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Chapter 6

Tom’s hand went back to my ass, and his fingers sid back into my hole.

“God that feels good - all loose and rubbery and juicy.”

My attention returned to Tom and his ass and the hand that was still embedded in it. I was turned on thinking what it would be like to have a fist up my ass. Tom must have read my mind. “Have you ever been fisted?” he asked.

“I’ve never even seen anyone being fisted before, let alone doing it.”

“Well, what do you think? Would you like to try it?”

“Doesn’t it hurt?”

“It can, but if you are prepared for it and if you want it to happen, it can be one of the most exhilarating sexual experiences you’ll ever have. Burt here is one of the most experienced tops I have ever met. His hands are so talented. I reckon by the way you took Spike’s dick you would have no trouble taking a fist if you wanted to. Do you want to try? I’d guide you through it and you would be perfectly safe.”

I thought for about a minute, while I watched and felt Burt working on Tom’s ass . “Yes. I think I would,” I finally said.

Burt had been listening to our conversation, and said, “Tom, do you want to take a break. We could get Dean into the sling and give him a taste.”


Burt slowly slid his hand out of Tom’s ass, and I watched as Tom’s hole stretched around Burt’s knuckles. Tom was moaning in ecstasy. ”Fuck Burt, that feels so good. Just hold your hand there a bit longer stretching my hole to the max. Fuck, oh fuck, that feels fantastic - move it about. Oh, yeah - oh man, do it.”

Burt slowly moved his hand slowly around, keeping it wedged where it stretched Tom’s ass the most. Tom was breathing heavily, and his head was tossing about in pure joy. Finally, he motioned to Burt to take his hand out. I watched as Burt’s hand slowly appeared from Tom’s hole, all covered with lube and ass juices. Tom’s hole quivered and slowly closed, like a flower at night. The sight almost made me come, it was so sexy. My ass was itching for the feeling of a hand sliding into it.

Tom calmed down and we helped him from the sling, then he and Burt helped me into the sling and put my feet into the stirrups. My ass was exposed, and ready for exploration. Burt regreased his hands and took globs of Crisco and pushed them up into my ass, then spread more Crisco over my asshole. I was greased and ready. Slowly Burt pushed two fingers of his left hand into my ass, the drew them out and replaced them with fingers from his right hand. Alternating hands, he pumped his fingers in and out, and then started with three fingers, gradually stretching my hole.

Tom stood by me and quietly talked to me, while Burt worked on me.

“ Just relax. Relax your ass muscles - like you do when you are taking a big thick dick up your ass. Just concentrate on your asshole - how powerful it is to be able to take someone’s hand up there, and how good it is going to feel as Burt’s hand slides into the warmth of your ass - how Burt is going to love the feel of your ass wrapped around his fist. That’s right, enjoy the feeling of your asshole being stretched.”

All the while Tom was gently rubbing my chest and belly, and running his hands up and down my legs. I felt safe and secure. Burt now had four fingers of each hand alternating in my ass up to the big knuckles. It was slowly being stretched, and I was feeling really turned on. Burt then put all eight fingers into my ass and slowly spread them, stretching my ass even further. He then started twisting them around, opening me up more and relaxing my sphincter.

Burt removed one hand and started to ease his other hand further into my ass. I realised he had tucked his thumb into his palm and was about to slide his hand up into me. I started to tense, and Tom recognised it and started whispering to me, calming me down.

“He’s doing it. Soon you’ll lose your virginity. Just relax, take some slow, deep breaths and enjoy the feeling of Burt’s hand stretching your ass.” He held a bottle of poppers under my nose and I took a good sniff. I relaxed, and felt Burt’s hand stretching, stretching, easing further up me. Just as I thought I could not go through with it and was about to call a halt, Burt said “I’m there!” and I felt my asshole start to close around his wrist. It felt as though my ass was sucking him into me.

“Oh God...Oh shit...Oh fuck ... Oh man! Fuck, fuck ...Oooh!” I had never felt anything like it before. My ass felt so full. Every nerve end was alive and feeling new feelings. I wanted to scream, to laugh, to cry. I started to spasm, and Tom was whispering again. “Relax, relax. It’s alright. Burt will just hold still until you get used to it.” I calmed down, and soon I felt the urge to feel more of Burt’s massage. I nodded to him, and he slowly started moving his hand, twisting it to the left then the right. I felt him touching every part of me inside, and it was starting to feel good. Burt kept watching me and reacting to my gestures and movements. He started to ease further into my ass. It felt terrific. I was learning to control my reflexes, and really started enjoying the feeling.

Burt looked away from me to Tom and motioned for him to go down to my ass. Tom handed me the poppers and moved down next to Burt. Burt indicated the can of Crisco, and Tom scooped some out and applied it to Burt’s arm. Burt was still easing his arm into my ass, and Tom stood by him watching intently. Burt was once again watching me, while I was getting more and more turned on by the feeling. Suddenly I felt a sharp pain. I grunted and Burt stopped, then withdrew a bit.

“I think we’ve reached your limits up there. Let’s just play a while.”

He started moving his hand around in my ass, slowly pumping in and out as if he was fucking me, then twisting left and right, and vibrating his arm. I could feel the vibrations all through my body, which was tingling all over. I took another hit of the poppers, and started to gyrate my ass trying to get Burt’s hand to touch more of me. He withdrew right to the point where my ass was starting to stretch to accommodate the width of his fist, then ease back into me. Then he started to twist his hand again. This time he continued in the same direction. He then started to turn his whole body so that he could continue in the same direction, until he was facing away from me and his hand was turned as far as it could go. Then he started back in the opposite direction, turned back to face me and continued as far as he could. His hand had rotated 360 degrees and more. Every bit of me had felt him. My prostate had been battered, and I was in ecstasy. Tom was smiling, and I was off the planet. I just wanted more.

Burt withdrew again to the start of his hand, but this time he kept going. My ass started stretching, and it felt good. When he reached the widest part he held still, then slowly eased in a fraction then out again. He was really fucking my sphincter. The feeling was incredible. Finally he got to the widest part, and continued to withdraw. I felt my hole shrinking around his fingers, until there were just two fingers still in me. He then started to enter me with his other hand as he was pulling out. Once again my ass started to stretch open. This time I knew what to expect, so I took a hit of poppers and relaxed my body. Tom looked me with approval, as Burt’s hand slipped into my ass with a lot more ease. This time, knowing what to expect, I was able to enjoy the total experience, and feel sensations which I had not felt the first time. I was quickly becoming hooked on fisting.

Burt played with my ass for about another fifteen minutes, giving me what he called “a good workout”, then slowly eased out of me. Once again the feeling as the widest part of his hand stretched my sphincter, was almost enough to make me blow. Tom released my feet from the stirrups, and together they helped me out of the sling. I was a bit unsteady for a minute, but I was exhilarated. Tom said,

“Let’s go in and wash some of this grease off,” and he led me through a door into a bathroom, where we had a shower.

“Well, how did you enjoy that?”

“Need you ask?”

“ I suppose not. You know when I went down to stand next to Burt, do you know why?”

“No, why?”

“ He was freaking out a bit. You see, he had more of his arm up your ass than he has ever had up anyone’s ass before. He was pretty close to his elbow, and he didn’t know whether you were hurting or what he should do.”

“Well, a first for me was also a first for him.”

“True. Now bend over.” Tom took the shower shot attachment from its hook and eased it up my ass. “We may as well clean up inside as out.” We cleaned each other out, dried off and went out to see what the morning would bring.

. . . . . . .