Adam and Chase  -  Chap. 1



"Adam! Get your lazy ass out of bed and get into the shower right now!" My  mom called from downstairs.

I rolled over and looked at the clock it read 6:30.

"Fucking shit damnit! I hate school."

I sluggishly rolled out of bed and walked to the mirror hanging on my closet door.

"Damn I'm a mess in the mornings"

Opening my closet, I grabbed a towel and wash cloth and jumped into the shower. It was times like these that I was so glad that I was the only child, because I got my own bathroom to myself. This way I don't have to worry about a sister hogging it all the time, or a brother peeing all over the seat.

Ok, here's the introduction. My name is Adam Sanders and I live on Staten Island in New York. I turned 15 in May and stand 5'6 with brown hair and blue eyes. Obviously I'm gay, or I wouldn't be writing this thing, but I'm still in the closet and plan to keep it that way - just your normal, average, everyday guy.

Turning on the shower, I checked the water and got in. The spray woke me up as it hit me and began to run down my back. Reaching for the shower gel, I started lathering up my body and thinking about my friend Josh. See this was a bad idea, because he was so hot! Anytime I had an unwanted hard on, it came from him.

Josh played quarterback for the Junior Varsity football team (I know it isn't much but he's still hot). Build-wise, he'd be about 5'10 with blue eyes and blonde hair and a smile that could brighten anyone's day. I've seen him naked a few times. Mainly after gym class when we were all made to take a shower. How I've managed to get through Freshman year alive and without getting hard in the showers is another of those mysteries of life. Anyway, back to Josh. He has the biggest cock I have ever seen! Well, not that I've seen it hard, but if it's 5 1/2 inches soft just imagine...

The next thing I knew I was shooting my jizz all over the shower floor and staggering back against the wall, bracing myself to keep me standing. See what an affect Josh has on me?

Making sure I cleaned up the mess, I got out of the shower. The mirror was completely fogged up so I wiped it clean with a towel.

"Well that's a little better." I said to myself. "Now I don't look like the elephant man."

Now this is the question I ask every morning and I know I should always work it out the night before but it never seems to happen like that and then I get in the mess I'm in now - what am I gonna wear?

Pulling open my closet I walked in to see if I could find something. Yeah, thanks for pointing out the joke, and yes, I am now "in the closet", but hey I gotta get some clothes or I go out ass naked. Eventually, I decided on a yellow Tommy Hillfiger shirt, jeans and tennis shoes.

Down in the kitchen, my mom was sitting drinking a cup of coffee and my dad was reading the paper. As usual nothing ever changed. I think if I fell down the stairs and broke both legs, they'd still be in the kitchen drinking coffee and reading the paper.

"Honey, please get your briefcase off the table." My mom said.

Dad fidgeted and turned over another page of the New York Times, "I will when I leave which will be in about 5 minutes."

Sighing, I poured out a glass of orange juice and glanced at the clock on the stove.


"Holy shit!" I shouted out loud.

Now this caused at least some reaction, because my mom's head snapped up and whirled around to tell me to mind my language. I made a hasty apology and ran up the stairs, two at a time, to brush my teeth.

"Adam! Hurry up and I'll drop you off at school." Dad shouted up the stairs.

I grabbed my things and got in the car. It wasn't a long ride to school. You could walk it if you ever wanted to, but let's face it; I'm 15, who would want to walk to school when you can get driven and not waste energy? Arriving at school, I got out of the car and saw Josh walking ahead of me. Hurriedly mumbling something about "see you later" to my Dad I grabbed my pack and ran to catch up with him.

"Hey, josh! wait up."

He turned and smiled, "hey man, what's going on?" His usual greeting.

"Nothing much dude. Tired as shit! I didn't get to go to bed last night till 1 finishing up that stupid Geometry for Mrs. Martin. Plus I gotta do that damn Spanish project." It was at this point realization dawned on me. I had been doing the project last night and I put it on my computer so I wouldn't forget it in the morning, but I didn't go over to my computer this morning...

"Holy fucking shit.! I left the damn thing at home!" I slapped my hand on my forehead.

"Hahahaha" said Josh, "you are such an dumbass at times"

We just hung around until the bell rang, then we both went our separate ways. Trekking upstairs I had homeroom in B Wing and he was downstairs in A Wing. This is starting to sound like a prison movie huh? Well feels like a prison some of the time anyway. I wouldn't be able to see him again until lunch, he had none of my first classes.

