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"A Class By Himself 29"

I giggled at the eager approach that Tanner made towards me as he quickly crossed the room. I was sitting on his bed as he stepped between my legs and ran his fingers through the blond locks of my hair. "Dude, what are you doing?" I snickered, but he tilted my head back and his lips were firmly pressed against mine before I could even finish my sentence.

"Mmmmmm...I want you so bad right now..." He moaned.

"Hehehe, what? Why? What did I do?" I asked.

"You're within kissing range. That's all it takes."

"What if you're mom is listening out for us?"

"She doesn't get to watch." He said. "Unless you want me to get a camera and make her a video for later. You want me to do that instead?"

I laughed out loud, and grabbed the sides of his pretty face as he leaned forward and laid on top of me. "You're so damned goofy." I grinned.

"Only for you, baby. Promise." Our lips mashed themselves together as we both scooted further back on his bed and Tanner pressed his gentle weight on top of me. I never noticed how BIG Tanner's bed was before! What does he do with all this extra space when he's sleeping? "I need you." He whispered in my ear, just before giving my earlobe a sensual suck.

I didn't dare put up even a hint of resistance. Not even when he got up on his knees to unfasten my pants and yank them down my legs. He seemed to be having a bit of trouble, even with me raising my hips up to help him, but we were working out somehow.

As Tanner got more anxious to get me out of my clothes, he tugged even harder at my pants and we both started to laugh hysterically at how this supposedly 'simple' task was being turned into an obstacle of epic proportions. "Hahaha, what the hell, dude?" I said.

"These pants didn't look this tight when you were wearing them!" He cackled.

"Well...shit, give me a second..."

"NO! Get 'em off! Hehehe, I need you hard and naked!"

"Well, I've got you covered on the first half of that equation!" I giggled, feeling him roughly yanking my pants further down. First past my knees, then down to my ankles. Tanner got excited when he saw my erection pushing the front of my boxers up...a single button holding my boner in place as it strained passionately against the material. As Tanner struggled with getting my pants legs over my heels and off of my feet, he saw the eager tent in front of him and couldn't wait any longer.

"Aw, screw it!" He smirked, and quickly moved up to put his mouth over my hard shaft, undies and all. He just...he needed it so bad, and I couldn't stop myself from wiggling under the feel of his heated breath and wet lips enveloping me with a craving that only lovers can share. God, that boy left me so damn helpless sometimes.

I could feel his tongue snaking its way around the button and coiling around whatever parts of my shaft that he could reach with it. His hands ran up and down the sides of my abdomen, and it felt so good that I really wanted to just close my eyes and enjoy it...but I couldn't completely abandon the horror behind the notion that his mother could come back up to his bedroom at any minute and catch us like...this.

Just my luck, she probably keeps a freakin' 'nut splattering' shotgun in the house.

I heard Tanner cough, and he sat up, making the cutest little face as he was trying to get a hair, or maybe something from the material of my boxers off of his tongue. "Bleh...hehehe..."

"Your fault." I giggled.

"Whatever. Take these off. All of it. Hurry up." He said, and he bounced his butt a few times on the bed before swinging his legs around to strip down, himself.

My baby is so cute when he's feeling frisky.

Sitting up, I tried to figure out how the hell he got my pants so mixed up down there. They were like shackles of steel around my ankles. I'm like, "Jesus, Tanner...what did you DO?" But he just giggled sweetly in response. I worked to finally get one of my feet free from my confinement, but then watched as Tanner stood up to lower his pants and underwear in one motion. I never get tired of seeing his bare ass come into view for the first time on any given day. Every time is like the first time. The pearly white mounds, separated from the rest of him by the glaring white contrast in color between the sun kissed warmth of his natural tan, and the hidden section of him that no one else ever got to see...sweet and tasty and smooth beyond description. A rather round and plump protrusion for such a slender set of hips, with the cutest little jiggle being triggered as he stepped out of his clothes. I get caught up just staring at it sometimes. Sighing to myself as just a hint of his little pink hole flashes me from the bottom of his sensual cleft. I never knew a boy could be so sexually appealing.

