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  June, 2001


It has been exactly one year since I posted my first story at NIFTY, in the month of June 2000 AD (Walk at the Mall) and I wanted to thank all you guys... for the letters and encouragement.
Thank You !
And a very special THANKS to and David - Thanks...!!!


   I had just finished my schoolwork and had joined my younger brother in front of the television set when my sister called from the kitchen.



   "Could you please get some butter...?"


   "Yes," she called back.

   "Can't you just get it out of the fridge yourself?" I shouted back.

   "It's over, I just noticed it."

   "Then what do you need butter now for?"

   "I need it for my recipe." she replied.

   "You and your recipes...." said my brother under his breath, "... can't wait till mom returns and then finally get to eat some real food again!"

   We both burst out laughing.

   "What's all that giggling about? Rohan, will you get it?"

   "OK," I said getting up.

   "Then hurry or the shop will close, it's already 9."

   "Why didn't you check it before instead of waiting till the shops closed?" I said going into the kitchen.

   "Don't act difficult now... just go and get it," she snapped.

*** *** *** ***

   I closed the door behind me and walked out, hands tucked deep in my pockets, whistling. The shop was just round the corner and I didn't mind, in fact I welcomed the chance at getting some fresh air after the maths problems I had been solving...

   Dad was out of town, on business and the very next morning mom had got a call from granny's (her mother) doctor. She was very sick and needed care and since she lived alone, refusing to go either to the nursing home or go and live with her son, mom had to go to take care of her. She was a stubborn old lady and detested her daughter-in-law and ever since her son married the girl of his choice, against her advice, she had disowned him, barring him from ever entering her home. She also felt that our mother, her daughter, had married much below her class and therefore refused to come and live with us, even rejecting the idea of coming to live in the same city!

   Mom was reluctant, initially, to leave us alone and go, but the love of her mother, whom she adored and sister's assurances convinced her and finally she left... a million advises and stuff later. So, for the first time in our life we three were alone at home, my younger brother, our sister and myself.

   I was sixteen, a hot and horny sixteen.... well, more like sex-teen, perpetually rock hard and oozing, constantly aroused... Still very much enamored with all the changes in my body and plumbing that had taken place a couple years back (and still happening)... and the amazing feelings that continuously emanated from between my legs.

   My brother was a cool kid, thirteen and a friend and companion. He was a great kid and literally worshipped me. But our lovely sis was the greatest... She wasn't your usual 19-year-old... instead she was a typical loving, caring mother figure, if ever there was one. She adored us, her two brothers... well, we too loved her. And that was the reason our mom agreed to leave... And now she was in charge, taking her responsibility very seriously, turning into a mother-hen, constantly clucking over her brood (us), lavishing us with love and attention... trying to make it as good for us as possible. But her cooking, well, that was something else altogether. She loved to cook, it was a kind of passion with her and with mom away she went full steam.... whipping up all sorts of exotic dishes that just refused to go down our gullet...

*** *** *** ***

   As I rounded the corner I saw the bright neon lights switched off, the front of the shop in darkness. But there was a tiny beam of light peeking out from beneath the half-closed shutter. Well, it meant that the shop had closed but Mr. Kaushal must still be there, doing his accounts or whatever.

   I bent low and crawled in...

   "Hello...?" I called.

   "Yes...?" a voice from the back said.

   "Mr. Kaushal...?" I asked, still standing near the entrance, unsure, somehow he didn't sound the same, "I came for some butter..."

   "We're closed already as you can see..." said the voice sounding closer now.

   "Well, since you're still there.... maybe.... maybe you could give it... you know...." I said.

   "Well..." said a stranger coming out from behind some stacked cartons near the rear end of the shop, "I could surely do that.... WOW!"

   The first part I understood but as for the 'WOW' I didn't and I stared at him, my eyes questioning.

   "Hey, c'mon in, I sure have some butter for you!" he said with a smile, signaling me towards him.

   I had never seen him before... he looked about 19, tall and incredibly handsome. He wore a loose tank top that showed his bulging muscles and white shorts that barely reached below the groin... The thigh and calf muscles twitched and rippled as he moved and for some unknown reason I felt my heart skip a couple beats as my pulse picked up.... feeling very odd for no apparent reason.

   "So, you want some butter, huh?" he asked with a broad grin as I walked deeper into the shop and stood in front of him. "What kind of butter you want?"

   "Ah, Amul," I said, mentioning the brand I wanted, suddenly feeling very nervous before his relentless stare.

   "O well, that you can have..." he answered still standing stock still, making no attempt at getting the item out of the freezer, his eyes roving up and down my frame.

