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Chapter 7

Outside the sun was shining over the pool, and the day was warming up, It looked like it was going to be a hot sunny day. More guys were stirring all around the grounds. There was the sound of gentle fucking and sucking in the air. Larry was on his lounge already receiving the morning piss of one of the guys, while another couple were waiting in line. Tom and I grabbed some breakfast, and sat by the pool eating it and enjoying the sights and sounds around us.

Leo was in mid-fuck with a young guy who was sucking a third guy and being sucked by a fourth. Steve and Brad were still curled up together under a tree - I think Steve’s cock was firmly embedded in Brad’s ass, but they both appeared to be still asleep. I couldn’t see Jerry, but I thought he was probably around somewhere servicing another ass.

“Looks like it’s going to be a busy day.” Tom said.

“Just like Christmas - fuck early and avoid the rush.”

“I’ve got an announcement to make about 9.00. Could you go around and let everyone know to be by the pool then, please?”

“Sure, no trouble.”

“Try not to get involved with anyone - you’ll need all your energy after I’ve made my announcement.”

“Why? What’s happening?”

“You’ll find out. Just remember to save your energy.”

“Okay.” I was intrigued as I set off to deliver the message.

By nine, all the guys were around or in the pool waiting for Tom’s announcement.

“Guys, I decided that this weekend we would have a little contest. I’ve got here some cards and pens made up. The idea of the contest is to see who can take and who can give the most fucks in a given time. There will be two winners - top and bottom. On each card there is a place to put your name at the top, and a place for you to write the name of your fucker or fuckee and for him to sign against his name. Only put his name down if he cums up your ass, or if you cum up his. The guys with the most names on their cards by 3 o’clock will be the winners, and they will give a demonstration of their skills to the rest of us. Everyone clear on how to play - okay let the games begin.”

I picked up my card, and was bent over the table writing my name on the top of it when I felt a hard dick poking at my ass. I looked around and there was Leo.

“You’re first on my dance card, baby.”

“Great man. Your place or mine?”

We walked around to a mat on the far side of the pool, and I lay down.
“On your knees.”

“Okay. One thing - try not to piss up my ass this time. I want as much room as I can for cum.”

“No worries. But if I do, you can always let it out while you’re being fucked by someone else. Lost of guys like the feeling of piss being expelled while they are fucking.”

“That sounds so nasty, I like it. Okay - what happens, happens.”

Leo slid into me in one plunge (luckily I had regreased my ass after my shower), and started pumping hard and fast.

“That’s it man. Fuck my hole. Let me feel your load being shot up into me. I need a big load to lube me up for the day. Shoot it, Leo.”

I worked my ass muscles and gyrated my hips as he plowed into me, and soon I could feel him tense up, and his cock expanded as he shot my first load of the contest into me. He held me as he softened, and I felt a trickle of piss. I resigned myself to the fact that I was going to get a piss load, but Leo cut the flow.

“Just a taste to let you know what you’re missing,” he said as he withdrew, slapped me on the butt and stood up. “I’ll be back for more later.”

“You can have more when ever you want it.”

I stood up and there was a guy lying on his back on an airbed in the pool, stroking a very hard, very presentable cock.

“Hi, I’m Frank. That was a hot scene. How about I have sloppy seconds?”

“Sure. Let me help you out,” and I reached down to help him off the air bed.

“How about you come in and we do it on the airbed.”

That sounded like fun to me, so I jumped into the pool, climbed onto the airbed and sat astride him. I reached back for his cock and with a bit of careful manoeuvring slid back and sat on it. Leo’s cum helped to make the entry smooth and easy. I started bouncing on Frank’s cock and soon we had a rhythm of sorts going. It was like fucking on a waterbed that was not full enough, and I was afraid we were going to upturn and end up in the pool, but Frank was determined and horny, and he came quickly. I felt his cum shoot deep inside me, and by the spasms his cock made, I reckon he had an enormous load to give me.

. . . . . . .