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A Play In One Act


The Principals

  1. John: 18, Senior, 5'9", 150lbs, hair-light brown crew cut w/blond highlights, eyes-brown w/gold flecks, complexion-fair and clear with light tan.  Tall, lightly muscled, slimly athletic build, long oval face with prominent nose and small ears, owns a home weight set and plays baseball on school team.  Openly gay. Mostly smooth and hairless, 7-1/2", uncut short skin, small balls.

  2. Dick: 18, Senior, 5'10", 155lbs, hair-dark brown straight shoulder length, eyes-dark brown, complexion-pale and lean-faced.  Oval face with wide forehead, narrow chin, large dark lips.  Openly gay.  Mostly hairy, 7 cut w/large balls and treasure trail.

  3. Harry: 18, Senior, 5'11", 175lbs, hair-black curly needs cut, eyes-baby blue, complexion-light w/ light acne.  Round face, large angry eyes, scowls, yellow teeth, teen moustache and beard, wide shoulders, strong arms, big-chested.  Secretly Gay. 8", cut, slim shaft, no corona, average balls in dark sack.

  4. Billy: 17, Junior, 5'6", 145lbs, hair-med. blond, eyes-blue, complexion-light, clear.  Square face, prominent bones and eyes, solid build.  Small nose and mouth, pale peach lips.  Straight.

  5. Tony: 17, Junior, 5'6", 140lbs, hair-black long and curly, eyes-brown, complextion-light Latino, clear.  Wide nose, large ears, slightly large lips, slim build some muscle tone.  Straight.


The Setting:

A forest preserve along side the urban sprawl of a major American city at dusk.


John and Dick (He actually preferred Dick to Rich or Richard) had been friends since middle school.  John had helped Dick fight off Billy Maxwell, a bully who was going to have his daily fun with a new boy today, and had picked Dick.

Tonight they had driven out to the forest preserve to meet their pot dealer, bought a baggie and had walked into the woods to smoke a joint and relax.  While they were sitting on a dead tree, after smoking the joint, Dick had slipped behind a tree to pee.  Billy Maxwell and two of his bully buddies came down the path and thought they saw John sitting alone in the woods.

Earlier in the school year, Billy had tried to put John in his place; or, the place he thought John belonged.  John of course, being rather opinionated, had other ideas, and he was no coward.

Billy had pushed John down and was apparently going to sit down on his chest, but John had put his foot in Billy's groin, hard.  That ended the fight before it started.  Luckily for John, Billy had been alone that first time.  Not today.

The three boys came closer, with obvious violent intent.  Billy and Tony were the two bullies of the Senior class.  And their recent addition, Harry, was with them.

Billy started with, "Well, if it ain't speedy-foot!  Looks to me like you only got two feet, and there's three of us this time, so what you gonna do?  Huh?"  Billy took a large step up to John as his two friends flanked to both sides, ready and cracking knuckles.

Dick was standing with his peen in his hand and had heard Billy and his buddies laughing.  He leaned around the tree and he and John saw each other.  He winked, zipped up, and quietly took a step up behind Billy and his buddies.

Dick took full advantage of Billy's exposed back; he got a running start and landed a kick square center on Billy's back.  Billy expelled all the air in his lungs immediately and fell gasping to his knees almost four feet from where he had been standing, trying to breathe.  Dick landed on his butt and hands and kicked the ankle out from the boy on his right.  There was a distinct snapping sound and the boy yelled like a scared little girl.  He dropped onto his ass, hard, yelping again.

John didn't wait.  He saw Dick take the running start and the leap.  He jumped to his right and landed a kick into that boy's chest.  The boy grunted as he lost his air and bent backward while hop-stepping backward.

Jon turned to see Billy on his knees with both hands behind his back and a grimace of pain on his face.  John stepped onto his right foot and kicked upward with the other, connecting with Billy's privates.  Solidly.  Billy made a short, sharp, squeaking sound and now grabbed his groin with both hands.  He leaned slowly forward, groaning deeply, until his forehead touched the ground.  He groaned more and didn't move.  He was out of the fight for good.

The third boy looked unsure now, his hands no longer cracking his knuckles, instead hanging limply at his sides.  John saw Dick standing behind the boy, waiting, and started to close the few feet separating them.  The boy's eyes widened and he turned, running like a wind sprinter.  For one step.  Dick put out a foot and tripped the boy.  He fell forward onto his hands and shot back to his feet running.  Neither John nor Dick bothered chasing him.

