Story by RC Barber

Copyright 02/2002

This is a story of man to man sexual man relations. If you should find this offensive please do not read any further. You must be over the legal age before reading this.

I left the mall restroom where I had just serviced seven hot dudes at the glory holes. I guessed I had been there for about 2 hours and needed to stretch my legs and rest my jaws.

I walked over to the nearby truck stop and restaurant to have a cup of coffee and perhaps some pie to get my strength back. I went in the restaurant had my coffee and pie meanwhile looked over the trucker studs that were eating or shopping at the tucker's store. I walked to the back entrance to the trucker's restroom and showers. I was still ready for action and since I was here I might as well take advantage of it, besides I know how horny those truckers get riding in that rig all day. I was here to service a few hot cocks and relax them for their next long haul.

I went directly to one of toilet booths and heard the showers running. I heard a couple truckers come in. One headed for the showers while the other one took a seat by me.

The toilet had 2 good size glory holes in the walls and lots of writing. One said "TRUCKER'S DELIGHT, GET SUCKED TONIGHT".

As I sat there reading and peeking at the trucker in the next booth I saw him start stripping off his boots and cloths. He stripped completely naked then pulled out a towel from the bag he was carrying and then sat back down on the stool. He then started playing with his cock. I got a good look at his soft cock and his firm ass as he stripped. He had a nice tulip shaped cock head and a nice set of hairy balls. He had a bit of pre-cum dripping from his piss slot.

The other men headed for the locker room to dress. My trucker's friend was now going to the showers leaving us alone in the booths. I knew he wanted some action so figured this is the best time to make my move. I flipped my finger around the glory hole. He did not even hesitate but placed his semi-soft cock into the hole for me to service.

I was thrilled with his beautifully shaped cock with the large head. He also directed his balls into the hole along with his cock. I licked them taking in the masculine murky scent of this stud trucker cock. I would rather suck a mushy cock than one that is all scented with soap or shaving lotion. I guess I like a more natural man. I didn't mind if they had a slight scent of pre-cum on his cock or under his an un-cut cock foreskin.

I continued to service his cock as the trucker's partner was still showering. I used my special method on him to make him really enjoy shooting his load. I was in heaven sucking this trucker's dick. His buddy finished his shower and was now at the sink shaving. He said

"John? You still here?" I was wondering if John was going to pull out suddenly and end this great session.

I knew he was ready to cum any time now and did not want to stop. John answered back.

"Yea. I am still here. Be out in a few. I am getting my cock sucked." I heard his friend laugh and say,

"O.K. take your time. I'll be right here." I was in a little taken back by his comment but kept on sucking.

I assumed they had done this type of thing before so I had nothing to worry about except servicing my stud trucker's cock. I though it was exciting now that I thought about it. I continued until I started to taste his cum in little spurts then he let lose with a full load and a soft conforming moan. He still kept shooting cum in my welcome mouth as I drained it to the last drop. He slowly pulled away and stood there until his cock started to relax. He then picked up his things, grabbed his towel, and headed out the booth and to the showers. I head his buddy walk over to him and said.

"Was that as good as it sounded"? John replied.

"Hell yes! And man I needed that. You should give it a try, Jerry, that cock sucker is good, real good!"

" You always seem to find the sex holes" Jerry replied.

I had to smile at the conversation I was hearing about me and it made me proud that I could service this stud. I was wondering if Jerry was going to take advantage of my cock sucking like his driving partner John. The booth door open and sure enough, Jerry was standing next to the hole.

He unbuckled his cowboy belt, lowered his jeans to the top of his boots and stood there showing his big uncut cock. The skin was way over the head of his soft cock and his balls stood firmly behind his beautiful manhood. Wow! I was impressed with this hunk and though this might be as good or better than his buddy John. He just stood there letting me admire his cock before he moved over closer to the hole. His cock must have been a good 7 inches soft. It looked fantastic and I was so moved by his cock that I almost forgot to motion for him to slip it through the hole.

John spoke to me while I was still admiring Larry's cock.

"That is some stud cock, don't you think? You should watch him fuck some pussy with that weapon or break some hot ass."

I didn't say anything but gave a motion for his cock to be place into my glory hole for the sucking of his life. He placed the head in carefully while I reverently placed my fingers onto this beauty.

I then placed my tongue under the skin of his uncut cock and gently licked around the head going very slowly. His cock starting to get hard and the foreskin slowly moved over his now swelling 8-inch cock. I could taste a bit of pre-cum. It was sweet yet a bit salty. I bet this trucker cock really shoots a big load too. I was going to take my time. I heard the shower going as John bathed himself and the sound of men talking in the other room. This did not seem to bother Jerry because he knew no one could see us. The booth went all the way to the floor and was high enough that no one could see over the top. It was ideal for private cock sucking. The 3rd booth over also had a large hole in the wall for cock sucking, and next to, it was another hole opening into one of the other showers. I bet some good action could be had there too.

I remained on Jerry's cock for some time as we both enjoying the sex. I reluctantly knew he was about to cum any minute so I let him release his truck driver load. He started to shake and tremble then "wham!" it shot out of his cock.

I sucked and pulled the foreskin all the way back towards his balls then up his shaft. I knew how sensitive a cock could be at this point. I held my mouth over his cock as he shot his hot sweet salty cum into my mouth. I pulled back just enough for me to sever the taste and run my tongue around the head to get all that sweet juice. He was well pleased with his cocksucker slave. I sensed he did not want to pull away so I kept pleasing his cock as he stood there getting soft. I carefully wiped his cock clean and dried it with my breath and then he pulled away. I realized that John was finished with his shower and was now putting on his cloths.

Jerry pulled up his jeans, buckled his belt, turned around to the door and left. John was still in the area then said something to Jerry. John then returned to the booth pulled out his hard Dick and placed it in the hole again for me to suck. This time he just placed his body against the wall of the toilet and let me service him. I was just getting into it real good when he pulled away, dropped his pants to his ankles. He turned around and placed his butt in the opening of the hole and he spread his firm cheeks putting his pink ass hole right in the center of the glory hole. I heard him say in a deep and commanding voice.

"Eat my ass hole cock sucker!"

I eagerly followed his command placing my face as close to the glory hole as I could. He moved back to he hole as I placed my tongue into his ass. I tongue fucked him and lapped at his butt cheeks, working it up and down the crack of his ass and deep into his sweet ass hole.

"Oh, Yea, oh, yea. That is the way I like it." John said as I worked his now eager hole.

I knew that driving all the time made the ass hole eager for some tonguing. I loved penetrating this hot mans ass hole. He was jacking off while I licked away at his ass hole. I could tell he was going to get off again because his body and ass hole was tensing up. He suddenly pulled away from the position at the wall, turned his gushing cock back to the hole and shot his load all over my face. I had no time to go down on him so he shot his hot cum all over me. It ran down my lips and chin as I licked away at his cock. He shook his cock at me and pulled and pushed his cock back into the hole for me to lick up the remaining juices from his man cock. He pulled out after I cleaned his last remaining cum then he said in a soft low voice at the hole.

"Thanks. You were about the best thing that has happened to us in the last 50,000 miles. Hope we cross paths again."

I knew I had enjoyed myself as well but felt great that I could pleasure these two hot Knights of the Road.

End of "Truckers Delight" by RC Barber.

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