Virgin ass rimmed

Hi all, I'm Thomas (real name is Tommaso, but i don't like the sound) and I'm Italian living in Rome, or as I like to say in the Vaticane State, I'm 21 years old, well built 167cm and 45Kg.

And I'm a big slut! I love cock and everything that is produce by cocks... I never get enough! But here is how I discovered to be slut, the greatest slutty boy in Rome :P

So...It was just three years ago, I was eighteen and I started to understand, well not accept, the fact that i could be gay, you know my schoolmates turned me on, especially my closest buddy Daniele. Every time I jerk off I think about him, about his body (only the upper part unfortunately, we don't take showers at school after gym class and i'm too afraid to be caught staring too long to his crotch) and fantasize about what he has in his undies. But maybe I will tell you more about him in the next story!

Coming back to my first time, I decided to join a italian gay community, gayspace, and put on some of my face pics as well as some pics took at the beach and started to chat with guys from my city and other areas of around my age about everything, from school to sex, how to tell parents and a lot of other stuff, I also met a couple of the most funny but never happened we were both too shy and naive to do the first move, but still we had good time and became friend. But then a 21 years old guy contacted me. He was hot 175 cm and 60kg, blond so similar to my favorite porn model(just for your info Alex from Sk8erboy), his name was Andrea, he was not from Rome but from the north of Italy, moved here for university.

"Hi! you are really a cute guy! Kisses Andrea"

"HI! thanks, you toooooo! :)"

"so what are you up to?"

"hmmm dunno... friends more"

"oh that so bad, i don't want friends, i want fuck buddies"

oh my god! this hot guy, basically my dream boy wanted to fuck me! I was so excited but also so scared... so we chatted a bit more on msn and a couple of cam chat as well where he showed me his body and his huge cock it was at least 19-20 cm long and 5 cm thick that really scared me! but still we decided to meet in real life to drink something and to talk a little bit more the following weekend.

We met at a small park near his place and took a couple of beer at the nearest bar and started to talk and talk and talk, I told him that I was virgin and not yet really sure if gay or not and that my parents didn't know and didn't know if i would ever tell them and he was really nice telling me that was normal, that i should not be worried about being virgin and to take my time, by then it was late and i had to go back home otherwise my parents would start calling me, so we walk to nearest underway station and just moments before we split he gave me a kiss, an amazing hot passionate tongue kiss and... I ran away! How stupid!! I thought I would never see him again.

back home after dinner with my folks i went to my room, switch on my pc and logged in the community without any hope but then the mail box blinked... one new message and it was his!

"Hi beauty! thanks for the great time this afternoon, wondering how you are, hope the kiss was not too much, you ran away immediately" great! he was not angry!

"Hi! yeah great time, oh well... i was going to miss the train sorry" i lied

"ok... so wanna meet tomorrow? my roommates are not at home, so i'm alone in my flat, you can come over and we can waste time watching tv and talk" well was not really the kind of invitation i hoped but yes!

The day after, it was sunday we met at the same station and we headed immediately to his place, it was a mess! I guess typical university guys flat... but i didn't care at all, we sat on the sofa and started watching dvds and talking about everything again. After a couple of minutes he went to the fridge and took two bottles of beer and gave me one and i don't know if it was the beer or what but this time i started to kiss him and to my great joy he replied back! then i started to feel his hands all over my body going below my tshirt and starting playing with my nipples and exploring my not so muscular torso, after a while he removed my tshirt and his shirt and he lowered me on the sofa and started to kiss my exposed body playing a lot with my nipples.. oh my god i couldn't help my self but started to moan loudly and he continued and continued up to the moment he suggest to go to his room so that we would be more comfortable, "It's going to happen!" I thought and smiled him following him to his bedroom, even more messy!, right there he pushed me to his bed and lowered the zip of my shorts and with a fast movement i was just in my snickers and boxers and then it happened he started to lick the shaft of my cock throughout the cotton of my briefs, oh men that was even better than the nipples and in few minutes my young cock exploded! I was so ashamed already came "oh, hem... well, hem sorry, was too good couldn't resist" i said turning immediately red in my face, but he laughed and said it was ok, that when he was my age he chummed even if someone was just playing with his nipples and if i wanted i could take a shower and clean myself. I was so sad, I thought it was the time i would lost my virginity and i chummed basically without being touched, and went to the bathroom to have a shower but then while i was under the hot water i heard the door opening and Andrea asking "it's really hot and i'm really sweat, do you mind if i join you?" DO I?? of course not "yeah no problem, it's your shower after all" and in few second i saw him naked... his cock looked even bigger than i remembered. He started to touch me again this time going even lower playing with my ass and my balls, and then pushed me down to my knees and i was there with his hard cock in front of my face a bit not sure what to do but, what the hell we were in the shower, it should be clean i opened my mouth and a bit hesitating i started to lick the tip and with his pleasure grunting guiding me taking a bit more in my mouth, it was amazing his cock became even harder and my up to the moment flaccid cock rose again to his maximum hardness! i started to jerk myself but he then said to stop "oh let rest that cock of you i will take care now get up and bent a little" oh i was going to be fucked in the shower COOL but to my regret he didn't fuck me but took a sponge and soap and washed me then switch off the water and headed me a towel to dry.