John's eyes were slits of rage; his face was red, his lips were locked in a scowling, upside down grin.

John pushed Billy over onto his back and sat on his chest, pinning both of the boys arms across his chest, as he refused to expose his throbbing, painful jewels for more punishment.  John scooted forward, shoving his crotch under the boys jaw and forcing it shut, yelling,  "If you ever bother me again, you'll beg to suck my cock after I knock every one of your teeth down your throat!  DO YOU HEAR ME!"

The boy was speechless even if John had backed up to allowed his jaw to open.  He nodded as best he could, his face clearly showing his fear and humiliation, turning bright red.

"In case you think I'm kidding," John said, getting up on his knees and unzipping his pants with one hand, holding the boy down by the throat with the other.  "You better think a-fucking-gain!" he said, pulling his dick out through his boxers and jeans zipper, wagging it in Billy's face.  "I swear, on everything, if you even look at me funny, you will find me sitting right here again, only this is going to be nice and hard and I'm going to break everyone of your teeth, one by one.  And when I'm done, I'm going to make you suck my cock and swallow my cum!  Do you believe me mother-fucker!?"

The boy, now a deep red and struggling for breath, could only nod as much as possible, hoping John would soon let him breathe.  John didn't.  He leaned so that of his weight was on the arm pushing his hand down on Billy's throat.  He sat there, as if made of stone, looking past his dick in his one hand and into Billy's face.  Watching.  He squeezed with his thumb and fingers along the sides of the boy's neck.

The boy thrashed a few times in a desperate attempt to escape.  Dick ran over, yelling at John, "Get off, don't kill him!"

John paid him no attention as Dick tried to pull John up and off the strangling boy.  When Billy tensed violently, locked, then went limp, Dick stopped trying to move John, visibly stunned that he had just watched a boy die.

Dick hated Billy, even bragging to John how he had thought about killing him, somehow, someday, someway, maybe.  But now that he had just watched his friend actually do it, he was getting sick.

John stood up and swung his right foot up between the boy's spread legs, placing a second well-aimed kick into his groin.  The boy did not move, but a grunt escaped from his mouth as the contact forced air out of the lungs.

Dick vomited violently.

"What the fuck's wrong with you?" John asked angrily.

When Dick had emptied his stomach, wiped his mouth and spit a few times, he stood and yelled, "Why the fuck did you kill him?"

"What?  He ain't dead, stupid!  He's unconscious is all.  Gawd!"

Dick stammered, "Are, are y-y-you sure?"

"Yes, look!" John said, leaning down and closing the boy's mouth.  He then delicately pinched the boy's nose.  His mouth popped open after several seconds and he drew a deep breath.  "See, just out.  And when he wakes up, gonna hurt!" he said, standing up and kicking the boy in the right side along his ribs.

"Don't!" the other bully with the broken ankle yelled.

"And what are you whining about?  He would probably put me in the hospital with your help.  How about it?" he asked the kid sitting on the ground, holding his left foot and ankle.  "So why shouldn't I return the fucking favor?" John said, now kneeling in front of the obviously scared boy.  "And, why shouldn't I put you in the bed next to him?" he said, now nose to nose with the boy, seeing the tears, the ticks at the corner of his eyes, the shivering lips.

The boy looked at the unconscious Billy and asked, "Is he really only unconscious?  N-n-not, dead?"

"Yes, he's really only unconscious, n-n-not dead!" John said, exaggeratedly mimicking the boy's frightened words and tone.

The boy lowered his head, now openly crying.

"So, not such a tough guy now, huh puss-boy?  Why you hang out with such a dick?  HUH?" John asked, grabbing the boy's hair and pulling his head up to meet his eyes.  "I asked why!"

"B-b-because!  I don't know!"

"Did he ever beat you up?" John asked, his voice full of continuing rage.

"Huh?" they crying boy was obviously confused.

"What are you, stupid?  I'm asking easy questions here!  I asked you, did, he, ever, beat, you, up?" John asked again slowly.

"No.  He saw me beating up a kid and said I had some good stuff and would I like to run with him and Tony.  So I did.  That's all," the boy supplied behind sniffles.

