Well, look who's back! Inspiration, like a cute skater in need of a good butt-licking, is illusive. For whatever reason, I just didn't feel like writing any more for a while but here I am a year later and ready to continue the story. For those of you unfamiliar with this series, you might have a better time starting at the beginning in order to understand what we're going to be discussing today: true stories of me sucking lots of college-boy cock in the public restrooms of various university campuses across the USA. If that kind of thing doesn't interest you, well, hit your back button. I'm sure the ass-fucking Klingons are up to chapter 500 by now just a little ways up the page.

We left off with me having a really, I say really, good and sticky time at CSULB on my way to live in Seattle. Sadly, I spent so much time in Southern California that I didn't get a chance to hit any of the Oregon schools on my list. I did make up for it, though, once I got to Seattle. It took me a couple weeks to get settled and find my way around the city, but finally I managed to locate the University of Washington. Armed with my trusty printout from CFS, I first made it to campus one blustery Thursday afternoon right after winter break had started. I didn't have high hopes due to the holiday, but it had been nearly three weeks and I was in serious need of some seed. The fact that Campus Crusade for Christ was holding some kind of rally on campus, with lots of posters and up-tight, tie-wearing freshman types added a surreal touch to the experience.

The printout listed several buildings as being active and I decided to take the traditional route and hit the library first. In this case, there were two libraries: Suzallo-Allen seemed to be the big one and was conveniently located just in front of the stairs from the parking garage. The other was Odegaard Undergrad library, located across Red Square. I hit the big one first but didn't last long, as all the facilities were closed for some kind of plumbing repairs. Which left me headed for Odegaard.

Odegaard Undergraduate Library -- First Floor

Walking over, I couldn't help but notice that my favorite skater-and-dirty-hippy demographic was very well-represented on this campus even though classes weren't in session. Entering the library building, I was presented with a huge, open three-storey structure with balconies on either side. It took me a while to figure out where the head was. In this building, there are three identical bathrooms, one on each floor. They're large, with a privacy wall as you enter, followed by a long room of sinks, then another long room with 8 or so stalls on one side and an equal number of urinals across from them. Basically, your perfect tearoom. There was even a noisy door that scraped the floor as it opened, giving a nice warning to pull the dick out of your mouth and make like you're peeing.

The bathroom was empty save for the next-to-the-last stall so I headed on down to the end and had myself a seat. As soon as I sat down, I saw the shadow of my neighbor lean over trying to get a look at me. Ever helpful, I spread my legs, slid forward on the toilet and stroked my dick. A minute later, I leaned down and saw a nice hairy pair of legs kneeling on the floor and a nice fat boner standing up between them. The divider walls are fairly low in this tearoom and make it difficult to get a good look, so I stood up on the toilet and peeked over the top to see what I was getting myself into. Nice, unremarkable. Twenty-something, dark hair, not really handsome but OK, sporting a sweatshirt and a normal-sized pair of black and white Adidas.  I went ahead and leaned way down, motioning Mr. Unremarkable to slide his remarkably fat penis under the wall so I could suck on it. He did so, and I relished the first fat slab of randy college boy cock I had had in quite a while. I squeezed his balls lightly, fingered his hole a little bit, and stroked his fatty with my other hand as I slid my mouth up and down. I was digging this, and so was he, clearly!

About that time the door scraped open and someone came in so we quickly went back to our starting positions and waited for whoever it was to leave. No luck. Within a few seconds, we had a new neighbor just on the other side of Mr. Unremarkable. Leaning way over, I could see that the new guy was wearing what my mother would call "dress pants" and a pair of loafers. With the Jeez-a-thon going on in the building next door, I figured we had got ourselves a church boy come to take a shit and would just have to wait him out. So, we sat for a couple minutes and nothing seemed to be, um, forthcoming over in stall number three. Presently Mr. Unremarkable grew tired of the wait, pulled up his pants and exited the stall. Shit. I hate when that happens! Those nuts were still full of jizz and I wanted it in ME! Lucky for me, he just peeked into the door crack of Church Boy and then came down to my stall and pushed lightly on the door, whispering, "It's OK". I opened up and he stepped in, closing the door behind him. By the time the door was latched, his dick was out and I had my mouth clamped around it.

