It was another slow Friday afternoon, one of the advantages about being a salesrep is that when I am feeling slow or horny I can stretch my work load out in the weekly report to hide my timeoff from the Boss. Something about driving around in a car makes me horny. Maybe its the amount of beats that I can checkout each day. This particular Friday I was close to the city so I drove to the "Gay Quarter" and parked the car in a quiet backstreet I always use. Puting on my dark sunglasses I climbed out from behind the wheel and locked the car. Standing on the footpath I undid my belt and well fitted pants, retucking my shirt and adjusting my half hard cock. It can't hurt to advertise no can it! I never have much problem picking up the guy I want. At 26 I stand 6'2", have short blond hair, blue eyes, a 48" chest, 34" waist and a dark tan. The only white part on my body was the thin strip protected by my tiny Speedo's. A sunburned cock is something I only want to experience once. Besides a white Speedo mark always makes the tan look so much better. 20 years of competitive swimming had certainly given me a good body along with a high public profile. Swimming Stars make a good living in this country, thank god. We can also get cushy jobs with sponsors companies like the on I have.

I walked 2 blocks over to High Street were all the Gay Bars, Nightclubs, Sauna's and Bookshops can be found. Making my way along the street I checked out the various passing trade. Stepping into a doorway I made my way up a long flight of stairs to the Kings bookstore. They have the best range of gay fuck books and videos in town. More importantly they have the only Video Booths around with gloryholes and "LIVE" gay shows. David, the manager of Kings was working behind the counter. David had sucked my cock dry on my first visit to Kings, then followed that up with more hot tongue work on following visits.After some small talk I bought $10 worth of tokens from him and made my way up to the third floor videobooths. It took a minute of so for my eyes to adjust to the dark surroundings. Only one booth had a light on. I walked up and down the hall just checking if there were any other booths occupied, NO just the one. I stepped into the booth and slipped a token into the machine. The screen came to light with a guy in his 30's bound and gaged, tied to a rack and getting fucked in the ass by another older "bear". I pushed the channel button browsing through each video till I found one with 2 hot "surfer blondes" with muscle bodies fucking and sucking their brains out. My cock started to harden instantly, I unzipped my fly releasing my cock. It sprung to attention, with all 8 inches standing straigth out like a flag pole. A long string of precum hung from the end of my pulsing cock down to my fly. Fuck it felt great having my cock hard in my hand. Slowly I began moving my hand backward and forward in long slow strokes. My legs shivered with excitement. I heard a low moan come from the next booth. I leaned down and peered through the gloryhole. All I could was a pair of legs with jeans around the ankles and a 6 inch cock sliding through a guys hand.

I crouched down to get a better look at the guy in the next booth. He was only a young kid with short brown hair. He had a white t-shirt on that was pulled up revealing a flat hairless stomach. There wasn't any muscle definition, he looked like he still could have been in the boy scouts. I licked my lips, my hand still moving slowly on my cock. Precum was leaking from the end of this young guy's cock, his balls were pulled up tight under his cock. I put my finger through the gloryhole and motioned for him to come closer. He looked nervously at the hole, I motioned again. This time he stepped up and fed his cock through the hole. MMM it looked good, young and fresh, it was just an average cock apart from that. I took the boymeat in my hand and gently ran my tongue around the head. His cock pulsed sending out more precum. I licked up and down the shaft finally taking the head into my warm mouth. The young kid groaned again. I slowly worked the dripping meat further into my mouth until my nose was buried in his sparce pubes.

The kid started to hump my mouth, I could hear his stomach lightly slapping against the partition that divided us. I worked my tongue faster around the head of his cock. My lips dragging up and down on his shaft. The strokes increased, his groin now pounding against the wall. His moanes were now quite loud. My own cock was jumping in my hand and my ass pulsed with each thrust of his cock. Finally he pushed hard against the wall and stopped moving. Cum errupted forth from his cock flowing into my waiting mouth. I greedily sucked his young balls dry, being careful not to swallow any of the boy juice.

