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Chapter 9

While I finishing my drink, Jerry’s fuck was over and he sauntered over to me.

“That looked hot,” I said.


“Watching you getting fucked. I thought you were exclusively top.”

“I don’t bottom very often, but on the odd occasion, I like the feeling of cock up my ass.”

“What about right now.”

“What do you mean?”

“I’m going to fuck you now, right here. Bend over.”

He bent over the table and I got behind him. I slapped his ass and thrust my cock straight in to the hilt.

“Hell, yeah. Fuck my ass, man. Give it to me like I give it to you.”

“Feels good Jer. Your fuck bunny turning the tables on you. Using your hole. Doing unto you what I like you doing unto me. I could really get used to this.”

”Not with me you won’t. This is an exception. I know you, and I know me. You love cock and I love fucking too much for us to reverse roles.”

He was right, of course, but that did not diminish the power I felt as I plunged my hard cock up his ass. I knew however, that I wouldn’t come. Already I could feel my hardon fading. This was usual for me, I only stay rock hard when I have a dick up my ass. After a few minutes I pulled out. My cock was semi-hard, but I knew my role of topman was finished.

“Thanks, Jer. I needed that. Seeing you getting fucked was such a turn on, but you’re right. I’m much happier having cocks shoved up my ass. How about yours now?”

“Sure babe. Bend over to take my cock.”

I assumed the position Jerry had just vacated. He swatted my ass, and sank balls deep into my hole - an exact reversal of what I had done to him.

“Oh yeah, man. Do it just the way I like it. Use my fuckin’ hole. Man you’re the greatest. I fucking love your cock in me. I love taking your cum. I love you.”

I froze. I’d never said anything like that to Jerry. We were fuck buddies, not lovers. “I hope he didn’t hear that,” I thought, but he leaned over my back and whispered in my ear “I love you too.” With that he blasted a load up my ass and clung to me for a minute. Slowly disengaging from me he turned me around and kissed me deeply, his hands running down my back into my ass crack, spreading my buns and lifting me off my feet.

We broke the kiss and looked into each other eyes. There was something there which had never been there before - a certain tenderness. Then it was gone.

“C’mon let’s get into it.”

“Okay, Jerry.”

We kissed again, and wandered back into the action.

I don’t really remember much about the next few hours. I do know that I took Leo again, and Wash and Steve, and enjoyed the three of them, but there were some others. Then it was three o’clock. Tom called an end to the contest. We handed in our cards and he took them away to count. Half an hour later he called us all together.

“I have the results of our little competition. First the topman. The top topman is Leo, with eight loads. A dead heat for second, Jerry and Mark with seven each. The top bottom is Dean, with fifteen loads, second Barry with twelve, and third Josh with eleven. Okay you winners. Up here and give us a demonstration of your prowess.”

Someone dragged a mat onto the patio, and Leo and I stepped onto it. I got down on my hands and knees, and Leo got behind me. He whispered on my ear “If we’re going to be on display let’s give them a real show.” He slid down my back and instead of his cock, I felt the warmth moistness of his tongue on my asshole. I relaxed my hole and his tongue flicked it and snaked its way into me. He ate my ass for a minute, then straightened up and thrust his pole into me.

We fucked for about five minutes, first doggie, and on my back, which was Leo’s favourite position, all the time talking dirty to me loud enough for the audience to hear.

“That hole really got a workout today. I can tell. It’s almost as sloppy and loose as a cunt. Great puffy asslips, fuckin’ loose juicy hole, designed to take loads of cum.”

“And other things.” he whispered to me.

“And I’m just about to give you what you want. Take my load, pig, Yeah, suck up my cum. Here it is,” Leo roared, as he pumped his fourth load of the weekend into me. Jets of cum splattered into my well used hole.

“And now for dessert,” he whispered to me, and in a few seconds I felt the warmth as he started to piss in my ass again.

“Oh yeah, Piss in me. Wash all that cum off my ass walls with your hot golden flow. Fill me up. Fuck Leo, I’m gonna cum,” and I blew a load all over his hairy chest.

Leo pulled out, and I clenched my ass muscles to hold his piss and cum in me. I spied Larry in the audience, and beckoned him over.

“Thirsty Larry?”

“Oh yeah.”

Larry lay on the mat and I positioned my ass above his mouth, facing his cock. I relaxed my muscles and the piss and cum started trickling out into his open mouth. As the first drops hit his tongue his cock rose to an impressive hardon. The trickle increased to a small flow, but that wasn’t enough for Larry. He grabbed my hips and pulled me down on to his open mouth and started sucking. My ass was so loose that I couldn’t control the flow and it gushed out into his eager mouth. I heard him gulp and gulp as I fed him my piss/cum cocktail. Just as I thought he had captured all I had, his cock erupted, spraying an incredible amount of cum all over my face and chest and his chest and belly. He must have spurted at least ten jets of cum, and his body writhed with every jet.

Finally he calmed down, detached his mouth from my ass, and I stood up. I helped him up, and he and Leo and I stood together to take our bows, to the applause of the assembled audience. I needed a drink!

. . . . . . .