I'll confess this one starts out with a lot less sex than my other stories. And the character of the cop isn't the usual hunk that gets written up in erotic stories. I wanted to explore the idea of a less than beautiful man who's just as capable of love as a gorgeous hunk is - and how he finds it. I'm curious to see how other people like it.

The Witness

Chapter One

The pager went off roughly two second before my cell did. I rolled away from the warm body I'd been cuddling in my sleep and fumbled for the cell. At the same time I focused my eyes on the bedside clock.

Three-fifteen. Shit, this had better be good.

"Yeah," I grunted into the cell.

No problem recognizing the panicked voice of my boss Peter McGill. Peter put away two packs a day and his rasping voice reflected the abuse.

"Chris, you better tell me you are not busy right now," Peter growled. "We got an emergency over at Pharmaden. They need you ASAP."

Petey loved jargon almost as much as he hated being called Petey. He could ASAP AFD - all fucking day - if you didn't tell him to shut up or speak English.


"Well what, Petey?"

"Tell me you're on your way."

I looked over at the shape under the sheet. One hairy leg stuck out and I longed to reach over and follow it to the blue-ribbon set of jewels I knew lay hidden there. Bobby No-Last- Name claimed he was an actor. Of course this was L.A. They were all actors. All the fine looking meat with that hungry look in their star struck eyes came to town with the hopes of being the next Mel Gibson.

But he'd done a fine bit of acting last night and I'd been all set for an encore this morning before heading back for the daily grind at DataTEK. Now it looked like I was going to have to not only forgo that repeat, but get this actor out of my house without alienating him completely.

"ASAP. Oh, and Petey?"

"Yes, Chris?"

"When I pull your nuts out of this particular fire there had better be a fat bonus in my next pay envelope. We both know how the Pharmaden systems got screwed up in the first place, don't we?"

"Just go and fix things," Peter growled. "There's no need to get into finger pointing."

Especially since the finger would be pointing right back at Petey. He'd assigned the new whiz kid, his personal protege, to the Pharmaden account even though the kid was fresh out of college and dripping behind the ears. Well it takes more than a couple of years in school and a handful of certificates to set up and run a computer network as complex as the one Pharmaden had been upgrading at the time. I tried to tell Petey that, but when I'm not saving his ass I'm nothing more than the company faggot and not privy to the ear of the president.

So the fresh prince got the contract and now I was getting late night phone calls to come to the rescue. Just call me the white fucking knight.

I grabbed a pair of clean shorts, found my jeans where I had tossed them in my fever to get the actor's hard seven inches inside me and slipped them on. Barefoot I went around to the other side of the bed and flipped the sheets aside.

"Wakey-wakey, sleepy head." I slapped Bobby's butt. "You have no idea how sorry I am to do this, but we got to move 'em out."

Bobby grunted and tried to roll away, but I grabbed his ankle and hauled him back. I looked at him sprawled on his back, glaring at me and I deeply regretted answering my cell. Why the hell couldn't Pharmaden have waited until morning to have a crisis?

Bobby was gorgeous. A hunk. He wasn't big, maybe five eight, well muscled without being too jocky. Round pecs and a six pack to die for over a set of buns that were perfectly fuckable if you were into that scene. I'm more of a bottom but that was okay, he had the equipment for that too. A nice seven inch cock surrounded by shaved balls and a completely hairless pube.

I had my suspicions that little Bobby did some porno when he wasn't trying to break down the gates of Hollywood but he'd never admitted as much and I hadn't asked. I didn't care whose casting couch he attended. I'd only known I wanted him in my ass the minute I spotted his chiseled face and bright baby blues last night at the Railhouse.

I'm graced with a nice enough physique myself - six foot with dirty blond hair I keep short and a lean swimmer's body. I don't usually have much trouble competing with the younger guys for hot hunks like Bobby. If the bod doesn't impress them the designer duds and the black on black Cadillac Escalade I tool around in does. Hey, you use what you got.

I'm not bragging, but the nights I spend alone are usually the nights I want to.

Right now Bobby was flashing those baby blues at me and stroking his boner, a sly smile on his handsome face.

"Come on, man. You really want to kick this out?" Stroke. Stroke. Pre-cum dribbled out of the slit in his helmet and he scooped some up with his finger, stuck it in his mouth. "It's hot for you."

I knelt on the bed and bent down until our lips almost touched. He licked his and stroked himself harder. More pre-cum. Another taste.

Five minutes. I'd give him five... I lowered my mouth to his cock, wrapping my lips around that gorgeous piece of meat. He sighed and twined his fingers through my short hair, shoving my head down until I swallowed his entire cock.

"Oh yeah, baby. Suck me dry."

I complied and in less than two minutes he groaned and flexed his hips up in release. His dick spurted a copious load of salty cum down my throat. I pulled off his softening tool, kissed his belly, his chest, then his mouth.

"How 'bout you meet me back at the Railhouse tonight. We can pick up where we left off."

Bobby swung his legs over the side of the bed and began gathering up his clothes. His fuck me smile was gone and he looked preoccupied.

"I don't know, man. Audition. Maybe I can get away. Maybe not."

Audition. Probably shooting a porn loop. Ah well, my loss was filmdom's gain. Hi-ho, Long Dong Silver.

"Whatever," was all I said. I slid on a U2 Excavation Tour T-shirt and slipped desert boots over my sockless feet.

From the bedside chair I grabbed my laptop case, made sure my line monitoring tools were inside too and clipped my cell phone and pager onto my belt. I made a quick trip to the bathroom where I ran a comb through my hair and slid my hand over the stubble on my face. Pharmaden was in a hurry to get me, they could take the unshaved version. After all when servers are down no one cares what the onsite technician looks like. Not as long as he could fix the problem. And I was an expert at fixing problems.

At least the kind that occurred inside computers.

[More to come]

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