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Chapter 2

Finally we arrived. Jerry’s description was spot on. The house was very secluded. We walked down the side of the house to a high fence with a gate. Jerry rapped on the gate and a guy opened it.

“Tom, this is Dean. Dean , Tom. “

So this was the host. An extremely good looking older (fifty-five to sixty) man, with a great body, and a decent dick, steel grey hair, and the greenest eyes I have ever seen. My hardon. which had finally subsided when we arrived, had spring up again. As well as Tom, there were about fifteen men wandering around - all nude, all attractive to extraordinarily beautiful, and most with semi to full erections. This promised to be quite a weekend.

“Welcome. Come in. Get your gear off and relax. Jerry, will you make with the introductions, please. I’ve really got to stay here and man the gate. Thanks. You can put your things in the cabana.”

We stowed our gear in the pool house, and Jerry took me over to meet a group of the guys. There was Leo, a big solid man with black hair and a mat of fine black hair over his chest. tapering down to a thin line at his navel, then spreading out again to a thick bush just above an impressively thick cock. He also had the deepest, darkest brown eyes I had ever seen. Then there was Larry, a long lanky country looking guy, with a slim but well proportioned body, and sandy hair, Wash (short for Washington), a very funny blackguy with a thick uncut cock. I wondered to myself if what they say about black men was true. His cock did look as though it would grow to a decent size.

Sitting on a chair was Spike, who looked Scandinavian. He appeared to be very tall with long shapely legs and broad shoulders. I couldn’t tell what his dick was like because it was firmly planted up the ass of Joel, who was sitting on his lap, and slowly gyrating, obviously enjoying the feeling but not wanting to bring Spike off. The group was rounded off by Steve and Brad. Steve was a typical leather man, with buzz cut and a body to die for, wearing a harness, and Brad was his boy, a cute youngish kid totally devoid of hair except for his eyebrows, who sat at Steve’s feet.

We stood with the group and chatted for a while. Jerry stood behind me, with his arms loosely wrapped around me. After a couple of minutes I could feel Jerry’s dick start to harden, and rub along my ass crack. I gently pushed back, and felt him start to buck slowly into my ass. He leaned over and whispered

”Let’s go fuck.”

“Oh, Yeah!”, I murmured. We excused ourselves and wandered around to the other side of the pool, where there were some gym type mats spread around. Some of the mats were already being put to use and sounds of sucking and fucking played on the air. We found a vacant mat and I lay down. Jerry lay on top of me and started to kiss me, a long intense kiss, while his hand reached down and started fingering my ass.

Breaking the kiss, he said, “You want my cock up there, don’t you.”

“Oh, yeah.”

“Well, why don’t you just raise those legs and let me see where I am going to put it.”

He raised up from me and I lifted and spread my legs. Jerry pushed my legs back and exposed my hole. In an instant he was down on me, eating my ass like he had not been fed for months. In no time I was ready for his dick. My asshole was pulsating and spasming. Boy, was I ready.

“Put it in me, please. Fuck me now”, I pleaded.

Jerry spat in his palm, rubbed it on the head of his dick and plunged it into me. “Fuck, your ass is hot! “

Jerry’s dick was hot too. I felt my asshole stretch as his big mushroom shaped head pushed into me, and then felt it snap back behind the ridge of the head to envelop the shaft. Then I could feel the cord like veins in his shaft as he slid balls deep into my hole. It was like the nipples on my dildo, only this wasn’t a latex toy, this was a living piece of flesh. This was a skin to skin encounter with a beautiful dick. It felt wonderful!

Our first fuck was no subtle affair. Jerry was anxious to get off, and I was equally anxious to have his load of cum in my ass. He pounded into me with an intensity I had never before experienced, his cock driving in and pulling out right to the head, then pounding back in. We writhed in unison all over the mat, and it wasn’t long before Jerry gasped “I’m cumming” and I actually did feel his cum shoot out of his dick and coat the walls of my ass. He came and came, until I thought he had drained himself entirely into me, then he slumped on to my body. I lowered my legs and we lay there gasping for breath.

After a couple of minutes I realised that his cock had not softened, and I began to wriggle my ass under him. He got the hint, and lifted my left leg up and over his head, so that I was lying on my side, and he manoeuvred so that we were lying spoon fashion with his hard cock still inside me. He started to fuck me again, this time more slowly. I moved with him and soon we developed a steady rhythm. I could tell that this fuck was going to be much more gentle, much more loving, and decidedly longer lasting. I started using my ass muscles to work on his cock. and could feel him responding. He fucked me in this position for about ten minutes, varying speed, depth and angle so that my whole asshole was being stimulated by his dick. Occasionally he would slide over my prostate which set my dick pulsating, and sent shivers right up my spine.

He then rolled me over onto my stomach. I spread my legs wide and he continued to slide in and out of my now hot, demanding hole. I was in heaven. The feeling of his cock in me was incredible. My ass was so sensitive to his movement, and my whole body responded. I started raising my ass to meet his thrusts, and he grabbed me by the hips and lifted my ass until I was on my knees and he was fucking me doggy fashion. Being fucked in this position is guaranteed to make me cum and it wasn’t long before I felt the urge. My balls started their climb and that delicious tingle started. I tried to stop it, but Jerry knew me too well, and soon fucked my cum out of me. My ass started to spasm around his cock, and I brought him off almost immediately.

Once again we slumped onto the mat and rolled onto our sides again. We lay there recovering for about five minutes. This time I felt Jerry’s cock soften and begin to slide out of me I clenched my ass muscles to try to hold him in me for a while longer but to no avail. He slipped out of me and we lay there cuddling for another few minutes. Then Jerry got up.

“I need a drink. Do you want one?”

“No thanks. I think I’ll just lie here for a moment longer and recover.”

“Okay. See you soon.”

. . . . . . .