A Love Story

Written by Reese Williams

Edited by Calvin Smith


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Reese's blabbering

BTW this is real and not fiction

Well hello guyX... as you can see I have a new Editor... So Calvin... thnx :P also... most of the ideas in this chapter are by him so for that also I would like to thank him... 

So let's talk what I did the last 2 weeks, shall we? The 1st week started with exams every weekday... trust me... if u had to study 7 subjects and have to do exams every day you would be tired. The funny thing is all the teachers decide on the same week... The next week started even worse... but on Thursday, the military pulled us out of school and took is on a tour of the coast guard. It was the most fun I had that week... I even got to touch a pistol and a huge machine gun... LOL... but the best part was the HOT military guys... Wow... I am shocked I did not drool right there... there was this safari docked right behind the coast guard and there was this hot guy in his speedo's... Wow... I am glad my friends did not see me eyeing him LOL... XD... ok.. now let me stop so you can go on with the story... But before that ... A word from the editor. :P Go on Calvin


Hello guys I am Calvin as you already know and this is my first time editing... yay me... and I can't take all the credit for writing this story Reese is the author I was simply playing the part of the muse...haha harp music playing in the background. Anyways please let me know what you think that way I can use what little influence I have and make no FORCE Reese to stop looking at the guys in their speedo's and have him write more chapters lol. Email me at calvin-smith@live.com. Thank you all for reading and enjoy. J

P.S. I am sorry to the readers and Reese I was going to upload this chapter on the 12th but then my stupid internet company decided to screw with my internet connection making it impossible to access the internet, after complaining so much they finally fixed it today so enjoy.



Chapter 18

Ry's POV

I froze as soon as I heard those words. I felt my entire body go cold. It was after she turned the corner that I reacted. I ran down the corridor toward where she went, but when I turned the corner, she was long gone.

"Hey what are you doing?" Steve spoke from behind me.

"Lynn knows" I replied turning around.

"Knows what?"

"That I'm Ry," I said looking at him.

His eyes got big and said, "We have got to tell her to keep it a secret."

We both went all around the school looking or her, we finally found her sitting near the school's outer walls.

As soon as she saw us, a small smile creped over her face. It was like if she had been waiting for us to find her all along.

"So, the faker finally decides to show up" she said with an angry frown as soon as we were close enough to hear.

"Who are you calling a faker?" I asked as I quickly sat down followed by Steve.

"Come on, I know you're Ry" she said pointing towards me, still an angry expression plastered all over her face.

"We already told you, he is Jay and I am Steve. Who is this Ry anyway?" Steve asked, as a last attempt to protect my identity

"I know you are Steve or whatever," she said waving her hands.

"But he, this guy over here, he's Ry" Lynn said pointing straight at me.

"You can't prove it!" I said panicking.

"Oh yes I can. All I have to do is remove your lens, shave your head off, and then wait till it grows back... or catch you with your pants down" Lynn said with an evil smile.

"Lynn you can't, please you can't tell anyone" I said like a mad man.

"Why? Why can't I Ry? You have no idea of what your parents had to go through, what me and Gary went through after seeing that that car!  You have no idea what we all had to bear, you have no idea how it stole our sleep and how our dreams haunted us, you have NO IDEA!!! NO FUCKING IDEA! DO YOU EVEN REALISE HOW HARD IT WAS FOR US TO ATTEND YOUR FUNERAL? YOUR FUCKING FUNERAL? YOUR MOTHER THE ONE THAT HAS LOVED YOU EVENTHOUGH SHE IS NOT ACTUALLY YOUR MOTHER ALMOST FAINTED!!! DO YOU EVEN HAVE A HEART!" Lynn said standing up and pointing at me, her voice getting louder and louder with every angry word.

I felt tears falling down my face. "Oh really YOU have no idea what it feels when your heart breaks Lynn! YOU have no idea how it feels when you walk in on your boyfriend fucking someone else! YOU have no idea how it feels like having all your future dreams shatter! YOU don't know how it feels when the person you trusted the most breaks that trust! YOU do not know what it feels like when the one person, the one person you build your dreams around breaks those same dreams! YOU have no idea how it feels like when that person you believed was your lover, boyfriend, soul mate tries to kill you! YOU will never know the feelings that you have when that same person chases your car at high speeds and tries to push you out of the road down a freaking mountain! And you have no idea, you certainly don't even know a fraction of what it feels like to watch your car fill up with water and have it turn into your fucking grave. You don't know the things that go through your mind when you struggle to get out of that watery grave; you have no idea Lynn, absolutely no idea!!" I said tears flowing freely down my face collapsing into a series of sobs as I whispered those last words. Steve was trying his best to comfort me by wrapping his arms.

After a while, I was able controlled myself and looked up at Lynn. She stood there, her eyes wide and swollen with tears running down her face. I stood up, walked over to her and wrapped my arms around her. She started crying, taking me back to the world or tears I was now so accustomed to.