"let's go back to my room"

YEAH YEAH we went back to his room and this time he was a bit more aggressive "on the bed and on all four! I want to see your ass" that on one side scared me, but as my cock could show on the other side made me even hornier! I immediately went to his bed and put myself on all four as he ordered me, ready to feel his cock probing my ass "hope his gonna use some lubricant" I thought but then to my surprise the feeling was different not something hard but something soft and wet but good really good i started to moan like hell "ohhh i see you like get your ass licked, don't you little Thomas?" licked?! oh my good that's was gross and hot! "Yes! please please go on! GO ON!" and well he wasn't asking for more! he went back to my ass and i felt again his tongue licking my ass crack going up and down circling around my hole going down up to my balls... back and forth from my ass to my balls and again i couldn't halt my cock "OOOHH ARGHH YEAHHH YEAHHHH" and i shouted for the second time in maybe half an hour my cum on my bed but this time he didn't stop he continued licking my ass crack and at this time i felt something entering my hole oh my god he was tongue fucking me! and it felt so great! i was hard and getting harder and harder "oh well maybe it's time for something more" he said with a grin in his face "lick my finger little bitch!" oh yes i would do whatever he asked me! i put all my effort to lick his fingers and then when he thought they were wet enough he took them out of my mouth and started playing around my hole and this time he put first one finger in "AHH IT HURTS!!" i screamed in pain "oh shout up bitch, you want it, you know it! it will go better and better!" and then without waiting my answer a second finger entered my hole and he started to finger fuck me and well it was true the pain started to decrease and the pleasure to increase. "hhhhhhhmmm yeah" I started to moan "See bitch!" he then told me "You like it, so now you are ready for the real stuff!" I started to panic, he meant his cock "no no please... no i'm not!" "yes you are! now on your back legs up!I want to see your face while i fuck this virgin hole of you" and he slapped my ass so i couldn't help me and just turned put my legs up and exposed my hole to him. He started to lick my ass again and that helped me to relax again and not be too much panicked. He stopped and took a bottle from his drawer "these stuffs will help" and put some gel on his cock and on my asshole and handled a small bottle to me "breath it! you will be more relaxed and you will enjoy it more" I didn't know but i did it and as soon he took it away from my nose i started to feel something entering my ass "ARGGGHHHH STOOOOP!!! PLEASE!!" but he didn't "oh shout up! take it all! you know you can do it!" and he continued to slowly inserted his huge cock in me, it hurt like hell, i felt the inside of my ass burning and he didn't stop he was still moving in, then finally he stopped, "see bitch, you took it all! now let's start some serious business!" and as soon he finished he start to pull his cock out of my, fast and was even worst that before and back inside fast and furios, but finally the popper (i later on found out what he gave me) made its job and i was feeling relaxing the pain starting to disappear and waves of pleasure started! He saw that in my face because he told me that i was a proper slut, that likes to be fucked hard and he increase his speed and pace... you could see by my cock i loved it! my cock was hard and to my surprise too it erupted again in cum, covering my torso of cum, that was enough for Andrea too, he screamed and i started to feel his cum flooding in my bowels 4,5,6 7 jets of his sperm invaded my body and started to dribble out of my ass. He took his cock out of my not virgin anymore ass and told me "ok slut, go to the shower and wait me there, but not turn on water" so i did, i went to the bathroom with cum coming out of my ass and running along my legs and waited for him "so slut, now you got your cum baptism, but you should love everything produced by a cock so sit down and open your mouth!" and then he started to piss, a warm yellow piss was washing me entering my mouth and i had to swallow it!

After that he let me take a shower but only water no soap, he wanted that other people smelled what kind of slut i was he explained me and sent me off to my place.

Of course i met him again and again, he helped me find out the slutty side of my personality and i thank him for that!


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