"Oh, so you're a fucking bully all on your own, huh?  Tony the wuss who ran away like a little girl?" John asked, his voice now sounding like a grade school kids teasing each other during recess.


"Well, I want you to tell Tony the same thing I told Billy," John stated, his voice now full of anger and rage.  "Did you hear it okay?  Say it.  Say it all, right now!" he said, shaking the boy by the hair.

"You said, if Billy ever even looked at you, you w-w-would bash in all his teeth and make him suck your dick."

"What else?  All of it or I will pound it into you!" John screamed.

"What else?" the boy asked in a tiny voice.

"I said I would break out all his teeth, ONE BY ONE, then make him suck my dick, AND SWALLOW MY CUM.  Got that?"


"Do you believe it?" John asked, shaking the boy by the scalp again.

Dick stood by, motionless, with a look of combined fear and horror on his face.

"Yes!" the boy said loudly.

"Did Billy believe it?"


"Are you going to tell Tony everything, just like that?"


"Will Tony believe it?"

"I don't know."

"Make him believe it," John said, releasing the boy's hair and standing up in front of him, whipping his dick out.  "Look at it."  When the boy did not, instead, keeping his head down, John yelled, "I SAID LOOK AT IT!"

The boy slowly raised his head, glancing quickly at the cock John held out with his fingers.

"Get a good look.  Don't look away!  I said look at it!"  John said, kicking the boy's hurt foot.  The boy screamed and started crying again.  "Now look at it!"  When the boy stared at John's cock, John waggled it, saying, "Look close, 'cause if you or Tony or Billy ever even look at me, or Dick here, in any way we don't like, you are going to be seeing this coming at you hard and ready, and if you don't suck it nice and good, and swallow every drop I shoot, I will knock out YOUR teeth and teach you how to give head right.  Do you understand?"

"Y-y-y-yes.  Can I stop looking now?"

"Sure, close your eyes, I got a surprise for you," John said in pleasing tones one might use to soothe a child.

"What?" the boy replied, not asking what the surprise was, rather it was a surprised exclamation.

"If you shut your eyes, and do it right, I might not kick the shit out of you some more," John said in a normal conversational tone.

"What?" again, surprised exclamation.

"I said, if you suck it good, you won't loose any teeth.  If I feel one tooth, you loose two.  Now, open up and suck my dick, or my knee is going to take out some of your teeth," he said, still conversationally, as if mentioning the weather during a picnic.

"But, but, but, I, don't want to suck your dick.  I ain't a fag or nothing!"

"I didn't ask if you were a fag, I told you to suck my dick.  Do you see Billy over there?"

"Of course, so?"

"You want to be found the same way?"

"What?  Fuck, no!  But, I ain't never done it."

"You fucking lie.  I saw you and Billy and Tony in the woods more than once.  Way more than once.  You always get on your knees and suck the both of them, every time I see you guys.  Every time,"  John said normally.  As he barked out the last sentence, his voice climbed to volcanic volume. "You are just their sucking boy, ain't you?"

The boy started crying hard, tears welling up out of his eyes and his sobs coming louder and harder.

"Ain't you?!?" John demanded.

"So!  So fucking what?  It ain't none of your business if I do!"

"I'm making it my business, because you made it my business when you followed Billy over here to try to kick my ass.  I would never have said anything about it.  Dick and I fuck each other almost every day.  But gays like you make me sick!  You hide it and pretend you like girls and give your own kind as much grief as these fucking ass-hole breeder bullies!  I was keeping that secret in case Billy tried anything again, so I guess I get to use it now, don't I?" John said.  "Don't I?" he yelled when the boy didn't answer.

"Yes.  You get to use it."

"So, get up on your knees, like you always do for Billy, and do what you always do for Billy and Tony, to me and Dick.  Come on, do it and I might even be nice to you after.  Keep Billy off you if he tries anything, if you want."

"How you going to keep Billy off me?"

"Okay, Harry, it's like this.  I know what you do for Billy and Tony.  I've seen it lots of times.  If I start swearing to what I saw to everybody I know, you know what's going to happen, don't you?  I'm the gay guy on the baseball team who happens to be the best player we got!  I tell them what I saw, and everybody is going to know you sucked his dick, and Tony's.  And why!  You want that?"


