In the last installment of "A Lost Cause," Chris finds out that Carrie has arrived home from the hospital and has decided to leave school. Later that night, Chris gets a text message from Jared that makes Chris question Jared's sexuality. Before Chris starts dressing up to go to school the next day, he and his mom get into a physical fight that changes everything between them.

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I didn't end up going to school the day my mom and I got into that fight. I stayed in my room all day crying, because I didn't know what else to do. I got a few phone calls here and there from the school making sure that I was okay, but I didn't answer them.

I stormed into the high school library Friday morning, more upset than I have ever been in my life.

"Hey you can't just walk in here like that!" "Listen lady, I don't have time for this shit right now. I got into a pretty serious fight and I am here to talk to Mrs. DaSilva about it." "Who do you think you are talking to like that? I am a grown woman and you're a kid."

The librarian continued to bitch, as I just walked right past here and knocked on Mrs. DaSilva's office door. The librarian had the nerve, the audacity, to follow me to Mrs. DaSilva's office. Mrs. DaSilva opened the door and instructed for me to sit down, as she went out in the hall and took care of the librarian. By the time Mrs. DaSilva calmed the lady down and came back in her office, I was in tears. At that moment, I could say that I was pretty destroyed inside and out. I didn't know how my mother and I could've had such a violent confrontation. Usually she and I are laughing and being crazy all the time, but the last few months were different. If I didn't know any better I would think that she was up to something.

"Chris, honey what's the matter? I don't think I've ever seen you like this before. What's going on?" "Mrs. DaSilva..." "Rose please."

That's weird I thought. Nobody at my school ever lets a student address them by their first name, but Mrs. DaSilva was a lot more laid back than the rest of the old, up tight staff here.

"Rose, my mom and I... got into a fight yesterday morning." "What kind of fight Chris?" I took a moment to answer her as I tried to regain my strength to speak. "We got into a physical fight." "Physical? My gosh, are you alright?" "I wouldn't say that I am 100% but I am okay. It started because she burst into my room as always to wake me up and you know how moody I am in the mornings." "Yes I do."

Mrs. DaSilva smirked as I said how moody I can be when I am woken up.

"Yeah and then she got carried away, called me a faggot and that's when I went into her room and just started hitting her. When things were over it didn't look like she was bleeding or anything, not that I really cared to be looking at her though. I just got so mad; I don't know what came over me yesterday."

"Chris, you don't have to explain anything to me. I know you're a great kid, someone that a lot of people can look up to. I know that you would only resort to fighting if there a need for it. I am not trying to say that what you or your mother did was right, but I will say that things need to change for you both."

"Yeah I don't know how I am going to live there. I am going crazy right now. Oh and get this, I am hanging out with Jared, Carrie's brother after school today." "Really? Is it supposed to be a date of some kind?"

Mrs. DaSilva seemed very happy for me, because she knew how much I yearned to be in some kind of relationship. Besides Carrie, she was the only one that knew about my sexuality at school. I have told a few friends outside of school, but besides that I was still in the closet. I am not saying that people can't guess that I am gay, but I just don't feel comfortable letting everybody into my personal life.

"Actually Rose I don't know. I went over Carrie's house on Wednesday to see what was going on with her..." "Oh, how is Carrie? I am sorry to interrupt, but I haven't seen her around and was wondering what was going on myself." "Oh, yeah, sure. She's not doing so well. Jared called me later that night and told me that she came home and has decided to withdraw from school for the rest of the year, to gather her thoughts and regain her strength." "Oh no, Chris, I am so sorry. I know how close you are to her. Have you talked to her? Ya know, try and change her mind about leaving school?" "No, Carrie is very stubborn; she never takes anyone else's advice but her own."

Mrs. DaSilva and I continued talking about Carrie and Jared for the rest of first period. After our meeting, I went to go and find Mrs. Smith, but she was not there. The department head said that she was going to be out for a while because there was a death in her family. I instantly felt bad, because Mrs. Smith was such a wonderful person and I wanted to be there to comfort her, because she was there to comfort me in my time of need.

By the end of the day, I was very exhausted and just wanted to go home and relax before Jared called to finalize plans for tonight. It was nice coming home to a quiet house. No one there to bother me, no one there to interrupt my well deserved silence. Before I even got to taking off my shoes to lie down, my cell phone started ringing, interrupting the silence I was hoping for. I didn't know who was calling me, because the ID was blocked.

"Hello," I asked sounding clearly aggravated. "Chris? I am sorry is this a bad time?"

At first I didn't recognize her voice, but then I realized that it was Carrie.

"Carrie, wow this is a surprise. How are you?" "I am alright. I missed you. Jared told me you came by on Wednesday looking for me." "Yeah I wanted to make sure that you were okay, being that you weren't in school for almost what, 2 weeks?" "Yeah around there."

I was thinking of ways to bring up the school situation, but I didn't want to make it seem like I was trying to invade her privacy or anything. I quickly changed my mind and decided to get to the point. I was tired of walking on glass with people. I decided then and there that I am going to be more upfront with people.

"Carrie I am not trying to invade your privacy or anything, but why are you dropping out of school? You are so smart, probably one of the smartest people I know and I don't get what's going on with you. We've been friends for almost 4 years and you still seem to shut me out of your life. I always tell you what's going on with me, but you never tell me what's going on with you." "Chris, I am sorry but I am not going to have this kind of conversation over the phone! I just called to tell you that I was okay and that I want you to come over today so we can talk and have a good time."

