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A moment like this

2010 - present

Blake and Owen was sitting on the bed breathing deeply. What the fuck did they just do? Blake looked over to Owen, who's barechested stomach moved up and down, wiping the sweat off his face. Blake swallowed nervously, then slowly leaned over and placed his hand on Owen's chest. Owen gasped, but couldn't break the eye contact he held with Blake. He suddenly lunged forward and the two best friends fiercely embraced eachother, their love showing, clearly for everyone to see. They have always been close, and if they wanted to admit it, this had been coming for a while now. Some people wait a lifetime...for moment like this...


They have been friends for over 13 years of their 17 year old lives, starting at pre school where they silently and cautiously stared at eachother before Owen, very shyly, asked Blake if he wanted to play soccer with him and couple of the other kids. From that moment, a life long bond was formed between the two young boys. After pre school, it was elementry school, where they spent from ages 7-13. In that time, all of their pals and fellow teammates had become intrested in girls, in some shape or form. Blake and Owen never had a single idea why they just...weren't intrested in the opposite sex. When they entered High School, things changed like they had never expected it to. Hormones and urges got the better of them and, without ever letting the other know, they knew that, to protect their reputation, especially in the soccer team, they had to get themselves some girlfriends. Now what Owen didn't know, was that Blake was falling in love with him. The moment that this thought had first crossed Blake's mind, he was terrified. He went through all the possible scenario's over and over in his mind. He was a boy, how the hell could he fall inlove with another boy? And his best friend at that? Well looking back on their friendship at that moment and time, at the age of 15, it wasn't all that strange that Blake had developed feelings for Owen. They had always been together, at numerous sleepovers, camping trips, and they were closer than any of their friends and their respective best friends were. Plain and simple, every day that dawned, Blake knew that he couldn't wait to see Owen and when that moment arrived, normally at the school or when they walked there together or just simply chilled out, a sence of warmth came over the 15 year old whenever he saw his beautiful friend. Owen was truely hot, he was quite tall, with sandy blond hair which he always, but always kept spiked, infact nobody but Blake and Owen's parents had seen him without gel in his hair. That's just the mutual trust that the two boys had.

So two weeks ago, Blake was coming to the soccer practise, he undressed in the locker room and ran outside onto the pitch as he was already late. And there he was. Standing tall inside the goal posts, as goalkeepers tend to do, catching the balls at a frantic pace and training hard for their following match. Blake ran towards him and when Owen saw him, he too smiled as he saw his best friend.

"Hey man, what took you so long?" Owen asked him.

"Mom took forever in dropping me off. Should really get a car of my own. Then we could travel wherever, when ever we wanted. Come on, man Coach is watching, lets get going!"

Well training went well that afternoon and after Owen scored a brace they returned to Owen's house where they played some FIFA 10 on Owen's Playstation 3. That was their daily ritual. They didn't care about anyone else, they had eachother and they were happy about it, nothing else mattered. It wasn't until a innocent joke by Chris, one of their mutual friends, that they were left thinking the worst. It was after a Biology class where they left for recess and Chris came up to them to discuss the arrangements for Blake's 16th birthday party, which was in a month's time.

"I just thought we should have something small, man. My parents has been tight about money for this thing," Blake said sadly and casted his eyes to the ground. Owen immediatly placed his arm around his best friend's shoulder.

"Come on man, its not that bad. You can have it in my backyard, you know my parents wouldn't mind."

"Thanks Owen." Blake said, his eyes starting to tear up, his emotions mixing and playing ping pong with him between the fact that he couldn't afford a real birthday party and of course the fact that Owen, the guy who made his young teenage heart beat just that little faster, had his arm around him. He reached over aswell and pulled Owen to him lovingly.

"Hey you two, cut it out! You're into eachother or what?" Chris laughed.

Blake released Owen faster than you could say: Boner! Owen was laughing along with Chris, and once more Blake had to stare at his georgous friend. He could smell Owen's smell, that sweet smell that he always could connect Owen with. He didn't know what the hell to do. This wasn't normal. That's when he decided that, come what may and no matter how he felt about Owen, he had to get him a girlfriend. All will change after that. He would make it change.

So as Blake's 16th birthday party was coming closer, Owen was really surprised to hear that Blake was going out with Natasha, a girl in their class that they were both friendly with, but not one that Owen would concider going out with. He felt a slight prang of anger that he had to find out through the grapevine and not through Blake himself. And he felt he needed to confront Blake about it. Once again at the next soccer practise, Blake was late. Owen had wanted to speak to him about Natasha for the past 3 days, but Blake was never avalible. His mother always said that Blake was out with Natasha, or at her house. Owen really missed his best friend. They were rarely apart, he wasn't used to this. After practise, they met up as usual.

"Hey I've hardly seen you this week, buddy," Owen said, slapping Blake on the back.

"Yeah man, im sorry. I've been going out with Natasha. She's great! Everything I've ever wanted in a girl."

"Dude, why didn't you tell me about her? I mean, im your best friend!"

Blake looked up at Owen. Gosh, he looked so beautiful! Natasha was nothing compared to him! That week had been hell. He missed Owen so much, and his heart ached to be with his best friend, and yes he had admitted it once and for all, the boy that he was in love with. Going out with Natasha didn't help at all, infact, it just confirmed it. Blake shuddered at the very thought. He was gay. He was inlove with Owen, his best friend and going out with Natasha to keep people from saying he was gay.


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