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Chapter 4

Leo left me, and I waited until I felt I could keep his piss in, then started to get up. At that moment I saw a movement near one of the trees, and young Brad emerged from the darkness.

“I’m sorry sir, but I saw you and Mr Leo come back here and I watched you fucking. I hope you don’t mind.”

“Of course not. It would be difficult not to see guys fucking around here this weekend.”

Brad came over and sat down beside me. He reached out and tentatively ran his hand down my back and over my ass.

“May I fuck you, please sir?”

“Of course, Brad. But there’s no need to be so formal.”

“Oh, Master Steve insists that I am always respectful.”

“Well then, yes you may fuck me. In fact, I would like it very much if you would fuck me.”

“Thank you.” Brad’s dick was beautiful. Not particularly large, but perfectly in proportion, and out of proportion to the rest of him. He was only about five feet four, but his dick was about seven inches long, and as hard as a rock.

I got on my knees with my head on the mat and presented my ass to him. He ran his hand down my crack and then positioned his cock at my hole and slowly pushed it in. As he entered me I heard him gasp.

“What’s wrong?”

“Did Mr Leo piss in you?”

“Yes. Does that bother you?”

“No, it’s just that Master Steve sometimes pisses in my ass before he fucks me. I didn’t like it that much at first, but I got used to it. I just didn’t see why he would want to do it, but I let him because he is my master.”

Brad began to fuck. He was the total opposite of Wash or Leo. He was very gentle and seemed almost afraid that he would break something if he moved too hard or fast. I encouraged him to be a bit more aggressive, and he did. Then he stopped dead., and I heard a voice.

“Having a good time there, boy.”

“Yes, sir.”

“Have you been behaving well.”

“Yes, sir. “

“Has he?” Steve was addressing me.

“Yes, he was most polite.”

“Good boy. Has anyone fucked you?”

“No sir.”

“Let me check. Spread your legs.”

Brad spread his legs, and Steve shoved two fingers up his ass. They came out clean as a whistle, but Brad came as well. He shot his load with a loud yell.
“Good boy.”

“Sir. Mr Dean’s ass is full of piss.”


“Sir, now I understand why you like to piss in me before you fuck me.”

“Brad,” I said, “would you like to piss up my ass?”

Brad turned to look at Steve, who nodded.

“Oh, yes please.”

“Well, go ahead.”

A short wait then I felt the warmth of Brad’s piss filling me even fuller. Brad was sighing, moaning and gasping all at once. I could tell how excited he was. I could feel him shaking. Finally he finished, and slumped over my back.

“Okay, boy. Pull out slowly.”

Brad pulled out. Some piss leaked out but I managed to hold most of it in.

“Well boy, off you go.”

“Yes, sir.” Brad padded off into the darkness.

“Thanks Dean,” Steve said. ”The boy needed that.”

“He’s a good boy.”

“Yes, he is. I know he did not like my pissing in him, but you’ve given him a new outlook on it. He needed to experience it.”

“Would you believe his is the second load I have ever taken. Leo was the first.”

“So you are almost a piss virgin.”


“Well, how about I make sure that you are broken in properly.”

Without waiting for a reply, Steve shoved his cock into me and held me still. In a moment I felt the third stream of piss coursing up my ass. I clenched tightly to stop any piss leaking, but Steve slapped my ass.

“Loosen up, you’re stopping the flow.”


“No buts. Okay, let’s move off this mat onto the ground, then relax.”

We edged off the mat onto the grass and I loosened my grip on Steve’s cock. He resumed pissing, and I could feel the piss leaking out and down my legs. It was actually quite a turn on and my cock started bouncing about. I felt very close to cumming again. When Steve finished I could feel his cock harden almost instantly, and he began to fuck me. Once again it was an aggressive fuck - not at all like Brad’s fuck.

“Okay, tighten up.”

I clenched my ass muscles again, and the leak stopped. Steve pumped his dick into me and I could hear it sloshing around in all the piss and cum I had up there. He wasn’t long in cumming. I felt his cock harden even more and then he blasted into me, grunting as he shot.

“Great ass. We must do this again.”


Steve pulled out, and a little more piss and cum leaked out. He helped me to my feet, and held me while I tried to regain my balance.

“I’ve got to get rid of these loads. Where’s the bathroom?”

“Come with me. Let me give you a hand. What do you have up there?”

I counted. “Six loads of cum and three loads of piss.”

“That’s quite an assful. Let’s get you to our toilet.”

Steve helped me back around the pool and across the patio. Larry (the cowboy) was lying on a lounge by the edge of the patio and Steve led me over to him.

“Larry is our toilet.,” Steve said to me. Then turning to Larry said, “Larry, are you thirsty? Dean here has six loads of cum and three loads of piss he has to get rid of. Do you think you can handle it?”

“Sounds good to me. You know I never pass up an assful of cum or piss. Bring him over here.”

Steve helped me to straddle the lounge with my ass over Larry’s head.

“Now bend your legs. Lower yourself onto Larry’s face. He’ll do the rest.”

I gingerly lowered myself onto Larry’s face until I felt his mouth on my asshole. Then I felt the most incredible feeling, as Larry sucked and licked at my ass ring. I started to relax my hole and felt the load leaking out into his mouth. He started moaning and sucked even harder, which caused my hole to open more and the stream of piss and cum escape faster. I could hear him gulping as he swallowed my load. It seemed as if the stream would never end, but finally it did. Larry kept sucking and licking to get the last traces of my load, then smacked his lips.
“That was terrific! Thanks.”

“Thank you.”

. . . . . . .