He pulled back from the hole and pulled up his pants. I stood up and worked my still hard dripping 8 inches back into my pants. I heard the door open in the next booth and footsteps going off down the hall. I waited for the video to use up my rest of the remaining time. Opening the door I walked slowly first up to the end of the hall before turning and walking back down the hall and around the next set of booths. To my surprise I walked around the corner to find the kid I had just blown leaning against the wall. As I pasted by him I brushed my hand across his cock. He surprised me by grabbing my hand and holding it there. Obviously he had gotten over his nerves. I still had his cum in my mouth. When it comes to jizm I can't get enough. I don't like to waste it by swallowing immediately. I stepped back and looking into his cute boy face. He couldn't have been more than 17, although the age limit was 18 so I imagine that someone "ID'd" him. I leaned forward and kisses him on the lips. He pushed his tongue into my closed mouth. I opened my mouth as pushed my tongue back into his mouth. They were diving and darting around each other. Using my tongue I pushed the streams of his cum back into his waiting mouth. Suddenly footsteps were making their way toward us. The young guy panicked and scurried off. "Fucking Great" I said under my breath, I wanted to work this kid over real good. I listened to the buzzer on the front door go off to signal him leaving the building. David, the manager, walked around the corner to where I was now standing. "Getting any action" he asked. "I was until you scared him off you fuckin letch" I replied. He smiled. "You scared off the kid so now you are going to have to take care of my" I said. "No complaints here" grinned David.

Reaching for my cock David undid my fly, he hand feeling its way over my jock and grabbing a hold of my stiffening cock. With the other hand he loosened my belt and unbuttoned my my pants. With one flick I was standing naked from the waist down, my big cock sticking through the tails on the front of my shirt.

David dropped to his knees and swallowed my cock to the base like a magician swallowing a sword. With his face buried in my groin he began to shake his head with excitement. I have found some great cocksuckers in my travels but I have never had someone who come so easily engulf my cock. David's mouth started working my tubesteak like a milking machine. He slowly began working a finger into my ass. I spat on my hand, reaching round to manhole. David moved his finger to one side to allow my spit covered fingers access. I worked them into my butt. Finally satisfied it was wet enough I grabbed ahold of David's head with both hands and started to pump his face. He know had two fingers probing my ass. I was starting to really hot up. Then the buzzer went again. David pulled back off my cock and stood up. "Back in a sec" he said "Let me get rid of this guy and I'll be right back".

Feeling frustrated I hitched up my pants again and walked into another booth. "May as well watch someone else get fucked while I wait" I thought to myself.

a couple of tokens later my cock had softened sonewhat. I walked around to the railing at the top of the stairs. From there you could get a good view of the whole shop thanks to a big mirror on the wall behind the counter. Couldn't help but think that the placement of the mirror was no accident.

An older fat guy was flicking through some fuck books. David was waiting at the counter to serve him. He kept glancing up the stairs and licking his lips. "Fuckin hurry up asshole" I thought to myself. After another couple of minutes I walked down the stairs to the counter and started chatting to David. Finally the old guy left without buying anything. David motioned for me to walk around the side of the counter to where the 2 steps up to the counter area. He sat down on the stairs and took out my cock. Sucking the soft 5 inches into his mouth he went to work with his slobber juicing it up. His tongue was all over my meat like a boy witha popsicle. I was getting worked up, my cock was tingling due to the mouth action. I wanted to get out of my pants but I felt nervous about doing it in the shop. David stood up and lead me by the cock down a hall to his office. Once inside I kicked off my shoes and stepped out of my pants. David lifted my shirt over my head, running his warm tongue over my now exposed nipples. I was removing his clothes as fast as I could.

Part 2:

Here we are standing naked in David's office, he dives back onto my groin and swallows my cock all the way down till his nose in buried in my trimmed pubes. I lean back against his desk. Rubbing my hands through his brown hair I hold his head, sliding it back and forth on my man popsicle. David is moaning like a wild man. He takes his right hand and puts it up to my mouth. One by one he slowly slides each finger in to my mouth to lube them with my spit. Slowly he moves his hand back down to my hard ass cheeks. Grabbing my ass he starts pulling me into him harder and harder. My dripping cock is stabbing down his throat. I pull him off my cock and lift him up. Pushing my tongue into his waiting mouth I can taste the precum fresh from my cock.

We are wrapped up in each others arms. I love the feel of David's hairy chest against me. I slowly slide down till I bit his right nipple real hard. He squeals with pleasure. As I drop to my knees I came face to face with his 7" of cut sticky manmeat. I turned my head and began licking at the base of his cock, around his balls and slowly up until I suck the head of his pulsing cock into my hungry mouth. I can feel the pulsing of his hard cock push another dose of precum onto my tongue.

Sucking on his cock like a starving baby I flicked my tongue back and forth across his piss slip. David falls back across his desk lifting his legs high into the air. I let his cock slip from my mouth and work my way slowly down his balls, past the sensitive skin btween his balls and his waiting ass. With one hand I reach up and start pumping his hard moist cock. David is moaing and thrashing and the desk, encouraging me with language that would make a sailor blush. Then the buzzer on the front door beeps to announce the arrival of another customer. "Fuck It" says Dave, wait here and I'll be right back.

He leaves his underwear off and stuffs his rock hard cock back into his jeans.

