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Chapter 11

I was standing having a drink when Tom came up to me.

“You still on for tonight?”


“Then let’s go get ready. We’ll clean out and grease up our asses, then we can get the show on the road.”

We went into the shower to wash and douche. The shower was big enough for four guys and had a spigot with the hose attached as well as the shower heads. Tom set the temperature, handed me the hose and bent over. I slowly slid the nozzle up his ass and he sighed as he warm water started filling his hole.

“OK, enough. Now let me fill you.”

I bent over and he slid the hose into me. As soon as I felt the water filling me my cock shot up fully erect.

“Jerry told me about you and douches, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen a guy get so hard so quickly. You really do love having your ass filled.”

“Fuck yeah, Tom. And when Leo pissed in me last night another of my fantasies was realised. So many firsts this weekend; being ganged, being fisted, being pissed in, being double fucked - what’s left?”

We finished cleaning out, and packed some lube into our asses and we were ready. The guys were milling about on the deck as we came out, and we climbed onto a padded bench, and knelt next to each other on our hands and knees. Our knees were spread as wide as we could and our asses were wide open. Burt stood behind us, lubed up his hands, and applied some more to our asses.

I knew now that I could take a fist, so I was able to relax, and soon felt his fingers playing with my hole. Two, then three, then four, he was working my hole, slowly stretching it and loosening it up. Then I felt him slowly sliding his hand into me. He cupped his thumb into the palm of his hand and pressed in. I heard Tom sigh, and knew he was getting the same treatment as I was.

Jerry lay on the bench beside me, and handed me some poppers. I took a hit and within a few seconds my ass was opening even more, and Burt’s hand slid in to me. The feeling was awesome - even better than this morning. Knowing what to expect meant that I didn’t tense up, and I felt the great feeling of having my ass filled, Burt’s fingers were tapping on my ass walls, sending vibrations through my body, and I moaned with pleasure.

I felt Jerry’s hand rubbing up and down my back, adding to the sensations I was getting. Then he turned round and presented his hard cock to me. I lowered my head and took his cock into my mouth, gently sucking him while Burt was playing in my ass. I looked over atTom and saw that he had Wash’s big black dick in his mouth. We were both in another world, nursing on nice cocks while Burt was doing his magic in our holes.

Burt was equally transported. His hands were probing deep into us, slowly edging deeper and deeper. I could feel my hole being stretched wider as more of his forearm inched into me. He was slowly fucking our holes, sliding in and out and going further each time.

He played with us for about twenty minutes, pumping, and twisting his arms, and finally he stopped still. I looked up and saw that the guys were into our exhibition, most were jerking their cocks, and a few were leaning on the bench with cocks up their asses.

Suddenly I felt someone beside me. I looked and saw Brad kneeling next to me. He was breathing heavily, and I looked back. Steve was standing behind him and was playing with his ass, Brad was looking a little worried, and I realised that he was attempting to take Steve’s hand for the first time. I reached over and took his hand. He smiled and squeezed my hand. I squeezed back.

Jerry realised too what was happening and he handed the poppers to Brad, who took a hit. A few seconds later he grunted, and froze, then took a big breath and smiled again. His master’s hand was in him for the first time! There was a group gasp from the guys, followed by a round of applause.

“Oh my god! . . . Fuck! , , , Shit! , , , Oh hell!”

“Yeah, baby. I know what you mean.”

“Fuck. I’m so full.”

“You enjoying it?”

“I don’t know. I think so. I’ve never felt anything like it.”

I was so into the fact that the young guy next to me was feeling what I had felt this morning that for a moment I was unaware of Burt’s manipulations, till suddenly I heard him gasp, and I realised that I felt really full, then I felt him slowly withdrawing his arm.

“Dean, Tom, I’m pulling out now. I think I need a break.”

He slowly pulled out and it seemed like it was taking forever, till I felt my ass expand round his hand, then contract again as his fingers emerged. Tom turned to look at Burt, then looked at me.

“Dean, take a look at Burt’s arm.”

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing. Just look.”

I turned round and looked. Burt’s arm had lube to his elbow!

“Did I. . . ?”

“Yeah, all the way.”


“And we’ve got it on video,”


“I’ve only gone that deep in a few asses in my life, and I’ve been topping for years. You’ve got the most elastic hole I’ve ever played with. I know guys who’ve been taking fist for years, and don’t come anywhere near what you can take.”

“I guess that’s a compliment!!”

I lay there for a while, coming down from my high, and watching Brad who, by the look on his face, had decided that he liked Steve’s hand up his ass. Steve was being really gentle and Brad was working his ass round Steve’s arm. He was moaning and gasping and his mouth was hanging open, gulping air. He was in another world and enjoying the trip.

Steve finally pulled his hand out, and Brad slumped onto the bench. Steve climbed up beside him and they embraced. Everyone standing around could see the emotion that was passing between them.

The three of us finally calmed down and went in to shower and clean up.

“Well Brad. How do you feel?”

“Fantastic. I never knew I could feel like this, sir.”

“I know. I took my first fist this morning, and I felt the same. It’s such an awesome feeling.”

“Yes, sir.”

We dried off and went back out to the party. Steve had cleaned up and was waiting for Brad. He took his hand and they wandered off into the yard.

“I guess that’s the last we’ll see of them tonight.”

“I think so.”

Jerry came over to me.

“You OK, Dean?”

“Yeah. But I’m exhausted.”

“Let’s go lie down.”

We found a mattress and lay down, Jerry spooned behind me, and I went to sleep feeling his hot breath on my neck.