"Did Billy tell you he would tell if you stopped?"

"Something like that," Harry answered, sniffling now, the tears stopped, or at least paused for now.

"You gay?"

"What?" another exclamation, this time from a face gone pale, only the reddened eyes having any color at all.

"Tell me the truth," John asked now, no longer filled with rage and bloodlust.  "I know some gay guys, honest." John said, eliciting a smile even from the scared Harry.

"Really?" Harry said, feigning surprise.  "How do I know you're not lying about all this and won't just be another Billy?"

"Because I'm gay.  I don't need a sucking boy either.  Dick does fine on my dick and the girls don't seem to mind that he does as well.  In fact, every chick who has sucked this dick has asked if she did better than Dick.  I always tell them no one sucks my dick as well as Dick.  Pisses some off, but it's true.  Ain't it?" John asked, glancing over at Dick.

The shock of Billy's condition, the fact that John didn't seem at all concerned about said boy's condition, as well as this conversation, all showed on poor Dick's face.  "I don't even know what to say..." he trailed off.

John looked over to Billy.  "I hate Billy, and I hated you because you ran with him.  He's an idiot, a jerk-wad and deserved it.  You, I don't know about.  Did you really beat a kid up to get in with him?"

"No.  No, I fought Billy off me one day.  He was picking on me and I was keeping him off me okay.  But he was winning.  I made a deal with him.  I don't know why I said it, but I said if he would stop beating me up, I would suck his dick.  He said okay, so I did, and made me do Tony too.  He made me do them and I could be in their gang and not be beat up anymore."

By now the boy was crying again, softer, but more pitifully.

"Look, you don't have to suck me.  I was mad.  Okay?  Just forget it.  Can you walk?  How far do you live?"

"I don't know, I think it's broken," Harry said, holding his foot and ankle.

"Yea, I think it broke when I kicked it," Dick said sadly.

"Yea, think so," Harry replied.  "It hurts bad.  I rode here with Billy."

"Were you going to suck them off again?" John asked.

Harry paused before answering, "Yea, but you knew that, didn't you?"

"Yea.  I wanted to see if you'd say the truth," John said, satisfied that it was.  "Okay, give him a ride home?" John asked, looking to Dick.

"What about the ankle?  What will his folks say?"

"Tell them it was climbing a tree again.  I told them that when Billy beat me that day."

"What about Billy?  And Tony?" Dick asked.

"We tell the truth.  Billy wanted to beat me and you up," John said to Dick.  "They lost.  We won.  End of story.  You broke his ankle when you kicked it, I beat the fuck out of Billy, and Tony the girl ran away."

"You promise, I mean really promise, not to talk to the police?" John asked Harry.

"Yea.  I don't want to have to tell them and my parents why I hooked up with Billy!"

"True.  And Tony only saw the fight and ran off.  Billy can say whatever he wants, it's three against one if we all tell the truth."

They agreed, there in the woods, as night fell.  A pact was made.  The deal struck.  Friendships forged.

"Shake," John said, as they finalized the agreement.

The boys all exchanged hand-shakes and Harry got on his knees.

John pulled his hardening cock from his zipper through the fly of his boxers and walked up to the kneeling boy who took it in hand and stroked it, getting to know it.

"It will be nice wanting to do this for a change!" Harry said, smiling.

"Come on up here, Dick," John said, waving the boy over.  "A deal is a deal.  He sucks us, he won't be likely to say anything to cause us trouble, and we won't have to worry he will open his mouth."

"I know, just seems, strange," Dick said, hesitantly approaching John and the kneeling boy.

"Its okay.  This is okay with me.  I want to do this.  You guys got me out of sucking their's.  I like to suck, I guess.  I want to suck dicks.  But not be forced to, to straight guys who were just using me!  Now get that thing out and let's get this done!" Harry pleaded

He demonstrated his intentions on John, licking the head all around before sliding his lips over it and obviously applying a great deal of suction.  John moaned and said, "Get it over here, Dick!  This is a talented guy!"

Harry pulled himself off John's cock and said, "And this is a talented cock!  Eight inches?" he asked.

John laughed and said, "I wish!  Seven and a half is more like it!"

"Way bigger than either of their's," he said, pausing only long enough to say it.

"Damn!  Knows how to go to town!" John said, sinking into sighs and soft moans.