I lean back against his desk, slowly pumping my cock to keep it hard. It is still slick from David's spit. 10 minutes had passed and David still hadn't returned. I was begining to get anxious, wanting to blow my wad. Then the door opened and David returned. "Hey" he said, "I got got a kid outside who wants an interview for a job up in the live show area." "Do you want to come and help me interview him?" By this time my cock needed to release this wad of boy cream so badly I would have fucked a girl. "sure thing" I replied, "Lead the way".

David opened the door and here laying in the hall was a young guy about 19, laying on his back and pumping a 10" cut weapon. I nearly lost my load of fuck juice right there and then. He was gorgeous, well built kid with a hard stomach, the only hair on his body was a little patch around this huge cock. Dave dropped down instantly onto his knees and started sucking on the kids big fuck stick. I had never seen anything like it. It was about as thick as a beer can and 10 " long. My cock was a great piece of meat but this thing was a work of art.. I walked over and slowly squatted on his face, he ran his tongue around my cock then pushed me forward. He drove his tongue into my quivering ass. "Oh Yes", I yelled, pushing back harder onto his tongue. Having my ass rimmed is with out a doubt my favorite passtime and this boy was doing an expert job. I pumped my dripping cock with my right hand and twisted my nipples with my left as the stud continued his tongue lashing on my ass. This was heaven and I never wanted it to stop..

Dave, satisfied that this huge pole was sufficently covered with drool climbed up and postitioned the large mushroom head on his butt hole. His face grimaced as he pushed back and slowly had his ass filled with this massive piece of meat. I leaned forward and took Dave's cock into my mouth. He moaned loud and hard, with 10" slowly sliding in and out of his ass and a hot mouth sliding on his cock Dave couldn't last long. He started humping the big meat like a man possessed. I continued sucking his cock as hard as I could waiting for him to give up the big load laying in his balls. Suddenly Dave stopped humping, his ass full with pulsing cock. The first huge jet of cum shot forward into my mouth. I gulped as fast as I could. Jet after Jet of jism poured into my waiting mouth. I continued to slowly suck his meat as I softened. He slowly started to slide up and down the young guys big cock again. He wasn't finished riding it yet, nor had the young guy given up his prize load. I stood up and took Dave by the hand. "Lets finish this in your office" I suggested. Moving inside and closing the door I pushed all of the stuff off Dave's desk. "Up here" I said to the young stud. As he brushed by me I took that big cock in my hand and slowly pumped it while our tongues did a merry dance between our lips. He was so fucking hot I couldn't believe it, he was the stuff pornos are made about.

Pushing Terry down onto his back I lifted his legs up to reveal his ass. He started squirming as soon as I touched his ass with my tongue. "Oh Yeah" he said, "fuck that ass". "I plan to" I replied. Meanwhile Dave had climbed back onto the table and was trying to get the head of the 10" monster back into his still gaping hole... "OH Yeah" he squealed as he once again slid down the giant fuckstick. He didn't stop moving till the ten full inches was back up inside his gut. He wiggled time and again trying to get just a little more of that cock into him. Finally Dave began slowly pumping up and down on this giant shaft.

From my vantage point with my tongue in Terry's ass I shuddered everytime the big brown cock disappeared from sight. Terry in the mean time was really starting to get into the rimming I was giving him. Slowly his ass relaxed more and more allowing me to slide my tongue deep inside his boy cunt to taste his juices. Dave was going crazy on the big cock and Terry was getting really worked up, his balls begining to pull up tight under his cock. This was my chance, I stood up and pushed my 8" cut meat slowly straight into Terry until out balls banged together. Terry yelled out with excitement. I started moving my cock faster and faster into his hole. At the same time Dave was bouncing on Terry's big cock like a man possessed, moaning louder and louder. Terry joined into the act and started yelling "Yeah, fuck that ass, slam my big cock in all the way". I could feel my jism boiling in my balls as I pumped faster and faster into this stud boys butthole. With one hand I reached around and started pumping Dave's dripping cock. Dave went nuts, suddenly his meat exploded spraying boiling boyjuice all over Terry's chest and face. In turn Terry's orgasm started and he pumped his nuts deep into Dave's ass. The spasms of Terry's ass were to much for me to handle and I too shot my bolt deep into Terry.

Dave leaned forward and kissed Terry gently on the lips. He slowly started licking his own cum from Terry's face. He worked his way down from Terry's forehead down onto his chest, licking until every bit of his cum was gone.

My spent cock finally plopped out Terry's tight butt. A river of cum slowly dribbled down his ass crack, making a pool on David desktop.

Guess what? Terry got the job!!!!

I have been back to visit both boys since then.

If you want to hear more of what happened at the videobooth email me at chrisbilomn@hotmail.com.

Toodles, Chris