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Chapter 10

I wandered over to get a drink, getting congratulations from various guys on my winning the contest and my performance with Leo and Larry, then took it off to one of the mats to lie down and relax. Jerry saw me and came over and lay down with me.

“How are you going? Having a good time?”

“Good time? Jerry, I’m figuratively as well as physically fucked. I don’t think my ass will ever close up again. It feels like soft rubber. But I’ve never had such a good time in all my life. Thank you for inviting me. It has been wonderful.”

“And it’s not over yet. I would suggest you get some rest. I think Tom has something for you to do this evening, if you’re up to it. Of course you could always say ‘No’, but I’m inclined to think you will say yes. So just rest up a while.”

With that Jerry lay down beside me and cradled me in his arms lying behind me spoon fashion. I could feel his hard cock pressed against my ass crack, but I was too exhausted to even comment on it, let alone take it. Within about thirty seconds I was fast asleep.

I guess I slept for about two hours. When I woke, Jerry had gone and the sun was beginning to sink in the sky. I lay there for a short while, listening to the sounds around me. There appeared to be some gentle fucking and sucking still going on by the sound of it, and I felt refreshed enough from my sleep to start indulging again. I slowly surveyed the scene. Guys were still fucking, but the pace was a lot more leisurely.

While I was lying there, Tom came up to me.

“How are you going Dean?”

“Fine Tom. I’ve just had a nap for about two hours and I’m ready to go again.”

“Good. I’ve got a proposition for you.”

“Jerry said you might want to talk to me. What’s up?”

“How would you like to put on a show tonight. We usually have a bit of “entertainment” in the playroom after it gets dark, and I was thinking tonight we could have a fisting demonstration. In the past we‘ve had a stripper who took on the whole group, until he got to Spike - then he chickened out”

“You want me to be fisted. Sounds good.”

“What I was thinking of is for Burt to fist you and me at the same time.”

“OK sounds like fun. I’m in.”

“Great. We’ll start about nine. If you like we’ll have a clean out about eight to be ready for the event.”


Tom left and I got up and surveyed the scene. Things were a lot quieter than before, guys were napping or just lying around chatting or quietly playing. After all we had been at it for over twenty-four hours. Spike and Larry were lying on lounges by the pool talking, and I wandered over to join them. Spike spread his legs so that his feet were off the sides of the lounge on the ground, and I sat between them and joined in the conversation. While we talked, Spike’s hand wandered down to stroke my thigh, and I moved my hand to his crotch, and ran it through his pubes. His cock started to stir and his hand moved between my legs towards my asshole. I knew what he was after, and I was after it too. His cock by this time was fully hard and he indicated for me to make use of it.

I stood up and he brought his legs up onto the lounge. I straddled him and slowly lowered myself onto his hard prong. It was a beautiful piece of meat and I again felt it’s power as I sank on to it. Before long I had him totally embedded in my ass. I sat still for a minute while I got used to him again, then slowly worked my ass up and down, clenching my muscles around his prick. He let out a moan,
“Fuck, you do have a beautiful ass Dean.”

“Thanks, Spike, and you have an incredible cock.”

“You are one of the few guys who have ever been able to take it the way you do. Most guys either take ages to take it all, or give up entirely. You just seem to swallow it with ease.”

“ Well, when you fucked me first over by the sling, I was worrying that I wouldn’t be able to take it all, but it just seemed natural to slide on it till I could go no further! No feeling is quite like having my ass filled with cock, and now that I’ve been getting it all weekend, it’s just been icing on the cake.”

“Man, you’ve got just the cake for icing. Jerry told me being ganged was a fantasy of yours. Is the reality as good as the fantasy?”

“It’s better Spike. Nothing in my fantasy could possibly approach the fun I’ve had this weekend. When you and Jerry doubled me was undoubtedly the best fuck I’ve ever had.”

I kept bouncing on Spike’s spike, and working my ass muscles to suck another load out of him. One of the guys came over to watch and I leaned forward to suck his cock. This lifted me off Spike’s cock somewhat, and gave him a chance to hump his meat into me. He was hitting the right spot, and I started to cum, shooting my load over his belly. and chest.

The guy I was sucking lost it at that moment and I was soon gulping his load down my throat, and at the same time Spike started spewing his load into my cunt. I’d lost count of the number of loads I’d taken this weekend, but it must have been at least thirty. My fantasy was really being fulfilled!

After I’d drained Spike’s balls again, I raised myself up off his cock. The guy I’d sucked bent down and took some of Spike’s cock into his mouth, swabbing it clean with his tongue. I thanked Spike for his load, and headed off for a drink. My ass had never felt so good.

Tom - tonight - show - stripper - took on all comers - double fist - Leo and Jerry - cocks & piss - Tom & I - fisting 69.