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Chapter 8

I climbed off his dick, and out of the pool. Fortunately I had remembered to leave my card by the side of the pool, so it had not gotten wet. I wrote Frank’s name and he signed it. “Two down - how many more to go?” I wondered. I wandered back to the patio, and there was Spike sitting on the edge of a table, his humungous cock hard and ready. Most of the guys were avoiding it, apparently unsure of their capabilities. I knew I could handle it and I wanted it.

I climbed up on to the table and straddled him. He lay back on the table and I positioned myself above his cock and slowly descended. It slipped in easily, and soon I had that phallus firmly embedded. I moved slowly up and down and began my fuck, while Spike lay there and let me go at my own pace. Suddenly I felt a hand on my back gently pushing me forward. I bent forward so that I was lying along Spike’s chest. I felt pressure on my ass, looked around and there was Jerry forcing his cock up my ass. I relaxed my sphincter, and he slid in next to Spike. I was being double fucked, another first!

Jerry and Spike and I worked as a team, me sliding up Spike’s cock, while Jerry was pumping me. Jerry suddenly froze and I looked around. He was leaning slightly forward, and another guy (one I had not had the pleasure of - yet) had docked with Jerry’s ass and was about to start fucking. “So Jerry’s a switch hitter” I thought. The guy rammed his dick up Jerry’s ass forcing him to ram his further up me. So here we were, me being double fucked and Jerry being the meat in a fuck sandwich.

The guy’s action on Jerry’s ass brought on an early orgasm from him. I could feel his cock start to spasm as it shot a load into me. This caused his fucker to come, pounding hard into his ass, and pushing him into mine. Spike had in the meantime begun humping me from below. I guess the friction of Jerry’s cock against his in the admittedly not so confined space of my ass brought him to orgasm, and, due to the fact that he was further up my ass than Jerry, I could feel his cum exploding from his dick head and lining the upper reaches of my hole.

We all collapsed. I relaxed on top of Spike, Jerry fell on to my back, and his fucker on his back. Suddenly I was aware that we had drawn an audience. About five or six guys were standing around us obviously enjoying the entertainment. Most were jerking off, while one guy was bent over the table being fucked. Both he and his fucker were staring at us while they fucked, with a certain amount of lust and respect in their eyes. As Jerry’s fucker pulled out of him and I rose from my impalement on the two cocks, they realised the size of Spike’s dick. The fuckee just whispered “Shiiit”, and his fucker said “Fuck me, look at that - oh God - I’m gonna cum.”

I climbed down from the table and sat on the edge for a while recovering. Spike was running his hand up and down my back. “Great fuck, man.”

“That’s for sure. Another first for me.”

“ Not for me. Most of the guys who can take my cock love to be double fucked, and I’m well equipped to accommodate them.”

“ Accommodate is the word. Thanks.”

“ Thank you - we must do it again sometime.”


I sat for about ten minutes, then got up to wander. Three of the guys who were in our audience came up to me.

“That was a great show,” one of them said.

“Thank you. It was fun for me.”

“Care to be fucked by the three of us?”

“Sure. Where do you want to go?”

“Let’s go over to one of the mats. It’s getting very warm in the sun.”

We walked over to one of the mats under the trees and I lay down on my stomach. The first guy lay down on top of me and slid his hard cock into me.

“Fuck that feels good - so sloppy and juicy.”

I clenched my ass muscles as best I could, and that brought a reaction from him.

“Yeah man. Tighten that hole. Feels good. How many loads you got up there?”

“Four now, but I want more.”

“Well, you’re about to get three more. Paul, Don, you’re gonna love this. Talk about sloppy seconds, this is the ultimate - real sleazy.”

While I was being fucked, Paul was standing over my head, feeding his cock to my fucker. I couldn’t see Don. I found out that was because he was behind my fucker eating his ass.

“Suck my dick, Ray. Get it nice and hard, I’m next, and I want to plough that ass like you would not believe.”

Don’s work on Ray’s ass combined with Paul’s cock in his mouth and my ass working on his cock tipped Ray over the edge quickly. “Oh fuck, I’m cumming. I’m adding my load to that cum cocktail in you. Take it! Take my hot cum! Oh yeah.”

“My turn, Hurry up.”

“Give me a break. Let me finish dropping my load, Jeez you’re impatient, Paul.”

Ray pulled out with a loud sucking, squelching noise, and I clamped down to prevent the load from escaping. Paul immediately got behind me, lifted me up onto my knees and slammed his cock into me. He was a good fuck: no finesse, but plenty of enthusiasm. I could tell he loved his work. I could also tell he was not going to last long at the rate he was going. Sure enough, I soon felt his cock expand, and he froze as his cock twitched and spewed his load in me.

“Man, what an fantastic ass. Almost as tight as a virgin.”

“What do you mean - almost. I’ll have you know I am a virgin. You’re my very first.”

“Yeah, since the last one,” Paul laughed. “No virgin could ever do what you do to a dick.”

“O.K., my turn now,” Don said, and he rolled me onto my back. I spread and lifted my legs, and he shuffled in between them on his knees. He put them over his shoulders, and slowly entered me. His technique was the exact opposite of Paul’s. He was very gentle but also very assertive. He knew exactly what he was doing to me, and was enjoying playing with my ass - varying his strokes and hitting spots in my ass with amazing skill. Next to Jerry, he was the most talented fucker I had ever had. In the middle of his fuck he leant forward and gently kissed me on the lips. I wrapped my arms around him and turned that gentle kiss into a mad passionate embrace. Suddenly, without warning, I came.

“Oh fuck,,,oh god... oh shit,,,oooh fuuuck.” My ass clenched from the intensity of my orgasm, and this in turn brought on Don’s eruption into my ass. He sank to my chest, with a squelch as his stomach smeared my cum all over us. He slid over my belly, spreading my cum with a squishy sound and I wrapped my legs around his waist, We lay there recovering.

“Oh man, that was awesome.”

“You liked?”

“Liked? I loved. Thank you Don.”

“Thank you. These guys are right. You do have an incredible ass. I want more of it before the weekend is over.”

“I want more of your cock, but right now I need to take a break and come down to earth again.”

Don pulled out and I lowered my legs. I did have the presence of mind to get them to sign my card, but didn’t have the energy to get off the mat. I just lay there, while Don, Paul and Ray wandered off. I think I dozed for about half an hour, then rose and went off to get a drink. I spotted Jerry once again bent over having his ass plundered, and immediately got hard. As much as I am a bottom, I suddenly had the urge to fuck him. I wanted to feel my cock sliding into his hot hole.

. . . . . . .