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Chapter 1

Jerry and I were fuck buddies. He was a trainer at my gym and usually once a week we’d get together and have a night playing. Sometimes we’d do a weekend - spend eighty percent of our time with his dick up my ass. I LOVED IT!!

About six months after our first session I spent the weekend with him, and we had just finished our Monday morning fuck and were lying in bed waiting for the alarm to go off. Jerry rolled over onto his side and looked at me.

“What’s your greatest fantasy?”

“What do you mean - like winning a million?”

“No. Your fantasy. You told me once after a fuck.”

“Oh? Oh - to be gang fucked.”

“Right on buddy. Don’t plan anything for the weekend. Your going to have your fantasy fulfilled.”

“What do you mean?”

“Can’t talk now. See if you can get away from work early Friday. Let me know.”


Jerry hung up. That night I called him.

“Okay, so what’s happening? They owe me some time at work, so I can leave about three. Is that early enough?”

“That’s great. Okay. I’ve got a group of friends that I’ve met over the years - most of whom I’ve played with at one time or another, and we’ve formed an informal sort of club. Every once in a while some of us meet at one of our places for a night of purely gratuitous sex. No holds barred. Anyway, next weekend we’re having the whole weekend at Tom’s place. He’s one of the guys from the gym, and he has a house about two hours drive from town, as well as his apartment in town. I’ve been there once, and it’s terrific. Five secluded acres, great house, landscaped back yard with pool etc. I spoke to him this morning, and you’re invited as my guest. There should be about twenty guys there. The rules are simple, - no clothes and anything goes . Your pretty little ass should be one of the star attractions. Pack light - I usually find toothbrush and paste is sufficient. Oh, and don’t beat off for the next week. I want you good and ready for the weekend. I’ll do the same, so you’ll get quite a load.”

“Oh, that means I’ll have to stop what I’ve been doing while you’ve been talking. You’ve got me really hot and horny. My asshole is itching already. I don’t know if I can last till the end of the week.”

“You’d better. See ya!”

“Yessir! Bye.”

How I got through the week, I don’t know. I do know I took at least three cold showers a day. (thank God it was summer), and my work suffered. Anyway, Friday arrived at last, and at two-thirty I was out the door, gym bag in hand, bound for Jerry’s place and a weekend of debauchery. He was waiting when I arrived. We had a coffee, and then he said

“Okay. Off to the bathroom.”

We stripped off. and got into the shower. He got the douche hose and shoved it up my ass. My dick hardened immediately. Jerry noticed it and said

“Does that happen every time someone cleans you out?”

“It happens when I clean myself out. A hose up my ass is the next best thing to a cock, as far as I’m concerned.”

“Hmm, we’ll have to investigate this more thoroughly. Have you ever been into watersports?”

“No. It’s just another of my fantasies.”

“Baby, we’re going to have an incredible weekend!”

I then took my turn in cleaning Jerry out, and we rinsed and dried off, and Jerry got a couple of butt plugs which we put up each other’s asses. Then we went out on to his balcony for a cigarette and relax. I started toying with my cock, and Jerry said

“Stop that. I know you. You’ll get me all horny and I’ll finish up fucking you over the balcony rail. I want to keep you on edge until we get to Tom’s.”

We sat and chatted for a while, then went back into the bathroom for another quick clean, then put on our gym clothes.

“Okay, let’s get this show on the road.”

We piled into his car, and were off. All the way my dick was stirring in my gym shorts. I hadn’t put my jock strap on, so occasionally it would slip out of the leg of my shorts. I’d try to quietly stoke it, but Jerry would just cough, and I knew he knew exactly what I was about. He was determined that I wouldn’t get off before we got to Tom’s. The excitement was building up in me. I was like a kid waiting for Christmas. We had to stop for gas on the way, but I couldn’t get out of the car without embarrassing myself - great hard dick that wouldn’t go down, and nothing to hold it in. Jerry bought me an ice cold soda, and told me to put that on my dick to cool it off - even that didn’t work!

. . . . . . .