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The Witness

Chapter 13

David's instructions had been specific. Go back to my motel room and wait for him. He would be an hour, hour and a half at most. He needed to make a run by the West L.A. station for something but then he would head straight out to La Canada.

Under no circumstances was I to leave the room or open the door for anyone else.

It took him nearly two hours. I was chewing my fingernails off at the elbow and pacing pathways in the carpet by the time the solid rap came on the door. I glanced out the window nearest the door and saw David's familiar bulk. Even then I opened the door on the chain and peered out at him. At that moment I loved his pockmarked face with all my heart.

I threw the door open and fell into his arms.

He embraced me back, hard, then led me to the bed. I smothered his face with kisses and wouldn't let him go even when he tried to sit me on the bed and move away. Eventually he had to sit down with me practically in his lap. All this was made more awkward by the fact that he was carrying a briefcase.

"Chris, baby, relax. Whatever is going on, you're safe. Okay."

I swallowed and nodded. "Sorry," I muttered. "It's just been a bit..."

"Crazy?" David offered me a lopsided grin. "This week has been fucking insane, so don't worry about going off the deep end a bit. I'm used to that kind of chaos and I'm frazzled."

Except you never expected to be outed because of a fling, did you? I remember his talk of ten more years until his pension kicked in and all the guilt came back stronger for its short rest.

He rubbed his hand through his thick mop of hair. "Now tell me what happened since I last saw you. Everything."

I ran through it all. The spontaneous flight to La Canada, the bar hopping that had revealed that I was being followed. The realization that my follower looked like Williams.

"His brother." David tasted something sour. "It didn't come up before because according to our records Steven Williams, AKA Willy, is supposed to be in Florida serving ten to twenty for armed robbery. Coincidence, huh? He was released last month on parole, good behavior - read prisons too full, let's make room for the next batch of losers - but no one bothered to inform his previous place of residence. He failed to report to his probation officer for what would have been a second visit and a bench warrant was issued. Again, no one informed anyone else."

"He slipped through the cracks."

"Cracks? Try gaping chasms. This guy walked away without anyone blinking. If you hadn't spotted him we wouldn't even know he was here."

"Why's he after me?"

"I'll hazard a guess he was Birdy's getaway driver. He knows damned well if Birdy cops a plea they may nail him as part of the process - from what I gather this family would sell out Mom for a day pass. Little brother Stevie knows his only hope of walking away from this is keep big brother Clarence out of jail. That means kibosh the witness."



I groped between us for his hand. He squeezed it with his big paw.

"Sorry you got in the middle of this mess. These things usually aren't like this... I've never worked a case where a witness was endangered."

"I'm unique. Lucky me."

"Well, nobody could ever say you're ordinary." He offered me a lopsided grin and my heart did flip-flops. Christ, you'd think I was fifteen and having my first crush. What was it with this guy?

"What about you?" I murmured. "How are things at work?"

He shrugged. "Cold. I can live with it. The brass can't do anything. They can't even ask me if it's true. And even if they did acknowledge that they knew, there's dick all they can do about it. They have to pretend to be enlightened. I help them along by playing dumb."

"I'm still sorry. It wasn't what you wanted and I've never outed anyone in my life. I always figured that wasn't my call."

"I made the phone call. I could have let you call it in and done the vanishing act."

"Why didn't you?"

"You needed me."

That simple admission did me in. I started crying then and David really got upset. I could tell he hated tears, didn't have a clue how to react to them but the fact they were my tears is what really upset him.

God I think I love this man.

David patted my back clumsily. He held me until my tears subsided then he kissed me lightly on the mouth.

"No more, okay? We're going to get through this. But don't do that." He rubbed his eyes with the heel of his hand. "God, I can't stand it when someone cries."

I snuffled then grinned in embarrassment. "Sure, I know. I'm just overreacting."

He pulled the briefcase into his lap and popped it open. "Can you take a look at something? See if you recognize anyone."

He drew out a hand full of mug shots. We spread them on the comforter and I began to look from one to the other. I spotted him almost immediately.

"That's him, that's the guy I saw tonight."

