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By Morgyle

Marge and Joel have been married for fifteen years and have raised three lovely children; Nathan (14), Candice (12), and Maxine (11). They stayed in your typical suburban home, and Marge was the doting wife - never suspecting that her husband had another life. Joel was a closet gay, and had never let on to anybody of his preference. He had married out of a sense of guilt and obligation to his family. He had been the only son, and his parent's continual little comments about grand-children, had forced him into marriage. In the beginning Joel had hated the idea, but over the fifteen years he had grown to love his wife. However, he still had a need that was not satisfied, and he often bought nude male magazines for his own gratification.

A week before Joel's 36th birthday, Marge and the children left for her parent's home. Joel was to join them in a week, as he was busy at work with a project that demanded his attention. The house seemed very empty after the family left, and Joel spent the evenings ambling through the house looking for something to occupy himself. He discreetly went through Nathan's room looking for any clues that he might have passed on a "gay" gene to his son, but he did not find anything. This was a great sense of relief, as Joel did not want his son to endure the loneliness that he had. However, he also knew that finding no tell-tale signs did not mean that Nathan was straight, but rather that he was as good as hiding the fact as his father.

The third night after the family had left Joel had become bored by sitting at home, and decided to go to a local pub for a beer. A light drizzle had started as he backed his car down the drive-way, and headed for Downers the local pub. The route to Downers took Joel past a area of town that was known to have a gay club. He was tempted to explore the rumors further, but the thought of being discovered discouraged him from pursuing this action. When Joel arrived at the pub he found that it was rather a quiet night, which was rather disappointing. The talk at the bar was all about local current events, which was rather boring to discuss after reading the flowery reports in the papers. Joel had had about nine beers when he decided that it was time for him to go home. He was not one for handling his alcohol, and half walked and stumbled to his car. Lining the key up with the keyhole took a little effort, and getting the car started took just as long. Soon the motor of the gray Ford sprung to life, and Joel set off on the journey home.


Joel woke with a splitting headache, his mouth had an unusual taste in it, not the customary morning after dry stale taste of too much beer. He focused his eyes and looked over at his alarm clock. It was already eight and he was due at work in an hour. He rolled over onto his back and felt his hand brush against warm flesh. For a moment he thought it might be Marge, but then remembering that Marge was away - he became very nervous. Had he cheated on his wife. It would have been the first time. Hesitantly he look to his side, and saw the well formed body of a young man. Joel was afraid and excited in one emotion. How had this young man ended up in his bed? He couldn't remember much from last night. Shit he couldn't remember anything. Joel leaned over and took a closer look at the sleeping form. The body before him belonged to a young man in his early twenties with short cropped blond hair. His upper half of his body was exposed and it showed a well-defined chest. Joel leaned closer wanting to make a mental note of every inch of this young man's body. The desire to touch the hard body before him overwhelmed the fear, and Joel stroked the strong chest. The young man stirred. He opened his beautiful blue eyes, and smiled.

"I see that you have woken up - do you want me to leave now?" he asked looking up into Joel's green eyes. When Joel did not respond the youth took this as an invitation to stay, and he brought his lips up to Joel's. Joel backed-away. "I don't remember anything of what happened last night," Joel quietly whispered. He could feel the youths breathe on his lips. It felt familiar somehow.

"Well, I guess I am not surprised - you were really out of it, but the sex was out of this world," the youth said stroking Joel's side.

"We had sex? But I don't even know your name?" Joel said looking into the handsome face before him.

"Yes, we had great sex, and my name is Wesley, and to answer you're next question - we used protection," Wesley said moving his hand down Joel's side towards his ass cheek. The daily lunchtime workouts in the company gym had ensured that Joel's body was well-toned. He enjoyed outdoor activity, so his skin was tanned, and his thick black hair gave him a striking appearance. He had often been told that he was a cross between Tom Cruise, and Jason Roberts. Many of his work colleagues had tried to get him interested in them, but he had ignored any and all advances. It made him feel great that he was desired by others. His good looks had often helped him to close an account at work. "Wesley, would you tell me how we ended up, um, in this situation?" Joel asked clamping his hand over Wesley roving hand and removing it from his ass cheek.

