for him to look. He grinned and leaned in closer to Josh, resting his head next to Josh so that they were both staring at the other up close. A quick playful nip at Josh's ear and then the boy lunged forward and thrust his huge tool all the way deep inside Josh's tight ass. Josh jumped forward but was pinned between a rock and a hard place. The southern stud just as quickly pulled back, almost completely out, allowing Josh a brief moment of relief before he plunged in again. Josh thrashed beneath the hard stud's body and he was brutally devoured over and over again by this beautiful boy's everlasting rock-hard cock.

    This boy may have been only a boy in years, no more than nineteen now that Josh had seen him up close and personal, but whoah! This boy could fuck! He not only had the right equipment for the job but he knew how to use it! He would plunge all the way in and pull almost completely out of Josh's quivering ass and then repeat this motion a dozen times. Then just as Josh thought he couldn't stand another minute of this delicious fuck, the boy would slam into him with the might of a fighting bull and jack-hammer his ass so roughly that Josh gasped for air between sharp loud moans. Josh watched in the mirror as the handsome stud slid in and out of his sweet ass, always watching Josh's reflection as he fucked him ruthlessly. The lust on the stranger's face seemed to be replaced by a knowing look...a look that told Josh they were no longer strangers and that fate had brought them here, together, for this brief moment in time.

    Josh came. He wasn't even touching himself, as he had to keep both hands on the countertop to steady himself as the sweet southern stud continued to pump his ass with all he had. But Josh was so turned on, his dick had twitched and jumped for the past ten minutes...and boom! Just like that, without notice, it exploded all over the counter. His ass tightened uncontrollably as he shot his wad and the southern boy moaned out loud and lunged forward, ramming his cock even deeper into Josh's hot ass. "Oh Fuck!" was all the stranger could murmur as his hot cum filled Josh's ass. Josh's ass burned from the savage fuck and the warm liquid inside it but he never felt more connected to anyone in his life. This was much more than just good sex, Josh thought. I may have found my destiny here today. But did the handsome stranger feel the same way?

    The boy straightened as he slowly pulled his huge meat from Josh's satisfied butt. His body quivered as his dick head left Josh's hole and he glanced up into the mirror...at Josh's waiting face. The stranger grinned. It was a warm, friendly grin.

    The boy slowly stuffed his still massive but softening dick into his shorts. That image would be forever burned into Josh's memory. The boy was so handsome standing there, jeans open with his huge slab of meat playfully hidden behind his tight white briefs, his tanned muscular naked chest glowing with sweat. This man was something else!

    The boy reached for the counter and effortlessly pulled his sweatshirt over his shoulders as Josh, too, pulled himself back into his clothing. The stranger leaned over and reached his hand to Josh's chin. He pulled Josh closer and they shared a long, slow passionate kiss.

    The mensroom door suddenly flung open and some fat old trucker walked in and looked at them like "What the hell!" The two men laughed out loud as they raced out of the restroom and out to their cars.

    At the car, the moment of truth. The handsome stranger reached into his car and wrote something down on a piece of scrap paper. "This may sound crazy but I sure hope we meet again," he said in his thick southern drawl as he gave Josh one last sweet kiss and turned and entered his car.

    The little red del sol hummed alive and backed away from the curb. Josh looked up. The boy was again wearing sunglasses and looking at him. A big cocky grin covered his face. Josh smiled and waved as the del sol sped out of the rest area, leaving him alone once more.

    Looking down, Josh read the paper. Miami, Florida phone number and a little smiley face. His name was Rob. He was no longer a stranger and it had been more than a smile... more than just a glance.