David picked up the mug shot and looked at it. "That's Steve Williams. Well, well, well. Looks who's back in town."

"What now?"


I nodded.

"Make a formal report. Alert the local police. Up here that's the Foothills Division. Did you see what he was driving?"

"No. Sorry."

"They'll check out the bars you saw him in. Maybe somebody got a look. After that we see about getting you some protection." He scraped at an acne pit on his face. "That one won't be easy. You're still not a high priority for them. Maybe I ought to take my holidays and come over and protect you myself. I wouldn't be surprised if they were happy to give them to me right now."

"You'd do that for me?"

He looked surprised. "You know, I just might." His eyes narrowed as they took in my face, then they darkened and his voice got husky. "Damned if I wouldn't just do that."

We stared at each other for several heartbeats then I broke the silence. My own voice was hoarse.

"What then? There's got to be some way of finding this guy, now that you know he's back in town."

"Check known associates. Ask his brother. Put out an ad in the Times." He gently slapped my butt and grinned. "Just kidding. That last one almost never works."

I smiled weakly.

"When do we start all this?"

"Should call Foothills right away. They could start canvassing those bars while they're still open -" He glanced at his watch and swore. "Bars closed twenty minutes ago. Shit, that's no good."

"Then I have an idea." I tugged at his hand until he was half turned to face me. He looked so solemn I touched his face with my finger. "We can stay here till morning. Get some rest and start things rolling then."

"We could." He pushed the briefcase onto the floor with a thud. "But would we really get much rest? Are you really planning on going to sleep, Chris?"

I slid my fingers between the buttons on his shirt, managing to get two open so I could slide my whole hand in. "Okay, you caught me. Make love to me, David. I really do need you right now."

"Oh well, in that case." He rolled over and pressed me down on the bed. "To protect and serve, right?"

He sat up long enough to pull my shirt off over my head, then got my pants and boxers off. But then, instead of getting his own clothes off he leaned over me on one elbow and studied me.

"You are incredibly beautiful, aren't you?" He dipped his head down and kissed my jaw, then the side of my mouth and nose. Even brushed my eyes with tender butterfly kisses. "But I bet you get told that all the time. I don't get what you see in a lump like me, but I don't care anymore. Right now you're all mine."

He began to kiss me in earnest, raiding my mouth with his tongue and covering my face and neck with his searching lips. Slowly he made his way down, stopping to tug at my earlobes with his teeth which elicited a groan from me. He caressed my shoulders and upper chest, rubbing his slight five o'clock shadow across my hairless pecs. Then he captured one of my nipples in his mouth and I came off the bed with a cry.

He tugged and sucked at the nubbin of flesh until it was pebble hard and I was gasping. I rubbed my hips against his legs and he moved one knee up to press against my swollen cock.

He performed the same loving action on my other nipple and I was beyond need now. I was thrashing on the bed, pinned down by his greater weight. I wanted to feel his mouth on me. I wanted my cock down his throat.

He continued to move down. His lips brushing my navel, then his tongue exploring it. I muttered his name and groaned when my cock rubbed against his knee.

"Oh, baby, you're killing me. Please..."

He nuzzled up into my balls, licking and stroking them with his tongue and his surprisingly deft fingers. When he took one ball in his mouth I whimpered. When he got both of them in I shuddered and clutched the ratty blanket that covered the bed under us.

He fondled the length of my steel hard pole with his tongue then slipped his wet mouth over my leaking cock head. He began bobbing his head up and down to some unheard rhythm that matched the flow of blood through my pounding heart. My hips rocketed off the bed in a matching cadence. I fucked his mouth, gasping now. Feeling the cum boil up in my tightening balls.

"Oh fuck, David, fuck yes, fuck yes, FUCK YES!!"

I came, shattering my stunned sense with a blast of white hot cum that shot out of my throbbing cock into his mouth. He gulped and swallowed and took it all, draining me dry and leaving me limp and only vaguely conscious.

I hardly felt David drag the bed clothes back and ease me under them, wrapping them up around my shoulders. Nor did I feel him slide in beside me and wrap me in his big strong arms. I only know I slept like the proverbial baby.

And he held me all night long.

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