Dick was now pulling his own cock from the confines of his clothing and slapped Harry's cheek with it several times.

Harry pulled off of John's cock and started stroking and sucking on Dick's dick.

Harry had a dick in each hand and changed his oral attentions in random intervals.  Neither boy knew when Harry would stop sucking on him, or when he would return when on the other boy.

John and Dick put arms around each other and got close to make the job easier for their new friend.  They smiled at each other and watched Harry work, pausing from time to time to share kisses and ear-nibbling.  Each placed their hand on the ass of the other, massaging and rubbing them.

Harry started to pull the foreskin back on John's large, thick dick, until it stopped at the back of the head.  It would not roll over the corona.  He licked the exposed head, following it until the tight foreskin sealed against the head.  He allowed the skin to roll out a bit and snuck his tongue under the skin and over the back of the head. 

John shuddered from feet to head, and sighing, said, "Jesus Freaking Christ!  He's got the touch!"

"Yea, I see he knows how to get under there!  Good work, Harry!" Dick said.

Harry left John's cock and started sucking on Dick's.  He pulled the skin far back, tightening it and pulling the head backwards a bit and slid his sealed lips up and down from the corona to the end of the circumcision markings, all while sucking softly and harder in changing rhythm.

"Oh, cripes!  He does know what he's doing, doesn't he?" Dick exclaimed, obviously pleased.

Harry pulled off both boys and said, "Get those happy globes out boys!"

John and Dick looked at each other, smiling, and pulled their balls out to hang in the night air.

Harry licked the sacks, sucked one then both in each sack, and squeezed them from time to time.

Both John and Dick were breathing faster and moaning repeatedly.

"Harry, I ain't going to last much longer!" John said in warning as Harry was sucking and licking up under his foreskin again.

Harry responded by sliding his tongue around under the foreskin and circling the tender corona while managing to keep a good level of suction up.

"Oh, fuck!" John warned as his hips rocked forward and his butt cheeks dimpled.  He shook visibly as he grunted, "Ungh!" several times, obviously reaching a repeating climax, shooting hard multiple times.  "Oh!  Oh, shit, oh gawd, stop!" he said, pulling his hips back.

Harry let go of the sensitive, sticky cock and smiled up at John.  He leaned to his left and took Dick in again, squeezing his sack in time with the squeezes of John's.

Harry took Dick's tool deep, his tongue wrapped under it, cradling it, sliding along the underside with each bob of his head.

"Holy fucking shit!  Feels like fucking heaven!" Dick moaned, shivering slightly.

In less than a minute, Dick groaned and said, "Harry, almost there!" followed in a few more seconds by, "Cumming Harry!" as he stood up on his toes, pushing down on Harry's shoulders with his hands.  "Oh!  Oh!  OH!!"

Six times Dick pumped his hips forward, ramming his cock deeper into Harry's mouth.

"OH, holy shit!" Dick said, pulling back from the intense pleasure.  "Damn it!  Sorry, John, but he blows you away!"

John laughed and said,  "I don't doubt it!  No one has ever gone under my skin before!  I didn't even know you could!"

"Neither did I," Dick said.  To Harry, he said, "Where did you learn that?  These guys?" he asked, indicating Billy who was still unmoving on the ground.

"Naw,  neither of them had enough to talk about!  Billy ain't got five inches, I swear!  And he cums faster than a virgin!"

"Maybe Billy likes it more than he wants to admit?" John said after putting his tired cock away.  He walked toward and bent over Billy, slapping his face, harder than he he had to.  When Billy started waking up, he didn't stop.

"What the fuck!  Stop it you asshole!" Billy said, trying to sit up.  "Oh!  Fuck!  What the...." he said, suddenly moaning in pain.  He shook his head and curled over his groin, laying on his left side and groaned loudly.

"Get up!" John yelled at him, some of the rage coming back into his voice.  "Come on!  Get the fuck up asshole!" he said, kicking one of Billy's feet.

"Stop it!  Gawd, damn, fuck!  I didn't know you could fight like that!"

"You don't know a lot about me.  But I know a lot about you!" John said.

"Like what?" Billy fronted.

"Like, you like blow-jobs in the woods, from guys?  Like that for instance?" John asked.

Billy looked over at Harry, anger and hate in his eyes.  "That fag lies.  He's a liar!"

