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Chapter 5

I straightened up and looked around. Steve had gone, but sitting on a chair next to Larry was Spike. He was watching our performance with interest, and slowly stroking his dick. And what a dick! I could now understand why Joel was just sitting on it and not bouncing up and down. It was the biggest dick I had ever seen. Sitting there, his dick stretched past his navel. I don’t know if he noticed my staring (I’m sure he did), but he didn’t say anything. I tried to act cool, but my heart was beating two hundred a minute. I nodded to him, thanked Larry again and wandered off looking for Jerry.

I found him at the ice box. I grabbed another soda and led Jerry away.

“I’ve just seen Spike’s cock. Now I know why he’s call Spike. It must be a foot long.”

“Actually, it’s eleven and a half inches. We’ve measured it. He’s rather proud of it. Says if it were another half an inch longer it would be a foot and he doesn’t want three feet. How have you been going? I believe you’ve won a few hearts.”

“Well, I haven’t been doing too badly. You’ve been spreading the word, haven’t you.”

“Well, I did mention you in conversation. How was Leo?”

“Why didn’t you tell me he was into piss. I got the shock of my life.”

“But you loved it, didn’t you.”

“Yes, so much so, that young Brad and Steve both followed suit and pissed in me. I just unloaded into Larry.”

“I bet he loved that.”

“He seemed to. Six fucks and three pisses worth.”

“I told you it would be an incredible weekend.”

“I remember, and thank you. I can’t get over Spike’s schlong. If I get the chance, I think I will try it.”

“You’ll get the chance. Spike has already sussed me out about you. He’s a funny guy. If we were lovers he would not make a move. He says it wouldn’t be right. I told him that you’re a free agent, and if he wants to, to go for it.”

“I want it now. But I want it from you. Let’s find a mat and get it on again.”

“Sounds good to me.”

We found a mat and lay down. This time we took it very leisurely, using hands and mouths to work each other up. I started on Jerry’s nipples, which I knew were very sensitive. Lying on top of him, I could feel his cock harden as I sucked on those nubs, until he had three erections, two tits and one dick. I slid down his body, licking all the way, until I reached his cock, where I lay sucking on it like a baby on a bottle. I was in no hurry, neither was Jerry. We just wanted to satisfy each other. We both knew that the end result would be his sliding his cock up my ass, but we also knew we had time to reach that conclusion.

Jerry rolled me on to my side and slowly slid his cock into me. We lay there for a moment, enjoying the union, and then he started to slowly fuck me. After about ten minutes of leisurely fucking Jerry said,

“I don’t think I can cum again. I’ve dropped five loads so far and I think I need to recharge.”

“Okay, let’s just lie here like this, and relax. When you’re ready I will be too.”

We lay there for a while, and I suddenly realised that Jerry had dropped off to sleep, his dick still hard up my ass. I thought, “This is almost perfect.” I felt so contented, and pretty soon I drifted off to sleep too.

I woke to the feeling of Jerry’s cock moving in my ass. I realised it was morning, and I was getting my first fuck of the day. Jerry sensed that I had wakened, and leaned forward and kissed the back of my neck.

“Mornin’. Sleep well?”

“Yup. Like a baby. What’s the time?”

“Don’t know. Must be about seven.”

“Just time for a fuck before breakfast.”

“With you there’s always time for a fuck before breakfast. How do you want your first load for the day?”

“Fast and furious. Hammer that cock into me. Feed me a load.”

“You’ve got it.” Jerry sped up his fucking. He rolled me over onto my stomach, lifted my ass until I was on my knees, and started pounding my ass. Soon I felt him tighten up, his dick got harder and thicker and I knew I was going to get my first load.

“Yeah, do it man. Shoot up me. Give it to me.” And he did. Five or six blasts of cum shot out, scalding my hole. He slumped down on me, and we lay there recovering. Then he pulled out.

“Hate to fuck and run, but I am dying of thirst. Want a drink - juice or anything?”

“No thanks. I’m okay.”

Jerry wandered off. and I sat up and looked around. Some guys were stirring, some were already playing, while some seemed to still be sound asleep. Bodies everywhere, nearly all in a horizontal position. Over in the trees, Tom had erected a sling, and looking over I realised he was in the sling and that one of the guys was working on his ass. I had seen videos of fisting, and read stories, but had never seen it in real life, nor had I ever spoken to anyone about it. I got up and wandered over towards them, stopping a distance away so that I wouldn’t intrude on their play. Tom saw me and beckoned me over.

I stood by his side, my eyes glued on the guy who had his hand up Tom’s ass, watching everything. Tom’s hand went around my waist to draw me closer and he took my hand and placed it down so that I could feel the other guy’s wrist as he slid it into Tom’s ass. Tom was purring like a contented cat and his hips were gyrating, while the guy was slowly moving his hand in and out, and twisting it around. Occasionally Tom would let out a louder moan as the guy found a spot that turned him on. It was so erotic. Almost like a kind of sensual dance. I was hypnotised by the interplay between these two men.

Tom’s hand moved from my back to my ass, and his finger slipped up my hole. He looked at me .

“Been at it already, hey. “

“Well Jerry and I were just finishing what we started last night.”

“I’m beginning to suspect that you’re a bit of a slut.”

“That’s what Leo said to me yesterday .”

“And he’d know.”

Suddenly I felt something else probing at my hole. I looked around , and Spike was there, his humungous dick hard and insistent. Tom removed his finger, and I spread my legs and bent over Tom. Spike’s cock found the spot and he started slowly sliding into me. I could feel it going further and further up my ass, until I thought I could take no more, but before I could ask him to stop I heard,
“Fuck, you’ve taken the lot.”

I reached around and sure enough , I had eleven and one half inches of hard, throbbing cock up my ass.

Tom looked at Spike and said, “Well, it looks as if you have met your match.”

“That’s for sure, You know you’re the first person who has ever taken my cock in one go. I’ve had a few guys who can take it, but they need to take it bit by bit. Doing it like this feels so incredible that I doubt I’ll be able to hold out too long”.

Sure enough, with a bit of help from my clenching asshole, Spike soon froze. His cock seemed to increase in length and girth and hardness, and then I could feel his cum shooting into me further than anybody had ever shot before.

“Man, that is one hot ass. I’ll be after more of that before the weekend’s over.”

“Let me know when, and I’ll be ready. That is one hell of a cock.”

Spike pulled out and wandered off. I watched him go. Even soft, his dick was about seven inches long, with low hanging balls to match, and the way it swayed as he walked made me itchy for more.

. . . . . . .