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Chapter 22


Will Waters <> Thu, Aug 28, 8:57 AM

To: I am. Gonna be a borrriiinnngg day. We're definitely staying til tomorrow now so grams can rest and feel better. Ya can only swim so much ya know? Already practiced my favorite pastime this morning (ha!) since I have my own room. Almost got busted cause my grandparents have a key to my room and gramps decided to just walk in! I politely said geez gramps don't ya remember about being a teenage boy! He blushed n said sorry and left. Ha! Don't think he'll walk back in without knocking real loud and waiting again! But u can only do that so much in one day too ya know? My max is four in a day.


Guess I'll catch up on some Nifty reading n chill out and maybe talk them into letting me watch some pay per view movies or something. I'm sure they will. Now if they'd just unlock this damn porn channel maybe I could get to five today! HA!

love ya Frank! Will n almost Max!  ;-)


frankf4321s <> Thu, Aug 28, 10:27 AM



You're right.  There's only so much time you can spend laying by the pool. Too much of anything can eventually become a bore.  I believe that even includes sex. You hear stories of guys like Tiger Woods who are sex addicts. The problem is they can't ever have enough because they're never satisfied. It loses its value because they have so much of it.  I felt sorry for the poor guy.  Like the old Chinese proverb say, "There are no limits to the bounds of moderation."  


I can't believe what you told your gramps when he came in.  Of course he should have respected your privacy enough to knock.  Obviously, being a kid once himself, he knew what you were talking about.  I don't know if you use lube, but they didn't have that kind of stuff when I was a kid.  It wasn't until I was in college that I started using hand cream with water.  That eliminated any sores I might have gotten from overdoing it.  I don't remember what my max was. I'm a little embarrassed talking about this stuff.


Guys have it so much easier than girls. And of course there's the advantage of just being able to walk off into the woods and take a leak.  I take water pills and quite often have to pull off the highway. I can't imagine what it would be like if I was a woman. The thing my daughter hated the most when we went backpacking or hiking was having to pee in the woods.  Guess I can't blame her.  


You see all this advertising for Viagra for middle aged men which indicates there may be quite a few who must be having problems.  Middle aged meaning in their 40's. I didn't have those kinds of problems and I wonder why so many men are having them now. Maybe it's always been that way, and we just never knew it.


Well, you have a long way to go before you're in your 40's and hopefully won't have any of those problems.  


Gotta go.  God bless.  Love ya.




Will Waters <> Thu, Aug 28, 10:48 AM



Yeah! That's actually what I said! I don't think I said teenage boy, I think I said teenager, but that's what I said! And his face was so red! Ha! He was real quiet at breakfast too, just me n him downstairs, grams still sleeping. He did ask me what I was gonna do today and I couldn't help it but I laughed with scrambled eggs in my mouth and spilled some! Ha! He turned red again and handed me $30 bucks and said have fun but don't go far! Damn! I should get caught jacking off more often! Might be able to buy a car soon! Ha!

I'm in a good mood today! I had fun, I'm going to college! , and when I get home n start school I have two more friends than I had last year! (Gary n Jason). Be lying if I didn't say I'm nervous as hell bout next week though! I thought we started back Wednesday but we start Tuesday with a half day to get schedules and books n stuff. I'm all done with my physical ed requirements for graduation so no more showers with the guys. Which is both good and bad for obvious reasons both ways.


I've already met and exceeded most of my core requirements so as a senior in good academic standing I qualify for a free study period, which I've requested as my seventh period (last), which means if I get it I can leave school at 1:45 instead of 2:45! That'd be SO cool! And seniors usually get what they want especially if they're like me and have already exceeded their core requirements (math, science, English).


I'm gonna be able to take some cooler new courses like photography this year because I won't have all tough academics. I am taking AP calculus even though it's not required because I'm excellent in math and it'll look great on my college transcript. Plus it guarantees me one class with Jennifer too cause she's a brain also and is taking it too and there'll only be one class of that. So, cool. I probably won't have many of my classes with Gary n Jason cause they're not the sharpest tools in the shed and neither of them are done with their required core credits.


Gary will probably go to college (?), but Jason's not college material for sure. That's cool though, it's not for everyone ya know? I'm almost positive I'll probably go to Idaho State because they're one of the top teacher colleges in Idaho and I'm almost positive that's what I wanna do. I know I want to write too, I've got a lot to say, but I'm sure I'll do that regardless of whether or not I teach. Haven't discussed career options with mom n dad yet. First of all it's too soon. And second of all because they're not paying for most of my college, aunt Susie and my gramps n grams are, and they said I can be and do anything I want to. So I will. Anyway I'm rambling, can ya tell I'm bored? I'm pocketing the 30 bucks and hanging around here today. I've still got 3 more u know what's to go! Ha!  Love ya Frank!


frankf4321s <> Thu, Aug 28, 11:20 AM





I loved this line.  "Damn! I should get caught jacking off more often! Might be able to buy a car soon! Ha!" I'm glad you find it so easy to be open with me. But, for all you know, I could be blushing with embarrassment at this end just like your gramps.