"Oh, he's probably a fag, and if you ever call him that again, you are going to experience deja vu.  Do you understand me?"

"You protecting the queer boy?"

"That was your freebie.  Call him any kind of name again, or any of us," John said, leaning down and taking a handful of the boy's hair.  He pulled Billy to a sitting position and finished, "you will be sucking my dick, and loving it.  And if you don't, I hope your dad has good family dental insurance, 'cause you are going to need a full set of false teeth.  But your protein count will be plenty high, get my drift?"

John released Billy's hair by throwing the boy back down on his side.

"What I did today was nothing.  I'm fucking serious!  I'm sick and tired of your bullshit.  SICK AND FUCKING TIRED OF IT!  DO YOU UNDERSTAND?" John screamed at him, face to face on the ground.

"Okay!" Billy said, now crying.  "Okay!  Just leave me alone!"

"Exactly what we are going to do.  Your pussy friend, Tony, ran away like a little girl.  So you be sure to tell him what I told you.  Do you remember what I said before you blacked out?"

Billy had a blank look on his face.  Obviously the unconsciousness had removed his memories of the last few seconds before he blacked out.

"Let me remind you!" John said, using his foot to force Billy onto his back.  Billy covered his privates again with both hands, just as he had done before.  John sat on Billy's chest and pushed his crotch forward, forcing Billy's jaw shut again.  Billy's face revealed that he was starting to remember.

"Dick, help my new friend over here, would you?  I want him to tell him what I said."

Dick jumped at hearing his name.  He helped the injured Harry limp over to Billy, where John directed them to get Harry's groin close to John's own, right in Billy's face.

"Tell him, exactly what I said to him," John said to Harry, unzipping his fly.

"He said, that if you ever looked at him or any of us funny or any way, ever again, that you would find yourself right here again, under him, with his cock in your face, and that you would either be sucking him off, or he would be bashing your teeth out.  It would be up to you."

John had by now pulled his wet, sticky, limp dick out and had slapped Billy's lips and cheeks with it several times.  It left small drops of slightly pearly fluid.  He continued to wipe his cum onto Billy's face as he said, "Now, I know all about why you let Harry here hang with you.  Don't be mad at him, you guys suck at hiding in the woods.  You should get further away from the lights, not almost under them.  You can't see who's lurking out in the dark if you are under the lights.  Stupid!  That was your biggest mistake.  Another was cheering and shouting, thinking there wasn't anyone else out here.  Do you have any idea how many gay guys come out here to hook up?" John asked Billy, clearly expecting an answer.

"No, but I guess you do, don't you fag?"

"So are the guys watching us right now.  Aren't you?" John yelled the question.

Surprising everyone there, except John, several male voices were heard affirming the question.

"Right now, I'm guessing about a dozen gay guys are watching us.  I heard the first ones when I was talking to Harry here earlier, while you were out like a light.  When I was waking you up, I saw some motion in the bushes over there, and I knew there were a bunch of guys who found or heard us.  Probably heard me shouting, now that I think about it.  But what does it matter how they found us?  They, and I, have seen you getting sucked off by Harry, here, ain't you guys?"

More disembodied voices verified John's question.

"See?  Lots of people have seen you at it.  I don't know how many.  But I know they now know you are prejudiced against gays, and they probably would love for me to leave you out here, alone, for them."

Some rude laughter from the darkness around the boys.

Billy was now shaking under John's thighs.

"We are going to give them a show." John said, pulling his zipper down.  "Come on out, if you like.  Watch the bully gay-basher suck a dick!" John said.

Dick asked.  "John, is this a good idea?"

"If they want to see this, they can come on closer and watch.  'Cause I want witnesses, witnesses that saw Billy Maxwell make Harry here suck his dick tons of times here in these woods.  Witnesses who saw Billy suck a cock.  So Billy had better keep his mouth shut about that and this, and he better open his mouth right now."

"I saw them.  The first time I saw them, Billy there, the one under you, punched that kid, Harry?  Made him do it.  That was rape, wasn't it?"  The speaker was a man about thirty, slim, wearing tight jeans, a tight white shirt and white tennis shoes.  He now stood about twenty feet away, near the path.

