A Love Story

By Reese


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Chapter 4


Mikes POV (from the first day)

I just can't stand Ry sometimes although sometimes his presence is very essential. I befriended Ry when we were just 10, at first it was all about friendship but as I grew I became aware that money is everything, with money you can do anything and I had to get my hands on Ry's father's fortune.

When Ry told me he was gay on his 15th birthday I saw my chance. Personally I'm homophobic, I hate gays, they disgust me but I found that if I become his boyfriend, all his money will become mine. So I made a master plan then and there. I kept quiet for a few seconds and did the thing I thought I never had to do. I kissed Ry!!!! I thought it would be disgusting and all but it wasn't bad at all and turns out Ry has a huge crush on me, sometimes evil plans do work.

Well we hit off pretty well. Then one day I went to Ry's house I found him gone with his mom to visit his uncle jack. I forgot my keys to my house and mom usually worked till 5 so I decided to hang around with Gary who was lost in a game. One thing lead to another and then before I knew it I was being rammed with Gary's dick. It seems like the McElroy boys were all gay. Behold my luck. I managed to convince Gary enough to accept me as a boyfriend. What do you know I have two boyfriends and they both are brothers and they both did not know that I'm fucking the other one.

Well things pretty good for a year and a half. I managed to sneak time with both of them. Then the worst happened. I had some feeling towards Ry. I know I was after his money but sometimes when he snuggles with me I feel loved and happy.

Tuesday Ry got detention and I was overwhelmed. I haven't gotten anytime with Gary and he is a little mad at me. Now how am I to tell him that his little brother is a sex maniac and needs sex like he drinks water?

Anyway we had a good time and then Gary had to run over to friend's house, since he did not have lunch he told me that he will grab something to eat before he goes over. I decided to wait for Ry. I really missed him. 2 hours pass, 3 hours and finally 4 hours pass. I start to get worried so I called him but the operator said that he was out of the coverage region. After half an hour and Ry makes his way into the house. I quickly ran over hugged him. He did not hug me but asked in a soft voice

"Why did you do it?"

I was confused. I didn't know what he talking about. So I ask him what he was talking about so I ask him what he was talking about. He ends up yelling and cursing. Mind it in 7 years of friendship I never saw Ry cursing. Still in shock I replied to the question he asked. It was after I answered him I finally realized what I talked about. He turns around and starts to cry. I was hurt but then he asked me why I did it. I decide to be honest with him and tell him my intention of gaining his money; again I made a mistake my adding "If I don't get it from you I will get it from Gary" at the end. Ry turned around and I saw pure anger in his eyes. He tells me that he will stop me no matter what. My evil self-kicked in. I thought maybe if I blackmail him he would back off. So I told him I will kill him and starts to go towards him. I expected him to get scared and beg me for his life.

Not in my wildest dreams I expected him to actually run out of the door. He did something with the lock and the door was jammed. I tried hard to open the door and after a few minutes the door finally opened and I saw Ry's car as he drove across his neighbor's house. I start to get scared for Ry "what if he does something stupid? What if he kills himself?" I quickly got into my car and followed him. After maybe half an hour I finally realize where he was going. "He is going over to his uncle jacks... that bitch" I thought to myself. My evil self-arises again and I find myself stepping on the gas harder and hitting on the side of Ry's car. First nothing happens then I slow down and hit the side of the car harder. This time his car slid out of control and went out of the road and starts to fall down the hill. I hear him scream and that's when I finally realize what I have done. The car lands in the river with a mighty splash and I saw no obvious movement inside the car. From the distance also I could make out blood splashed across the front window.

In a daze I make my way over my car with only one thought "I killed him, I killed him, I killed the only boy I had even little feelings for, I killed the boy I was falling in love with." Tears start to fall down my eyes and then I realize another thing. "He is dead, now I have only one guy to take care of. Fuck love who needs love when you got all the money in the world." A small smile makes its way over to my face and all the guilt I had ran off. I wiped my eyes and curse myself for being a pussy and then look into the river where I saw Ry's car sink fully into the river.