I walked to my first period thinking of what I was going to tell my Spanish teacher about my project and was still wondering when I walked into the classroom with my head down and smacked straight into her. She looked a little confused but smiled.

"Hola Sra. Coates." I mumbled and took my seat.

"Hola Javier." See to make everything more authentic; we all get "Spanish" names. Mine happened to be Javier. Sounded pretty stupid to me.

The minute bell rang, and Malorie, a friend from elementary, breathlessly ran into the classroom. Now the minute bell, while stupid as with most things in this school, is hilarious. Ever since they installed it you see everybody running to class trying not to be late.

"Hey Mal. You just made it huh?" I laughed.

"Shuddup Adam." She shot back. "Anyways where's your project?"

"I left the dam thing at home."

"You are such a goober at times."

"Yea well, hopefully we can turn it in tomorrow."

The real bell rang and everyone took there seats.

"Hola, como estas clase"

"Bein, y tu"

"Muy bien, gracias"

I hate it when people are like this. Morning people are the worst, so damn hyper and full of energy in the mornings when all you want to do is pull the covers over your head and sleep some more.

"Since we are ahead of 2nd period, I will let you present your projects tomorrow. If you didn't turn in yours today, I will give you until tomorrow to turn them in."

"YES!" I shouted out loud, not meaning to.

"All except you, Javier. Where's yours?"

"What???" Panic shot through me.

"Just kidding." She laughed and turned to the rest of the class.

That was so not funny. Thankfully, the rest of 1st period slipped by uneventfully. I saw my "baby momma" while going to 2nd period and gave each other our infamous High Five and continued on our way.

Nothing much happened for the rest of the day. 2nd period was so boring that I actually fell asleep while we were reading "Fallen Angels". Then it was on to 3rd period and the incarnation of Satan - Mrs. Martin. She assigned us a fucking mountain of homework.

I didn't get to see Josh at lunch, since I had 3rd session and he had 1st. It's days like these that I really feel passionate about HATING LIFE!

Now gym class was better, because I managed to grab it with Josh. I still hate it all the same. The best thing about the damn class is watching Josh's hot ass in the shower. Soon as he'd drop the towel I'd be hooked. I'd try and watch him out of the corner of my eye; soaping up his hot, smooth, muscular body. Just watching him made me daydream for hours on end. I had imagined myself walking up to him hundreds of times. Then I'd just drop to my knees and give him the blowjob of his life, sucking on that amazing cock.

One thing that can't hide a boner too well is mesh, and guess what my shorts were? I shook the thought from my head so as not to tent out enough to use it as a towel rail and carried on changing.

After school, Josh and I walked home together.

"Hey Adam, I'm throwing a party this weekend. You coming?"

Oh YES!!! A party with my dream boy. I wish he could invite me as his boyfriend and they we could... Snap outta it Adam!

"Sure. I don't see why not. So long as it's over the weekend, my folks don't really mind."

"Alright, cool man. Get your ass over to my place on Saturday, around 7:30."

"When's it gonna finish?"

He held up his hands. "Beats me," then smiled a killer smile.

As we continued walking on, he was talking about all the hot girls at school and what he'd do to them given half the chance. I couldn't really give a damn, but I acted like I was interested, playing your average straight kid. I murmered in all the appropriate places and threw out phrases like, "sure, she's hot" and "yeah, I'd fuck her". Sometimes it made me cringe.

When we got to my house, we parted and he said he'd see me on Saturday. I couldn't wait! Walking up into my house, I threw my book-bag in the closet and went into the den to watch TV. As I'm always tired, I fell asleep watching the news.

A few hours later, my mom woke me saying that dinner was ready and that I had to come eat. As usual dinner was uneventful; actually it was downright boring. Dad had to work late at the office, so it was just my mom and me. Mom never has anything to say at dinner. I guess I liked it that way. Least I didn't have to hold any kind of meaningful conversation.

After dinner, I went to my room and did my homework. Since I'd had geometry earlier, then it was A LOT of work and took me about two hours to finish. Then I decided to give Josh a call, just to hear his voice. Oh my God it drove me crazy! I picked up the cordless phone that was on my desk and dialled his number - 1. Yes, yes. I do have it in speedial.


"Hi, is Josh there"

"Oh hey Adam, whassup?"

"Nothing much, still tired. I finished all that homework for Mrs. Martin. Took me forever."

"Tell me about it. I had her last semester. She's a real pain and its only gonna get worse, ill pray for ya bud." He sounded so cute when he laughed.