   "Uh... yea, I'll take it and go..." I mumbled in a low voice, squirming uncomfortably.

   "What's the hurry?" he asked coming closer to where I stood.

   He came real close and stood in front of me, looking into my eyes, making me shift uncomfortably.

   "I never knew they had such great kids in your town or I'd be visiting uncle more often..." he said.

   "Huh...?" I wondered, confused, not understanding a word of what he was saying.

   He suddenly reached over and grabbed my crotch, making me gasp in shock and horror.

   "Nice bulge.... must have a good piece, eh?" he grinned.

   I felt shame wash over my whole being, my ears burning hotly as my face turned a bright crimson. And before I could react he was lifting my t-shirt, pushing it up, over my chest...

   "Wha..." I began, getting my voice and senses back.

   "Hold it." he instructed, cutting me short. "Mmnnnn.... feels real good," he said again, his hand squeezing my crotch, feeling my cock through the denim as his other hand roamed over my tingling flesh.... running over the silky, smooth surface, the thumb caressing my quickly hardening nipple, arousing new and awesome feelings in my young body.

   "Have a girlfriend?" he suddenly asked looking into my eyes.

   "Huh...?" I blinked, feeling my cock stir in my briefs with all the manipulation. "Uh, yes..." I mumbled not sure what he meant.

   "Ever fucked her?"

   I was totally embarrassed by his question, my face turning a few shades brighter and I could only gulp and shake my head in reply, wishing the floor would part and swallow me whole.

   "Ever been with a guy?" he asked again, dropping down on his haunches, his face at level with my by now alive groin.

   If I was embarrassed before, then I was mortified with his new query.... 'WITH A GUY?!!!' my brain was screaming as I stood there, shaking...

   He laughed, a soft kind of laugh, as he looked up at me and then back down at my groin. He quickly pulled down the zipper and thrusting his hand in fished out my semi erect cock.

   "Wow, looks beautiful," he said, gawking at my teen dick.

   He stroked it a few times making it harder, pulling the foreskin taut and then re-covering the glistening glans as his hands moved outwards.... He repeated the movements a few more times, faster, making me squirm, getting my cock rock hard.

   I was gasping for air... ashamed yet aroused, my mind confused yet thrilled, this was incredible. I wanted to tell him to stop, to leave me alone... I wanted to zip up my fly and run out from there. But my cock refused to pull back from that hot, erotic embrace, my hips swaying with pleasure... each nerve end tingling with unimaginable excitement.

   He peeled away the jeans and slowly lower it down to my ankles and then reaching up hooked his fingers in the waist band of my cotton briefs, slowly peeling them off... I just stood still, totally embarrassed yet absolutely unable to do a thing, feeling numb, dizzy. This was the first time another person was seeing my cock, seeing me naked... and somehow it thrilled me, filled me with a strange wantonness... a desire to just let go and bare all...!

   He reached up and took my cock in his warm hands once more, sending another shock wave up my spine...

   "Mmnnn... great. You have a real nice cock. Sexy," he cooed softly as he began to stroke me. "How big is it, ever measure it?"

   I shook my head, unable to trust my voice.... yet feeling compelled to answer his lewd questions. 'WOW, measure my cock?!' The thought had never struck me, ever...

   "Must be over seven inches..." he surmised, flogging my penis faster now, making my hips buck with the beat as I desperately attempted to maintain my balance, my hands still holding the shirt brunched up over my chest.

   "Nice balls these are..." he said looking up at me as he rolled the pair between his fingers and thumb, feeling each nut individually before grabbing both and squeezing them in his warm palm making me gasp out loud and thrust forward.

   I desperately wanted to push further into his grip... my body screaming for the contact but the briefs at my knees and the jeans around my ankles holding me back from spreading my legs wider or thrusting harder into his warm grip.

   "Feels good, eh?" he laughed, seeing my desperation and my almost wild bucking.

   My cock was now leaking pre cum like a faucet... practically gushing out in thick gobs and as my eyes closed with the erotic pleasure of being masturbated, my nostrils flared, sucking in air. And as I opened my eyes and looked down at him, he brought his face closer and blew on the exposed glans....

   "Ooooohhh...!" I moaned at the awesome feeling of his hot breath washing over the wet glans, my hips jerking and thrusting into his fist...

   And then he kissed me.... kissed my dick head!!!! I shuddered and nearly fell over as my knees buckled and seemed to give. Leaving my shirt I grabbed his shoulders to steady myself and felt him lick the cock head.... broad swipes of his moist tongue.... I was giddy with arousal.... so much happening and all so quick....

   "Yum... yum..." he said, licking the broad head of my pulsing cock. "The best flavor on the market."