I got into my car and got home in a few minutes. I lied to mom and dad about being over at a friend's house and then I go over to my room and start playing video games.

It was almost 8:15 when my mom called over telling me that Ry's mom called and asked if I have seen Ry today. I repay a quick no and then shut down my computer and prepares for bed. As I doze off the last thought on my mind was that how it would feel to own so much money.


Gary's POV

 I woke up when someone started to shake me. I rubbed my eyes and saw Elizabeth and her eyes looked red.

"Are you ok Gy?" she asked as she sat down next to me.

"I'm ok but I'm worried about Ry"

"He is going to be ok. Trust me" Elizabeth replied hugging me.


I did not go to school that week because I was emotionally drained. When I went to school the next week Monday huge groups of students from Ry's grade and classes below him and above him started to come and tell me how sorry they were and how much they missed him, it seems like Ry was popular and everyone loved him.  A few girls broke down crying out loud there and then and I heard that some even fainted when they heard the news. The school was `dead' that day. The classes were boring because the teachers were even shocked by the accident and were looking sad. The assembly `dead' and for the first time in months we saw our principal calm and sad. He prayed for Ry to be ok. I was really shocked when he called Ry instead of usual Ryan or McElroy.

Days started to pass quickly and the police search started to pass quickly. Police found the shoe Ry was wearing other than that they found nothing else that belonged to Ry. occasionally mike and Lynn or one of Ry's friends or a kid from school will come over. 3 weeks passed and there was still no sign of Ry. finally two months passed. Still we did not get over Ry, occasionally mom, dad Elizabeth or I would be found crying. 2 months and a few days passed when uncle came to our house in his full uniform followed by a group of officers and a detective. The officers waited outside while the detective and uncle came inside. We sat down in the living room. Mom was the first to speak.

"Jack what's wrong? Did they finally find Ry?"

"No lily I have to say that I have some disturbing news. We searched the whole river and checked Whole River, we spooned around every meter of the river bed and we found no signs of Ry and..."

"What if he maybe swam over to dry land?" mom cut offed uncle

Uncle sighed and then replied "we checked the coastal area and an area within point five kilometers inside the river bank. We found no signs. In this case we have to rely on the evidence we have, detective Michel here investigated the case, he checked Ry's car twice and we virtually built a video of how the accident happened and we came to a single decision. By the time car made its way down into the river Ry was already dead even if he wasn't the river had enough force to give him more injuries. Judging by this we believe that Ry is already dead. So as we speak death certificates are being made and he is pronounced already dead" uncle relied, tears streaming down his eyes.

 By the time uncle finished the last sentence I was crying pathetically. Mom gave a yelp and fainted and Elizabeth rushed over to her side. Dad just sat there, emotionless. Then I realize that he was in a shock. His mind did not accept the fact that Ry was dead and his mind was just paused. Uncle rushed over to his side and started to talk to him. He did not respond even when uncle slapped him across the face. I heard Elizabeth calling doctor and two lady officers taking mom upstairs. I sat there just crying. Uncle came over and started repeating that it would be ok. I just buried myself in his shoulder and cried harder. I just cried as hard as I could. A few minutes later doctor come and went into my parent's room. After a few minutes a very stunned Elizabeth made her way over to the living room and sat down across us.

"What's wrong?" uncle asked looking at her

Still stunned she looked into uncle's eyes and replied "mom... She...she is pregnant"

"What??? Are you certainly sure" my uncle asked suddenly tears stopped flowing from his eyes.

"Yes... the doctor just did a test and she is hundred percent sure" Elizabeth replied.

My started to remember the incident last year, Mom was pregnant last year too. Ry was very much looking forward to having a baby brother or sister, but his heart was completely broken when during the 7th month of pregnancy complications occurred and mom had a miscarriage. Poor Ry could not eat for days and spoke very little for months.