Wesley did not lose the grin on his face when he began to recount the story of the night before:

"You came into the club around eleven. I didn't notice you at first, but a lot of the other guys saw you coming in, and your good looks had them all glancing in your direction. At the time I was on the stage doing my strip act, and I noticed that my act was not getting its usual attention, but that something else was attracting the attention of the clientele. When I saw you propped up against the bar, I almost popped a raging hard-on right there, and I could understand why everybody was staring at you. Man you are really hot. And your being drunk made you look so vulnerable. You saw me stripping, and asked the barman who I was. He told you, but I guess that you forgot, because you asked three or four other people as well. Eventually, one of the bouncers led you to the dressing room behind the stage obviously thinking that you were no real threat. No doubt your good looks were the deciding factor. You stumbled into the dressing room just as I took off my robe, and was about to get dressed. You hesitated for a moment when you saw my naked body, but the temporary courage of the alcohol made you come up to me and kiss me on the lips. I was a little shocked at first, but soon my lips responded to yours, and I kissed you back.

I could taste the beer on your breathe, but this did not bother me. My steel hard erection growing against your groin was testimony of my desire for you. Your desire was equally visible, and although alcohol is said to dull the male organ yours was fully operational. Not wanting to get to involved in the dressing room I instructed you to sit on a chair, and you watched me dress. Your slurred comments about my well-toned body were appreciatively accepted. "Once I was dressed we headed for your car. It took you awhile to remember were you had parked it, and I asked you if I could drive. You gave me the keys without argument. I helped you into the passenger seat, and then took the driver's seat. Your address I obtained from your driver's license in the glove compartment. On the way back to your house you reached over and unzipped my pants. You freed my cock from my pants, and proceeded to play with it. I was instantly hard when your hand touched my cock. You played with my balls. From the way that you handled my balls I gathered that this was very much a new experience for you. It was not that you handled them badly, but rather that you took pleasure in their feel. This was evident by the manner in which your own pants were tenting. You played with my cock and balls all the way home, and I almost came.

On arriving ay your house I liberated my raging hard-on from your hand, and forced it back into my pants. We left the car, and you led me straight to your room. I was a little uneasy about you when I saw your wedding photograph on the dresser, and the distinct presence of a live-in woman. I had never had an affair with a married man. You undressed, and then you undressed me. Your hands explored every inch of my body, and I yours. I was astonished by the firmness of your body, and even more so, by the large cock that you had. Undoubtedly you were my dream man. Hell, you are anybody's dream man. Your 9" of man meat looked so inviting, that I couldn't help but go down on my knees, and take it in my mouth..."

"Stop!" Joel shouted, "you are driving me crazy - I want to touch, taste, and smell your body." With that Joel lowered his lips to Wesley's, and kissed him again. He kissed down his chin, and over his Adam's apple. His kisses went over the hard terrain of Wesley's chest. Wesley's brown nipples hung on the edge on his well formed pecs. Joel's mouth sunk down on one of these little delights. He felt the warmth of Wesley's body, as his lips caressed the sensitive tip of his nipples. Joel's hands explored Wesley's side, and he squeezed the lats that he found. Wesley moaned softly, and stroked Joel's black hair. The feeling of Wesley stroking his hair - made Joel attack the nipples more savagely - chewing them slightly with his teeth. Wesley pulled hard on Joel's hair when the attention to his nipples became a little to painful. Joel took this as his cue to journey towards the awaiting oasis. He threw the sheet from the bed - exposing his and Wesley's bodies, and then his lips trailed across Wesley's abs towards his erect cock. He could smell Wesley's musky scent before he even reached his cock and balls. His nose brushed passed Wesley's sparse pubic hair, and then there was Wesley's pride and glory - a 8" cut cock with a beautiful mushroomed head, and a nice pair of large hairless balls. Joel ignored the cock and took each of the balls in his mouth in turn. He loved the taste of this young man. He sucked on each ball in turn before releasing it, and then he licked the area just behind Wesley's balls. Joel was acting out every fantasy that he ever had.

The feelings that Wesley was feeling were great, he could not believe that this man was not experienced. He had not shown as much love and tenderness last night when he had slammed his cock into Wesley's butt. It had hurt at first, but the idea of being fucked by a married man had brought Wesley over the edge quickly, and the natural tightening of his ass muscles had caused Joel to unload in the condom wrapped around his cock. After Joel had come he had passed out without removing himself from Wesley's butt, and Wesley had pulled himself free. He had discarded the condom, and then he had licked all the remaining cum from Joel's cock. He had even kissed Joel after he had finished, and deposited some of Joel's own cum in his mouth.