Tanner truly stole my attention in full. Every moment that we spent together was one of awe and amazement. DAMN, I love that boy!

"What?" He asked. "Hehehe, why do you still have a shirt on?" He said, turning around, his proudly erect boyhood pointing in my direction. Straining, almost aching, for my touch...until the rose colored, heavily blushed, tip throbbed and bounced with every pulse of his excited heartbeat.

"Your ass is fucking SEXY, dude!" I teased.

"Hahaha! What the...? Well, it's not like you can't have some of it if you'd focus!"

"Oh, I'm focused. You'd better BELIEVE I'm focused!" I grinned, hurriedly lifting my shirt up over my head. "Damn, baby..."

I couldn't wait to shake my other foot free from my pants leg so I could get my boxers down and lay, side by side, with my boyfriend again. I really wish we could have a place to do this all day long. I wonder if we could get his parents to move out so we could keep the house and the backyard pool to ourselves.

Tongue kissing was something that Tanner and I had become increasingly good at. Don't ask me how. It was just this bond that we developed almost immediately once we were able to let our guards down around one another. It's one of the most open and intimate connections that you can make with another person. It's not a skill like...shooting a basketball, riding a bike, or doing the backstroke. There's a hidden something involved in kissing that only works when the right two people get together, and love each other enough to get it just right.

Tanner always got it just right.

He pushed me onto my back as his tender kisses went to my neck, then to my chest...sucking gently on one nipple, and then the other, his hand cradling my balls the entire time. Then his kisses moved further down...until I could feel his cute little nose pressed against my belly, his tongue circling the ridge of my shallow navel as his hand moved up to grip my hardness and squeeze it until it throbbed beneath his fingers. I closed my eyes, feeling his breath lightly blowing through what scarce pubic hairs I had down there...a moment of wetness.

The same tongue that had brought me to such a heightened state of arousal while we were kissing had now taken an erotic detour, connected the sopping wet texture of his boyish tastebuds to the most sensitive part of me. Taking me into his soft lips...that vibrant organ gyrating with a sensual rhythm as it coiled around my sensitive tip. His palms on my inner thighs, spreading them wider, encouraging a series of involuntary thrusts up into his sultry offering as he moaned his appreciation for the fever that burned deep within me.

"Jesus..." I whispered as he pleasured me with a craving that I hadn't felt in a while. Note to self...we have to make these weekends a constant thing from now on. Wow...

Tanner let me slip from his lips as he heard my whimpers getting more urgent. "Are you close? Don't burst, ok?"

Breathlessly, I told him, "Well, I don't know what I can and can't promise with you being so damn awesome at doing that."

Tanner smiled up at me, and held my rigid shaft as he gave my balls a few licks...looking me in the eye as strands of his longish hair tickled my thighs. "Ok..." He sighed. Then he crawled back up on the mattress to kiss me on the lips, only taking a short break to whisper, "Make love to me..."

"K..." I whispered back. And after a few more intense kisses, Tanner rolled over and applied a slippery dollop of the substance he had been saving for this very moment. "Are you sure your mom isn't gonna, like...knock on your door, or...?"

"She won't. I swear. Just...come on. Do it to me..." He said, almost sounding annoyed at my extra need for caution and privacy.

Tanner lay on his stomach, this sensuous arch in his back as he raised those sexy hips in the air and presented those jiggly cheeks to me by pressing his kneecaps into the mattress below. I can remember feeling like I was gonna cum so HARD as I positioned myself behind him, and placed the swollen tip of my shaft against his tiny hole. The pink wrinkles looked almost too stubborn to give way to the pressure of my penetration. And yet, the constricted ring flexed beneath my circumcised helmet with an innocent need for stimulation. Almost as if it was trying to suck me in, Tanner's growing desperation accented by the slow grinding of his hips against me.

I wanted this to last forever...but if I make it past a few minutes, I'd be surprised.

We prepared for the next step, and soon, I found myself holding my breath as the quivering hardness of my shaft finally applied the pressure needed to break through Tanner's conflicted entrance. It always took a bit of patience, as well as a bit of persistence...but once his lovely body gave me the acceptance that I was looking for...nothing would dare to separate us until a shared orgasm had been achieved. Nothing.

