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Chapter 3

I rolled onto my stomach and closed my eyes. I felt at peace with the world, as I listened to the sounds around me - the slight breeze making the leaves rustle, and the sound of slurping mouths and sloppy assholes as the guests got down to the matter in hand. Suddenly a deep voice said,

“You two put on a great show. Mind if I have some of what he had.”

I looked up and Wash was standing beside me, with about nine inches of hard dick jutting out in front of him. I spread my legs, and said “Be my guest.” At last my fantasy was on its way to being played out. I was going to be fucked by a black dick, and hopefully to get my third load of cum! Wash rolled me over onto my back, lifted my legs onto his shoulders and slid his big black dick straight in. My ass had never felt so full. He gave me fully five seconds to get used to it and then started to fuck, and boy could he fuck! He reached places in my ass that had never before felt dick. He ploughed me for about ten minutes, sometimes fast, sometimes slowly, long dicking and rabbit fucking me. I did my best to keep up with him, working my ass in time with his thrusts, and apparently I succeeded because at one time he said,

“Jerry said I would enjoy your ass, and he was right!”

So, Jerry had been spreading the word. I would have to thank him later - right now I was too busy lying back and enjoying it. All too soon Wash let out a yell, and his cock hardened and lengthened even more, and he shot a load up me. Hot, hot cum up my ass. Yum, just what I wanted. Wash pulled out and lay down beside me, rolled me onto my side facing him and planted a big sexy kiss on my mouth.

“Thank you for that. Give me some time to recover and I’d like a repeat performance.”

“Any time, and thank you. You take care of that . It does a fantastic job.”

Wash got up, patted me on the ass and wandered off. I rested for a few minutes, luxuriating in the fact that I had three loads of cum up my ass, and the promise of more as the weekend progressed. My fantasy was coming true! I got up, and wandered back to the patio to get a drink. All this fucking had made me thirsty. I grabbed a soda and wandered around. It had got dark by this time and Tom had lit the lamps around the ground, which cast a soft light on the area and in a few places cast shadows of guys in the act, which was a highly erotic sight.

I couldn’t see Jerry, but I was not worried. He was probably somewhere in the grounds having a good time and I was content to wander and observe for a while. Other guys had arrived after us and there were about twenty-five men altogether, some engaged, some, like me, just watching. Suddenly I felt a tap on my ass. I turned around and there was Leo. He put his arm around me and whispered in my ear.

“How would you like another protein injection?”

“I’d love it. “

“Then let’s go.”

He led me around the back of the pool, and into the trees. We found another vacant mat and lay down.

“How many have you had so far?”

“You’ll be number four.”

“So you’re broken in.”

”Yeah, I guess you could say that.”

“Good. I don’t think I could handle a virgin.”

We laughed, and he rolled on top of me. I could feel his hard cock pressing against my stomach. I reached down to try to grab it. Leo lifted his body enough for me to take his cock in my hand. It wasn’t as long as Jerry’s, but was thicker than Wash’s. This was going to be fun!

Leo lifted my legs and held them spread apart. Shuffling forward on his knees, his cock met my asshole as if it was guided by radar, and immediately slid balls deep. My asshole was stretched to the max which made it more sensitive to every movement of his thick dick. He was a consummate fucker. He knew what turned guys on and used every bit of his knowledge to make my ass virtually scream for more. I thought he could be a real teaser if he wanted to, and probably never had a dissatisfied partner. He was also very verbal.

“God, that feels good. Fuckin’ sloppy ass wrapped around my cock. Chew on it baby. Chew my cock with your ass... yeah get those muscles working....oh fuck, yeah.... fuck my cock....fuck it...fuck it! Gonna fill your ass with my juice... gonna breed that hole... mix with all the other cum you got up there..... sloppy fuckin’ hole.....oh, yeah, man. Gonna cum...gonna cum.... now..take it!”

Leo blasted his load into me, spraying my walls - the fourth load. What a blast. After he had finished cumming I waited for him to pull out and lower my legs but to my surprise he just stayed still. The next moment I felt more heat in my hole and I realised he was pissing in me. My mouth opened and I think my eyes grew as big as saucers. Leo was watching me and he burst into laughter.

“You like that, man? Jerry told me that you had never been pissed in, but that he thought you could get into it. You see, I’m known for it. Every time I cum, I have to piss, and I like it best if I piss where I cum.”

I could feel my ass filling up, and I realised that I did like it. My cock was as hard as steel, and it doesn’t lie. Obviously Jerry had remembered our clean out earlier, and I understood now what he had meant when he said we were in for an incredible weekend. He knew that I could indulge in all my fantasies over the weekend if I wanted to, which in a way was my second coming out. I would have to thank him for that, too.

Leo finished pissing and slowly withdrew his cock, advising me to clench my ass muscles as he pulled out. We made it without losing any piss. He then lowered my legs slowly and rolled me over onto my stomach.

“There, that will help until you feel you can hold it in o.k.”

“Thanks, and thanks for the fuck and for expanding my horizons. This is turning out to be quite a weekend.”

“Good. I’m glad. But it ain’t over yet, and I’m gonna want more of that ass before it is over .”

“It’s yours, man.”

“And a dozen others, I’ll bet.”

“I can only hope so.”

“You’re a slut, aren’t you.”

“Slut, pig, you name it. This weekend I am.”

“Well, happy hunting.”

. . . . . . .