We chatted about nothing much for 30 more minutes. Mainly we were discussing the party he was having and how cool it was gonna be. He said that he had invited a couple of friends that I didn't know. After we hung up, I went to bed. I felt real tired because of the homework.

Soon it was Saturday morning and Josh's party was that night. Strangely enough I managed to wake up not tired and hoped out of bed, taking the stairs two at a time. As I got to the kitchen I almost threw up -my mom and dad were kissing. Not like kissing... but KISSING.

"Hey! Break it up! Some people actually eat in here, and that is gross."

They just laughed and said good morning. I could feel that today was going to be good day. Well I hoped it was gonna be at any rate. After breakfast I put on my cutest "I'm your only son and you love me" voice.

"Hey mom, could you take me to the mall? I wanna get some new clothes for the party tonight."

"Do you have any money?" Damn! She's got me and I thought I could scrounge.

"Yeah, if I didn't then I would be asking you for money instead now wouldn't I?" I grinned.

After I took my shower and did my morning jack-off session (yes, it was about Josh again), we were off to the mall. I liked shopping; either I got it from my mother or I was totally gay, wonder which? Whenever my mom would go shopping I would tag along. If she was in a good mood then I got whatever I wanted.

Reaching the mall I dove in and out of shops looking for THE perfect outfit for tonight and could find nothing. It really annoyed me when this happened. Finally I settled on this black, sleeveless top, which was kinda tight and some baggy wind-pants. I thought they made me look cute, and I HAD to look great for Josh.

As we were getting ready to leave, I asked my mom if I could drive home. I was still on a restricted license and it was really bugging me. I couldn't wait until I was 16. She gave me the keys to the Lexus and we were on our way.

My cell phone rang while we was driving and I asked my mom to get it for me.  It was Mal.

"Hey Adam"

"Hey Mal, what's up?"

"Nothing, I was wondering, do u want to do something tonight"

"I would if I could but I cant, I'm going to Josh's party, didn't he invite you?"

"Naw. I don't think he likes me that much."

"That sucks, but anyways I gotta go. My mom doesn't like me talking on the phone and driving at the same time."

"You're driving? The Lexus? You couldn't drive sheep, Adam!"

"Whatever! I'm a good driver. Talk to you later."

"Bye, baby."

When we got home, mom fixed me a quick lunch. It was 2 and I wanted to take a little nap before the party. I told my mom to wake me at 4:30. I went and fell asleep on the chaise lounge.

Soon my mom came over and woke me. Time had flown by so quickly. I got up and got into the shower for the second time that day. I made sure that I cleaned every little part off my body. Yes, EVERY part. No telling who I might meet tonight - Josh hopefully. Kissing my all over and rubbing my cock with his strong hands. His tongue would slip gently into my mouth... I looked at my watch. SHIT! I'd spent almost twenty minutes dreaming. I jumped out the shower and turned on the radio and they were playing my favorite song "cry me a river" by Justin Timberlake. I sang a long, put on my new outfit and gelled my hair. Spraying on my favorite cologne, I observed myself in the mirror. Damn, I'm looking good today.

I wanted my Dad to take me to the party, because I loved his car. It was a silver 2001 Mercedes-Benz S500. I loved that car; I had no idea why. I walked down the stairs grabbed the keys to the car and got into the drivers seat before my Dad even had a chance to get out of the door. I honked the horn and glanced at my watch. It was 7:25. I had 5 minutes to get to Josh's house. My dad finally emerged from the house and got into the car.  When I arrived at Josh's it was 7:40.

"Oh well," I said to myself. "I'm only 10 mins late."

I got out of the car, walked up the steps to Josh's house and rang the doorbell.

Someone opened the door and I was surprised to see that it that wasn't Josh. Saying hello to whoever it was, I walked in. Josh's house was big for New York City. When you walk in through the front door you step into this huge foyer. Casting my eyes up, I saw  a small chandelier that wasn't there the last time I came. It was steadily hanging from the ceiling and looked pretty impressive, although I'm pretty sure it was only for show. Over to the left is the living room, where a few friends a knew from school were. They had the music on loud and were either talking loudly over it or making out with their girls - the ones who had any.

But it was the right wall that interested me the most. It was covered with framed pictures of Josh and his family. In one he was laughing with his mom, and there was one of me and Josh when we were about five. There was one particular one that interested me though. It was of him smiling on a beach somewhere, flexing his arm to show the muscles and next to him another kid of about his age doing the same. This kid looked hot. I mean Josh was hot, but this kid was HOT.