Dear God! Tanner's snug hole gripped me in a way that made me feel like my right hand had been doing it wrong all this time. The slide of my boyhood into the boy of my dreams was a full bodied experience that nearly caused me to cry out loud from the pure joy of it. Especially when Tanner raised his hips even more to hurry my journey towards bottoming out inside of him, his smooth mounds pressing themselves against my lap as he lay beneath me.

"Whoah...yeah. Oh wow, I needed this! Mmmm, gimmee a second..." Tanner moaned, and I felt him wiggle slightly and readjust his position. All while his sexually activated muscles were swirling up and doing their best to crush me from the inside. Massaging me from all sides. Sucking at my erection so hard that I was forced to lay across his back and hold on to him, eyes closed, to keep from letting go too early.

How long does Tanner want me to hold on? I don't know how much 'control' I'm going to have over this once we get started.

"I'm ready..." Tanner said, almost as an urging for me to get going already. Hehehe, there's something really hot about him being so needy for my love.

"Alright..." I said. "I love you."

"Love you too."

And that was when I made my first pull out of him. The clutching walls of his anus clinging to me with every bit of strength they had while the slippery lubrication rendered the valiant efforts of his tight sheathe useless...only to have my hips thrust back into him again shortly after. Every deep push into his love caught him by surprise. Tanner gasped and whimpered from the joy of it all, and spread his legs even wider as he absorbed my sexual humping while fighting the urge to squeal in sexual delight.

Our coupling was so natural. Our bodies connected like lock and key, our heavy breathing and synchronized heartbeats proving that we were meant to be from the moment we met. The whole time I was making love to my boyfriend, I couldn't tell whether I was more blown away by the passionate 'push' into the reluctantly spreading muscle of his inner tunnel...or by the lustful 'drag' that I felt in every inch of my extended inches as I reveled in the slow withdrawal from his body...his anal ring trembling around me as Tanner's soft whimpers begged me for more.

Sex with my could anything else be more important?

Our bodies became one, his skin gliding against mine as I humped myself into him with a rhythm that our bodies set without our consent. Lustful and naughty...but with the purity of an angel's song. Even as I increased the pace of my frantic pelvic thrusts into him, our love making never became the primal act of debauchery that one would expect it to be. Instead, the intensity of me slap, slap, slapping my body against his retained the beauty and grace that it had upon that first careful entry. And when I felt the inevitable build to a crashing orgasm...Tanner turned his head and begged for my kiss as he prepared for the approaching storm that I was about to fire inside of him.

Then...the explosion!

I came so HARD in him! I smashed myself against him and held on for dear life, biting on his shoulder as I attempted to keep the stunning climax from making me go blind. Oh wow....

Oh WOW!!!!

I needed to catch my breath and just lie still on top of him as I unleashed a flurry of sticky pulses into the welcoming hole of my lover. All while he writhed beneath me with a few high pitched whimpers to let me know that he loved it...and only wanted more.

I fought to stay conscious. This was more than sexual release, but an emotional drain on Tanner and I being together. It really caused my eyes to roll back, and I just laid there...feeling the silky skin of Tanner's back and thighs as I remained lodged in his narrow tunnel...a few extra convulsions leaking excess drops of reproductive seed into him.

Fuck...the very idea of life being like this all the time is such a mind-blowing concept to me right now.

"Shit..." Tanner sighed. "...I swear, I need to find a way to move you into this house permanently."

"Hehehe, I'd be down for that." I said, lightly kissing the back of his shoulder.

"You feel so good in me. I just...ugh! Can you call your mom and maybe spend the night?"

"Hahaha! Was it that good?"

"You have no idea! Derrick...we need to get married! Like, on our 18th birthday. I mean it." He said, wiggling again.

"Quit it. Hehehe! You're gonna make me cum again." I said.

"Really? Can you? Please do!" He said, now clenching his ample bottom around my semi hard shaft in an attempt to get me ready to go another round.

"NO! Hehehe! Your mom..."