Carrie has never talked to me like I was some stranger before. She has always let me in when I asked her what was going on with her. I began wondering why this time was different.

"Wait did you say you want me to come over tonight?" "Yeah, why are you busy or something?" Jared didn't tell her, I said to myself. "Uh, actually, I am busy tonight." "Oh you got a date?" "As a matter of fact, I do, with your brother, Jared." "Wait, what? Jared's not gay. What do you mean by date?" "I don't mean that kind of date Carrie damn. I mean we are just going out to eat so we can catch up on things."

I didn't want to tell Carrie that I thought Jared might be gay, because she seemed very defensive about the idea of him and me going out together without her.

"Catch up on what? You guys never really talked or anything. That's weird. Well anyways, I won't keep you any longer, but I just wanted to let you know that I am here and doing alright." Why was everyone being such a bitch to me lately? What have I done to them to make them be this way towards me? Carrie and I hung up after a few more minutes of talking. I didn't want to even bother with her, if she was going to act that way towards me. It wasn't like I was trying to make the boy gay or anything, if he likes me then what's the damn problem?

I connected my phone to the charger and laid down. My favorite episode of Queer as Folk was on TV and as I started watching it, I quickly drifted off to sleep.

"Oh Chris, I have been waiting for this moment for a long time," Jared said as he was pushing his growing erection inside of me. "Uh, yeah Jared that's it, right there."

Usually I don't like being a bottom, but this time was different. I was with the right person and he was going at a pace that made it feel great for the both of us.
Jared and I were making love, it was the best sex that I ever had in my life. He started fucking me harder and harder, faster and faster. I looked up into his eyes, pulled him closer and kissed him. It was the moment I was waiting for, the moment that I've always dreamed of. Before I could even remember what the kiss felt like, I woke up. "That was a dream? Shit. Why do I always have good sex in a dream," I thought.

I glanced over at the clock and realized that it was time for me to go into the shower. Thank god no one was home; otherwise they would've seen my 8 inch dick bouncing out in front of me. As I started putting the soap on my body, something came over me. I began fingering myself. It began with one finger, two and then three. I was in complete and ecstasy thinking of Jared fucking the living shit out of me. While I was finger fucking myself, I began stroking my cock. It probably took no more than 10 minutes before I shot out load my load. It was probably the biggest load I've ever shot in my life. Before I could even stand up straight, my sister was knocking on the door telling me to hurry up so she could get in and go to the bathroom. "They are home already? Shit I can't even get 5 minutes of peace," I said to myself as I turned off the water and began drying off.

It was around 6 o'clock when Jared called me and told me that he was on his way to come to pick me up to go out to eat. I became very nervous, because I didn't know what expect from all of this. "I'm here," Jared said in a text message. I kissed my sister goodbye and told her to tell my mother that I was out and will be home later and to call my cell only if she really needed to.

I got in the car and put on my seatbelt and then I took a look at Jared and he was looking better than ever. He had on a black button up shirt and a few buttons were left open, so you could see his white wife beater. He was also wearing some really good cologne and nice jeans. I had my contacts on, being that this was a "special occasion." I decided on wearing a cute blue shirt and some nice fitting jeans so that if Jared wanted to look at my goods, he could.

"Wow you look good man," Jared said, surprising me. "Wow thanks. You look and smell good too I said."

He gave me his cute smile and started driving.

"Where do you want to go to eat Chris?" "Umm, it's up to you, I can go for anything right about now." "Oh okay, how about that restaurant China Pearl?" "Oh yes, that sounds really good right about now." "Cool," Jared said giving me that smile again.

My dick started to twitch and started growing rapidly in my tight fitting jeans. I am not sure if he noticed my bulge or not, but I was sure as hell nervous about it. I didn't want to freak him out, because after all he could be straight like Carrie thinks. I decided on bringing up the conversation that Carrie and I had earlier today to hide the fact that I wanted Jared right there and then in the car.

"Carrie called me today when I got home." "Oh she did?" Jared didn't seem too fond of the fact that she and I talked this afternoon. "What did she say?" "She didn't really say anything, but I did tell her that you and I were going tonight." "You told her that?" "Yeah why is it a problem?" "No, not at all," Jared said looking more nervous than ever.

I quickly decided to change the topic because I didn't want him uncomfortable with our night together. Before we got to the restaurant he seemed more laid back and relaxed. It was really nice being in a more relaxed setting with Jared. He made me feel like I could tell him anything that was on my mind. I didn't want to think about it, but he made me feel more comfortable than Carrie has ever made me feel.

On the way home I was pretty quiet, because I didn't know what to think of all this. I didn't know whether Jared was gay or not or if he had any interest in me or not. I was so damn confused, I didn't know what to do or say. As we pulled up my driveway, Jared put the car in park. I started becoming evidently nervous because I didn't know if he was going to punch me because he noticed me hitting on throughout the night or tell me that he had a good time.

"Chris, this was probably the best night out that I've had in a long time. You made me feel so special, so relaxed, so at peace with everything. I really want to go out with you again some time." I started blushing, I was so happy; I didn't know what to say to him. "I had a great time too Jared," I said stammering. "I would really like it if we could go out again."

I unbuckled my seat belt and was about to open the door when Jared pulled my arm, leaned in and gave me a kiss that I will never forget.

To be continued...