"Damn, I just gotta get a picture of Josh." I thought to myself.

Walking past the living room and past the large staircase I found my way to the kitchen, which was at the far end of the house. I talked to a couple of friends that were there. Mainly I wanted to know where Josh and so I asked them. They said they hadn't seen him in a while but thought he was in the basement. This was good enough for me. The kitchen had a door that went down into the basement. Josh had like a games room down there. Pool table, X-Box, TV, sofa. All the usual stuff his parents plied him with to keep him happy. 

Descending the stairs, I saw him over in the corner; the god of gods playing pool with the hot guy in the picture upstairs.

"Josh, hey. What's up man?" I nervously went over, not wanting to give myself away.

"Hey dude. Adam, this is Chase... Chase this is my best bud Adam."

I looked over at him and almost lost it. He was beyond fine! Standing about 5' 8", he wore a long red sleeve t-shirt and these very loose baggy black jeans that just hung off of his hips. He was taking a shot on the table and as he bent over it, his t-shirt rode up and his jeans were so low about two inches of his black boxer shorts could be seen.

"Look away now, Adam." I kept telling myself. "You'll get hard and how are you gonna explain that?"

The adonis had blonde hair and when he stood to greet me I saw piercing green eyes. A slight bulge in his pants told me that he had nothing to worry about downstairs. Totally gorgeous! He had Josh beat by a mile!

"Adam, snap out of it!" Said Josh. I realized that I'd actually not said anything for about a minute and Chase was standing there with his hand out giving me a weird look. I was daydreaming badly; and it wasn't about Josh.

"Hi" I said nervously

"Hey man. Wassup?"  He didn't have any trouble striking up a conversations, I on the other hand was shy when it came to meeting new people.

"I'm good thanks." I responded. "You?"

"Doing great. Whooping his ass at pool." He nodded over to where Josh was looking confused at the pool table, wondering what shot to take.

My mind was racing... "Say something, Adam. Anything. Just say something!"

"I haven't seen you at school before..." I began, but he cut me off

"Yeah I know. I go to La Guardia Performing Arts over in Manhattan."

"That's cool man. So you do drama and music and stuff?"

"Hey, Adam?" Josh had given up on the game. "I'm going to go get a couple of drinks, finish the game for me and kick his ass. Do you want anything?"

I said that I wanted a coke, and Chase asked for a Dr. Pepper. I managed to turn the game around and got the 8 down. Josh was taking a while so we ended up on the sofa talking.

Chase was a singer trying to make it big. He had already had some solo record deals pending and had recorded once before with a group when he was 13. It was never really big though. Other than that I found out that he'd played Oliver on Broadway for two years when he was 10 and I thought that was really cool. Actually, right now, anything he said would be cool to me. He had a little  brother and sister and got on okay with them.

Finally, Josh came back with our drinks.

"What took you so long, dude?" Chase asked. I wasn't sure if he was mad at Josh for leaving him with me. Maybe he didn't like me that much.

"I was talking to the rest of my guests upstairs. You're not the only one, Chase."

"Naw, but I'm the hottest." He grinned, and slid his hand over the small bulge in his pants.

Josh cracked up and so did I, but not before my heart jumped, did a somersault and landed in my throat.

I had totally forgotten about everyone else being there, I was so into Chase that I hadn't noticed. The rest of the party was a blast. Josh had gotten totally drunk by about ten and was dancing on the pool table. We all laughed at him, especially when he lost his balance and about fell off the table. He wasn't hurt though and managed a few more moves before collapsing on a chair and going to sleep for about half an hour.

The rest of the night was ok. People got drunk and left to go home at about midnight. Josh, Chase, and I were the only ones left. I decided to stay the night at Josh's since Chase couldn't get back to Manhattan that night.

Calling my folks, I was surprised to find that they were still awake and said that it would be alright. We trekked up from the basement to the second story of his house.

Josh slept in his room and he made both Chase and me sleep in his brothers room. I didn't mind that, especially since Josh's brother, Brett, had a king size bed.  We did the over and under the cover thing so as not to appear "gay". I slept on top of the covers, while Chase slept under the covers.  We chatted sleepishly about the party, until it was just me talking since Chase had fallen asleep. I couldn't stop myself and quietly snuck up under the covers and fell asleep.

When I awoke he next morning there was something sticking in my back.

Well folks, that's it for chapter 1. I hoped you liked it, sine this is my first time writing a story. Constructive criticism is welcomed. Flames will be ignored.