   He lapped around the entire shaft, up and down... top and under and as I groaned with the almost unbearable pleasure he suddenly sucked the tip of my raging cock into his mouth!

   Sixteen and perpetually horny and suddenly a hot, moist mouth engulfs your cock... you just can't imagine what it felt like... And as he took me deeper and deeper into his mouth, my cock tip snaking down his gulping throat, I felt my stomach tighten and flex.... the whole lower half of my body convulsing massively.... and as that familiar tingle engulfed me I threw my head back and wailed, rising on my toes, gripping him harder and then with a blinding flash I exploded!

   And he didn't leave me... He was there right through it, his hands still holding the jerking shaft, milking me... while his tongue lapped the swollen tube on the underside and his throat muscles worked over the cock head... making it all the more exquisite for me, gulping down all that I had to offer!

   I felt like a dish rag, totally drained, exhausted, as the final spurt shot out and I slumped forward, over him, unable to carry my own weight any longer... He held me in his strong arms, his mouth still the holder of my depleted penis and slowly sat me down on the stack of cartons behind me.

   He got up and gently pushed me back, laying me on the boxes and stood back, smiling down at me as he slowly raised and pulled his top off... revealing his incredible body inch by inch... I just lay there, staring at him in awe.... watching him. First, the absolutely flat, hard stomach and then the well formed pecs... the large pink tits, all hard and pointed, unconsciously licking my trembling lips, my hands still holding the brunched up shirt but eyes fixed on his exposed torso... the rippling muscles.... an incredible, unknown thrill coursing through my whole being, making me whine uncontrollably. He was totally bare and smooth... the skin shining in the florescent light of the store... And as my eyes traveled lower I saw the start of a thin, black line begin just below his navel, crawling tantalizingly into the waistband of his low shorts. And as I watched shamelessly, wide-eyed, he undid the single button and lowered the zip before dropping his shorts!

   I gasped and gulped... He had no underwear on and his cock was absolutely gorgeous! So pink and tender, yet all hard and strong. Nearly two inches longer than mine and surely double the girth... An involuntary groan escaped my parched throat as my eyes feasted on that amazing cock, the first belonging to another person that I was seeing...

   "Like what you see?" he asked with a twinkle, grinning down at me, flexing his muscles, making his hard cock bounce up and down.

   "You're.... you're, you'll put that in me?!" I asked, totally terrified.

   "Bright kid... Scared?" he asked, his eyebrows high.

   I could just gurgle... feeling my ass hole twitch violently, my stomach already in turmoil.

   "Relax, you're a big boy, you can take it." he said, once more dropping down on his haunches.

   He moved in closer, getting between my spread legs and holding them at the knees pushed them up and wide, opening me up.... And as I looked on, scarcely believing what was happening, he moved forward, closer... lowering his face... now suddenly hidden from my view... and as I waited I felt the wet stab of his tongue darting out to lick my most intimate orifice!

   I shuddered and shook, letting out another groan, my legs jerking wildly. This was mind boggling, the guy licking my ass hole and it felt absolutely amazing, mind blowing... And as I squirmed and moaned he applied more pressure, crushing that hot, wet mouth to my quaking bottom, the magical tongue licking in and around the anal opening. His hands deserted their post and moved lower... running sensuously over my goose bumped inner thighs and gripped my ass cheeks, pulling then further apart, exposing me more to his oral adoration.

   I was like crazy now, bucking and jerking like mad, pushing back at him with gay (oops, no pun here) abandon, seeking out the magical tongue and it's soothing caress. His fingers worked gently in and around the deep cleft of my ass cheeks, spreading them... massaging them... relaxing them. The fingers fluttered up and down.... around the sopping ass mouth... He worked them higher, to the base of my reawakened cock, gently massaging the cock root and the sensitive perineum... sending electric shocks up and down my spine. Then back down and around, to the base of my spine and up again to my perineum... on and on... adding more and more pressure each time, making me acutely aware of the tingling in my prostrate.

   And his tongue too joined in, leaving the fluttering hole it traveled up, along the raised ridge... higher, over the perineum and to my ball sac. The last time there he didn't have much chance at glorifying my genitals (before my super charged penis shot its load), so this time he avoided my cock like the plague, concentrating instead on the balls... He licked and kissed, jabbing his tongue at my tingling nuts, sucking on the loose wrinkly skin... pulling on the soft down with his teeth. And then, opening his mouth wide he sucked in one of the balls, rolling it in his mouth, the wet tongue squiggling over it... sending my heart into over drive. He created an unbelievable suction... seeming to pull my ball right through the satiny sac...