If Ry is to learn that mom is pregnant he will be overwhelmed. I start to cry harder when I realize on the same day I lost a brother and am going to gain another sibling.


(Ok let's not keep you guys waiting.)

Ry's POV

I don't remember much but what felt like for months I was in a state in where I am flowing through consciousness. I couldn't move and I couldn't do anything on my own. I could make out faint sounds every now and then however my eyes remained closed. Miraculously I couldn't feel any pain.

I could make out some words the people around me spoke, the clearest one I heard was a female sound saying "he certainly looks a lot like him but it's not him"

I could feel someone holding my hands and from the touch I could identify it was my `angel'. He never left my side and kept talking to me.

Sometimes I could feel him running his fingers through my hair and sometimes I could hear him singing for me. Once or twice I swear I felt tear drops falling on to my palm. He talked to me often although I could not clearly hear what he was saying; it felt good to know someone really cared about you. To let him know I really appreciated what he was doing for me I tried squeezing his hand, once or twice I succeeded and was rewarded with a kiss on the cheek.

One day I felt some sort of warmness go through me, and then I felt a small tingling go through my body. Suddenly my eyes popped open. I could move my hands. I sat up straight. Judging from the light coming from window I could make out it was night time. I looked around me.

I was in a fully furnished room. A luxurious 5 star hotel master suit will even look low comparing against the room. Royalty shone from every corner. A lady in her mid-30's lay asleep in a chair next to the bed I was on. My mouth was really dry so I tried to take the glass of water kept at the night stand. Unlucky for me the glass fell and shattered. The noise woke up the lady on the chair, she looked angry for a second, then confused and when her eyes fell on me I could see surprise all over her face.  She started to move towards me and this brought back the memory of mike moving towards me with rage in his eyes. I did the only thing I could do in such a state. I screamed at the top of my lungs.

I, myself was stunned how hard I screamed. The lady who was coming towards me stopped and then started coming towards me again. I at the top of my lungs I screamed again and in a raspy, but loud voice I said "DON'T COME NEAR ME!!!! STAY AWAY, STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM ME" this stopped her. I started to cry and she started coming toward me, one glare was all it took for her to stop her. The room was suddenly filled with people.  A different women who was dressed nicely dressed, who look like owner of the house started to move toward me. "STAY AWAY!!!!!!! DON'T COME NEAR ME!!! I JUST WANT MY ANGEL" I screamed at the top of my lungs.

I haven't actually seen my angel; my savior so I couldn't identify him even if he was in the room couldn't identify him. The women looked surprised, she could not place who the angel was, then something kicked in her and realization hit her.

She quickly turned around and spoke to a boy about my age "Brian quick, get Jeff, please tell him to hurry over". The boy ran out of the door.

I buried my face in my hands and started to sob. No one came towards me may be they got the message that u don't want anyone near. Someone sat next to me and put their around me. I recognized it as my angle's touch. I looked up and I saw it was a boy around in his early twenties. He was the jock type of boy and I felt myself immediately labeling him as a big brother. If anyone asked me to show a perfect big brother I would undoubtedly show this guy. I buried myself in his safety and started sobbing harder. He just sat there rubbing his hand over my back and soothing me and kept saying "it ok squirt, relax". I noticed that everyone except the women already has left the room. I felt my eyelids growing heavy and my sobs started to wear out. He laid me down on the bed and started to get up.

I quickly held his hand and in a sleepy tone said "please don't leave me alone" I heard him chuckle a bit and then felt him lay next to me and put his arms around me. I fell into a sleep, relaxed in my angel's embrace.


 Should I end this story here??????????????????? Naaaahh. I still have to take revenge on mike.

To Be Continued...

Ok so who is this `angel' of Ry? why is he helping Ry? and still who is this steve?

Chapter 5 coming soon!!!!

Find out answers in chapter 5!!!!

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