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Gay bath houses in the US have a reputation for being dirty, spreading disease and general disrepute. I've visited bath houses in Las Vegas, Reno, Denver and a couple of other forgettable places and found nothing that changed my image. But Europe is a different story and especially so in Amsterdam.

Everyone knows that Amsterdam has a reputation as one of the best cities in Europe for red light districts, fun (gay and hetero) and a live and let live attitude. A few years ago a business stop over in Amsterdam provided the opportunity to experience Thermos, arguably one of the hottest gay bath houses in Europe. Unlike the sleazy, unclean establishments of the US, Thermos is a five story affair, taking up almost a small city block. You enter to clean locker and dressing rooms, contemporary architecture, showers, cubicles, sunbathing on the roof, and more, including a bar and restaurant.

After paying my entry of about 10 Euros at the time, getting a locker key, undressed, wrapping a towel around me, I ventured out to explore. My first stop was the public shower, crowded with hot men of all ages, enjoying the endless streams of water, groping and soaping each other in the near darkness. It was no surprise when a gentle but masculine started soaping up my cock and balls. I had no idea who it belonged to and I didn't care. But not wanting to prematurely shoot a load, I drifted on to check out more of Thermos offerings.

The upper floors were my real areas of interest. Small cubicles lined the hallways, allowing privacy but with an entry large enough for you to be seen by other men passing by in their search for another compatible man. I am an older man who prefers to be with men in their late 20s and 30s. So I sat inside my cubicle waiting.

Occasionally, an older man around my age would look interested, stop and I simply smiled and politely shook my head 'No'. That was all that was required. And the majority of younger men passed me by without a second look. After a half hour or so, a skinny, shaved head young man who looked to be 30 or so, stopped, gave me that wanting look and I nodded my head 'Yes' . I moved back inside from the door and he crawled in the cubicle with me.

The first words out of his mouth were in Italian. I smiled and asked 'English?' He hesitated but began to speak in very broken English. No matter, it didn't take long to determine he was not interested in men his age but, instead, was looking for an older man to fuck. We shut the door, unwrapped our towels and sprawled skin against skin. My new friend was amazingly light skinned and smooth for an Italian man. He easily could have passed for a sun-starved Brit. But the most important aspect was the appendage between his legs, a bigger than average uncut cock...not horse hung by any means but certainly up to it's intended task.

After a few minutes of kissing, hugging, exploring our bodies, grinding, my young man rolled me over on my stomach without saying a word, unwrapped a condom and rolled it on to his hard shaft. Lubing up the condom and my waiting hole, he knelt behind me and lifted my ass slightly to assure a better alignment of his dick and my hole.

With his left hand holding onto my left side, I could tell he was using his right hand to place his cock head at the intended target. A bit of teasing, then a gentle push, followed by a stronger 'I want in' thrust. As he wished, his dick head slipped in. He paused, waiting to see if I was feeling any pain. While I appreciated his polite concern, I felt none and rather than telling him to go ahead, I simply pushed back against his dick, allowing it fully penetrate my anal cavity, feeling his balls and bush up against my butt cheeks.

He placed both hands on my back and firmly but gently pushed me down flat on the floor, his dick still buried to the hilt inside me. The young top then laid down on me, slipping his arms underneath my chest and wrapping them around me tightly. Perfect! Absolutely the way I prefer to be fucked.

Nothing delights me more than a young, muscular top, with an adequate endowment, and the stamina and knowledge of how to use it all. This young man certainly did. Beginning a steady rhythm, I could feel him pull out almost to complete withdrawal and then the briefest of pauses before he re-entered and thrust full in. I much prefer to be fucked with full long thrusts.

After perhaps five minutes or so, he paused. Perhaps he sensed inevitability was not too far away and he wanted to enjoy our coupling for a while longer. I know I certainly did. After a minute of so, he pulled out and motioned for me to roll over on my back. Doing so, he lifted my ass up slightly, spread my legs wide, almost parallel back over my body, giving his dick easy access to my man hole. It felt wonderful when he re-entered all the way, leaning over me, simultaneously deep kissing me while his Italian manhood massaged my butt.

Withdrawing his dick in order to forestall orgasm, my young partner continued to kiss and nuzzle me. I felt empty without him inside me but after several minutes I felt him slide back in, providing me with that filling, contented feeling. His dick felt so perfect inside me, combined with the attention he was giving me, the only thing that could have made it better would have been a bareback fuck. But, health concerns took precedence over emotion and we erred on the side of reason and logic.

It did not take long for the inevitable. Thrusting was now at a rapid pace and I knew he had passed the point of no return. So it was. His body tensed, arced, and he thrust and held his dick deep inside with only small withdrawing thrusts as multiple squirts of his seed filled the condom within me. But instead of collapsing on top of me as I expected, he continued fucking me but at a much slower pace. I could feel his dick softening a bit and I was sure he would withdraw but he did not. His dick never softened to the point where continued penetration was impossible, no doubt aided by the fact that he had worked my hole quite well.

Youth has it's advantages and sexual recovery is one of them. Even though my young top was in his third decade, he seemed to have the stamina of a 15 year old teenage body...that point in life where a perpetual erection is the norm. I could feel his dick increasing back to a full hardon.

Just as before, he stopped pulled out, rolled me over on my stomach, lifted my butt in the air, remounted and pushed me forward, and laid full on my back. He continued a steady machine-like fucking pace for at least ten minutes. Not a power fuck by any means but a 'I mean business, I'm going to get this job done' type of fuck.

I could sense he was not close to bringing things to a finale when all of a sudden he pulled out, ripped the condom off his cum covered dick and began jacking. I managed to roll over on my back so I could reach my cock and jack along with him, matching strokes, his balls against mine. By this time I was ready to drain my fluids. Making pelvic thrusts as I jacked with him sitting on top of me, I shot the first spurt, hitting my chest just above my belly button, followed by several shorter squirts. My friend then added his DNA to the mix, shooting a small squirt of seed onto mine, followed by dribbles of his seed onto my belly fur.

I certainly got what I was looking for at Thermos. Later in the day after my new friend had departed, I met another young man from Indonesia in Holland on business. Indonesia was a Dutch colony at one time, so it was not unusual. We had a nice fuck although not nearly as hot as earlier in the day.

Later, when I was back downstairs in the public showers, I had just about finished washing away the day's fun, when I felt a pair of hands grab my butt cheeks and a finger push into my hole. The surprise caused me to jump and turn. The hands belonged to my young Italian friend. He smiled and nodded towards upstairs. I was more than happy to oblige for an encore.