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Ten a.m. Jake had been hard at work since seven, loading and storing cartons of electrical goods in the warehouse. He was hot, dusty and sweaty, and his t-shirt was sticking to his back and pecs.

Jake was a big guy, six feet three, two hundred fifteen pounds - all in the right places - chest, thighs, arms, butt. Nestled in his dingy work jockstrap was a thick cut five inch tube steak, that grew to almost nine inches when aroused. And it was getting aroused! Time for a break.

He left the warehouse, and headed across and down the street, turning into the old arcade. He sauntered past the shops, and turned down the dim corridor between the boot repairer and an empty shop. Halfway down the corridor he took a right and then turned left into the bathroom.

“Fuck” he thought as he turned the corner in the bathroom. The middle cubicle was closed. He opened the door of the third cubicle and entered. The smell of disinfectant hung in the air.

Jake dropped his Levi’s down to his boots, and bent over to check out the occupant of the next stall. The guy was sitting there slowly pulling on an uncut cock that compared with his in size. He licked his lips, and put his finger to the hole.

The guy stood up, moved over to the glory hole, and shoved his dick through. The hole was big enough for his low hangers to come through too, and Jake hefted them as he sucked on the skin. It tasted of sweat, piss and precum. Jake pulled back on the shaft and the knob emerged, red and slimy with manjuice. Behind the head a small amount of cheese had developed, and Jake hungrily slid over the head to taste it, then swallowed further till his lips were tight against the cubicle wall

He then started bobbing back and forward, working his tongue on the ridge that ran on the underside of the cock - that ridge that held the tube through which a load of hot mancum would eventually pass. The guy pushed forward trying to get more of his meat into Jake’s sucking mouth and throat, grunting as he did so.

Jake sucked for a couple of minutes then held onto the cock as he pulled off, spat a gob into his other hand and reached back to rub it round his asshole. He put his mouth round the cock again, lathering it with his spit, then held it again as he stood up and turned round, guiding the head to his spit slicked hole.

The guy’s cock hit dead on target, and Jake used his free hand to pull on one of his ass cheeks - opening up his crack to make it easier to slide down on the meat. As the head popped past his muscle, he released his hand hold and pulled his other cheek, then slid back till his butt was hard against the wall. The guy started pumping, his balls trapped between the cubicle wall and Jake’s ass.

Jake freed his cock from the jockstrap pouch and began jacking in time with the guy’s thrusts. For five minutes all that could be heard was the sound of the cubicle wall creaking as the guy pushed against it, and the heavy breathing and quiet grunting of the two men.

. . . . . . .

As soon as Hank opened the door of the restroom, he heard the sound of thudding, and as he turned the corner and saw the two closed cubicle doors, his cock hardened immediately. He opened the door of the first cubicle and entered, pulling his shorts down as he did.

He bent down to look through the hole and saw a bare butt. From the way the wall was creaking, and the ass was clenching, Hank knew that the guy was pounding butt rather than getting blown. Quietly, he said “I’d like a bit of that when you’re finished.”

The guy looked around and saw Hank at the hole, and smiled, then turned back and continued fucking Jake’s hole. He wanted the fuck to last, but knowing that he was being watched gave him that little bit of exhibitionist excitement that put him over the edge.

“Fuck man. I’m gonna cum.”

“Yeah. shoot it in me man. Fuck yer load into me.”

Hank jacked slowly as he watched the glutes of the guy flex and heard the pounding against the wall get louder and then the guy grunted and his butt muscles contracted five or six times, accompanied by an “Unghhh. unghhh.” as he spewed his load into Jake’s asscunt.

Pulling out he turned and Hank saw the slimy slab, a drop of cum still hanging from the piss slit. He put his tongue through the hole and felt the cock rest on it. He closed his mouth round it and sucked the last drops from it. The guy then pulled out and turned to get dressed.

Hank stood up and stepped out of his stall, shorts in his hand. He rapped on the third door.

“Open up man. I want a shot at that ass of yours.”

Jake opened the door, and saw Hank standing there naked from the waist down and a string of precum hanging from his knob. He dropped to his knees and caught the string on his tongue then wrapped his lips round the cock and started sucking.

Hank started pumping into Jake’s mouth, while Jake’s tongue was doing a number on his knob. The guy from the second cubicle came out and watched the two hot guys getting it on in the doorway of the cubicle.

“Thanks for the fuck man. Might see you around here again sometime.”

“Sure, dude. Thanks.”

The guy left and Hank reached down and lifted Jake to his feet.

“Come over here to the wash basin man, and bend over. I wanna feel your hot cunt wrapped round my meat.”

Jake,shuffled over to the wash basins, Levis still round his ankles, and bent over. Hank pulled his ass cheeks apart and saw Jake’s hole, slightly red and puffy, and coated with the other guy’s slime.

“Mmmmmmmmm. Hot looking hole man.”

Without waiting any longer he rammed his cock into Jake’s ass. The guy’s cum made it easy to slide balls deep. He started pumping, long dicking Jake’s hole. The sound of his cock sliding through the load in Jake’s ass was turning them both on, and Jake was pushing back onto the cock as hard as Hank was pushing into his ass.

Five minutes of hard pumping had Hank on edge.

“Fuckin’ gonna cum man. Work your ass man, get those muscles suckin’ my load out of me! Yeahhhh!”

“Me too man. Gonna shoot my load too.”

Jake worked on the meat in his hole and was quickly rewarded with Hank’s load shooting deep into him, just as he shot his load onto the floor. Another five or six spurts of hot manjuice filled his hole, before Hank slowed his thrusting, and finally pulled out.

“Suck it clean for me man. Clean my cock.”

Jake turned and sank to his knees, taking the slimy cummy cock into his mouth and sucking it clean. He loved the taste of cum and ass juice, and didn’t want to let go of it, but the guy pulled out.

“Thanks man. Nice ass you got there. See you around here again.”

“Yeah dude. I’ll look out for you.”

The guy pulled his shorts on and turned and left. Jake stood up and shuffled back to his cubicle, tucked his cock back into his jockstrap pouch, grabbed some toilet tissues and shoved them in his ass crack, clenching his muscles to hold them in there. He pulled up his Levis and tucked his t-shirt in, then left the restroom.

He knew that sometime during the day he was going to go into the restroom in the warehouse, and remove the tissues to smell the remnants of the fucks that would undoubtedly leak out of his well used, happy hole.