   And his fingers worked an equally amazing magic around my anus... forcing it to pucker out in anticipation... The whole area between my legs was as if on fire, not the burning, blazing kind... but the soft, soothing flame of desire. Each nerve ending sending pleasurable signals to my ravaged brain... each muscle taut yet completely relaxed! My whole lower half felt like it had melted... felt like jelly...

   He released my ball and crushed his mouth between them, kissing the very root of my throbbing dick, making me writhe with passion... And then slowly he moved back down again, dragging his tongue over the ridge and back into my ass cleft. Now back at my rear entrance he once again ground his mouth to my anus, the tongue once more tickling the puckered hole... And as I was sure I'd pass out with all the incredible emotions coursing through me I felt his pointed tongue touch the center of the wrinkled hole... harder... sliding right into me!!!

   I screamed... or so I thought. Maybe I had just wailed. Leaving the shirt I flailed my arms, finally gripping the side of the boxes on which I lay, eyes shut tight, head rolling from side to side, a constant gurgle bubbling out of my gulping throat. And he continued to probe deeper, his tongue, seeming like a snake, crawled further in tickling my insides, soothing the tender anal linings yet at the same time enflaming my very soul.

   Through a haze I felt his fingers at my nether entrance, the thumbs working around the mouth and as his lips sucked and worked over my ass mouth, I felt one slide in, joining the tongue. My eyes shot open and a heavy groan escaped me... and then I felt the other thumb join the first, the tongue pulling back, out...

   "Oooohhh...." I moaned huskily, enjoying the new sensation, wanting more... pushing my ass out at him.

   He slurped away, adding more saliva at my anal portal, his fingers now working them into me... He must have added more fingers but I'm not sure of that, I felt bloated, totally open... stretched wide. And it felt magnificent; I loved the amazing sensation... My whole body seemed to be floating... relaxed, my ass totally open... at least it felt that way, gaping wide...

   Suddenly he pulled back, making me moan with disappointment... He straightened up and looking down at me, his chin all wet and glistening with the overflowing saliva, laughed.

   Gripping the jeans he pulled them off, throwing them aside before doing the same with my tiny briefs. And then standing up he grabbed my knees once more and pushed them further up, over my shoulders, spreading them wider as he leaned over me.... climbing over, on top of me, resting his lithe form over mine, covering me... bringing his hips forward, his pubes coming to a grinding halt over my spread crotch, his fat cock settling on my own aroused phallus, man-meat to man-meat... balls to balls... and started to hump me. Slowly rotating his hips, mashing our balls together, smiling down at me... I just held onto the sides of the crates and stared back at him, gasping loudly, feeling the heat of his genitals singe my groin... my stomach fluttering in response, with unbearable desire... He moved even closer, as if wanting to fuse the two bodies into one and lowered himself, over me, bringing his face closer... closer...

   With his mouth inches from my trembling lips, his hot breath burning my face, I closed my eyes and with a shudder felt his lips touch mine... moist and soft. He kissed me!

   And as I moaned and shook, his hands left my legs to move down and grip my ass, squeezing the well-rounded cheeks, massaging them, the fingers back in the deep cleft, working the tender ass mouth. My hands too deserted their post and snaked around his shoulders, holding him tight, pulling him closer...

   He pulled back slightly and looked down at me and smiled, the tongue tip darting out to lick the tip of my nose. He kissed my eyes, licking around the high cheekbones before going back to my mouth. And this time it was more forceful, as he crushed his open mouth to mine, his tongue licking my lips, pushing them apart and as I gasped he inserted his tongue!

   "You ready for it now..." he said in a husky voice raising his mouth off mine, more a statement than a question, before covering my salivation oral cavity once more, the tongue back inside.

   His left hand pulled away from my butt and snaked between our heaving torso, reaching between our parted thighs. He gripped his cock... and pulling his hips slightly back placed the broad head of his steel stiff prick at my twitching anal opening and pushed in....

   Like a hot knife through butter, his sizzling poker sliced into me in one smooth, fluid motion... taking my breath away, going deep and deeper, filling my belly with it's bulk, churning up my very depth.... making my stomach convulse.

   I wrenched my mouth away and shrieked.... more with lust than any pain, for there was non of that... Just a dull throb and an amazing discomfort, a very pleasurable one at that... something indescribable, something quite incredible.

   He paused and releasing his dick brought his hands up, gripping my face to plaster his lips once again to my gasping mouth. And as he kissed me, his tongue rolling within my mouth, exploring each nook and corner... I became acutely aware of the magnificent thickness of his embedded penis in me... stretching me... Feeling it pulse and throb. I was also aware of the intense pressure on my swollen prostate...

