A Love Story

Reese Williams


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Chapter 16

Ry's POV

I watched as Ash's chest rose and fall. Frankly speaking, I have been up all night from the excitement of going back to... I mean going to school. Back when I was Ry if I could not sleep I usually read a story, watched a movie or got online and chatted. It is not that this house does not have any of those facilities; I just loved to watch Ash sleep.

Occasionally he would talk in his sleep and it was both sweet and amusing to watch it. A smile or a frown would occasionally makes its way over to his face and I would just smile at that. He seemed to be dreaming something funny because every occasionally he would laugh softly in his sleep.

I do not really remember the exact time when I fell asleep but it was after 4am. I woke up to the sound of the alarm, which again I have to say I hated royally. I was half way on top of ash with my face nuzzled into the crook of his neck, his arms were around me, holding me in a protective-possessive way.

"Good morning" Ash said as he kissed me.

"Good morning" I said as I broke the kiss then kissed him back harder.

"So ready to go back to school?" Ash asked as he ran his fingers through my hair and stared into my eyes.

"Well, if a stud like you is in all my classes then I am more than ready" I replied running my fingers over his lips.

"Well dad took the liberty with your pop backing him up for the 3 of us have to have more classes together. You and I have 4 out of 7 classes' together and bri and you have 3 and Steve is in all your classes." Ash replied, then rolled and got on top of me.

"So, how about we skip school today and we go tomorrow, today is the first day anyway. No teacher would be teaching, it's going to be orientation," Ash said as he dropped his body on top of mine and kissed me hard.

"I am so glad Jeff made us wear boxers last night before going to bed," I said breaking the kiss.

"Why?" Ash asked with a slight frown, frustrated at the fact that we did not have sex last night. "Jeff just made us wear boxers, you are the one who said `no sex'" Ash replied still with a slight frown.

"Well, if we had sex last night, I would be exhausted by now and I really do not want that" I replied kissing him again. "You do understand, right? You are ok with it, right. But when we get back home after school we surely will" I asked in my best child-like voice and the biggest puppy dog eyes.

As soon as I said that, a smile made its way over to his face. His frustrations and other `useless' feelings went crashing out of the window.

"How can I not" Ash replied as he kissed my neck.

"Hicky?" I asked with amusement as Ash continued to kiss.

He paused for a while. "Yes, to show others that you are already taken and you have a boyfriend" then he went back to work.

After a while, he came back up and kissed me hard.

"Shower?" Ash asked as I put my arms around him and pulled his body closer to mine.

"Yup" I replied. Ash and I got up and went into the shower together.

When we got out, we still had enough time to have a proper breakfast and then go. Ash and I got down, finding all the others already having breakfast we also sat down. The only positive part was that they made us breakfast.

When we were done with breakfast (which, by the way was half burnt, curse you Jeff) we all got out. Ash, Steve and I got into one car and all the others piled into Jeff's car. Usually I would have rode shot gun with Ash but I wanted to sit with Steve so we both got into the back seat.

"So what do you think of my brother?" I asked as I rested my head on his shoulder, despite the fact that I slept for 9 hour, I was still tired

"What do you mean?" Steve replied, sounding innocent.

"Don't mess with me, I know the way you look at him," I said teasing him.

"Ok, ok... So is it ok... I mean... you know" Steve asked a bit too nervously.

"Yup, better than that double timing murderous ass" I replied with venom in my voice.

From there the ride went a little too silent for my taste. After a while, we were pulling into the parking lot of the school, Jeff's car right behind us.

I was the first person to get out but as soon as I got out Ash came up behind me and put his arms around me in a possessive and protective way.

"I wouldn't be surprised to see him pissing on you to mark you his property," Jeff said as soon as he got close enough.

We decided to ignore him, which resulted in more insults, some were funny, I have to agree. I had to control my laughter.

"Hi guys" someone said from behind us. We turned around to find Gary.

"Hey" everyone said at one, in chorus.

"So what's up" Gary asked

"Nothing much, just waiting for the first bell to ring" Jeff replied.

Just then, the bell rang. We all broke up to go to our respected classes.

For the first class Steve and I had Biology, we had to walk to the other side of the school to go to our class.

When we got into the class, everyone had taken their own seats. We made it over to the teacher's desk and gave her the registration notice we had.

"So are you boys going to do the introduction yourself or do you need help?" The teacher asked smiling, but still traces of shock written clearly over her face.

It was then the thing we practiced for over 3 weeks came into use, finally.

"We can do it," we both stated at the same time.

We turned around to face the class.

"Hi" we both said at the same time. Then I waited for Steve

"I am Steve," He said

"And I am Jayson" I said without missing a beat.

Then we both said at the same time. "We are new here and we hope that you will welcome us"

You could see shock clearly Written over their face, when we turned around we saw that the teacher was in a worse state, mouth hung open and eyes wide open as well. Then she shook her head as if to shake off something and then pointed to the two seats in the middle.

The day then went, well let's say a little too exciting, we were approached by many, some girls tried hitting on us and we had to tell the we were gay, and when the say ended we were known as "The gay, Wired, Twins"

I was walking alone through the hallway, Steve had to wait in a class and the others were in their classes, when suddenly Lynn walked up to me.

"I know your secret"

She said before she walked ahead of me.


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