For the next five minutes or so, I gave him my five-star blowjob. Cute or not, he had a really nice penis and I was having a great time working it over. He liked having his ass played with so I concentrated on working a finger up there while hoovering him. It wasn't long before he put his hands on my head and started thrusting into my mouth. Hot damn! I was about to get squirted with some nice gooey boyjuice! About that time, we heard Church Boy flush, pull up his pants, and exit the stall. It was too late to care, and Mr. Unremarkable just kept pumping my face and I just kept fingering his butthole. Imagine my surprise when, rather than leaving, Church Boy entered Mr. Unremarkable's just-vacated stall and plopped his ass down. The dick in my mouth and the boy it was attached to were way too far gone to care, but I made a mental note that things were getting interesting. And then I got squirted -- no, sprayed -- in the mouth with an enormous load of warm, sticky jizz. While Mr. Unremarkable tucked himself away and split, I took a minute to savor the sensation of having a mouthful of cum again. Damn, I love that stuff.

So. Mr. Unremarkable had just left, I was sitting on the toilet with the aftertaste of semen in my mouth, and Church Boy was sitting quietly to my left. What's a horny guy to do? Well, I hopped up on the toilet again to have a look over the wall, but all I could see were a blond head hunched over and a plaid shirt that $50 says his mom laid out for him to wear. Legs looked nice and lean, so I figured I may as well go for it. I slid my hand under the divider and motioned for him to slide underneath. No response. I whispered for him to kneel down so I could see his cock. No response. After a couple minutes of this, I opened my stall door and stepped out to get a look into the crack of his door and see what I could see.

I knelt down, dick in hand, and before I could even peek through the crack he stood up and opened the latch to his door. Not the door, mind you, just the latch. I pushed the door open, looked up, and there he stood. Church Boy was young, maybe 18 or 19, and over six feet tall. His pants were around his ankles and a very respectable boner was standing up from a small patch of blond hair. His face was white as a sheet and he was shaking. I do believe this really was a church boy! I reached up for his dick but he whispered "No" and tried to pull back into his stall and push the door shut. In most circumstances I would probably let it go, but I figured he just needed a little encouragement. That, and I was jizz-drunk from the big load that had fired down my gullet just a few minutes before so not thinking entirely clearly. I whispered "Yeah," and put my hand on his ass pulling him forward. My other hand I reached up and wrapped around his dong, leading to a loud sigh, grabbing the door for support, and week knees. I stroked him for a minute while he stared intently into my eyes. Then I whispered that I was going to suck it now. He opened his mouth to say something but no sound came out. That's OK, I didn't really need any pointers. I lowered my head, stuck out my tongue, and gave a nice lick from base to head. Opening wide, I slid my mouth down over his twitching dick and before I even got the first stroke finished he was frantically trying to pull away. I knew what was coming so grabbed his ass with one hand and his balls with the other and pulled. Sure enough, within seconds he was unloading in my mouth. Chuch Boy gawked in disbelief at what I had just done (or maybe what he had just done) and then pushed back on my forehead so he could get his door shut.

I went back to my stall and savored his small but flavorful load, contemplating finishing myself off because I was really horny and didn't fell like waiting for something else to come along. I'd already had a great afternoon. As he left his stall, Church Boy paused outside my door and whispered, "Uh, thank you."

As it turns out, I decided to hang around a bit more but the next half-hour brought nothing. I went exploring and found the other two floors held not only duplicates of this big bathroom, but a couple of secluded two-holers as well that both bore extensive signs of activity but I didn't see anything. Heading back down to the first floor, I went back into the tearoom and this time there was nobody in the stalls but one guy standing at a urinal. He was tall and lanky, dirty blond, with an interesting though not really handsome face. He was wearing baggy jeans sagging way low and had a pair of big-ass, dirty old New Balance. Of course, I totally checked him out, and I could see him looking out of the corner of his eye but he didn't acknowledge me. Just stood there at the urinal.

