Wasting Public Money

By Mr Malaprop

© Mr_Malaprop 2011

This is a piece of fiction, the characters and events depicted are purely the products of my imagination and no similarity is intended to any real events or persons. Any such similarity is completely coincidental.

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Wasting Public Money

By Mr Malaprop

There is something deliciously slutty about cottaging in the near nude.

In town here there are two bus stations right next to one another. The toilets in one are pristine and are a good place to spot an occasional nice cock but in the other the toilets are half-derelict with no working lights and in the evening folks, men and boys, only go there for one reason.

Some evenings that reason is me.

I like to take a plastic bag with me so I can keep my clothes clean. When I get there I strip off to my jock strap and fold the clothes neatly in a bag that I then place out of the way. I have the condoms and extra lube handy, my ass is always well-lubed already. All I have to do then is wait. Someone will have seen me arrive; that is a daft thing to say, quite often as I cross the empty bus stand there are guys standing in the shadows, hands in their pockets.

In the derelict toilet I stand at the urinal as if I was just there having a piss. In fact my cock is enclosed in cotton and will remain so for the night. A few guys will put their hand in my pouch and feel me up but most know that this isn’t why I’m there. My ass is exposed by the jock, my very welcoming ass - on an online dating site I describe it as “smooth and shaved and hairless; tight and hot and hungry” - hungry, it is always hungry, a bit like my mouth!

I don’t know how the guys waiting organise themselves, I really don’t care much either. Some, most, come in singly. Most of them are just after a blow job - happy to oblige there, Sir. Only a few want to fuck me and I’m more than happy to oblige them, too. For the blow jobs I kneel on the dirty tile floor. I don’t just suck them to completion, I also lick anywhere else I can reach - balls, perineum, insides of thighs - fuck, I’d lick their toes if I could get at them. A daring few drop their pants or pull up their sarong and turn round so I can rim them before going back to sucking them and savouring their individual tastes as they come in my mouth. Have you ever noticed how very different one man’s cum is from the next? It’s not unusual for me to get ten or twelve or, on a good night, even twenty loads in my mouth in one night and they’re all different; all good and all different.

Fucking delicious!

If a guy on his own wants to fuck me I slip a condom on him, add a dab of lube, hold on to one of the urinal partitions and bend over. I’m still tight despite many years of being fucked on a regular basis but these days there is no pain on entry. I’ve had some pretty enormous cocks up there over the years and it’s a very long time since I have felt overstretched. I’m amazed I have stayed so tight but lots of guy tell me I am so who am I to argue?

Occasionally a guy will ask if he can piss on me in the cottage but I always say no - I don’t mind being pissed on but not when I have to get dressed again to go home without a shower. They can piss in my mouth, no problem and then I’ll suck them off but not piss on my body. I save that little luxury for trips away when I have a hotel room.

The really fun times are when two or three guys come in together and I, attention whore that I am, am at the centre of all their activities. Me bent over with a cock in my mouth and two other taking turns at my ass - most of these times they take turns fucking me but one after another end up coming in my mouth. The absolute best of those times is when they beat off in front of me, having all had a good go at my ass and then one at a time thrust into my mouth to come in quick succession - the taste of three mingled loads can be so bloody delicious!

Occasionally there are college aged boys come in, normally in pairs or the occasional trio. They don’t want to fuck: too young, too naïf, too scared - they want sucking and will watch as much as they can in the dark as the other gets sucked and as they wait their turn. Sometimes, being young, they can do a repeat as well, which is always fun.

I heard a rumour that the municipality is going to spend some money this year renewing the toilets. What a pitiful waste of public money!

© Mr_Malaprop 2011