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A moment like this 2

2010 -- present

While in their passionate embrace, Blake tore away from Owen and stood up off the bed, turning towards his best friend, reaching out his hand. Owen smiled slyly and placed his hand into that of Blake's. Blake helped Owen off the bed and and he leaned over and kissed Owen's slender neck. Owen groaned with pleasure and sighed when Blake released him. Blake squeezed Owen's shoulder and walked over to his CD player, took a one of the numerous CD's that Owen gave him over the years and placed one of them in the player, and pressed play. The music started and they both smiled when they heard the lyrics. Like a flash they were in eachother`s arms and they gently started to dance to the music.

What if I told you it was all meant to be

Would you believe me, would you agree?

It's almost that feeling we met before

So tell me that you don't think im crazy

When I tell you love has come here and now

A moment like this

Some people wait a lifetime for a moment like this...



Blake awoke at 7 in the morning, and immediately, the first thing he thought about was his best friend Owen. Just as he wanted to reach down to his cock and stroke it, he thought of Natasha, his supposed girlfriend. At once he turned around in his bed and the tears started to pour from his eyes. Why could'nt he be normal? He had read all the books that his father had brought him when he started with puberty and he read that homosexuality was a mortal sin. The Bible clearly states that a man shall not lie with another man. And in his young mind, that meant that if he carried on with these sexual thoughts about his best friend, he would someday go to hell. Blake's eyes turned towards that clock on his nightstand and saw that it was time to get up for school. He had to drag himself out of the bed because for the first time in his life he didn't want to see Owen. Owen and his six pack abs. Owen and his sexy smile. Owen and his...fuck stop it!

It was Blake's birthday that Saturday and Owen had generously offered that they could have it at his house. Blake's parents, allthough loving their son very much, wasn't able to give him all that his friends had. Some of his friends already had cars and shit like that. When Blake arrived at the soccer field for some training, he already saw Owen on the field performing his goalkeeping duties. Blake watched in lust as Owen dived to save a shot and in the process, his shirt lifted up just that tiny bit and his abs made Blake horny once more. Blake started to tremble, he couldn't do this. He couldn't be on the same field as Owen and not be able to kiss him and tell him that he was in love with him. And doing just that was impossible. But before he cuold get very far, he saw Natasha running towards him.

"Hey you! Ready for training? I told you i would come and watch!" she asked excitedly.

"Uhm....no not quite...im not feeling very well actually, so i think i'll just go home and rest and be ready for tomorrow's training."

"Shame love, are you sure? I could come home with you?" Natasha said, clearly worried about her boyfriend. He was also the first boyfriend that she had in her life and she loved him very much. For years she had thought that Blake was cute, but now that they were both 17 years of age, Blake was just beautiful and she was proud that he chose her. However, her offer was the last thing that Blake himself wanted.

"No, no im...eh...i don't want you to get sick aswell, whatever it is could be contagious, you know, so I'll just tell Coach and I'll see you tomorrow, ok?"

Natasha looked up into Blake's eyes and and saw...fear...? What was it? She didn't quite understand but even so, she pulled his face towards her and kissed him very gently on the cheek. Blake closed his eyes in emotional agony. He wasn't a selfish or a ungrateful person by any means, but he would give anything and everything he had if this kiss could have come from Owen and not Natasha. Suddenly he really started to feel nauseous. He didn't know how the fuck to handle this. Natasha released him and gave him a hug. Blake turned aroud so quickly that he didn't see Owen coming up behind him and the two best buds crashed into eachother. They fell in a heap onto the grass.

"Hey buddy, watch it!" Owen laughed.

"Sorry man, i was just on my way home," Blake said.

"Home? What about training?"

"I can't man. I don't feel well. Must be something i ate," Blake lied and as he watched Owen get up he saw another flash of his abs. Blake was worried as he started to tent up in his shorts. There was no other way.