"Lynn" I said after a while as I looked into her eyes.

"Yeah" she said, tears still falling down her eyes.

"You can't prove I'm Ry by pulling my pants down" I said snickering, my attempt to lighten up the mood.

It certainly helped because Lynn put a fake mask of disgust and pushed me, making me fall on my ass, then started laughing quickly followed by Steve and me.

"So who was it?" she asked as she controlled her laughter "I mean, you never told anyone who your boyfriend was."

"Guess" I replied.

"Honestly... I don't know," she said after thinking for a while.

"Mike" I said his name with a face as if I had eaten something rotten. His name on my tongue even tasted disgusting.

"WHAT?" Lynn yelled as her eyes got even bigger than what they already where.

"Yeah" I said turning my head away from her.

"That selfish no good son of a mmmm, I am going to freaking rip his dick out and feed it to him. Then I am going to cut his balls and stuff it up his ass" She said as she stood up. "And you know what the worst part is going to be? I am going to ..."

Before she could continue her `plans of hell' for Mike I stood up and quickly covered her mouth

"Lynn, that's enough... you are going to make me puke and Steve here is going to call Ash and Pop and is going to tell them I am freaking pregn... although that's impossible"  to that Steve started laughing and was almost rolling on the ground laughing.

"So you and Ash... Hmm ... so does he treat you right?" she asked as I removed my hands.

"Oh trust me he does... as soon as he realizes I am not in class he is going to..." my phone started to ring.

"Call me" I completed my sentence as I fished my phone out and showed it to Lynn

"Now as soon as I pick up the phone, he is going to say two things `Are you ok?' and `Baby where are you?' nothing else... not even a hi" I said as I put the call on speaker

"Ry, Baby where are you? Are you ok?" Ash asked frantically from the other side.

Steve, who got his laughter under control started all over again, quickly joined by Lynn who was laughing like a hyena.

"Yeah, guess who found out about my secret" I asked as I moved away from the two idiots rolling on the ground.

"Hmm...Let me guess Lynn?" he replied uncertainly

"Yup" I replied. "And guess what I just realized" I asked as I looked at Steve and Lynn.

"What?" Ash asked from the other side

"It's time to put phase 2 into action," I said as a smile made its way over to my face.

Ash, Jeff, Bri, Steve, Lynn and I decided to meet at our house. After school was over we all went there and discussed what phase 2 would be. By around 9 we had all come to a agreement on what phase 2 would be, after which Lynn went to her home.

Ash and I climbed into our bed, Ash wrapping his arms around me and making me snuggle to him, settling down in his embrace.

"So what are you going to do tomorrow?" Ash asked as he rubbed his hands up and down my back.

"I don't know," I said as I closed my eyes, more than comfortable in his embrace.

Ash laughed softly and pulled me tighter into him.

"Are you trying to crush me?" I said jokingly, yet allowing him to hold me even tighter hypocritical yeah I know.

"Who is complaining?" Ash asked as he held me much tighter than before.

"No one I know," I said as my eyes closed. Before I fell into deep slumber, I felt Ash kiss on top of my head to which I replied by kissing his chest.


If someone asked teenagers what they hate the most about their mornings they would definitely answer the alarm clock; `that good for nothing thing woke me up in the middle of my HOT dream' haha am I right. As I awoke from my sleep I found myself still in Ash's tight embrace but now he was hugging me from behind and an obvious problem was poking me in the back. I pulled out of his embrace and stood up, Ash mumbled something unintelligent and rolled over to where I was a few seconds ago and took my pillow and started hugging it tight. He looked amazingly cute and drop dead gorgeous.

I could have watched him for hours but nature called and I had to answer her call because the late or missed calls left consequences behind. When I returned, Ash was sitting down on the bed, obviously still half asleep.

"Why did you go?" he said looked up at me, his eyes half closed and sleep written all over it.

"We have school," I said as I grabbed a boxer and started to get dressed

"School starts at 9, they have some mumbo jumbo meeting or something for teachers. Now get back into bed" He said as he got back into bed.

I quickly removed my boxers and got in front of him as he wrapped his arms back around me.

"Ry" he said softly, biting my ears a bit.

"Yeah?" I replied softly

"You know I love you," He said kissing my neck.

"Yeah, and you know you mean the world to me" I said as I started to fall back asleep.

Before I fell asleep, I heard him mumble, "...and you mean everything to me too."


Two hours later I was getting out of Ash's car in front of the school with Ash right behind me.

"So what class do you have first?" he asked as he shut the door behind him.

"Physics" I said as pulled out my phone.

"Oh" Ash said as his face fell.

"What?" I asked as I put my phone back inside my pocket.

"I have another class see you later, ok," he said as the bell rang, then he walked in the opposite direction of my class.