I was in a hurry so didn't edit this letter.  


You do have a great sense of humor and it will be great in your writing. I finished chapter 26  late last night and as usual have doubts because things happened in it that I least expected.  But readers seem to like the unexpected.  


It's not my place to tell you where you should go, but you should pick a big name public college that maybe isn't in the same state where you live.  Unless of course the stipulation is you need to stay in state because of the cost.  That could be a stickler.  I know you're not into sports, but having gone to the University of California, I love it when they're on TV or people are talking about their research.  Being a good teacher is more about who you are than the school.  I went to San Jose State to get my teaching credential because they had a good rep for being a good teaching college, but as far as I was concerned, they didn't teach me much of anything.  Teaching is about passion and creativity, both of which I think you have.  


You may not believe this because it's something everyone uses today.  But I was working with special education children (slow learners - Slow but not stupid by any means).  Many of them had trouble telling their right from their left.  So I sat down at my desk and tried to figure out a way that would be easy for them to remember.  I noticed that when I set my hands flat on the desk with my thumbs out, the thumb and index finger of my left hand formed an L.  I wrote an article on it, and it was published in Teacher Magazine many years ago.  Now everyone uses it.  But it was my original idea and spread through the schools because of that article. Those kids are all adults now with kids of their own and everyone uses it, even GLee.  But of course, no one knows or remembers who had that original idea in the first place.  Nobody had that idea until I wrote the article.


I was a good teacher because I gave a lot of thought to what I did and because I cared about making sure that every kid learned or at least had the opportunity to learn.  And lastly, I wanted kids to enjoy my class and not be bored.  I didn't learn any of that in my teacher education courses.  Maybe things have changed.


Anyway, these are just my passing thoughts.  I spent 2 hours helping some guy with his writing.  I met with him at 7:00 AM so I could be out early and it's now 9:30 and I'm just headed out to jog and miss the hot weather.  Take care. Wish I could go sit by a pool this afternoon.


God bless.  Love ya.  Make the best of your day.




Will Waters <> Thu, Aug 28, 8:23 PM



Boring but relaxing day. Grams is feelin' better, we're on the road early tomorrow and I can't wait to get home! Gramps said traffic will be a bitch tomorrow if we don't get started early cause it's the labor day weekend, so we're packing tonite except for what we're wearing and hitting the road by 7 (yuck!). I know I'm sleeping in the back of the car for at least a few hours cause the scenery doesn't get great until we're back in Idaho where the big hill country starts anyways. Had a cool day, movies, pool, food, jerking off (ha!), napped, and then more of the same. Plus spent lots of time thinking bout school next week. huge conclusions or decisions, just thinkin' ya know. Gonna be interesting that's fer sure. Really extra tired tonight for some reason even though I chilled out all day. Gonna read an wait to see if ya get back to me (hope ya do!) and then probably fall asleep watchin TV. Love ya Frank! Truly.


I didn't hear back from Frank. He must have been busy because he always gets back to me. Well, not always, but most of the time. I wrote him Friday morning after we were on the raod. Said, "Rainy crappy weather. We're stopping for lunch soon. Then I get to drive. I'll get back to ya tonite when I get home." Frank wrote what I'd call a sex ed email. I can't find it. Only know it happened while I was driving because I talked about it in the next email. I wrote. "I'll get back to you when I get home. Got some interesting questions n comments about the sex ed stuff!"

Let me see if I can piece it all together. Frank thought I should know about girls in case I got in sex talks with the guys. I sure wish I had that email.

I remember a lot of it and I'm too embarrassed to write it here. Ha. Embarrassed. Hell, after everything else I've shared, why should I be embarrassed? But girls aren't my thing and I prefer not to go into it. All you have to know is that I know lot more about how girls work than I did before.

He wrote me a quick note back in response to my email. "Thanks for the update about getting on the road. Have a safe trip and enjoy your driving. Say hello to Max for me when you get home. Love ya. Frank.

Frank was a bit worried about saying he loved me since he's never met me, but I'm always telling him I love him and how much he means to me so now he doesn't seem to mind saying he loves me. I'd be hurt if he didn't.

After feeling so unloved for so long, I need to have someone else tell me they love me. Thanks to Frank, I finally know my parents do. The thing is, would they love me if I was still gay. (Well, you know what I mean. I am still gay, but they don't know it.) He's always worried about what someone would think if they saw these emails. But I never once felt Frank was a pedophile or had any interest in me sexually. He just wants to help me get my life back on track, and so far everything is going pretty well. Yeah, there have been some rough spots, but I finally realize, the quote Frank sent me a while back is really true. "Life is difficult, and once you accept that, you'll be a happier person." My problem is I always expected life to be perfect, and it sure as hell wasn't or isn't or whatever. I didn't expect people to react the way then did when I came out. I actually thought people would respect me for my bravery and honesty. Boy, was I full of shit and filled with high expectations.