Disclaimer: The following is work of fiction. It involves gay sex. If you are in an area that does not allow you to read/access this, do not read it. Please send feedback to stormmaker19@yahoo.com enjoy.

Truck-stop by Gilbert Watkins II


Eric had been working at the truck stop every summer, since he was fifteen. She opened it thinking that his dad might come back; Eric knew that his father would never come back; he thought she knew too, but she was in denial. His dad had been gone since he was 10; he is 20 now. Eric didn't have the heart to tell her the truth, that his dad had a new life with a new family, he'd called Eric five years ago and asked if he wanted to come live with him, but Eric wouldn't leave his mom. The truck- stop had rooms for the truckers who had been on the road for a long time, and needed a meal, and place to stay for the night. Now that he was in college whenever he came home, he would help his mother out, clean rooms, and help with the less then friendly truckers. Over the years he had developed a thing for truckers, some would spend weeks away from home and family and needed some companionship, which he was all too happy to give; this kind of trucker came in about a month ago. The first thing Eric noticed was how beautiful he was, with his piercing green eyes, and black hair. He walked with cockiness; that had Eric's dick hard against the fabric of his jeans.

"Do you have any rooms available?" He asked. His accent was heavy; it sounded Texan to Eric, and it made Eric want him even more.

"Yes sir we do," Eric said, drinking in his looks.

"Don't call me sir, it makes me feel old I'm only thirty, Call me Tony."

"Ok Tony you can call me Eric; room #12 is open." he said handing him the key.

"Anywhere I can grab a bite to eat Eric?" Tony asked running his hand though his short black hair.

"We have a café but if you're really tired; I could bring something to your room," he said handing him a menu.

"Thanks." Tony said after ordering his food. Eric watched as he left the lobby to his room. About twenty minutes had passed before his food was ready when Eric got to his door he knocked, but got no answer, so he let himself in. Eric Hated the way the rooms were setup the single room that Tony was staying in was small, with the twin-sized bed was up against the wall there was one lamp and the night stained with two drawers the top one had a bible, which Eric know no one every looked it, the bottom one had condoms. There was a painting over the bed was of fruit on a table. The walls were a different color in each room this room was a forest green. The bathroom was at the back of the room with a sink, toilet, and shower was all that was in there, there was a small 15" inch TV sitting on a six-drawer dresser. The phone was on the wall next to the door. Tony was asleep on the bed. The light from the lamp was the only light in the room; It was a low watt bulb, so it was dim inside, but Eric could see just fine as Tony lie there shirtless, his chest slowly moving up and down as he breathed, the head of his dick sticking out of his boxers. Eric could not control himself, he had to taste him, and He sat the tray of food down, by the door, and made his way over to Tony's bedside. Eric licked Tony's pink head with his eyes on his face the whole time, looking a sign that he might wake, getting a little bolder with every lick, but Tony still did not stir. So Eric took Tony's cock into his mouth, and closed his eyes. When he felt Tony's hand on his head he stopped, "Don't stop Eric," Tony said. "It's been a long time." His dick was getting longer with every passing second. Eric played with his piss slit, as Tony's hand went into the back of Eric's jeans. He began to massage Eric's ass-hole, his finger slowly pushing against Eric's dark hole.

"Stop! " Tony said pushing Eric's head off his cock; Eric could taste the pre-cum, coming from Tony's dick, he did not want to stop but did anyway.

"What's wrong?" Eric said a small bit of fear in his voice. This would not be the first trucker to change his mind about what was going on.

"Nothing Eric I just don't want to cum yet." He said standing up, taking his boxers off, Giving Eric a full view of his body. Eric had never been with a man as hot as Tony was. Eric was looking up at this Adonis-like body; Tony was 6`2 with large arms and a barrel chest, which had a light blanket of black hair that ran down in the middle of his abs to his pubic hair. Tony pulled him up off the floor. Tony was taller than Eric was, but it was not noticed as he pulled Eric's shirt over his head. He kissed Eric on the lips, Eric felt Tony tongue enter his mouth as Tony squeezed his ass, and Tony lifted him off the floor. Eric wrapped his legs around Tony waist. There were a pair of hands at Eric's jeans; Eric did not know if the hands were his or Tony's but he did not care as His jeans and underwear were pushed down.

Tony pushed Eric down onto the bed, his body weight pleasantly crushing Eric. Tony worked his way down Eric's body, running his tongue over Eric's nipples; sucking lightly before moving further down his body, over his abs, and the little tuft of brown pubic hair, to his groin. Tony took Eric's cock into his mouth and Eric thought that he might explode. Tony's warm mouth felt great on Eric's dick His mouth and tongue moving down to Eric's balls, licking and sucking gently. When Eric felt a wet finger slip into his asshole, he moaned a little pushing his ass toward him. Tony moved back up to kiss him, his finger still in his ass. Eric wanted Tony's dick inside him, and Tony was willing to give it to him. Eric reached into the drawer next to the bed, he knew that condoms and lube were in every room for the truckers to use, he gave a condom to Tony and as he put it on, Eric used the lube on himself. Tony gently nudged his cock into Eric's hole. Eric gasped as Tony's dick went all the way into his asshole. Tony started with slow strokes, getting Eric's ass relaxed before increasing the pace and forcefully thrusting into Eric's ass. Eric was in heaven as he pulled Tony tighter against his body, after 15 mins Tony could fell his cum approaching the head of his cock "Eric ... Eric... Cumming." was all Tony could get out before he came deep inside Eric's ass. Eric did not want it to end he wanted Tony's cock inside him all night long, but Tony took his dick out and went to work on Eric's cock it took about 5 mins of sucking before Eric came in Tony's mouth. Eric got up to leave Tony pulled him back down, "where do you think your going?"

Eric was a little confused by the question. "Uh, back to work." he said.

"Oh no, that was just the first round, we're going to be at this all night long." Tony said, with a shit-eating grin on his face. Eric saw that Tony's dick was getting hard again.

"Ok... It's not like I can get fired, my mom owns the place, and someone is watching the desk." Tony pulled Eric down and began kissing him.

"I might have to come to this truck stop more often." Tony said.