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The Witness

Chapter 16

The small truck back into the drive, maneuvering the tight corner with easy skill. I grinned. Something else David did well.

He hopped out of the cab and came around to unlatch the cargo door. He threw the sliding door flying up on its hinges and leapt up into the truck bed.

He glared down at me.

"Well, are you going to help or not? If I have to do this all myself you are going to find out the real meaning behind the term blue rage."

"Threats, officer?" I scrambled into the truck with him. "Whatever happened to serve and protect?" Before he could answer I patted his butt. "I was just admiring the way you fill out a pair of jeans. You should wear them more often."

"Around you that would mean never getting anything done. I've never met a man as dedicated to sex as you."

"You're complaining?"

I pinned him against the truck wall. My mouth attacked his and I didn't pull away until he groaned and his hard dick pushed into my belly.

"Mmm, not complaining then." I traced a path down his face flicking my tongue over his eyes and ending up back at his mouth. He swallowed my tongue and came back demanding more.

"Can this stuff wait? You've got another week off."

It was actually a paid leave the department had forced on him after the shooting death of Steve Williams. Though everyone claimed it was a righteous shoot an issue had been raised about his relationship with me and how he had come to be in a place to shoot Steve. It was obvious they were punishing David for his sexuality but you couldn't argue with department big wigs. According to David they'd just bring in Internal Affairs and really make his life a living hell.

"I'll take the leave," he had told me. "Hell, we can put it to good use."

And we had. The first two days we hardly left my bedroom. Then he had finally agreed that it made no sense to keep separate quarters and he would move in with me. I was ecstatic. So we spent the next day in bed to celebrate. After that I was forced to go back to work and David was left with the logistics of moving his household into mine.

Then he decided to rent it out instead and we became instant landlords. The truck was for the few things he wasn't leaving in the house for the new tenants.

David was stubborn. He wasn't going to let me support him, though I probably made three times what he did. It was all nonsense but he was too damned proud and stubborn and pig-headed for his own good.

"Another week," David agreed, running his hands down my back and coming to rest on the small of my back, just above my hips.

My cock was already responding to his nearness. Just like it always did. David was right, I was just like a kid in a candy store when it came to sex. What he didn't seem to realize is that it was sex with him. I looked at other guys now, guys that before I met him would have given me a raging boner in two seconds flat and now I think: nice. Okay. Not for me.

They might be giving him a hard time at work, and maybe he'd face a chilly reception when he was back on the job in a week but I knew that when he came home he was going to find a haven that would shut out the whole nasty world beyond our door.

I was going to make damned sure of that.

I sucked on his lower lip. "Come on, stud. I'm hungry for some cock. I want to suck it out of you until you're as dry as the Mojave. What do you say?"

David's eyes were dark and shone with desire. "Jesus, baby. What can I say? I can't even walk anymore."

I wrapped my fingers around the thick bulge between his jean clad legs. "See," I said and squeezed him gently. "What'd I tell you about those jeans."

I spotted the chair in front of a pile of boxes labeled stereo and pushed him backwards, my hand still squeezing his crotch. The small boxes on the chair ended up on the bed of the truck. David ended up in the chair. I knelt between his legs.

He gave me token resistance. "Someone might walk by. Someone might come up the path looking for us. Someone --"

"Someone might fall off the Hollywood sign and suffer a massive concussion, but it's not going to stop me from sucking your cock until you scream for it."

David licked his lips and his breath hitched in his throat.

I opened his shirt to reveal the mound of his stomach. I pressed my lips to it then followed the line of hair that snaked down into his jeans.

"You know I can do it," I whispered against the skin of his belly. "You know I can make you scream for me. Even out here I can make you scream."

David groaned and dug his fingers into my scalp. I unzipped his jeans and reached in to pull his treasure out. The fat head glistened at me and I licked it dry. Then I reached between his legs and cradled his balls in my hand.

"Chris, oh Jesus fucking wept, Chris!"

"Ah, I thought I could get you to do that."

I began to sucking him in earnest. Swallowing all ten inches and taking it all in. All the time. I pumped, fucking him with my mouth. His breathing grew hoarse and loud. He grunted and shoved his hips up, wanting it faster and harder. I obliged and he moaned.

"Baby, baby, fucking yes. YESSS!!"

I felt his balls contract in my hand and I sucked harder. He exploded in my mouth, blasting gobbets of hot cum down my throat. I swallowed, stroked, swallowed some more. Kept doing that until he jerked away from me, his cock growing too sensitive to be touched.

I released him and drew back. I smiled up at him adoringly.

"God, I love you, David."

He tucked his soft cock back in his jeans, stood up and hauled me to my feet, pulling me into his arms.

"I love you, too, Chris. More than you'll ever know."

"Come on." I slapped his butt then came back to linger on it. "Let's get this shit unloaded then we can settle down for real. You realize this is a great day, don't you."

"Is it?"

"The first day of the rest of our lives. And to hell with what anyone else says about it."

"I'm there."

"Get to work then. I've got major plans for you later on."


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