Accepted Part 8

Authors Note:

"There is no difference, in what we doing in here, that doesn't show up as bigger symptoms out there, so why spend our time dressing our bandages when we've the ultimate key to the cause right here, our Underneath"

This is one of my favorite songs, by Alanis Morissette. It talks about how what is going on in our heart reflects how we act in the world. If we would all just fix the problems within ourselves first, then this world would be a better place for all of us.

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Accepted Part 8

The tattoo parlor was empty of clients accept for a girl getting her belly button pierced.

"What do you want?" Mark asked me.

"I want us to have a couple tattoo" I said, smiling,

"Ok babe" Mark said "Like what"

I stood there and gave it some thought, decision making is not one of my strong suits.

"How would you feel about getting each others name?" Mark asked.

"I don't see why not" I said "I mean, we love each other and we are getting married so I think it is a great idea"

After looking at different lettering and colors, we decided on what we wanted. I wanted marks name on my left side, in an Old English lettering, with a rose entwined in the letters.

Mark wanted my name on his right side, in the same lettering, but with stars around my name, because I just love stars.

After we told the tattoo artists what we wanted, they set to work, Mark and I sat side by side, holding hands and smiling at each other every time we caught the others eye.

The tattoo's didn't take as long as I thought that they would, and I was true what people said, the more you get tattoos, the better and better it feels.

After our tattoos were finished, and we put our shirts back on, and paid, we left, once again holding hands.

We walked down the side walk, in silence, but somehow the silence was even filled with love and compassion for the other.

Mark was everything I ever wanted, he was my one true love, and that is a hard thing to find. I just couldn't get how lucky I was out of my head. Mark squeezed my hand when he saw a tear stream down my face, a tear of happiness, but a tear none the less.

"Are you ok sweetheart?" he asked

"I'm great baby" I said, smiling through my tears, but although I was very happy, I still couldn't get passed the `what if's' of losing Mark.

"I just don't want to lose you" I said, turning and hugging him, burying my face in his chest.

"Baby, look at me" Mark said,

I looked up at him and he placed his hands on both sides of my face.

"Now you listen to me" he said "You will never, EVER, lose me, and no matter what, I will always be in your heart, and soul, and you will always have me. But I don't plan on leaving anytime soon. So stop worrying honey, I'm right here, I wont be going anywhere, and I belong to you, and you alone. Is that clear sweetie?"

"Yes" I said, I was balling now, and returned to hugging him.

We just stood there in an embrace, until my tears subsided.

We continued walking down the side walk, our arms around each others waists, our heads resting on each others.

We both whispered "I love you" at the exact same moment.

"Where are we going babe?" I asked.

"You will see" Mark said grinning.

Mark stopped at a portrait studio, and looked at me and smiled.

"We haven't had couple pictures made yet" he said " so I figured we would do it today"

"Sounds cool" I said, and we walked in, the little bell above the door dinging.

"Hello fellas!" said a kind voice of a woman. She walked over to us. I was immediately stunned at how beautiful she was. She had long flowing blond hair, flawless skin, an excellent smile, she reminded me of Britney Spears, who is my favorite singer by the way "What can I do for you today?" she asked.

"Well we wanted our pictures made together" Mark said, holding up his hand with his gold band on it, I took that as a hint and raised mine up to.

"Well alrighty!" she said "I can definitely help you two handsome gentlemen!" she smiled at us and told us to follow her into the room where she did her work.

"Ok you two" she said " what kind of poses would you like? Romantic, Playful, Serious, Generic, its all up to you"

"How about romantic and playful?" I asked.

"That's great!" the lady said "My name is Ariel by the way"

"Hi Ariel" I said "I'm Jay, and this is my fiancé Mark. Its nice to meet you"

"You as well!" she said smiling, "Now Mark, I want you laying down, and take your shirt off if you don't mind please" she motioned to an all white backdrop with a white faux fur rug. Mark did as he was told, taking his shirt off, which made Ariel gasp in surprise, I smiled at her as Mark went over and laid on the rug.

"Jay, I want you to also take off your shirt and I want you to straddle Marks waist, with your hands on Mark's biceps."

"Ok I said" so I took my shirt off and did as I was told, while I was on Mark's waist I felt his cock harden, I smiled playfully as Ariel took the pictures and commented on how good we were together.

For the next pose she had Mark stand behind me, with his arms around me, she told us to kiss, so I turned my head as I kissed Mark, she told me to put my hand on Mark's cheek as we kissed, I did so and heard the camera take several pictures. I was really enjoying this, we went through a variety of poses, which consisted of Mark on his stomach and me on top of him, to Mark and I simply hugging. Ariel also got several close ups of our hands holding the other.

Then she told us to take off all of our clothes. I looked at Mark who just smiled at me and shed his clothes, I followed suit and we were both naked,

Ariel came over to us, and moved us into a position where Mark was once again behind me, holding me, but this time, Mark had one arm across my shoulder and chest, and the other arm was down by my side, with his hand covering my crotch.

After this pose, Ariel had me lay down on the rug, and had Mark get on top of me, and he had to kiss me. Then after that pose she had one last one to take, It was Mark kissing me on the cheek with me having a surprised look on my face. I loved this pose, it was so simple, and so cute J

She told us we could get dressed, and that after we were through she would show us the pictures.

We got dressed, and walked back into the front room.

She showed us over to a huge computer screen. She brought up our pictures and I was stunned. I was speechless. They were magnificent!! All black and white except for one, I asked her to bring it up and I saw it was the first nude pose we done. Mark had angel wings behind him, and clouds with sunlight beaming through them, I was shocked. It was so true to me, Mark was my angel, and this picture showed it perfectly, nothing but us, naked, and not ashamed, Mark holding me, and bringing me in a light I never knew existed. Mark actually started to cry, I took his hand and squeezed it. We bought all of the prints, which cost about two hundred dollars, but well worth it.


After we got home from our day out, Mark, grabbed me and kissed me, and I knew that this wonderful man was mine forever.

This story is dedicated to Christian, a wonderful man, one who was truly heaven sent for me. He got taken to early, and I am alone, all by myself, here in this world, my everything and only reason for living is gone. He was and still is an Angel in my heart, watching over me, and making sure I don't get into trouble. The loss is devastating and some days I don't even know how to go on.

But he is in such a better place now, but id still rather have him here with me. It is so selfish but I need him.

Christian, I love you , and I will never ever stop, you were my first true love, and I will never forget you,


your little Tiger,