I went back into the first stall (slightly bigger than the others) and had a seat. I could see him standing there through the crack in my stall door. After a couple minutes I think he decided to drop the pretense and turned around to look at me looking at him. His fly was open and hanging out was a very large, very ugly penis. It was uncut (something I like), with a weird bend halfway through, lots and lots of veins standing out, and a big, dark, slimy purple head halfway poking out of the abundant foreskin. Ugly or not, it was a big dick and I was all about going down on it. I opened my stall door but he just shook his head and stepped into the stall next to me. He sat down and I leaned over and reached under, ready for his cock. Instead he took out a pen and started writing me a fucking letter. I really don't have much patience for the notes-on-toilet-paper types but seeing as how there were no other cocks pointed at my mouth for the moment I decided to wait. Presently his life story came under the divider, wrapped around a pen. He was 26 and bisexual. How old was I? Was I bi or gay? What did I like to do? I handed the note back to him, unanswered, and whispered, "kneel down so I can suck your dick."

Bisexual Guy complied, but facing the door and not the side. This meant I had to leave my stall and get down on all fours in the middle of the bathroom in front of his stall. Not that I minded; there was pretty good warning and being out in the open like that just made me feel nastier. I finally got my lips wrapped around that big ugly thing and went to work. The boy had a nice funk about him, and kept up a whispered running commentary while I sucked his cock and licked his sweaty nuts. He wasn't very hairy down there so I really got to enjoy the texture and smell of him. As I sucked, he whispered stuff about needing to find some girls, and how he didn't want to come because he was going to find a girl to fuck later but just wanted me to get him warmed up or some shit. I reached under and stroked his butthole and he nearly climbed the wall, so I stroked some more, concentrating the tip of my finger just inside his hole. He was leaking like a faucet and I was doing the hand-mouth combo on his cock while I played with his butt with the other hand. I was definitely liking where this was headed!

Suddenly, he stood up and told me I had to stop because he was too close to coming. Of course, that was the whole point, so I encouraged him to kneel back on down and let me finish him off but he was having no part of it. So, I stayed there on the floor in front of his stall, talking dirty to him, listening to him go on about pussy while he lazily stroked his ugly, rock-hard cock. Being the devious pervert that I am, I finally managed to convince him that since I did him the favor of the blowjob he should do me the favor of squatting down over my face and letting me eat his butthole while I jerked myself off. It took some doing but finally he relented and turned himself around to squat over my face, which I had slid under the door. Let me tell you: this was some FINE eating. Quite possibly the best butthole I have ever had. Nearly hairless with an easily-accessible crack, fairly relaxed ring of muscle that I could get my tongue up inside, and a nice funk that had all of my pheromone sensors going crazy. I laid there on the floor tonguing and slurping, my hands wrapped around his big stinky sneakers on either side of my head. He liked it too, moaning lots of "oh fucks" and pulling his cheeks apart to encourage my tongue deeper and deeper. As I ate, I reached one hand up and started stroking up and down his cock. Within seconds, he said out loud, "god dammit! I'm gonna come!" I told him to squirt it in my mouth and he sort of half-stood up so his dick was just out of my reach and then aimed it at my face. He fired off three or four good shots, two of which caught me more or less in the mouth. I reached up and caught the last of his cum with my hand and, laying there on the floor with my head under his stall door and looking up at him as he caught his breath, used it as lube to stroke myself off. I shot all over my shirt but didn't mind one bit.

I picked myself up and wiped off as Bisexual Guy made a hasty retreat, no doubt angry that he wouldn't be able to please whatever girl he was going to pick up now that he was done soliciting blowjobs in mens rooms.

I went back to Odegaard several more times during the coming five years, but never found any action there again. I think that once Suzallo reopened, everything shifted back there. It's a shame, really, because Odegaard has some of the best-designed tearooms I have ever seen.

My years in Seattle were fantastic, and I really became a jizzhound (as if I wasn't before). I'll probably write one more chapter about Seattle before moving on to the other schools on my list. I know I promised several people I'd get to Boston soon. So, stay tuned. And as always, let me know what I can do to make your masturbation experience a better one.