   And then he moved... pulling back slowly and pushing right in after a brief pause. Like a piston it slid in and out of my stretched butt hole powered by the strong teen hips as the young stud began fucking me in the empty store.... making me writhe with sexual agony... The super charged flesh pole plunging in to the very base... driving me wild with lust.

   I felt stuffed... bloated. My stomach convulsing like crazy... lurching with each entry, as if ready to shoot out of my throat... the sensitive anal walls rolling over and along his entire length... every muscle within flexing... Sweat dripped out of every pore of my body as I got into the rhythm and slammed back at him, wanting more, desiring more... And he slammed away... more powerful now, almost savage thrusts, in and out.... in and out, never missing a beat.

   He fucked me hard and fast, driving the entire length of his long cock deep within me, the rigid shaft traveling high into my belly with each forceful plunge. His pubes crushing into my widely spread bottom, the curly pubic hair tickling my nut sac while the back of my thighs and my taut ass cheeks rubbed against his smooth torso. And as he pulled away the broad head stretched my sphincter wider, the rough ridge of his flared rim tantalizing the pulsating ass lips. It felt absolutely awesome... and I felt myself open up even further... welcoming his thrusts, inviting the cock invader to delve deeper.

   And as he continued with the pistoning, I felt the juices rush in to lubricate the constricted passage, smoothening his entry... filling the room with an obscenely erotic squishy sound. And that added further to my delirious pleasure, making me incoherent in wanton excitement. And I gurgled for more into his mouth, tugging at his broad shoulders....

   He suddenly groaned and threw his head back... his movements almost frenzied. The hip slamming into my parted buttocks with a tremendous force, rubbing my rectal walls raw... I gripped him tighter, digging my nails into his flesh and felt his cock throb and shudder in me, seeming longer and thicker now. And then with a powerful shove, that nearly pushed me over the top of the stacked boxes, he ground into me and went stiff before pulling out and shoving right in.

   Meanwhile, my cock, which had remained taut and rigid, now flexed... the muscles in my stomach pulling tight like the string of a bow. And as I felt him thrust into me like some heated street side dog, his cock flexing within me, nearly ripping me apart, my body convulsed, the heart slamming against the rib cage.... eyes shutting tight and the colors of rainbow flashing before me, making me scream out loud as my nuts melted and shot out of my cock at the speed of a machine gun fire.... splashing our two heaving bodies with the sticky goo, nearly blacking me out.

   And as my senses returned I felt him shuddered, his pelvis jerking like crazy and then I felt it... an intense heat enter me... wet and hot and thick.... flooding me, filling me completely... with his passion, his cream, his honey..... his butter!

*** *** *** ***

   We lay that way for a long while, me on the stacked boxes, he over me... my sore ass still the holder of his quickly softening cock, catching our breath... And then he moved, pulling out slowly, that amazing cock popping out of me, leaving me feeling empty, orphaned... and got up. He helped me up and handed me my jeans, asking me to put them on. And as I pulled it over my trembling legs, forgetting all about the briefs, his hands remained on me, caressing my back, my face... his mouth nibbling my ears...

   "I'll be here for another week... why don't we meet up tomorrow, maybe after your school? Uncle will be here, at the store, so we can have the house all to ourselves..."

   I didn't know what to say... I was still too dazed to think anything, yet also more than willing to explore further. And the implied idea of getting fucked by this incredible hunk on a proper bed was too thrilling to pass up.

   "Ok..." I whispered in a hoarse voice, barely audible, my eyes never leaving the dangling flesh between his legs.

   "Great, I'll meet you there..." he said pulling me into his arms and kissing me hard on the mouth, his hands squeezing my sore butt.

   He released me and went to the freezer and taking out a pack of Amul butter handed it over to me, "Here, now run along and meet me tomorrow after class. And we can do it every day after that."

   I nodded and followed him towards the rear of the store. He embraced me once more as we stood at the back entrance, kissing me, his tongue exploring my mouth as his hands roamed all over. And this time I clung to him, unwilling to let go, sucking on his probing tongue, my jeans clad crotch rubbing against his naked pubes, trying to re-ignite the fire in his groin that had given me so much pleasure...

   "Well, better go now, its already late..." he said pulling back and holding me at arms length. And then he laughed seeing the disappointment on my face. "We'll do it, I promise. Now go, before your folks coming inquiring." He patted my cheek and then opened the door, ushering me out.

   And as I slowly limped out and headed towards home I saw my brother coming in the distant... no doubt sent by my sister to find out what was taking me so long, dreading the question session that both would put me through...


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