The Witness

Chapter 9

I had my key out before he cut the car engine. We both climbed out and without bothering to lock the car, we strode up the steps to my front door.

My hands were shaking as I fumbled with the key, then disarmed the alarm system. We stepped into the cool foyer and I turned to shut the door behind us.

He kicked the door shut and in a single move pinned me to the wall beside the alarm system.

"David --"

"Just shut up," he growled then drove his mouth down on mine.

His mouth was hot and savage and I couldn't get enough of it. I grunted with the effort to suck his tonsils out of his face and inhaled the wonderful taste and smell of him. He had on some kind of aftershave that was divine and his mouth tasted like ambrosia.

He sucked at my lips, then thrust his tongue down my throat only to withdraw and gentle his touch, scattering light kisses all over my face and throat. Then just as I caught my breath he dove back down my throat and ravaged me again.

My heart was pounding so hard in my chest I could feel the vibration in the wall behind me. My hands fumbled with his belt and I wrenched his fly open, shoving his pants down his hips.

What poked out of the top of his jockeys made my mouth go dry.

He had to be at least nine inches. Maybe ten or more. Almost as big around as my arm, his cock stood straight up, bouncing against the thick dusting of dark hair that snaked down his belly. He was uncut. The purplish red helmet poked out of his foreskin, already glistening with pre-cum. Below a pair of goose- egg sized balls dangled from their nest of curly black pubic hair.

My mouth went from dry to flooded with saliva in a ragged heartbeat.

Without a word I dropped to my knees and buried my nose in his extravagant bush. I inhaled his real scent and used my lips and tongue to capture one of his balls, cradling it in my mouth then moving to the next one. David's fingers went through my hair, and I felt his hips undulate in silent need.

I moved up the shaft of his thick cock, my tongue circling the veined, pulsing pole until I reached the massive head. Sliding back the foreskin I wrapped my mouth around his hot dick. He jumped, but the only sound he made was the rapid increase in breathing. He sounded like a bellows.

I knew he was close to exploding, but I was determined to make him work for it. I wanted to hear him cry out my name as he came. Working his cock with everything I had I slid my hand between his ass cheeks and gently worked one finger into his tight hole. He jerked at the invasion and I heard his ragged breathing catch in his throat. Close. I began to stroke him inside while my mouth fucked him outside. I worked his prostate and by now his hips were pumping furiously. He was beyond thought, beyond anything but pure undiluted lust.

I pushed a second finger into his ass and his hands clamped onto my head. In my mouth his cock jerked and twitched. His entire body went rigid and he groaned, a long drawn out sound of release as his cock jetted hot cum into the back of my throat. He pumped three, four, five times then sagged against my face. His cock slowly lost its tensile strength and slipped out of my mouth.

I looked up to find him leaning his head against the wall above me. His eyes were closed and his breathing was still pumped. Sweat sheened his skin, I could see blotches of it spreading out from under his arm pits despite the central air that kept the house cool.

He was shaking.

Finally he reached down to guide me back to my feet. I leaned into him. My own hard on pressed into his leg as I put my arms around him and kissed his lips.

"Still want to talk?"

He growled something that might have been a curse, might have been my name then did something no other man had ever done.

He scooped me up in his arms.

"Where the hell's your bedroom?"

I pointed and he moved fast despite his burden, shoving the half open door ajar with his foot he strode straight to the bed and dumped me on it. Then he began to tear off his clothes.

"Don't move," he said when I started to do the same. I froze.

When he had dropped the last of his cloths on the floor at the foot of the bed he stood over me and I took advantage of the moment to study him, liking what I saw.

He might be big but only the last ten to twenty pounds of it was fat. His upper chest was well developed - his carrying me in here had proved that - and covered with a generous matt of thick dark hair. The hair thinned out over the soft mound of his gut then widened again as it dove down to the heavy bush surrounding his now flaccid, but still impressive, cock and balls. His butt was heavy - most of his muscles were in his upper body - and had hardly any hair on it.