"What's wrong, dude? Hey man you know you can trust me." Owen said as he placed his arm around Blake's back. Blake started to shiver as Owen's scent arrived in his nostrils and he pulled back quickly. Owen looked at him, and he could see that he was hurt.

"I gotta get home man. I'll talk to you later." Blake said as he hurried home, anything to get away from Blake. He wanted to stay more than anything, but he couldn't. Owen could never find out that Blake was in love with him.

When Blake got home he got straight into bed and he felt himself start to cry again. The whole day long he saw boys and girls holding hands, kissing and hugging and being in love. And he couldn't do it. All because he was different. He was a boy...and in love with another boy. The tears started to wet his cussion, but he couldn't care less. As he felt himself being drawn into a sleep, he heard the window in his bedroom open. He sat up and saw Owen climb though the window. They had both done that numerous times in the past, that was the closeness of their friendship and that just showed what it meant to them.

"Owen, shouldn't be at training?" Blake asked in his confusion.

"Dude, you're my best friend, im not gonna train when you're not feeling well. We've always done things together, man. I told Coach that we had a family crisis and i couldn't train. I kinda saw that he didn't believe me but fuck him. I wanted to be with you."

Blake looked on, as if in a dream, how Owen got into the bed with him and positioned himself on his side, leaning his head on his hand, staring at him. Blake could feel the love generated from Owen, but he knew that it was brotherly love. There could never be anything between them. Owen reached out his hand and ran it through Blake's hair. Blake sighed and leaned into Owen's hand, before quickly remembering that he was supposed to act straight in front of Owen, but he felt Owen's hand travel down to his shoulder, moving up once more and caressing his cheek. Blake started to pull away, because he simply couldn't believe that this was happening, at last.

"Did you honestly think that i would leave my best friend and go training? You mean everything to me. Oh Blake, forgive me, but i have to do this..."

Blake heard Owen. He saw his face coming close to his. He felt Owen's body move towards him. Still he didn't believe it. Owen's lips grazed his ever so slightly, and suddenly Blake couldn't stop himself. He pulled Owen towards him and kissed him, finally! He could hear Owen sigh into the kiss and he felt Owen caress his back and he found his hands also nearing Owen's sexy body. He felt the rippled abs and pecks underneath the soccer shirt that Owen was wearing and it made his cock as stiff as a rock. Owen was the first one to run out of breath in the passionate kiss and he grabbed Blake's shoulders in ecstasy. Blake was breathing loudly and looked lovingly into Owen's eyes.

"What just happened, dude?" he asked, completley dumbfounded.

"I wanted to do that for so long, man. We've been together and been friends for so long. It's only natural that i would...u know...?"

For Blake, this was a dream come true. He was so in love with Owen, and now...this was what he was waiting for. So many years had gone by and he wasn't going to waist anymore time. He reached out and caressed Owen's cheek with his thumb, and once more, leaned down to kiss the boy which he loved with his whole heart. Owen smiled and placed his arms around his Blake and kissed him back, still smiling into the kiss. Blake felt Owen's tongue wanting to enter his mouth, and he gave in...

Blake sat up in his bed, sweating and panting and with a massive erection. Owen was no where to be seen. He looked around him, clutching the sheets and wiping the sweat from his brow. He looked down at his cum soaked trousers, where he could still feel the cum pouring out from his still rock hard cock. Once again, the tears starting to flow, covering those that was still streaked acrossed his face from earlier. He fell back into a heap on his bed, slamming his fists into the mattress. This had gone way too far. He was now beginning to have wet dreams about his best friend. Something had to be done, and quickly. There was no way that he would ever go through so much pain again.

That evening, getting ready to go over Blake's, was Owen, just freshly showered from soccer practise and was wanting to see himself that his best friend was ok. Before he could kiss his mother goodbye, his phone rang, and he quickly answered it. He stood still, honest to God, he couldn't move. All that he could do, was stand there in their living room and hear Blake's father telling him that Blake had committed suicide.


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