Today as we took two cars, Steve was waiting for me in the class. I was walking past the toilets when someone grabbed my hand pulled me inside.

"What the..." I said as I regained my balance before I could fall.

"What on earth are you doing?" I said as I turned to face the person who pulled me. I was not shocked to come into face with Mike but I had already been waiting for this.

"I know your secret," he said in a somewhat evil voice, but then again he is evil right?

"Just don't tell anyone, please, don't tell anyone I love being tied up sometimes while having sex" I said in a pleading voice. I had been preparing for such an encounter.

"What?" Mike yelled as he fell into a somewhat confusion.

"That was the secret, right," I asked as if I didn't know anything.

"I know that you are Ry," Mike said in a tone that stated the obvious.

"Who the hell is this Ry? I have been called that thousands of time from the moment I stepped into this town. This is getting boring and really weird. When is someone going to tell me who the hell this Ry person is?" I said acting as if I was going mad.

Mike looked at me like if I had grown a second head.

"And why the hell is he so important to you? Was he your boyfriend, fuck buddy or something," I said trying to look furious.

"No he was... he was... just a classmate" Mike said before he pushed the door and left.

`Just a classmate huh not his best friend, not his boyfriend, just a classmate' I thought as I stood there looking myself in the mirror. Being betrayed was something, but having that person ignore you and say that they did not know you felt much worse.


Steve's POV

Ash and Ry went in another car so as soon as I got to the school I went to my first class. When the bell rang and students started coming in, Ry was nowhere to be seen. Even when the teacher came in and started to mark the register, he was not there. Right after the teacher started the lesson he came in, obviously having either a tension filled moment or a hot session with Ash, but the clear frown on his face canceled out the hot session part.

"What's wrong J?" I asked as soon as he sat down next to me.

"That good for nothing SOB... Mike that's what happened" he replied as he sat down next to me.

"Ok, tell me what he did" I asked quietly.

Within a few minutes, I was told about the incident in the bathroom.

"So do you think he believed you?" I asked

"I think so... at least... I hope he did" he replied somberly.

The teacher started to teach. Not to piss her off but we shut our mouths for the rest of the class.

After the class, Ry had gone with Ash and I was waiting for the others. Jeff got detention and Brian was helping `a hot chick' with math, even though he did not know a thing about it, when suddenly Mike popped out of nowhere.

"Hey, I am sorry for this morning", he said in a somewhat apologetically tone. You have to say he was cute.

"I don't know what you are talking about" I said lying.

"Oh, you are the other one, Steve, right... Nevermind" he said then turned to walk away, then turned back.

"Say, are you interested in a date, a dinner maybe," He said somewhat cockily

"Oh, sorry, but I don't date straight guys" I said understanding where this was going.

"Oh I am anything but straight right now. I am straight, but the moment I saw you, I had this feeling. I think we are meant to be together," he said somewhat in a romantic way of his own.

`God' I thought to myself, `he is reading too many nifty stories, and this is going to be one long ass conservation'


 Mike's POV

I waited today for them to arrive. One did, but he was with the others when they went inside. Ash was not there so I can guess that the one who arrived was Steve. That meant that Jayson was still due to arrive. I was just about to give up and go inside when they arrived. Ash went the other way and J was coming my way. I quickly went into the bathroom and waited, as soon as he got close enough I pulled him inside.

When I left the bathroom I was confused, scared, happy and tons of other feelings. I did not know whether to trust him or believe what he just told me.

 I was just in class when I suddenly heard a conversation that clearly took my interest; two girls were behind me talking.

"Hey did you see those hot new kids?" one girl whispered, clearly she did not know how to do it.

"You mean the one with the kid who looks like the kid who died in that crash," the other girl asked.

"Yeah, I heard they are loaded, now we have to worry about our money running out while they have to worry about spending it all. Especially when their parents give them money, they probably ask them to spend it all at once" She said laughing and joined by the other in laughter as well.

"So Jenna, Are you going to try to catch one?" The second girl asked.

"Yeah, I want to Rose, but three of them are gay, the two twins and that other one, you know the one who spends all his day holding one of the twins as if he is his property. The other two are completely straight, from what I heard anyways." Jenna said laughing.

"Well if that doesn't work we can always convert one of the gay ones" Rose replied laughing.

I quickly did a phone search on their last name and found them to be sons of multi-billionaires.

`Bigger Fish, Better Fish' I thought to myself as an evil smile made its way over to my face.

After school, I met with Steve and asked for a date. Before he could reply, Brian and Jeff came so he walked away without an answer.

`You can run, but you cannot hide from my charm' I thought to myself as their car sped out into the traffic.


Lynn's POV

I watched as Mike spoke with Steve.

"So did we do well?" The girls behind me asked.

"You did well," I said as I looked at Jenna and Rose

"You did an excellent no a fantastic job," I said as a smile made its way over to my face.


Hope you guyX enjoyed this chapter.

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