I raised my head to find him watching me through half- lidded eyes. His big hands hung at his side, fingers clenched into fists. I saw a pulse beat in his throat.

"Jesus," I muttered. "You're fucking gorgeous."

His face cleared and took on a new look I had never seen before as he knelt on the bed and started taking my clothes off. Everything ended up in a jumble on the floor.

When he exposed my rock hard cock he moved down between my legs and took me in his mouth.

I jumped at the raw lust that surged through me when his lips touched my dick. He hoovered me like there was no tomorrow and I moaned his name as his mouth brought me to the brink of blowing my load. But before that could happen he pulled away from me and drew me off the bed onto my knees. I caught sight of his cock - hard again - then he put his hand on my hip.

"Turn over," he growled. "You got protection?"

"Top drawer. Lube and condoms."

I heard the rip of plastic then fingers saturated with cool lube worked up between my ass cheeks. I raised my butt off the bed and felt him slide his cock up to the mouth of my puckered hole. Despite the tension in his big body he was amazingly gentle when he inserted the head of his cock into my back channel.

He eased in, past the tight ring of sphincter muscle then paused to allow my body time to adjust to this invasion. On my urging he slid in a bit more then pulled out, only to slide back in even further. We were both breathing hard by the time he pushed his balls right up to the edge of my ass.

"Tight," he said. He kissed the back of my neck. Then he started to move.

I've been fucked before, countless times. Since I was sixteen I've always been a bottom, hardly ever tried anything else. But in all my years I've never been fucked like that. Maybe it was because I had to work so hard to get him there. Maybe it was just something magic from the very beginning. I don't know. I only know it was incredible.

He started out slow, rocking gently as he moved in and out, totally in control. He kept his mouth on my neck, his breath hot and wet on my damp skin. His big hands held my hips for a while, then he swept them up to tweak my nipples, bringing them to sharp attention before moving back to my hips.

Then one meaty hand closed over my cock and I threw my head back and squeezed the inner muscles of my ass, tightening my hold on his cock. I undulated my hips, thrusting backward to take him deeper into me.

He gasped and thrust hard in return, slamming into me, no longer David-in-control but a wild man, lost in passion. Pounding into me so hard now the bed under us began to bounce and slam against the wall at my head. He held my hips in an iron grip and his teeth were at my throat, worrying the skin there, marking me as his.

I didn't care if he gave me a hickey. I was past caring if everyone saw it tomorrow and knew what it was. I moaned his name again and again in a maddening litany of need. He responded by ramming into me even harder, faster.

My cum boiled up in me and I could feel my whole body pulse in one huge orgasm. I screamed as it boiled out of me, spattering my chest and face and splashing against the wall above my head.

David jerked and froze, driving home his own orgasm. His cock pulsed as he exploded, shooting molten cum into my tight hole. He held his body hard against mine for what seemed like hours but could only have been seconds as he emptied himself into me.

We both sagged onto the bed, our bodies still welded together. Finally he rolled away, his softening cock slipping out of me with a soft pop. I heard the sticky sound of pealing rubber and the rustle of something being tossed in the bedside garbage.

I turned over and moved into his arms. He embraced me, resting his head on my shoulder, his breath warm on my cheek.

"Can you still walk?" he murmured into my open mouth.

I giggled and touched the side of his face with my right hand. His pockmarked skin felt slightly rough under my fingertips. I stroked his mouth.

"Yeah, if I had to."

"Hmm, then I'm not done yet." David tightened his grip on me. "What are you doing later on?"

"Tonight? Nothing."

His mouth closed over mine and he kissed me briefly. "Then I'm taking you out to supper. Afterward I'm going to come back here - expect me to spend the night."

Hmm, a take charge kind of guy. I was too enervated to argue. I kissed his throat then his chin, content to just snuggle a while.

"Whatever you say, big guy."

"As long as we're straight on that."

[More to come]

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