"I saw Billy slap the other kid when he didn't swallow it all and got some on his jeans.  Slapped him and made him lick it off," another man, heavy set and wearing jeans and a blue button shirt said, stepping out from the woods.

"I saw the one kid sucking the dick of the boy under you, and some other boy.  They always do it near the light by the river gauge," another man said as he came forward.

"See?  All these witnesses?  They saw you.  They know you forced Harry to suck you.  You understand what kind of position you are in here?"

Billy looked wildly around him.  His eyes were wide in fear.  His body shook under John's weight.

John sat up a bit and stroked his now fully hard dick, and said, "Now, you either suck this dick, or Harry's.  But you are sucking one of them, right now, all the way, or I and Harry and Dick will walk out of here and you can suck every one of these guys, probably for the rest of the night while we tell everyone we know how we saw you with guys in the woods.  Understand me?"

Several effeminate 'wooo's were heard, as well as a couple low snickers.

"You got to be kidding?" Billy said, his face now as pale as the moonlight.

"No.  Not, one, fucking, bit," John said slowly, accentuating each word with a slap of his cock head on Billy's lips.  "In fact, I changed my mind.  You forced Harry to suck your cock how many times?" John asked.

"I don't know, I didn't count!" Billy said sharply.

"I bet you did," John said.  "Don't matter.  You got any idea how many times, Harry?"

"Almost every day for almost a year," he said, obviously not proud of it.

"So, something over a hundred times!  Wow.  Did you have to swallow every time?"


"Man, you are some sex pervert, isn't he?" John asked the assembling men around them.

"Pervert."  "Sex maniac!"  "Rapist"  "Fag"  "Homo"  "Queer"

Other names, too, came from the men surrounding the frightened Billy.

"Like it?  Being called those names?" John asked as they continued, almost chanting the words now.

"Stop it!" Billy cried, tears now running from the outside corners of both of his eyes.

"So, since you made Harry do you so many times, I say you suck Harry, right now.  And that you suck Harry all the fucking way.  You suck and you make him cum and you swallow every fucking drop!" John yelled.

"You can't make me!"

"Did Harry yell that to you?" John asked, softly.  "Did he?" he asked Harry when Billy didn't answer.

"Yea, I did, I remember yelling it at him.  I didn't want to do it that way.  I wanted to do it together, not like his fucking slave!"

"So, karma arrives for Billy.  Now, what's it gonna be?  Suck Harry, good and finished, or the three of us go tell what we saw and these guys decide your punishment."

Billy stared at the cock in front of his face.  It was so close his eyes crossed in order to focus on it.  John waggled it, watching the frightened boy's eyes as they followed it.  Those eyes moved to look at the still covered crotch of Harry, just over his head.  He swallowed visibly, coughed, sniffed and said, "Okay, I'll suck Harry."

"You will suck Harry, and you will swallow Harry's cum.  And you will suck until he pulls out.  You stop, and you will regret it," John informed Billy.  "You understand?"

Billy nodded, his eyes watering, his lips quivering.

"Harry, you good for this?" John finally asked the boy.

"Yes.  You fucking bet!" he said, unzipping his jeans in a swift stab of motion.  He reached into the open fly and pulled out a huge cock.  Billy's eyes widened, his lips seemingly phrasing 'no' several times.

Harry leaned forward and pushed the large head against Billy's lips.  Billy didn't open, so John bounced his ass on Billy's chest.  This forced a large amount of air out of the boy's lungs in a whoosh!  Harry slipped his long, narrow dick in and leaned far over, forcing his cock deep into Billy's mouth.

Cheering erupted from the men in the shadows.

Billy struggled a bit, probably because the large cock was filling his virgin mouth and pushing against his gag reflex point.  Obviously Harry didn't care; he fucked Billy's mouth fast and deep.  Billy could be heard gurgling from time to time and loose slurping sounds filled the night air.

"Suck my cock!" Harry said.  He repeated it, louder the second time.  The third time he yelled it.  "Oh my gawd, yes, fuck yes!" he moaned as he thrust quickly and fully, his balls slapping Billy's forehead and closed eyes.  Billy's nose was being squished under the pressure of the large, thick cock pressing it down as it penetrated the boy's mouth.

John reached down behind him to Billy's groin.  As his hand found and closed over the hardness in Billy's jeans, his eyes flew wide open.  "Billy's got a woody!" he yelled over the moans of Harry and the sounds of a first timer giving head.