"Whatever! Come on! Hehehe, fuck me. Wait...let me get on my knees this time..." He said.

He made me laugh, and I accidentally slipped out of him as I rolled onto my back. The sudden disconnect from his juicy tunnel caused Tanner to yelp with surprise at first, but he reached back to feel the tenderness of his recent invasion and the leaking liquid sliding out of it onto the sheets...and that caused him to simply roll to one side and tease my nipples with his fingers as he tongue kissed me again. Tanner's kiss was something that no one else will ever know. Believe me. It seduced me into getting hard all over again, and a sudden 'reset' had taken place as far as our sexual arousal had been concerned.

Luckily...the exhaustion of bliss had taken over, and we decided to take a break.

"I can't believe we just did that." I said, Tanner laying his head on my chest.

"Hehehe, what? Had sex?" Tanner giggled. "Super awesome, feel good, SEX?" He rolled on top of me, pressing his naked body against mine as his lips met mine again.

"I mean...with your mom in the same house. It's...weird."

"It's NOT weird." He said. "I told you, she doesn't care. She isn't remotely interested in what we do up here. Not even a little bit."

"I highly doubt that." I said.

"Well, that's up to you. But, I promise you...we can make love all day, and she won't even bother to check to see if we're still alive unless she needs me for something. Which is hardly ever. So relax, ok?"

"You want me to relax?" I grinned. "With your mom watching TV right at the bottom of the steps."

"Yep!" He smirked, and leaned forward to lightly rub his nose against mine in the cutest way. "Not only that...but I want you to fuck me again at least three more times before you go home. So...think dirty thoughts. Ok? I'm gonna get dressed and get us something to drink from the fridge. You like fruit juice?"

I laughed out loud! "Are you serious?"

"About the fruit juice? Or about having way more sex today?" He smirked. "Because the answer to both is YES! A definite yes! So don't go soft on me. K?" Tanner got up from the bed and I watched him squeeze those bubbled buns back into a pair of inadequate underwear. He shivered a bit, and wagged his butt at me as he pulled at the material...more of my flood running out of him as he tried to hold it in. "Oooh! Slippery! Hehehe!"

"Dude! What the...?" I said, but he just put on his t-shirt and smiled at me.

"If I was a girl, I'd be SO pregnant right now! Hahaha!"

"Shhhhh!!! Omigod!" I snickered. "This is so wrong..."

Tanner leaned forward, putting his hands on the mattress and kissing me passionately on the lips. "No it's not. You know it, and I know it. So let's just be sinners together for a little while. K?"

"Hahaha! K! If you say so."

"I'm gonna go tell my mom you're my gay lover now." He said.

"DON'T tell her that..."

"I'm gonna tell her. I'm going to have to tell her something! I'm not gonna be able to keep my hands off of you tonight, so..."

"STOP! Hehehe, go get juice, or whatever."

"Tell your mom that you're spending the night."

"I can't. Or...err...I don't know if she'll let me."

Tanner asked, "Why not?"

I was like, "Well...she knows that you and I are...'involved'."

"Involved? Hehehe, you make it sound like we're both cheating on our wives together or something."

"I mean, I don't know how cool my mom is with part of us being together yet. She's not AGAINST it, she know..."

Tanner paused for a moment, and then said, "Damn. Alright. Fine. Hehehe, but I want you to stay here with me some time. We'll make plans. Ok?" I agreed, and I saw Tanner pull at his undies again and jiggle around a bit as he grinned and said, "Geez! You must have blown one hell of a load! Yikes! I need a shower! Hehehe!"

"That's what you get for being so hot!" I said.

"Well, you're hot too! That's not fair!"

"Getting awfully thirsty for some JUICE right about now!" I teased, and that made Tanner chuckle as he agreed to go downstairs and get us something to drink.

"Don't lose your boner. I want some more." He said. "Love you!"

"Love you too!" I smiled, and Tannner rushed back into the room to kiss me on the lips before running back out again.

How does this even work? How can I not be any less surprised by the love I feel for him than I did when I first met him? I really wish I knew how love worked. Just in case I was doing this wrong.

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