Joel finished licking between Wesley's legs and looked at the cock before him. it looked so huge from this angle. He placed his tongue at the base of the underside of Wesley's cock and then proceeded to lick his way up the sensitive underside. Wesley's hands gripped the sheets on either side of him. He was wanting to cum so badly, but he wanted to feel Joel's mouth over his cock. Joel's tongue circled the ridge of Wesley's mushroomed head. Then he took the whole head into his mouth. Wesley thrust upward. Joel sank down on his cock, and swallowed it to the hilt. He sucked up and down on Wesley's cock. Each time stroking the head with his tongue. Wesley felt his orgasm build in his balls and travel towards his cock. He thrust upward into Joel's mouth, and Joel sensing that Wesley was about to cum began to suck harder. Soon Joel was rewarded with a huge load of cum in the back of his throat. He thought that he could hold it all in his mouth, but he was forced to swallow, or loose some of the cum. Wesley moaned loudly as he came, and pushed down on Joel's head. Wesley's body shook with the intensity of his orgasm. He had never felt anything like it before. Joel did not stop sucking and licking Wesley's cock until he had removed every last drop of come. Wesley had melted into the sheets after his orgasm, and Joel lifted his mouth to Wesley's. Their lips met, and Wesley could taste his own cum inside Joel's mouth as his tongue explored.

"Joel, that was awesome, my cock and balls have never felt so great," Wesley whispered as he kissed Joel's cheek. Joel had still not cum, and Wesley could feel the swollen cock against his thigh. He reached down, and took the cock in his hand. Pushing Joel onto his back he lowered his mouth to the throbbing member. He looked down at the 9" of hard flesh, and lowered his mouth over the cut head. He sucked down on the cock, and began to pump up and down with his mouth. After a few strokes Joel took Wesley's head in his hands, and lifted it from his cock. Wesley looked into Joel's eyes questioningly.

"Can I come inside your ass," Joel asked. Wesley looked down at the glistening cock and then up at Joel's face. "I would love you to, but can you be a little gentler then last night, you really hurt me, and I am still a little sore," Wesley said. Joel began to apologize, but Wesley silenced him with a finger on his lips.

Wesley lay on his back on the bed, because he wanted to see Joel's face when he penetrated him. Wesley thought that Joel was just going to enter him like the night before, but instead Joel lowered his mouth to Wesley's ass. His tongue explored the puckered arse-hole that was still a little tender from the previous nights sex. He explored the tight opening, and teased Wesley's tight ass-hole loose with his tongue. Wesley moaned with pleasure, as he felt the warm tongue penetrating his tight ass-hole. A gasp escaped Wesley's lips when he felt Joel insert a finger into his ass, and after a little while two. Followed shortly by three. Wesley was biting his bottom lip, and Joel saw his balls beginning to tighten up, and he stopped cold. He rose from the bed, and went over to his jacket that was lying on the floor. Wesley followed his every movement, his ass-hole felt a little empty without the three fingers. Wesley heard the slight rip of paper, and when Joel turned around he was wearing a tight condom. He returned to the bed, and positioned himself between Wesley's legs. Lifting up Wesley's legs, he said, "are you ready?" "After the tongue job that you gave me you can bet that I am ready," Wesley said shifting down slightly, so that his ass-hole was exposed fully.

Joel positioned his cock at the entrance to Wesley ass, and in one thrust he pushed the head of his cock inside. Joel waited a little while for Wesley to adjust to his cock, and then he continued to feed the rest of his 9" into Wesley's ass. Wesley felt Joel's pubes brush against him, and then he knew that he had taken the full 9". A slight sweat glistened Wesley's body. Joel loved the warm feeling of Wesley's ass as it clamped down on his cock. He began fucking Wesley slowly. With each forward thrust Wesley felt the head of Joel's cock jab his prostrate. His cock had sprung to life, without being touched, and a small drop of precum glistened on his cock head. Joel ran his hands over Wesley's sweat covered body as he plunged back and forth. He lowered his lips to Wesley's and began to kiss him. Wesley opened his mouth and allowed Joel's tongue to enter his. Joel thrust became more urgent, and Wesley moaned against Joel's lips. Wesley's hands roamed Joel's back, and he used some of the sweat on Joel's body to lubricate his index finger, which he inserted into Joel's ass. Joel grunted as he felt the finger in his ass, and pushed hard into Wesley. The fury of his cum jetted out of his cock. Wesley felt the added warmth of the trapped cum in his body, and his cock erupted for the second time that morning. Volleys of cum splattered Joel's stomach, and dropped down onto Wesley's. Joel collapsed on top of Wesley trapping the cum between their bodies. Joel's face dropped to Wesley's shoulder, and Wesley felt Joel's body shudder. At first Wesley thought that it was the end of his orgasm, but he realized that Joel was crying. Lifting Joel's face from his shoulder he saw the tears running down his cheeks.

"Why are you crying?" Wesley asked soothingly, while he stroked Joel's hair.

"It is just that you have made all my fantasy's come true - before my only release was masturbating to porn magazines and videos," Joel whispered with reddened eyes. Wesley brought Joel's face to his, and kissed away the tears.

*** the end ***