Cheers and jeers erupted in the darkness.

"Really?" Dick asked, moving to inspect for himself.  As he knelt and groped Billy's crotch, he verified it to all.  "He has a nice hard one, too!"

Dick unzipped the jeans and reached inside, pulling out a short, thin penis.  If it were all of five inches, most present would be surprised.  It had an obvious upward curve, was oval shaped in that the sides of the shaft were wide than the distance from top to the tube in the bottom.  The head was wider than the shaft, which was very thin, even for its shortness.

Dick stroked it several times and wiped pre-cum off the tip.  He brought his fingers to his nose, then his tongue.  "Nice!" he said, bending to lick the head.

Billy squirmed and twisted as much as he could with John on his chest, Harry on his face and Dick on his dick.

Dick went down on the shaft and sucked on his way up.

Billy orgasmed immediately.  He fired a small, hard wad onto the back of Dick's throat, and three more right afterwards.  His hips bucked upward with each ejaculation.

"That didn't last long," Dick said, sitting up and licking his lips.  He ran a finger across his lips and gestured as if flicking away a stray drop.  "Thin and watery, not a lot either, but tasty!"

Groans, laughter and moans came from the darkness.

"OH MY GAWD!" Harry yelled, obviously in the throes of orgasmic release.  He pumped in time with his shots, grunting as each shot entered Billy's mouth.  He held still for long seconds, as shivers ran over him before he pulled his cock out of Billy's mouth with his hips and sat back on his haunches.  "Fuck'n'a!"

Cheers from those surrounding the boys at a distance, and more from the darkness.  Applause from the early finishers.

"Did he do good?" John asked.

"Yes.  He did good," the apparently depleted Harry said around breaths.

John looked down at Billy who was smiling and licking his lips.

"So, you liked that?" he asked.


"Exactly!  So?  So what?  Wanna suck another?" John said, wiggling his hips.

"Sure!" Billy said enthusiastically.

More cheers from the audience.

John stopped stroking himself and slipped his dick up to the boy's lips.

Billy craned his neck to reach the approaching cock, locking his lips on it as soon as possible.  John fucked Billy's face slowly at first, picking up speed as time went by.

"Haven't shot twice so soon in a while, gonna be great!" John said, rocking forward so that he was no longer sitting on Billy's chest, but was on hands and knees over the boy.  He humped Billy's mouth faster now, groaning more often and more loudly.

Billy reached up with his now freed hands and grabbed onto John's butt cheeks as if they were life preservers and he was drowning. 

"That's how you do it," John encouraged Billy.  "Play with my ass!  Yes, squeeze them!"

John went down on his elbows from his hands, placing his face on his crossed wrists.  He now arched his back more than pump his hips to achieve the proper motions in and out of Billy's mouth.

Billy was having trouble keeping his lips sealed and the sounds of a sloppy blow-job filled the small clearing. 

John warned Billy with the words, "Here she blows!" and bucked forward, locking in position as he released his second load in a few minutes.

His eyes scrunched shut, his lips pulled back in a grimace, his face aimed upward, craning his neck back at a sharp angle.  "Oh, fucking, yes!" he cried as he convulsed several times.  "Oh, oh, yes fucking yes!"  he said as he pulled up and out with his hips, pulling his tender cock from the torturous please.  He rolled off of Billy and onto his side on the ground, then fell out flat on his back.

In the sudden silence created by the lack of the sounds of Billy sucking his second cock, the quieter sounds of other's climaxing could be faintly heard.

Billy lay unmoving on his back, fondling his balls with his left hand, his right on his chest.  He wasn't smiling, but there was no frown on his lips, either.

"So, I guess we can forget about worrying about tonight, huh?" John asked.

"I guess so," Billy said, sniffling.  "I'm sorry, Harry," he said, now crying out loud once again.  "I didn't know any way else to get you to do it.  I just wanted you to.  The next time we were alone, I was going to do it to you too, honest.  I, just, didn't..." he trailed off, not knowing what to say as sobs wracked him.

There were sniffles in the darkness surrounding the boys, and the sound of footsteps in the forest debris, growing more distant.

"I guess since the audience has left the theatre, we can strike the set and go home, huh?" Dick said flatly.

All four boys laughed.




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